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					Information Technology Services                                                      Rev. 07/29/04

Global Currency Reporting in eTTek Review and Power Reporter

Global Currency Reporting has been implemented into eTTek Review and Power
Reporter in order to run reports for different countries currencies.

eTTek Review currently is setup with four reports that are currency enabled.
    Executive Overview (OVABCD)
    Travel Management Summary by Period (TSPABC)
    Transaction Summary by Agency (GCTRANS)
    Top Non-Directional Market Pair Summary (ABTOPMP)

Other reports will be implemented as requested.

Power Reporter currently has all reports (23 standard reports) setup to be currency

Daily downloads are performed to obtain the currency conversion rates for 142 foreign
currencies for the previous days rates. We receive the information from theFinancials.
They receive their information from the London Interbank market, a very liquid market
that is widely recognized as the de facto standard for currency rates.

All reports are setup to determine the currency rates based on the date the ticket was
issued and/or the date the car/hotel was invoiced.

Refunds/Exchanges are handled correctly and based on the ticketing date of the original
ticket that was later refunded/exchanged.

Car/Hotel corrections/cancellations are also handled correctly based on the invoice date
of the original booking.

Running currency reports in eTTek Review

The report settings screen contains a fill in the blank field for Currency. You can either
enter in the 3-digit currency code or by clicking on the drop down link – all currencies
will be displayed and one currency can be selected.

By saving from the report settings screen – your report will now run in this currency
going forward.

This field will only be available if the report is enabled for currency conversion.

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Information Technology Services                                                      Rev. 07/29/04

The report settings screen below displays the currency and the drop down list of

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  Information Technology Services                                                      Rev. 07/29/04

  Running currency reports in Power Reporter

  All reports in Power Reporter are currency enabled. The initial date range screen allows
  for the selection of currency from the drop down list. Once the currency is selected and
  the date range input, the initial data extract can be run and when this completes the Power
  icon can be selected for further report selections before the report is run. Power Reporter
  does not save the currency selected – the next time a report is ran, the currency will need
  to be reselected.

  The lists of currencies currently available are:

AED   UAE Dirham                                               BGL    Bulgaria Lev
AFA   Afghanistan Afghani                                      BHD    Bahraini Dinar
ALL   Albania Lek                                              BIF    Burundi Franc
ANG   Netherlands Antilles Guil                                BMD    Bermudian Dollar
AON   Angola New Kwanza                                        BND    Brunei Dollar
ARS   Argentina Peso                                           BOB    Bolivian Boliviano
ATS   Austrian Schilling                                       BRL    Brazilian Real
AUD   Australian Dollar                                        BTN    Ngultrum
BDT   Bangladesh Taka                                          BWP    Botswana Pula
BEF   Belgium Franc                                            CAD    Canadian Dollar

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Information Technology Services                                                       Rev. 07/29/04

CHF    Swiss Franc                                                KPW    North Korean Won
CLP    Chilean Peso                                               KRW    South Korean Won
CNY    Chinese Renminbi Yuan                                      KWD    Kuwaiti Dinar
COP    Colombian Peso                                             KZT    Kazakhstan Tenge
CRC    Costa Rican Col¢n                                          LAK    Laos Kip
CUP    Cuban Peso                                                 LBP    Lebanese Pound
CVE    Escudo Caboverdiano                                        LKR    Sri Lankan Rupee
CYP    Cypriot Pound                                              LTL    Lithuania Litas
CZK    Czech Koruna                                               LUF    Luxembourg Franc
DEM    Deutsche Mark                                              LVL    Latvia Lat
DKK    Danish Krone                                               LYD    Libyan Dinar
DOP    Dominican Republic Peso                                    MAD    Moroccan Dirham
DZD    Algerian Dinar                                             MGF    Malagasy Franc
ECS    Ecuador Sucre                                              MKD    Macedonian Denar
EEK    Estonia Kroon                                              MMK    Myanmar Kyat
EGP    Egytian Pound                                              MNT    Mongolia Tugrik
ESP    Spanish Peseta                                             MOP    Macao Pataca
ETB    Ethiopia Birr                                              MRO    Mauritania Ouguiya
EUR    Euro                                                       MTL    Maltese Lira
FIM    Finnish Markka                                             MUR    Mauritius Rupee
FJD    Fiji Dollar                                                MVR    Maldives Rufiyaa
FRF    French Franc                                               MWK    Malawian Kwacha
GBP    Sterling                                                   MXN    Mexican Peso
GHC    Ghana Cedi                                                 MYR    Malaysian Ringgit
GMD    Gambia Dalasi                                              MZM    Mozambique Metical
GNF    Guinea Bissau Franc                                        NAD    Namibian Dollar
GRD    Greek Drachma                                              NGN    Nigeria Naira
GTQ    Guatemala Quetzal                                          NIO    Nicaragua C¢rdoba
GYD    Guyana Dollar                                              NLG    Dutch Guilder
HKD    Hong Kong Dollar                                           NOK    Norwegian Krone
HNL    Honduras Lempira                                           NPR    Nepalese Rupee
HRK    Croatia Kuna                                               NZD    New Zealand Dollar
HTG    Haiti Gourde                                               PAB    Panama Balboa
HUF    Hungary Forint                                             PEN    Peru New Sol
IDR    Indonesia Rupiah                                           PGK    Papua New Guinea Kina
IEP    Irish Punt                                                 PHP    Philippine Peso
ILS    Israel Shekel                                              PKR    Pakistani Rupee
INR    Indian Rupee                                               PLN    Poland New Zloty
IRR    Iranian Riyal                                              PTE    Portuguese Escudo
ISK    Icelandic Kr¢na                                            PYG    Paraguay Guarani
ITL    Italian Lira                                               QAR    Qatari Riyal
JMD    Jamaican Dollar                                            ROL    Romanian Leu
JOD    Jordanian Dinar                                            RUR    Russian Federation Rouble
JPY    Japanese Yen                                               SAR    Saudi Riyal
KES    Kenyan Shilling                                            SBD    Solomon Islands Dollar
KHR    Cambodia Riel                                              SCR    Seychelles Rupee
KMF    Comorian Franc                                             SDP    Sudanese Pound

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Information Technology Services                                                      Rev. 07/29/04

SEK    Swedish Krona
SGD    Singapore Dollar
SHP    St Helena Pound
SIT    Slovenia Tolar
SKK    Slovak Koruna
SLL    Sierra Leone Leone
SVC    El Salvadorian Col¢n
SZL    Swaziland Lilangeni
THB    Thailand Baht
TND    Tunisia Tunisian Dinar
TOP    Tongan Pa'anga
TRL    Turkish Lira
TTD    Trinidad & Tobago Dollar
TWD    Taiwanese NT Dollar
TZS    Tanzanian Shilling
UAH    Ukraine Hryvna
UGX    Ugandian Shilling
USD    US Dollar
UYU    Uruguayan Peso
VEB    Venezuela Bolivar
VND    Vietnam Dong
VUV    Vanuatu Vatu
WST    Western Samoa Tala
XAF    FrancDeLaCommunaut financ
XOF    FrancDeLaCommunaut Franca
ZAR    South African Rand
ZMK    Zambian Kwacha
ZWD    Zimbabwe Dollar

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