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					Hyde Park Art Center

Prepared December 11, 2008

R E Q U E S T          F O R   P R O P O S A L

Creativity Workshops for Design Professionals

The Hyde Park Art Center appreciates your interest in providing a proposal for a creativity workshop
targeting design professionals. This RFP contains a number of different sections that provide you with a
better understanding of the Hyde Park Art Center (HPAC), objectives of the workshop, and direction on
the specific information HPAC needs from you. The major sections of the RFP are:

    >    Introduction and Background: A description of the objectives of the workshop plus any
         additional background about HPAC’s objectives that may provide you with a useful perspective.

    >    HPAC Contact Information: Contact information that you will need to prepare and submit your
         proposal as well as major dates associated with the RFP submission, evaluation and award

    >    Guidelines for Proposal Preparation: Guidelines for your communication with HPAC and a
         description of the preferred proposal format.

    >    Evaluation Factors for Award: Outlines the criteria that we will use to evaluate the proposals



Hyde Park Art Center’s (HPAC) mission is to stimulate and sustain the visual arts in Chicago. Celebrating
almost 70 years of success, HPAC is a non-profit organization that presents innovative exhibitions –
primarily work by Chicago-area artists, educational programs in the visual arts for children and adults of
diverse backgrounds, and a long record of education outreach in the community. To fulfill its mission, the
Center actively pursues arts mentorship within the community it serves through various programs that
foster a collective spirit among artists, teachers and students, children and families, collectors, and the
general public.

As one of the oldest alternative spaces in the city, HPAC occupies an innovative building designed by
architect Doug Garafalo. The space is home to a wide array of gallery spaces, studios and classrooms,
as well as a digital lab and resource center. It has an exemplary record of exhibiting a wide range of work
by emerging artists through its Exhibitions Program, as well as mid-career and established artists. Panel
discussions, gallery talks, poetry readings, music performances, open house events, and a series of short
pieces by guest writers expand upon the approaches and ideas presented in each exhibition and engage
a broad audience. In addition, the art center utilizes its diverse exhibitions program, featuring
contemporary art and artists, to engage school groups and teach them about art processes.

The Hyde Park Art Center facilities include Five formal Gallery spaces, an 80' x 10' digital projection
facade, numerous informal exhibition spaces, Four multipurpose studio classrooms, a Photography
classroom and Darkroom, a Digital Lab with 12 stations, Two Ceramics studios, a resource center that
houses open access computers, art books and magazines, and a conference space with an LCD
projector and speakers for presentation, screenings, etc.


HPAC is interested in launching new workshops targeting a specific market: design professionals. This
creativity workshop will bring together design professionals from several disciplines and skill levels in the
same class. We envision a three-to-five-hour weekend workshop that would take place in any of the
learning spaces available, including the galleries, studios, digital lab, and/or resource center; however, we
are open to other time frames. Possible attendees will include architects, graphic designers, industrial
designers, fashion designers, etc. The primary goals of the workshop are:                                                                Hyde Park Art Center | 2
    >    Enhancing creative design skills – the curriculum must aim towards the participants walking
         out the door as more qualified professionals, with practical knowledge or skills applicable to their
         design work. The workshop will allow participants to explore how designers in various fields
         create solutions through problem-solving and collaboration activities. The workshop must engage
         participants in collaborative, cross-disciplinary activities that will enhance skills relevant to their
         professions and it must involve creativity.

    >    Engaging in cross-pollination with other designers – As the designers may come from a wide
         array of backgrounds, the class will focus on developing tools to simulate creativity rather than
         technical skills. The workshop will provide students with time to work on their projects, but must
         be focused and productive so that students walk away from the class with substantial new skills
         or abilities, not just new creations.

Possible class topics include, but are not limited to:

    >    Brainstorming and problem-solving workshop including potential solutions to broad issues such
         as urban sprawl, development in Hyde Park, or the Olympics.

    >    Creating an installation or piece to be installed in the Hyde Park Art Center, or somewhere in
         Hyde Park.

    >    Utilizing the architecture and design in Hyde Park and at the University of Chicago as inspiration
         for a creative output.

    >    Ways to incorporate green design into everyday projects.

    >    Conveying ideas through graphics and sketching in a business setting.

