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					3542 Fenn St., Irvine, CA 92614-6621 • TEL (949) 786-6379 • FAX (949) 387-1633
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                         WALL ART

                      PRICE INFORMATION

         Deduct 6.5% from Commercial Prices
                               (Publicized herein)

                                January 2008

Federal Acquisition Service

Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List

On-line access to contract ordering information, terms and conditions, up-to-date pricing
and options to create an electronic delivery order are available through GSA Advantage!,
a menu-driven database system. The INTERNET address GSA Advantage! is:

                                   FSC 72 PART II

FSC Group 72 Part II Furnishings – Wall Art, Including Paintings, Photographs and

Item 722-05 - Photographs, Transparencies, Posters, Prints and Artwork

Contract Number:                GS-03F-5064C

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Schedules button at

Contract Period:                April 1, 1995
                                March 31, 2014

Contractor:                     Lynda Lee Photography
                                3542 Fenn St.
                                Irvine, CA 92614-6621
                                Tel: 949-786-6379
                                Fax: 949-387-1633

Business Size:                  Small/Woman Owned

                                  CUSTOMER INFORMATION

1a. Tables of award special item number 722-05 (pages 3-7)

1b. Identification of lowest price model and lowest unit price. 7 x10/8x10” Print $207

1c. Hourly rates. See page (6) of General Information under Exclusive and/or Location Photography.

2.    Maximum Order Limitation:                             $200,000 per SIN; $200,000 per order

3.    Minimum Order:                                        $207 for 7x10/8x10 Print

4.    Geographic Coverage (Delivery Area):                  United States/Territories and International

5.    Points of Production:
      •   Framed Prints:                                    Van Nuys, CA (Ls Angeles County)
      •   Exhibit Mount Prints:                             Burbank, CA (Los Angles County)

6.    Prices shown herein are COMMERCIAL                    GSA CLIENTS Deduct 6.5% from
                                                            Commercial Art Pricing

7.    Quantity Discounts:                                   N.A.

8.    Prompt Payment:                                       1.5% /10 days; 1% /20 days; NET/30 days

9a. Government purchase cards are accepted at or below the micro-purchase threshold.
9b. Government purchase cards are accepted above the micro-purchase threshold.

10.    Foreign Items:                                       None

11a. Time of delivery:                                      60 days or less after receipt of order (ARO).

11b. Expedited Delivery: No items are for expedited delivery unless prearranged upon ordering with
applicable rush fee. See 11d.

11c. Overnight and 2-day delivery is available. Contact us for shipping rates concerning you order via
these shippers.

11d. Urgent Requirements: We are able to accommodate urgent requirements on an individual job basis
with applicable rush fee of 50 to 100%.

12.    F.O.B. Points:                                       F.O.B. ORIGIN
       • Framed Prints:                                     Van Nuys, CA (Los Angeles County)
       • Exhibit Mount Prints/Transparencies:               Burbank, CA (Los Angeles County)

13a. Ordering Address:                                      Lynda Lee Photography
                                                            3542 Fenn St.
                                                            Irvine, CA 92614
                                                            TEL (949)786-6379
                                                            FAX ((949) 387-1633
                                                            Mobile Tel: 805-279-3290

13b. Ordering procedures: For supplies and services, the ordering procedures, information on Blanket
Purchase Agreements (BPA’s) are found in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 8.5043

14.   Payment Address:                                      Lynda Lee Photography
                                                            3542 Fenn St.
                                                            Irvine, CA 92614
                                                            TEL (949) 786-6379
                                                            FAX ((949) 387-1633
                                                            Mobile Tel: 805-279-3290

15. Warranty Provision: Manufacturer's only obligation shall be to replace any product proven to be
defective. See page (7) for full Warranty

16.   Export Packing Charges:                               Add 25% to NET prices.

17. Terms and conditions of Government purchase card acceptance (any threshold above the micro-
purchase level). All Government purchase card transactions will be discounted 1.5% from Commercial
Price List on any GSA purchase. The additional bank fee of 5% will not be applied.

