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									STC Board Meeting Report

            November 15, 2006
              Conference Call
•   Updates on NEW and IMPORTANT information
•   Office Topics
     – Welcome to Lloyd Tucker, Director of Education
     – Information on travel for February meeting
     – Verify completeness of leadership list
     – Review two-year plan to see commitments
     – Review Association Organizational Audit with specifics on compliance and
     – Communication Team update
     – Membership update
•   Discussion Topics
     –   LCR Update
     –   Bylaws Update
     –   Conference Update (Phylise Banner Klein) – joining at 1 pm
     –   Financial Policies (SIGs)
     –   Certification Update
     –   Branding Statement
     –   Professional Development
     –   Region 1 Update
•   Action Items

                               November 15, 2006                             Slide 2

        November 15, 2006   Slide 3
                                                           Chair: Mark Clifford

• Accomplishments
   – Board presentation on branding & PR
   – Notified INTECOM that STC is not able to be a partner in presenting
     Forum 2007 nor in 2008
   – Met with APMP in London – very productive conversation; discussions
     at secondary/“negotiations with the office” stage
• In Progress
   – Maintaining work on STC branding. Committee workshop January 07
• Planned (Next 1-3 months)
   – Work with Susan Burton & Lloyd Tucker on conference planning and
     vendor exhibits
   – Set up PR/Media Kit committee
• Issues, Risks, and Concerns
   – Maintaining momentum and focus on branding issues
• Upcoming Newsworthy Events
   – Recap: World Usability Day (November 14)

                          November 15, 2006                           Slide 4
                                               Chair: Cindy Currie

• Accomplishments
  – Launched updated Board of Directors page
• In Progress
  – Working with Walchli Tauber Group to improve
    publication ad sales
• Planned (Next 1-3 months)
  – Continue work on communication strategy/plan
  – Develop metrics and measures for STC Communication
  – Poll membership on quality and effectiveness of
    communication this year.

                    November 15, 2006                    Slide 5
Office Topics

 November 15, 2006   Slide 6
Office Topics
•   Welcome to Lloyd Tucker
•   February meeting travel information
•   Leadership list
•   Review staff two-year plan
•   Association Organizational Audit
•   Communications Team
•   Membership

                    November 15, 2006     Slide 7
February Meeting Travel Information
• Peg Cottrell has created a document for this
   – Board will be staying at Sheraton Crystal City.
   – Plan to arrive Thursday, Feb. 1, 2007, after 3 pm, and
     depart on Sunday, Feb. 4, 2007.
   – The meeting will start at 8:00 am both days with a
     continental breakfast.
   – A reception is being planned at the office for Friday night to
     allow everyone to visit the office, and meet the staff and
     local members.
   – Directors and invited guests can use STC’s travel agent, or
     make their own plans and get reimbursed.
   – The per diem is $40 for days that STC does not provide
     breakfast and lunch, and $25 for days where meals are

                        November 15, 2006                       Slide 8
Leadership List
• The Leadership List includes all directors,
  committee chairs, and committee members.
  – Currently maintained by Char James-Tanny.
  – Will be maintained by the office when the latest updates
    are implemented.

                     November 15, 2006                   Slide 9
Review Staff Two-year Plan
• Document put together by staff to show where areas
  of responsibility are.
   – Describes what the staff does.
   – Shows what needs to be done and when.
   – Many line items do not reflect every step. Some can have
     up to 40 internal steps.
   – Executive Director Susan Burton has made minor changes
     to reflect management and process changes.
   – Blue text indicates new items for the staff. Black text
     indicates routine text.
   – We would like to see the information disseminated
     differently to make it easier to understand.
   – The report is comprehensive and one of the most detailed
     ever produced by an Executive Director.

                      November 15, 2006                   Slide 10
Association Organizational Audit
• Audit provides sense of how we’re doing as an
  –   Not required.
  –   Used when analyzing organizations for compliance.
  –   Some items have higher priority.
  –   Note: we do not publish a full membership directory.
      However, we do make a searchable directory available.

                      November 15, 2006                 Slide 11
Communication Team Update
• Formatting is messed up on the Board page.
• Committees pages are coming and need to be
• Paula Berger requests that the office create a
  webpage for member updates so that information
  is not distributed only through Intercom.