HPAC is seeking to identify and select an instructor to perform the activities listed above. The ideal
instructor will have experience in a design field as well as previous teaching experience and be able to
work with students from a range of disciplines and skill levels in the same class. The instructor must
stimulate cooperation and engagement amongst the members of the class. The instructor should also
cultivate a positive, fun environment that leaves participants feeling inspired at the end of the workshop.

The remainder of this document provides additional information that will allow an instructor to understand
the scope of the workshop and develop a proposal in the format desired by HPAC.



Please direct any questions regarding this proposal to:

 Name            Ray Yang

 Address         5020 S. Cornell Avenue

                 Chicago, IL 60615

 Phone           773-324-5520 x1002

 FAX             773-324-6641

 Email                                                                    Hyde Park Art Center | 3

All proposals are due by January 5th.

                                   Event                                     Date

     1.    RFP Distribution to Instructors                                December 10

     2.    Proposal Due Date                                               January 5

     3.    Target Date for Review of Proposals                             January 9

     4.    Interviews with Top Candidates                                 February 2-6

     5.    Anticipated decision and selection of Instructor               February 13

     6.    Anticipated date of workshop                                    Spring 09



Award of the contract resulting from this RFP will be based upon the most responsive instructor whose
proposal best meets HPAC’s requirements as specified in this RFP.

HPAC reserves the right to:

    >     Reject any or all offers and discontinue this RFP process without obligation or liability to any
          potential instructor,
    >     Award a contract on the basis of initial offers received, and
    >     Award more than one contract.

Instructor’s proposal shall be submitted as set forth below. The instructor will confine their submission to
those matters sufficient to define their proposal. HPAC supports instructors working cooperatively in
presenting integrated solutions. Instructor team arrangements may be desirable to enable the workshop
participants involved to complement each others’ unique capabilities, while offering the best combination
of education and creativity. HPAC will recognize instructor team arrangements provided that:

    1) It strongly enhances the student experience,
    2) The arrangements are identified and relationships are fully disclosed, and
    3) A primary instructor is designated who will be fully responsible for all contract performance.                                                                      Hyde Park Art Center | 4
The submitted proposals are suggested to include each of the following sections:

 1. Executive Summary

 2. Workshop Approach, and

 3. Detailed and Itemized Pricing

 4. References

 5. Instructor Background, and Work

The detailed requirements for each of the above-mentioned sections are outlined below.



This section will present a high-level synopsis of the instructor’s responses to the RFP. The Executive
Summary should be a brief overview of the proposed workshop, and should identify its main features and
benefits. If, in preparing the workshop proposal, additional information about the Hyde Park Art Center is
needed, please refer to the Center’s website or contact the person listed above.


A brief description of the proposed workshop, including a proposed workshop title, followed by details of
the workshop. Workshop details should include major topics and activities, objectives, tentative time
frames, description of activities and a list of necessary media or other equiment. Objectives should
specify what the students will accomplish and tentative time frames should include how many minutes are
necessary for each activity.


Include a fee breakdown, with a detailed cost of necessary workshop materials, and a proposed
compensation rate.

Three current professional references, including company name, contact name, title, address, telephone
number, and relationship.


Include a biography, resume, and a description of relevant experiences. A work sample of 10 images
from a variety of personal or student work. In the case of instructor team, list who would partner on this
workshop along with their qualifications and relevant experience.                                                                Hyde Park Art Center | 5


The following elements will be the primary considerations in evaluating all submitted proposals and in the
selection of an instructor:

 1. Completion of all required responses.

 2. The extent to which instructor’s proposed workshop fulfills HPAC objectives as set out in this RFP.

 3. Work samples of 10 images from a variety of personal or student work, as well as an in-person presentation to the HPAC
    selection committee.

 4. The instructor’s experiences and record of past performance in facilitating such workshops.

 5. The instructor’s experience in the design field.

 6. Instructor’s acceptance of HPAC’s contractual terms and conditions.

 7. Overall cost of instructor’s proposal and the compensation rate of the instructor.

HPAC may, at their discretion and without explanation to the prospective instructors, at any time choose
to discontinue this RFP without obligation to such prospective instructors.                                                                                  Hyde Park Art Center | 6

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