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Supplier Questionnaire - Welcome to Neath Port Talbot College - NPTC by niusheng11


									Neath Port Talbot College
Supplier Questionnaire

You should ensure that all questions are answered completely, you may use a
continuation sheet if required.
All documentation should, unless advised otherwise, be sent in confidence to:
The Purchasing Officer, Neath Port Talbot College, Dwr-y-Felin Road, Neath, SA10 7RF

01 Company Name:

02 Registered Office:
(incl. post code)

03 Telephone No:                                           04 Facsimile No:

05 Website address:

06 Correspondence
(if different from 02)
07 Telephone No:                                          08 Facsimile No:

09 Company Status (i.e. Private LC / Public LC /Partnership etc)
10 Date incorporated:
11 Is your organisation an affiliate or subsidiary of another organisation or holding company?
                            YES          NO
12 If the answer to 11 is 'YES', please give the full name and address of the organisation:

13 Does your organisation have any associated or subsidiary organisation/s?       YES         NO
14 If the answer to 13 is 'YES', please give the names of the associated and/or subsidiary organisations:

15 To which trade organisations (if any) does your company belong?:

16 Please confirm if you have the following policies in place with copies available upon request:
  (Tick box to confirm)   Health & Safety                      Environmental
                          Equal Opportunities                 Customer Care

17 In bidding for any contracts let by NPTC, are you aware of any conflicts of interest that, if not
  properly declared in advance, may cause embarrassment or lead to actions against either yourselves or
                          YES                                 NO
(If the answer to 17 is 'YES', please provide summary details)
18. Has your organisation, within the last 3 years, had any judgement made against it in a court of law?
                          YES                                  NO
(If the answer to 18 is 'YES', please provide summary details)

19 What quality accreditations does your company currently hold or is actively working towards?

20 Name of Bankers:

21 Address

22 Provide an overview of your last three years financial performance:
                                          20..                   20..                     20..

22A Please give details of insurance as indicated below, supplying in each case a copy of the policy held by you.

Employers Liability Insurance         £_________             Public Liability Insurance            £_________
Professional Indeminty Insurance      £_________

23 What is the total number of employees in your company?
24 Within this total number, how many are:
   Executive / Managerial:              Sales / Service:            Administrative.:
   Operational Supervisory              Operational                 Other

25 How many staff-days has your organisation lost through industrial action by your own staff during the
  last 3 years:
26 Do you seek information pertaining to any criminal records of potential employees?            Yes   No

27 Do you project your total staff numbers to change over the next 3 years, and if so, by how many?
     2004                                    2005                              2006
28 Please give details of three of your existing customers we may approach for references.

  Organisation Name :                                                    Tel no


  Contact name                                                           Tel No.

  Organisation Name:


  Contact name                                                           Tel No.

  Organisation Name:


  Contact name                                                           Tel No.

28 The name and position of the person completing this form:
Date of completion:

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