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					                               GRAND LAKE
                                                                                               I N S ID E T H IS I SS UE

                                                                                                1    Identity Theft Protection Seminar

                                                                                                2    2005-2006 Meeting Recaps

                                                                                                3    Chapter Awards

Volume 1 , Issue 2                                                                              3    NEW PRNovember 2005
                                                                                                           Chair Named

                                                                   contact the Federal Trade Co mmission toll free at
  Identity Theft Protection                                        (877)438-4338. File a report with your local police
                                                                   Record and save everything, email messages, written
  Everyone knows the story from news reports by now: A             correspondence and records of telephone calls.
  VA data analyst, who was authorized to access the data           Fortunately, American consumers will depend on their
  only at the office, took it ho me. His computer was stolen       home, farm and auto insurance carriers for solutions to
  in a burglary. The co mputer contained the names, birth          combat identity theft-related fraud. "The development of
  dates and Social Security nu mbers of everyone discharged        identity theft solutions is virtually industry wide,"
  fro m the U.S. military since 1975. The resulting loss of 26     according to Mark. Identity theft solutions from the
  million records is the largest data breach to date, and is       insurance industry combine identity theft insurance with
  just the latest in a long list of high profile cases involving   services that help victims restore their cred it history and
  identity theft.                                                  identity records. Most identity theft victims report the
                                                                   real cost of identity theft is the frustrating and time
  Neil W inget, President of the Better Business Bureau of         consuming process to repair credit history and identity
  West Central Ohio, and Mark MacGougan Assistant Vice             records. One-on-one case managed advocacy is being
  President of Product Develop ment for Hartfo rd Steam            utilized in the industry to assist the victim through the
  Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, offered some            process of resolution. Expense reimbu rsement coverage
  advice for anyone whose identity is stolen at the annual         pays victims for the costs they incur in the steps they
  Grand Lake Chapter CPCU seminar in April: Don't panic.           handle themselves to resolve problems res ulting fro m
                                                                   identity theft.
  Identity theft is a growing problem resulting in $56.6
  billion in losses last year but, according to Neil, a few
  precautions can lessen the chances of becoming a v ictim,
  even for people whose personal informat ion has been

  The first thing to do if think your Social Security number,
  birth date or other sensitive information has fallen into the
  wrong hands is to place an init ial fraud alert on your credit
  reports. There are three major credit reporting agencies,
  but a call to one, for instance, Equifax at 800-525-6285,
  will ensure the other two are notified.                          Gary Corcoran (Past President) presented Neil Winget
                                                                   (President of NW Ohio BBB) with a plaque for speaking at the
  A fraud alert entit les you to a free copy of your credit
  report fro m each of the three companies. Order one fro m
  each and scrutinize it carefully fo r accounts you did not       Finally, recognize that safeguarding your privacy is a
  authorize.                                                       never-ending task, even for people who have no reason
                                                                   to believe their personal informat ion has been stolen. A
  Contact the genuine company or organization if you think
                                                                   litt le education and ongoing vigilance, say Neil and
  you've been the victim of fraud or a scam. Speak direct ly
                                                                   Mark, can go a long way toward prevention. Fo r ideas
  with the security or fraud department at every bank,
                                                                   and suggestions on how to minimize the risk, or what to
  financial institution, or credit card co mpany you deal
                                                                   do if you become a victim, v isit the Federal trade
                                                                   Co mmission website at
  Contact the proper authorities. In the United States,  

                                                  GRAND LAKE chaptErGRAM 1
                                                             “When Disaster Strikes” was the topic for the February
2005-2006 Meeting Recaps                                     meet ing. Larry Webb, To m Sarno, and Audra Pyles
                                                             fro m the Webb Agency presented information about
Volunteerism – Good Works                                    how they handled the ice storm in Lima fro m the agent’s
12-01-05                                                     prospective. Andy McMahon (pictured above) spoke
The December meeting was held at Central Mutual              fro m the prospective of a claims person who is first on
Insurance Co. A program on Vo lunteeris m was presented      the scene for various types of disasters in different parts
by Edd Buhl and Pat Jackson fro m Central. Doug Ho ltz       of the country. It was great for the group to hear how
fro m Harleysville discussed Good Works at the regional      disasters are handled both locally and nationally.
and national level along with recognizing the new
designees. New designees, Pam Kabanuk, Bev Smith, and        Joint meeting wi th NAIW Dancing with the Stars
Ted Wissman were welco med to the Chapter. Ted was           03-15-06
not able to attend, but Pam and Bev were presented with
their CPCU pins by Ken Art.

                    New Designees:

                                                             In March, a joint meet ing of NAIW and CPCU was
                                                             held. Cheryl Blair (pictured above), the NAIW Past
        Pam Kabanuk            Bev Smi th                    National President, spoke about “Dancing with the
        Ted Wissman – Photo Not Available                    Stars”. The presentation was both entertaining and
                                                             motivational as she talked about her background and
Scholarship Awards Dinner/ Prom oting the Teachi ng          related her experiences to the hit TV show she enjoys to
of Risk Management and Insurance                             watch!
                                                             Election of ’06-’07 Officers
                                                             Where are YOU going?
                                                             Where is the CPCU Society going?

