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					                                                                Licence No: - RL/03/ ______

Note: - Sections A, B, C and D must be fully completed before the County Council grants a

SECTION A: (to be completed by applicant)

Applicant name:

Applicant address:

Contact telephone no.      Day                          Night

Planning Register No.                                   No. of houses

Location of opening/s:

(Attach map/sketch with scale/dimensions of

Purpose of Opening/s:

* Breaches of the directions incorporating this Consent may result in a prosecution under Section
  101D of the Roads Traffic Act, 1961 as inserted by the Dublin Transport Authority (Dissolution)
  Act, 1987.
* The Consent pertains only to Openings and not to Services.
* The Consent is only valid when all four section A, B, C and D are signed.

I/We hereby agree to:
 fully investigate existing Utilities and obtain from appropriate bodies separate permission for
   any disturbances;
 properly light, watch and fence the works;
 take all proper precautions to prevent harm to persons and/or property;
 maintain safe and smooth flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic past the works;
 restore, upon agreement, and maintain the roadway and /or footpath to the specification of
   the Senior Engineer, Road Maintenance, DLRCC;
 be responsible for the maintenance of the opening for a period of one year after written
   notification of completion;
 remove all excess material;
 maintain a copy of this Consent on site available for inspection;
 notify the County Council one week prior to works as per Notices A, B;
 indemnify and save harmless the Council, in respect of all claims, proceedings, liabilities,
   losses or expenses of whatever nature, howsoever arising in connection with the activities
   covered by this application, with the specified indemnity for Public Liability for any one
   ccurrence. See page four for details of indemnity requirements. The period of cover shall be
   that of the duration of the works and the maintenance period (see page four);
 take carriage of the defence of any proceedings as aforesaid at the request of the County
 that the Applicant will maintain a company sign incorporating emergency telephone numbers
   on site at all times.

Signed (by applicant): ____________________             Date:________________
Sections B, C and D to be completed by Dun Laoghaire - Rathdown County

SECTION B: - Fee Calculation.
The following fee is levied to cover the cost of administration (min €190).

Trench Length (if > 30m)                         m        Cost =       €

The following fee is levied to cover the cost of permanently reinstating the
The dimensions are those of the opening plus 75mm all round.

Dimensions      Length          Width      Surface Type      Rate          Fee

TOTAL FEE:                                                                 €

The reinstatement fee shall be refundable subject to satisfactory reinstatement
and a „long term damage‟ retention.
Payment Received           Signed                          Date
Cash Office Receipt.       No                              Date

SECTION C: - Directions (tick as appropriate).
   The edges of all openings must be saw cut.
   All openings must be backfilled in accordance with the Dept. Of the Environment &
    Local Government “Guidelines for the Opening, Backfilling and Reinstatement of
    Trenches in Public Roads”. (Government Publications Sales Office, Sun Alliance
    House, Molesworth St., D2 Ph. 6793515), using the following materials properly
          Granular Material Type B to Clause 804
          Lean concrete to Clause 809
          Foamed concrete to the manufacturer‟s specification
   The top 50mm of the opening is to be filled with 10mm Delayed Set Bitumen
    Macadam fully compacted.
   Traffic Management must be in accordance with:
           “Traffic Signs Manual – Chapter 8” Published by the DOE&LG. (Government
          Publications Sales Office, Sun Alliance House, Molesworth St., D2 Ph.
          6793515) Road Works signs shall indicate the name of the Contractor and
          emergency telephone number.
   The hours, days and details of the operation must be agreed in advance with Dun
    Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Traffic Section.

Additional directions (road reinstatement):

Signed for Road                                                            Endorsed
Reinstatement Office:

Additional Direction in respect of Traffic Management:

Signed for DLRCC Traffic Control:

SECTION D: - Insurance Details.
Insurance Company:

Policy No.
Level of Public
Expiry Date:
          Indemnity to Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council PROVIDED:

Signed for DLRCC :

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: (To be read prior to submission of application).

