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					                          List of Approved Project Proposals (1 June 2010 deadline)

Application ID                            Project name                                        Applicant / Residence                               grant
                                                                                                                                                (in EUR)

11020003         "Ekoglass Festival 2010" post-workshop exhibition and            The Culture and Art Centre in Wroclaw,
                                                                                                                                     PL             3,750
                 promotional album realization                                    Wrocław
11020009         Let knowledge connect us!                                        University of Zilina, Žilina                       SK             2,790
                 Energy management and cooperation amongst V4 local
                                                                                  V-Trade Exhibitions Ltd., Debrecen                 HU             4,500
                 governments in order to reduce energy dependence

11020014         Theatre autumn - 20th Jubilee                                    Novohrad Cultural Institut, Lučenec                SK             5,000
11020020         "Digitalisation and preparation of databases in the archives"    Association of Hungarian Archivists,
                                                                                                                                     HU             2,550
                 Archival Conference 2010                                         Budapest
11020021                                                                          Arbor - civil association for spiritual culture,
                 International Music Festival Lipa Musica                                                                            CZ             5,000
                                                                                  Česká Lípa
11020022         PROTIMLUV.FEST 2010                                              Oxymoron, Ostrava                                  CZ             2,450
                 Lift @ Eastern Quartier (hereinafter Lift@EQ)                    KIBU Innovation Nonprofit Ltd., Budapest           HU             4,622

11020042         Olympic sports of partner towns 2010 in Pribram                  TOWN PRIBRAM, PRIBRAM                              CZ             1,684
                 International School of Human Rights                             Public Interest Lawyers Association, Tábor         CZ             3,350

11020052         13th International Exhibition of Gladiolus, Dalia and flower     'Rybnicki Klub Miłośników Kwiatów'
                                                                                                                                     PL             1,550
                 Arrangements                                                     Association, Rybnik
11020053         Cult of Heroes in Central Europe 1880-1939 - Practices and
                                                                                  Central European University, Budapest              HU             3,200
11020067         Human Resources European School                                  AEGEE Budapest, Budapest                           HU             2,025
11020070         V4 Innovative Learning Forum 2010                                EXPERIENCIA, Bratislava                            SK             5,000
11020076                                                                          The Communal Center of Culture - Public
                 Tradition in the PL-CZ-SK's ""Three country point"                                                                  PL             5,000
                                                                                  Library in Istebna, Istebna
11020079         Edition of a publication titled "Situation of Roma minority in   Foundation of Social Integration Prom,
                                                                                                                                     PL             4,950
                 Poland, Slovak, Czech and Hungary"                               Wrocław
11020085                                                                          Hnutí DUHA – Friends of the Earth Czech
                 Sedma generace – environmental issues in social context                                                             CZ             4,000
                                                                                  Republic, Brno
11020094         We are all on one boat and the enviroment is just one            Slovak hucul club, Lom nad Rimavicou               SK             3,950
11020103         Forum Carpaticum: Integrating Nature and Society towards
                                                                                  Jagiellonian University, Krakow                    PL             5,000
11020111                                                                          Association Institute for Promotion of Social
                 Street Atelier: BORDERLESS                                                                                          PL             4,800
                                                                                  Activity, Gliwice
11020115         International Contemporary Puppet Festival                       Harlekin Puppet Theatre, Eger                      HU             4,782
11020120         STETSON AND BOURBON - Visegrád festival of
                                                                                  Centre of Culture Otrokovice, Otrokovice           CZ             3,600
11020126         Together again! Reunion and round-table discussion of
                                                                                  National Széchényi Library, Budapest               HU             1,655
                 librarians of V4 countries
11020130         Promoting the results of the cooperation of V4 NGOs in the       Foundation for Development of Democratic
                                                                                                                                     HU             4,375
                 field of international development cooper                        Rights , Budapest
                                                                                  Academy of Performing Arts in Prague - The
                 MIDPOINT: Central European Script Center                                                                            CZ             4,975
                                                                                  Film and Television Faculty, Prague 1

11020147         Visegrad section at the "Competition or Cooperation?"
                                                                                  Palace of Arts Budapest, Budapest                  HU             3,250
11020151                                                                          Competition of dental technicians, Civic
                 Competition of dental technicians                                                                                   CZ             5,000
                                                                                  association, Kostelec nad Černými Lesy
11020163                                                                          Association of Polish Inventors and
                 The 2nd International Scientific Seminar “Toyotarity in the
                                                                                  Rationalization, Regional Department in            PL             5,000
                 context of european enterprises improvem
                                                                                  Częstochowa, Częstochowa
11020168         THEATRE IN NON-THEATRICAL SPACES - EXCHANGE                      Centre for Education and Cultural Initiatives,
                                                                                                                                     PL             5,000
                 OF WORKSHOPS AND PERFORMANCIES                                   Olsztyn, Olsztyn
11020169         outdoor theatre festival Behind the Door/ZA DVEŘMI               ART Prometheus o.s., Prague                        CZ             4,900
                 International co-production of student short film Cagey Tigers FLY UNITED, Zilina                                   SK             5,000

11020173                                                                          WRO Center for Media Art Foundation,
                 Sunday Matinees VG Edition                                                                                          PL             4,950
                 The Respect of Others                                            Nagykovácsi Music Foundation, Nagykovácsi          HU             4,300

11020177         Ecology And The Future of Central Europe: With Or Without
                                                                           EKUNET, Trnava                                            SK             5,000
11020182         Living Together in Diverse Societies                             Civic-democratic Youth, Bratislava                 SK             5,000
                                                                                  The Association of Amateurs of Beskidian
                 Wspólne Góralskie Wołoskie Korzenie " (The common
                                                                                  Folklore, Music, Dance and Sing „Pod               PL             5,000
                 highlander's roots")
                                                                                  Ochodzitą” from Koniaków , Koniaków

                 Women Chemits and Innovation in the Visegrad Countries           Hungarian Chemical Society, Budapest               HU             5,000

11020191         FNE Visegrad Prize for Best Central European Film                Film New Europe Association, praha 6               CZ             5,000
11020194         International Festival Ars Poetica 2010                          Civic association Ars Poetica, Bratislava          SK             5,000
11020205         Central European Forum 2010                                      Project Forum, Bratislava                          SK             5,000
                 GLOBSEC 2010: V4 as a Contributor to European Policies           Jagello 2000, Ostrava 9                            CZ             5,000

11020213         Visegrad Anchovies at Fest Anča 2010                             ANČA, Bratislava                                   SK             5,000
11020216         Ipolyság-Bánk cross-border cooperation within the frames of
                                                                                  Marom Club Assotiation, Budapest                   HU             5,000
                 Lake Bánk festival 2010

                                                                                                        TOTAL                                     181,958

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