The January meet ing was held at Willo w Bend Country
Club in Van Wert, Ohio. The chapter was pleased to be
able to recognize the recipients of the Grand Lake CPCU
scholarships, Kristin Dickman and Blake Buhl (pictured
above with Judy Hoaglin). Judy Hoaglin fro m the
Griffith Foundation for Insurance Education was on hand      The election of officers was handled during the May
to speak to the group about the Foundation and to help the   meet ing. It was unanimously decided to have the same
chapter honor the scholarship recipients.                    officers in place for one more year. M ichael P. Ho lm,
                                                             the Marketing Director for the Mid western Region of
When Disaster Strikes – Local and National                   the American Institute for CPCU was on hand to
Perspecti ve                                                 congratulate the officer group and he also spoke to the
02-23-06                                                     Chapter members about the Institute and the importance
                                                             of continuing education (Michael is pictured above).

                                                             The members of the Grand Lake Chapter of CPCU are
                                                             looking forwa rd to the next season of meetings which
                                                             will start in September o f 2006. More informat ion will
                                                             be announced very soon about the topics and locations
                                                             of the meet ings for the upcoming year!

                                            GRAND LAKE chaptErGRAM 2
                                                                                 Make CPCU the most widely
Chapter Awards for 2005-06 Term:                                                  recognized, valued, and highly
                                                                                  respected professional
The Grand Lake Chapter received the Continuing                                    designation/brand in the property and
Professional Devel opment Award for Excellence for                                casualty insurance industry by CPCU
the 2005-06 term.                                                                 emp loyers, key segments of the
                                                                                  financial services industry, and other
The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Award                               important audiences.
for Excellence recognizes CPCU Society chapters whose
members qualify for CPD recognition under the                                    All Society members have access to a
Continuing Professional Development Program. CPD                                  continually increasing number of
qualifiers earn points based on continuing professional                           programs and services that position
development activities including teaching, research,                              them fo r success.
leadership, and mo re. Chapters in wh ich 20 percent of
their active membership (or 50 members if less than 20                           Stewardship
percent) qualify for recognition under the CPD Program
are eligib le fo r the Continuing Professional Develop ment     The Grand Lake Chapter leaders will strive to achieve
Award for Excellence.                                           an award for excellence in the upcoming 2006-07 term.
                                                                Those interested in volunteering for a leadership
The Grand Lake Chapter recognizes the following active          position to help achieve our goals should contact a
members who qualified individually for the CPD                  Chapter officer!
recognition and helped the chapter earn the award for
                                                                Chuck White named PR Chair:
         Barbara Elking
         Doug Holt z
         Pam Kabanuk
         Jana Ringwald
         Beverly Smith
                                                                Chapter public relat ions programs increase visibility of
         Dian Steele
                                                                the CPCU designation not only among insurance
         Mark Stolly
                                                                industry professionals, but also in the business
         Theodore Wissman
                                                                community and the public at large. An effective public
                                                                relations program can increase favorable recognition of
Has your CPD lapsed or maybe you’ve never comp leted            the Society and its me mbers. Chuck White has stepped
an application? It is easy to complete an on-line               forward to lead a public relations effort to imp rove the
application! First log in to access your record, then go to     visibility and recognition of the Society and our Grand
the CPD online applicat ion.                                    Lake Chapter.

In addition to the CPD Award for Excellence, the Grand          Chuck has been a CPCU since 1985. Chuck
Lake Chapter achieved the BRONZE Circle of                      holds several professional designations including CP CU,
Excellence Award fo r the 2005-06 term!                         CLU, AIM , AU, CIC, and AIT. His current position is
                                                                with the Central Insurance Companies as a Senior
                                                                Co mmercial Lines Underwriter. Chuck has been a
                                                                member of the Grand Lake Chapter for 12 years. He has
                                                                served as an officer and co mmittee chairperson for other
                                                                CPCU chapters, including the Indiana and Siou x Emp ire
                                                                Chapters. His hobbies include membership in
The Circle of Excellence Recognition Program is an              an investment club, the North A merican Railcar
important part of chapter achievement as it provides            Operators Association and the National Model Railroad
chapter leaders with structure and guidance to best serve       Association. He is self described as a
their members. The Circle of Excellence Recognition             “Ferroequinologist.” Chuck resides in Fort Wayne with
Program recognizes all chapters for their efforts to            his wife Kathy. They have four children, the youngest
achieve specific benchmarks in chapter perfo rmance.            of which, Kaitlynn, just graduated fro m high school and
Chapters earn Bron ze, Silver, or Gold recognition by           will be enrolling at IPFW this fall.
undertaking activities divided among the key in itiat ives of
the Society's strategic plan. Key in itiatives of the Society   Please contact Chuck at
included:                                                       if you'd like to join the chapter's Public Relations team!

                                               GRAND LAKE chaptErGRAM 3

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