18.   Terms and conditions of rental, maintenance and repair.       NA.

19.   Terms & Conditions of Installation:                   See page 7.

20.   Terms and conditions or repair parts indicating date of part price lists and any discount from price
      list.                                                NA.

20a. Terms and conditions for any other services.           NA.

21.   List of service and distribution points.              NA.

22.   List of participating dealers                         NA

23.   Preventive maintenance.                               NA.

         24a. Special attributes                            NA

         24b. Section 508 compliance                        NA

25.   DUNS # 04-979-3177

26.   Registration in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Database.      Yes

                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

Price List Cover

GSA/Federal Supply Service Authorized Federal Supply Schedule   I

Customer and Ordering Information                               II & III

Table of Contents                                               1

Introduction                                                    2

Price Information                                               3

Protective Coverings                                            4

Transparency Panels                                             5

General Information                                             6&7


Photographic Art, more than any other type of art available, is visual therapy. The
principal concept behind this statement is simple and many studies have documented its
value. Photographic Art in public places to will help reduce stress and bring freshness
into the workplace and medical care environments. Beautiful outdoor images have a
special way of regenerating mans spirit and emotions. Think of how an outdoor stroll in
the woods or along a sandy beach can refresh the mind and spirit. Photography, like no
other art medium, captures the reality and essence of nature's vitality. Color Nature
Photography, when applied properly, can reduce stress and anxiety and generate a
pleasant and healthful atmosphere for any interior space.

Lynda Lee's specialty is capturing the beauty of creation photographically and
reproducing exquisite Photographic Art. Her distinctive images are further enhanced by
her thoughtful design expertise.                  Color coordinated art packages are designed to
compliment any interior space with a variety of styles and finishes. The flexibility of
Custom Photographic Art has the added benefit of being able to take an image and
reproduce the finished art into any size. Lynda’s 200,000 plus image library can create
unlimited variety of themes and moods. Many clients become repeat customers as they
find Lynda Lee's Photographic Art beautiful, uplifting and mutually beneficial to their
clientele and staff. Her art is enjoyed in numerous hospital/medical care facilities,
corporate offices, commercial buildings and private homes throughout the United States
and in various foreign countries.

          Call if you have specific needs, see what Lynda Lee can design for you!

   3542 Fenn St., Irvine, CA 92614-6621 • TEL (949) 786-6379 • FAX (949) 387-1633 •
                                 Visit our Web site:

                                      PHOTOGRAPHIC WALL ART
Chrome The best quality photographs on the most fade resistant photographic papers available on the
Prints: market. Chrome prints are recommended for all photographic art.
        A good quality photograph that offers a low price option.

SIZE                                                                CUSTOM                         CHROME
*7x10/8x10                                                            239                            252
*10x14/11x14                                                          276                            310
*13x20/16x20                                                          356                            393
20x24                                                                 458                            506
*20x30                                                                516                            564
24x30                                                                 638                            679
*24x36                                                                735                            781
*27x40/30x40                                                          769                            855
40x50                                                                 1254                           1377
*40x60                                                                1306                           1540
40x72                                                                 1592                           1883
*48x72                                                                1914                           2172
48x84                                                                 2226                           2479
48x96                                                                 2503                           2811
48x108                                                                2911                           3270
48x120                                                                3177                           3565
72x96                                                                 3916                            NA
*72x120                                                               4393                            NA
*indicates full image format and is recommended where NO CROPPING of selected image is desired .

                                                               Art Finishing
Exhibit-Mount Prints A beautiful and clean-line photographic art presentation. Prints are flush mounted on
hardboard, overlaid with a UV film laminate for protection and finished with an invisible inset back frame which
provides a unique 3-D effect as it suspends art ½" from wall surface. Prices are as listed above.

Museum-Mount and Cut Panel Prints This finish is our personal preference for wall art. It is the finest
quality and richest presentation for Photographic Art. Add 15% to prices listed above.

Metal Frames are the industry standard aluminum channel frames. Color choices are: Silver, Gold, Black, White,
Pewter and Copper. Prices are listed above.
Custom colors by special order add 10% to prices listed above.