                 November 15, 2006           Slide 12
Membership Update
• Gilbane Conference discount was announced.
• Other partnerships coming.
• CVP is moving along. RTI has signed up (20
  memberships); BMC Software (100-125
  memberships) and SDL (5-20 memberships)
  signing up soon. Conference call set up for
  December 15 for Schlumberger; includes new
  package information.
• SDL will be taking advantage of our HTML blasts.
• It looks like the overlap of existing members
  signing up under a CVP company is low.

                  November 15, 2006            Slide 13
Discussion Topics

   November 15, 2006   Slide 14
                                                                     Chair: Sherry Michaels

LCR Update
 •   Goals
      – Reshape LCR over next 60 days. Technology to be absorbed by AMS.
      – Publicize LCR. The word is not getting out.
      – Fix current triage process by November 22, 2006. Mike Murray is handling a new
        issue that never got to LCR.
      – Continue updating guidelines, observe and potentially modify “training” program,
        and define “mentoring” section of LCR.
      – Work with office on communities FAQ.
      – Announcements should be made to Tieline and President’s List.
 •   Actions
      – Created new email address (
      – Updating bylaw so that LCR reports to CAC (under Action Items)
 •   Planned (Next 1-3 months)
      – Have QuickStart Guide ready and finalize regional sponsorship “roll off” approach
        for R4, R6, R8.
      – Pilot a sponsorship type role in R2 and R3
 •   Issues
      – The current lead started by assuming a sponsorship role and then changed to a
        passive role. This will be fixed.

                                 November 15, 2006                                 Slide 15
                                                    Chair: Bob Dianetti

Bylaws Update
• STC must comply with the following, in order of
   –   New York State Law
   –   Articles of Incorporation
   –   Bylaws
   –   Policies and Procedures
   –   Office Procedures

                           November 15, 2006                 Slide 16
                                            Chair: Bob Dianetti

Bylaws Update: Goals
•   Compliance with New York law
•   Add clarity and flexibility
•   Design new bylaws around NYS statutes
•   Reduce procedural information
•   Make them consistent and maintainable

                      November 15, 2006              Slide 17
                                           Chair: Bob Dianetti

Bylaws Update: Problems
• Current Bylaws have 1950s language (outdated).
  Almost identical to the 1957 Society for Technical
  Writers and Publishers bylaws
• Inconsistencies throughout document
• No indemnification clause
• Difficult to make changes
• Doesn’t reflect intent of Society
• Very high attorney fees being incurred to
  interpret and update the current bylaws

                   November 15, 2006                Slide 18
                                                    Chair: Bob Dianetti

Bylaws Update: Challenges
• Bylaws must be rewritten from scratch
  – Easy to do in concept, the devil is in the details
• Rationale behind the need for new bylaws needs
  to be addressed with a comprehensive
  communication rollout
• New York law is biased in favor of face-to-face
• Full communication roll-out necessary.

                      November 15, 2006                      Slide 19
                                                 Chair: Bob Dianetti

Bylaws Update: Issues to Consider
• Much ground to cover, may run out of time.
• Legal
   – New bylaws must be legal in NYS
• Technical
   – Must address details. Bylaws must support new
     initiatives and technologies as they evolve.
• Political
   – Society membership may be reluctant to vote in new
     bylaws. But it must be done, given the non-compliant,
     ambiguous, costly bylaws we currently have.

                      November 15, 2006                   Slide 20
                                                     Chair: Phylise Banner

Conference Update
• Committee has done an immense amount of work.
• Current conference program includes:
   –   Applying Theory to Research - 12 Sessions
   –   Designing and Assessing the User Experience - 13 Sessions
   –   Developing and Delivering Content - 16 Sessions
   –   Managing People, Projects and Business - 12 Sessions
   –   Producing and Publishing Information - 18 Sessions
   –   Professional Development - 5 Sessions
   –   Student Poster Sessions - Tommy Barker, Beth Bailey
   –   Springboard Session - Neil Perlin, Robert Armstrong
   –   Index Evaluation Workshop - Cheryl Landes
   –   Information Product Evaluation Workshop - Dia Burroughs
   –   Instructional Design Evaluation Workshop - TBD

                         November 15, 2006                      Slide 21
                                          Chair: Phylise Banner

Conference Update (continued)
• Before the CFP went out, all track managers were
  asked to produce the ideal content for their track.
• CFP resulted in over 300 proposals.
• Track managers matched proposals to ideal
  content and then sent solicitations for missing
• Over 50 reviewers analyzed the proposals. Every
  team had at least one person who didn’t know
  the people submitting a proposal.
• Lloyd Tucker has all proposals for Leadership

                   November 15, 2006                 Slide 22
Financial Policies (SIGs)
• Board makes financial policies.
• Official policy for SIGs is:
  – SIGs can send representatives to the Annual Conference
    if the SIG council approves it.
  – SIGs can spend up to $1,000 to send a representative.
  – SIGs can spend up to 30% of their budget to promote
    their SIG at the Annual Conference.
• Three SIGs are currently taking part in the
  funding model.

