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									                                           Youth Art Exhibit Contract ~ 2008 ~ Private Entry
     This Exhibition Contract is between the Terrace Art Association (hereinafter called the "Gallery”)
     ____________________________________________________ (hereinafter called the "Artist")
     Address: ______________________________ City: __________________ Province: B.C. Postal Code: V8G ____
     Telephone: ______________ (Home)        _____________ (Work)
     Fax: ______________        E-mail: _______________________________

     The Gallery and the Artist agree that, subject to the conditions of regular Gallery Policies, they will participate in:
           The Exhibition Title: 2008 Youth Art Exhibition (working title)
           The Exhibition dates:    MAY 2ND 2008         to      May 31st 2008
                                             OPENING DATE                                CLOSING DATE
And the works of the Artist will be displayed in either the Lower Gallery or Upper Gallery, as determined by the Gallery Coordinator
    Artist Code                                      Title of Work                             Medium and Detail                     Price or NFS
    (Intials)        01

    (Intials)        02

           Please include a brief statement about submitted work (I.e. – media, approx wall space, etc.) on the reverse side of contract
The Gallery will:
     1) Be responsible for insurance coverage on the works upon arrival at the Gallery and for the duration of the
     2) Prepare any and all publicity for the Exhibition, including media announcements, posters and invitations to the
     3) Post local and regional announcements and circulate invitations to the Gallery's membership.
     4) Prepare all setup and takedown of the exhibition.
     5) Receive a 20% commission fee on any works sold during the exhibition.
     6) Keep the exhibition intact and not remove any work sold until the last hour on the closing date.
     7) Pay the artist for works sold less commission within 60 days of exhibition closing.
     8) Reserve the right to videotape or photograph the exhibition for documentation purposes, and will not use,
        publish, or distribute any subsequent pictures or representations of the Artist’s work without the Artist’s specific
The Artist will:
     1)    Sign and return the exhibition contract to the Gallery by March 6th 2008.
     2)    Work directly with the Gallery Coordinator on delivery, setup, opening, closing and takedown.
     3)    Provide a numbered inventory of work with titles, media and prices by March 25th 2008.
     4)    Identify items not for sale and provide the Gallery with a value for insurance purposes.
     5)    Arrange for any additional artwork insurance, if required.
     6)    Provide all publicity information by March 25th 2008.
     7)    Frame or prepare the artwork so that it is ready for installation.
     8)    Use only Walker Hanging System compatible attachments for wall exhibits; tacks, staples or nails are not
     9)    Identify each piece with its inventory number and title.
     10)   Deliver artwork and setup the exhibition on April 26th 2008.
     11)   Remove the artwork from the Terrace Art Gallery space on June 1st 2008.
     12)   The artist will be charged a storage fee of $10 per day for any artwork not removed on the takedown date.
In the event that the performance of this agreement on the part of the Artist(s) or the Gallery should be delayed or prevented by an act of God or the
Queen's enemies, physical disabilities, the acts or regulations of duly constituted public authorities, strikes, civil tumult, epidemic interruption or delay
of transportation services or other causes beyond their respective control, each shall be relieved of their respective obligations herein under during
the period such prevention or delay exists. It is understood and agreed that there shall be no claim for damages by either party for such prevention
or delay.
All amendments and modifications of this agreement will be made with the written mutual consent of both parties.
Gallery Signee: ___________________________________                                            Date: _____________________
Print Name: Kim Woodd, Gallery Coordinator

Signature of Parent of Gaurdian:_______________________________                                Date: ______________________
Print Name:
Brief statement about submitted work and the artist (I.e. – media, approx wall space, etc.)
Terrace Art Association Youth Art Exhibition Policies
The Terrace Art Association (TAA) mission statement is: To enrich local and regional culture by providing continuous
exposure to the visual arts and encouraging community involvement through outreach, education and service.
The Terrace Art Gallery Exhibition Program supports this mission by:
o Providing display opportunities for children and youth at the Annual Youth Art Show in May.
Exhibition Policies
 The Curatorial Committee and the Gallery Coordinator reserve the right to refuse exhibitions or artwork.
 A Curatorial Committee composed of 3 TAA Members manages the exhibition program.
 The Curatorial Committee reports regularly to the TAA Board of Directors.
 The Gallery Coordinator works directly with the artist after an Exhibition Contract is signed.
Selection and scheduling
 All exhibitions must contain new work (i.e. not previously shown in the Terrace Art Gallery).
 The amount of work included in the proposal must be appropriate for the exhibition space.
 Exhibitions with potential safety concerns or obvious issues regarding subject matter will not be scheduled.
 Exhibition scheduling will reflect a diversity of subjects and media.
Exhibition Contract
 The artist(s) will receive an Exhibition Contract.
 The Exhibition Contract will specify dates for 1) return of a signed contract, 2) inventory list and publicity information, 3)
    delivery and setup, 4) opening reception, and 5) closing and takedown.
 The Exhibition Contract requires two sets of signatures: 1) the artist, parent or classroom teacher and 2) the Curatorial
    Committee or Gallery Coordinator.
 Once the Exhibition Contract is signed, the Gallery Coordinator will then work directly with the artist.
Inventory List and Publicity
 The Gallery Coordinator will be in charge of publicity for all exhibitions and work directly with the artist(s).
 The Gallery Coordinator will receive the artist(s) inventory list and publicity information by the deadline specified in the
    contract: no later than 6 weeks before the exhibition opens.
 The Gallery Coordinator will inform the Curatorial Committee if an artist fails to meet the deadline.
 The Curatorial Committee reserves the right to cancel the exhibition if the contract date for the inventory list and publicity is
    not met.
Delivery and Setup
 The Gallery Coordinator will work with the artist(s) for delivery and be available to assist with set-up.
 Delivery and setup must be completed by the date specified in the contract: no later than 1 full day before the exhibition opens.
 Should the set-up date not be met, the Gallery Coordinator reserves the right to cancel the exhibition.
 In the event of a cancellation, the Gallery Coordinator will inform the TAA Board of Directors immediately and prepare a
    written rationale for the cancellation.
Closing and Takedown
 The closing and takedown dates are specified in the contract.
 The Gallery Coordinator will be available to assist with takedown.
 Storage fees will be charged for storing artworks beyond the takedown dates.
 The Gallery Coordinator will inform the Curatorial Committee if the artworks are still in place after the takedown date.
Annual Youth Art Show and Members Show
 The Gallery Coordinator will curate the Annual Youth Art Show in May.
 The Gallery Coordinator will prepare exhibition proposals and schedules for each show and submit these to the Curatorial

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