Wood-grain Laminate Frames add 15% to above prices. Solid Wood Frames add 40% to above prices.
Colors are: Country Oak, Black Oak, Hampton Oak, White Oak, American Maple, Red Mahogany, Honey
Pecan, and Classic Gold and Silver.

Super Secure Wood Hand Finished Frames with Rounded Corners and Lexan Cover add 75% to above prices

Mats are available and are delivered with an acrylic covering:
Single Mat add 20% Double Mats add 30% Triple Mats add 40%

SEE GENERAL INFORMATION on pages 7 and 8 for finishing descriptions.

SECURITY-MOUNT BRACKETS are available at $8.00 per print. Installation instructions are included with

DELIVERY 30 to 60 days after receipt of order. Add 50% fee for rush orders.

                                    PROTECTIVE COVERINGS

      One of the following coverings is required on all Framed or Framed and Matted Prints.

GLASS: Regular framing quality glass can be delivered on any framed or framed & matted print up to 20x30 at
no additional charge. NON-GLARE glass is also available for an additional fee.

LAMINATE: A durable, colorless film overlay that has a built in ultraviolet protectorate, which adds longevity
to print life. It is washable with a mild dish washing detergent and lukewarm water or may also be cleaned with
denatured alcohol. Do not use window cleaning sprays or any solvents to clean. Laminate comes in Matte, Semi-
gloss and High-gloss finishes. Indicate preference when ordering otherwise SEMI-GLOSS LAMINATE will be

ACRYLIC/LEXAN: Thermoplastic materials commonly referred to as "Plex or Plexi-glass" which is clear,
strong, break resistant coverings. The ACRYLIC has an ultraviolet protectorate that adds longevity to print life.
LEXAN is a fire code rated product and does not emit hazardous fumes if burned. These coverings are washable
with a mild dish washing detergent and lukewarm water. Do not use window cleaning sprays or any solvents to

                                      Protective Covering Prices

    PRINT SIZE                           Laminate          Non-Glare      Acrylic       Lexan
                                          (add)              (add)        (add)         (add)
    7x10/8x10                               20                 34            20           29
    10x14/11x14                              20               40              33          46
    13x20/16x20                              29               43              38          60
     20x24                                   34               46              46          74
     20x30                                   50               50              52          87
     24x30                                   60               52              58         101
     24x36                                   60               NA              78         126

     27x40/30x40                             114              NA             110         204
     40x50                                   114              NA             128         240
     40x60                                   150              NA             148         280
     40x72                                   150              NA             166         329
     48x72                                   214              NA             191         380
     48x84                                   214              NA            CALL      CALL
     48x96                                   240              NA           CALL       CALL
     48x108                                  273              NA           CALL       CALL
     48x120                                  389              NA           CALL       CALL
     72x96                                   457              NA           CALL       CALL
     72x120                                  572              NA           CALL       CALL

                                          TRANSPARENCY PANELS
For back lighted ceiling or wall displays, the panels listed below achieve a desirable open skylight or
window effect in any room. This effect is accomplished by simply exchanging the existing panel with a
new art panel to create a whole new look. Specialty light boxes are available upon request. Please call
for information and price quote.

Ceiling panels are ready to install in existing florescent fixtures and are priced as follows:

                    CHROME PANELS                                                   CUSTOM PANELS

      2X2                   745               Per Panel                2x2                  693               Per Panel
       2x4                 1429               Per Panel                2x4                  1389              Per Panel
       4x4                 2976               Per Panel                4x4                  2773              Per Panel

                                                TRANSPARENCY PANELS

CHROME PANELS: The best quality panels printed on ILFORD or FUJI transparency material. Expected display life,
under normal lighting conditions, is 12 to 30 years. Transparency is mounted to 1/8" milk acrylic with a laminate overlay.
Panels are ready to install into standard florescent light installations. CHROME PANELS are recommended for all lighted
Photographic Art Panels.

CUSTOM PANELS: Good quality panels printed on KODAK Dura Clear transparency material. Expected display life is 3
to 6 years. Transparency is mounted to 1/8" milk acrylic and covered with a laminate overlay. Panels are ready to install into
standard florescent light installations

Hundreds of special images are available for ceiling panels. Please call for consultation.
Additional images can be placed on loan for selection purposes.