                    November 15, 2006                 Slide 23
                                                 Chairs: Jon Baker and Dan Wise

Certification Update
• Need to determine value of certification
   – Addresses STC as both the sanctioning body and “voice of the
   – Questions how certification will be perceived by both practitioners
     and consumers.
   – Requires analysis of existing curricula, courses, and materials.
• Need to tap other resources
   – Requires analysis of existing certification programs.
• Need to set scope
   – Defines requirements for qualifications, test, collateral areas,
     tools, levels, and maintenance.
• Need to define mechanics for administration
   – Defines responsibilities, partnerships, overall process, and
• Need to report on regular basis.

                           November 15, 2006                            Slide 24
                                                       Lead: Mark Clifford

Marketing Area Update - Branding
• In an effort to maintain momentum and focus on branding
  issues, the Marketing/PR committee will be:
   – Using the committee members who developed the material for
     the October board meeting to further develop the STC brand
   – “Reverse engineering" the process; that is, come up with
     potential brand statements, image, etc., that can be presented
     to the board.
   – Using feedback from the October board meeting, future short
     membership survey, historical data, current strategy, and
     other inputs as determined to create our brand.
• There will be a branding workshop on Jan 5, 2007, at the
  office to bring the final brand positions together. The
  resulting brand position will be presented to the board Feb
  2-3, 2007.

                        November 15, 2006                       Slide 25
                                         Lead: Linda Oestreich

Professional Development
• The Ken Rainey Award Committee plans to
  present the award to the first honoree at the
  Annual Conference.

                   November 15, 2006                Slide 26
                                                          Lead: Cindy Currie

Region 1 Update
• Accomplishments
   – Wrote and distributed Nov-Dec ’06 Director article for community
     newsletters and websites. Focus of this article is on STC
     Individual and Community Recognition programs.
   – Based on release of Nov-Dec ’06 article, specifically citing new
     “Fundamental” award, several chapters are reconsidering their
     plans to submit applications for CAA in the spring!
• In Progress
   – Planning upcoming chapter visits (see below).
   – Answering questions posed by community leaders on DCSA and
     DSAS award programs and process.
• Planned (1-3 months)
   – Visit the Tech Valley chapter, November 15, 2006.
   – Visit the Northern New England chapter, January 2007
   – Visit the Boston chapter (for the STACIES), February 2007

                         November 15, 2006                        Slide 27
Action Items

November 15, 2006   Slide 28
Society Address Change
• RESOLVED: That the Offices of the Corporation
  are hereby directed to notify New York State of
  its current address and to file such forms as may
  be necessary to direct the Secretary of State of
  New York to forward copies of process to said
  current address, 901 N. Stuart St., Suite 904,
  Arlington, VA 22203-1822.

                   November 15, 2006            Slide 29
Modify Bylaw for LCR Reporting
• Motion to amend the bylaws in Article VI,
  Communities, Section D, as follows: "The
  Leadership Community Resource (LCR) provides
  sponsorship to communities, including mentoring
  and training to community and Society leaders
  and help for communities in crisis. The LCR
  reports to the Board of Directors through the
  Communities Affairs Committee. "

                  November 15, 2006           Slide 30
Approve Israel Re-charter
• Motion to approve Israel Chapter application for

                   November 15, 2006            Slide 31
Motion to Approve Brigham Young University Re-charter

• Motion to approve BYU Student Chapter
  application for rechartering.

                    November 15, 2006            Slide 32

November 15, 2006   Slide 33
Calendar Items
• Schedule of teleconference meetings:
  – December 20, 2006 (slides due December 18)
  – January 17, 2006 (no status slides required)
• Next face-to-face Board Meetings:
  – February 2-3, 2007 in Arlington, VA
    (slides due January 22, 2006)
  – May 11-12, 2007 in Minneapolis
    (materials due date TBD)

                     November 15, 2006             Slide 34

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