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									The Virtual Office & The Virtual Office Assistant

No office space required which means no office rental required! No set salaries no benefit
packages, and no extra expenses. Just a streamlined way to conduct business in a global

You can have the feel of a fully functional office without the excessive cost of running
one. Have your office administrative work done from anywhere in the country. Business
calls can be re-routed and answered by one of our highly trained administrative assistants.

The plan is ideal for small businesses with small budgets, and businesses that required a
great deal of flexibility, and access to information at a moments notice.

Services per hour (One hour minimum):

Travel Service (planning and booking) - $30.00/hr

•Errand Service (dry cleaning, post office, banking, pharmacy, delivery, etc.) - $35/hr

•Pet Care Service (feeding, walks, grooming) - $40.00/hr

•Writing/Proofreading Service - $30/hr

•Office Help (filing, organizing, copying, faxing, invoicing) - $35/hr

•Relocation Service (evaluating homes and rentals, moving and storage arrangements,
settling- in services) - $50/hr

•Repair and Maintenance Service (arranging service, getting quotes, allowing access) -

•Executive and Corporate Assistance (planning meetings, transporting clients,
organizational services) - $45/hr

****Virtual Assistant Services requires a detailed list of services requested by client prior
to the initiation of the services plan. That list will then be reviewed, signed by both
parties and dated. Some services may not be available.

**** One hour minimum & four hour maximum per consultation/shopping
errands/virtual assistant services. There will be a $20.00 per hour service fee after the
forth hour.

The additional $20.00 per hour fee is to be paid to the specialist/assistant at the time of
the consultation. Included in the cost of services is the maintenance, repair, and
replacement of office equipment along with any transportation costs such as gas, and
transportation repairs.

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