1. Application forms are available from the Transportation Department, Dun Laoghaire -
   Rathdown County Council, Level 2 County Hall, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Telephone No.
   2054700 Ext. 4622.
2. Applicants are required to complete fully, Section A of the application. The applicant is also
   required to notify the Reinstatement Office as per Notices A and B as well as Traffic
   7-Day Notices ‘Form A’.
3. The cost of the licence is fixed by the Reinstatement Engineer after inspection of the proposed
   opening/s. The cost consists of an administrative fee and reinstatement charge can vary
   depending on the surface type and dimensions of the opening.
4. Insurance details (copies) must accompany any licence application and must be on the
   original headed paper of either the Insurance Company or the Broker.
5. The following insurance details are required:
        (A) Name of Insurance Company
        (B) Policy Number
        (C) Expiry Date
        (D) Level of Public Liability –
                 National Primary and Secondary Routes          €6,348,700
                 Regional Road                                €6,348,700
                 Local Road                                  €2,539,500
        (E) Specific indemnity to Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council. The indemnity can be
            as follows: “Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council is hereby indemnified under the
            terms and conditions of the above policy in respect of all claims, proceedings and/or
            expenses of whatever nature arising in connection with the activities covered by this
            application.” The Council must be named.
6. The period of Insurance cover shall be that of the duration of the works and a maintenance
   period of one year after written notification of completion.
7. Applications must be accompanied by a map-sketch with dimension/scale detailing the
8. Applications must be returned, accompanied by insurance details, map and fee to the
   Transportation Department, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, Level 2 County Hall,
   Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.
NOTE: The Road Opening Licence pertains only to the opening of the Public Road/Footpath/Verge
and not to the services contained therein. The applicant is liable for any damage caused to Public
Utilities and must obtain permissions for those bodies where necessary.

                        Conditions for Opening and Refilling Trenches
Carriageway and footpaths.
The surface crust mettaling and “Pitching” if any should be removed and carefully placed on the
side of the trench. Clay and other excavated materials unsuitable for backfill should be removed
from site and disposed of.
All trenches in the road shall be cut by cutting machines (concrete saw) in order to avoid over
break and to ensure a uniform width to the cutting (i.e. to ensure that all excavations are cut
The trench shall be filled with approved backfill material placed in 100mm layers. Each layer shall
be thoroughly rammed with mechanical rammers, and shall be watered if the Council‟s Engineer
so requires.
For immediate permanent reinstatement of openings in flexible or composite roads backfilling
shall be by means of cement bound material - foam mix or lean mix concrete.
The Bitumen Macadam surface must be sealed and gritted and finished flush with the surrounding
Reinstatement of footpaths, kerbs etc. shall be to County Council standards.             Where
reinstatement work is carried out in a concrete footpath all reinstatement shall be carried out
from existing joint to existing joint for the full footpath width.
The applicant/Contractor must comply with the requirements of the “Guidelines for the Opening,
Backfilling and Reinstatement of Trenches in Public Roads” published by the Department of the
Environment & Local Government. (Government Publications Sales Office, Sun Alliance House,
Molesworth Street, Dublin 2, Phone 6793515)
All existing signage and lining which is affected by the applicant‟s works shall be repaired (or
replaced) in a safe manner to the Council‟s requirements at the applicant‟s expense.

General Conditions
A copy of the road wayleave or opening license must be retained on site at all times.
All reinstatement work shall be fully the responsibility of the applicant until formally “Taken in
Charge” by Dún Laoghaire – Rathdown County Council.
All excess material must be removed from site, and site left in a proper condition. No plant or
materials shall be allowed on site outside working hours.
The licensee must provide and place approved material to maintain the finished level of the
trench surfaced and he shall notify the Council in writing that the trench has been closed in
accordance with the terms of the Council specification.
The licensee must protect members of the public from falling into the trenches by means of
barrier, lights, etc.
The licensee must maintain a safe and smooth flow of traffic past the works at all times and
comply with the regulations of the Council‟s Traffic Section.
The Licensee shall indemnify the Council from any liability for any accident arising directly or
indirectly from the trenching or works.
All plant to be used on the roadway shall be type rubber tyred only.
The name of the on site contractor shall be notified to the Road Reinstatements Office prior to
construction on site.
Contractor/Developer is reminded that he must submit “Form A” 7 days in advance of works
The Applicant/Contractor shall submit along with the Form A notice to the Roads and Traffic
Department full details of all civil aspects of the works required including specification and scale
The applicant is responsible for ensuring that all road drainage gullies along the route of the
proposed works are maintained in full working order. Any damage occurring shall be repaired to
the Council‟s satisfaction at the applicant‟s expense.
It is the responsibility of the Contractor/Developer or individual carrying out the works on a public
road to ensure the safety of vehicular, cycle and pedestrian traffic at all times during the course
of the works.
In the event of damage to public lighting cables, the Council‟s public lighting maintenance
contractor will repair and make good the damaged cable. Costs and overheads will be recoupable
to the County Council from the Statutory Body.
A roadworks identification sign must be displayed at all times and positioned so as to be clearly
visible to traffic approaching from either direction.
Signposting for works on roads and footpaths shall comply in all respects with the “Traffic Signs
Manual Chapter 8”. published by the Department of the Environment and Local Government.
(Government Publications Sales Office, Sun Alliance House, Molesworth Street, Dublin 2, Phone
Road signs shall indicate the name of the Contractor and emergency telephone numbers.