                                    EXACT PANEL SIZE is required from
                                    buyer (i.e., 2x4 Panel = 24 3/4" x 47 1/2").
                                    NO exceptions. For existing florescent
                                    fixtures, remove the cover panel and
                                    measure the dimensions.           For new
                                    constructions, determine sizes by obtaining
                                    fixture     cover    specifications    from

DELIVERY TIME: Approximately 30 to 60 days ARO. Rush orders available for an additional 50%

                                           GENERAL INFORMATION

The fees listed within include photographic image selections from the existing film library (over 200,000 images
are available), design consultation and instructions for standard or security installation. Installation costs are not
included but this service is available. All art prints are personally autographed by Lynda Lee

                                   EXCLUSIVE and/or LOCATION PHOTOGRAPHY

Exclusive photography charges are in addition to finished art and film sales and are billed at the day rate of $1200 per day or
$150 per hour plus all expenses. Exclusive photography day rate charges will be waived for art orders of $50,000 or more.

                                                PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTS

CHROME PRINTS: The best quality photograph printed on FUJI, ILFORD or KODAK chromogenic polyester base
papers. These dye stable papers offer the buyer the most for their art dollars as the 20 to 30 year longevity of these papers far
surpass the dye stability factor in the fiber based papers. Our recommendation for the purchase of all Photographic Art is

CUSTOM PRINTS: A good quality photograph printed on KODAK or FUJI fiber base papers. CUSTOM PRINTS offer
the discerning buyer a low price option when artwork is expected to change within a 5 to 8 year time period.

                                                PRINT FINISHING STYLES

EXHIBIT-MOUNT PRINTS: Exhibit Mount Prints produce a clean line contemporary look that suspends the print
slightly away from the wall with a beautiful and unique 3-dimensional effect. Photographs are flush mounted on 1/4"
Hardboard with finished black edges and a 3/4" wood block frame-inset mounted on the back for easy standard or security
installation (see illustration below). The print surface is covered with an Ultraviolet Laminate overlay for protection and easy
cleaning. Laminate choices are Matte, Semi-gloss and High-gloss. Indicate preference when ordering otherwise SEMI-
GLOSS will be delivered on all Exhibit Mount Prints.

                                                       Mounting Blocks
                                                                                      Back Frame Inset

MUSEUM MOUNT PRINTS: Museum Mount finish is the same as Exhibit-Mount except the edge of the Hardboard is
flush framed with 3/4 inch mounting blocks that produces a framed look and installs flush to the wall (see illustration below).
This photographic presentation is our personal preference for wall art. We believe this finish is the finest quality and
richest presentation for Photographic Art

                                                                                        Mounting Blocks
                                                                                        Back Frame Flush

CUT PANEL PRINTS: Cut Panels can be Exhibit Mount, Museum Mount or Framed prints cut into design panel
configurations. Example; Diptych, Triptych, Quads, Squares, Circles etc. Call for consultation and quote on all cut panel

                                           GENERAL INFORMATION
FRAMED PRINTS: Prints are flush mounted on 3/16" foam board or 1/8" hardboard and framed in your choice of Wood or
Metal. These prints must have a protective covering and you can select Glass, Laminate, Acrylic or Lexan. A detailed
description of these protective coverings is provided on page 5. Frame and Protective Print Covering choices must be
indicated, otherwise SILVER METAL Frame with ACRYLIC will be priced out and delivered on all Framed Prints.

FRAMED & MATTED PRINTS: Prints are mounted on oversized 3/16" foam board and includes a single custom
color coordinated two or three inch mat selected by the photographer. If you prefer to specify mat colors, indicate
your color selection from the regular Crescent Mat Board Color Chart. Double or triple matting is available. (These
prints must have a protective covering of Glass, Acrylic or Lexan (Laminate may not be used on matted prints). Detailed
descriptions of these coverings are provided on page 5 for you to make your selection. Prints are framed in your choice of
Wood or Metal. Indicate mat preference when ordering, otherwise our color MAT selection and ACRYLIC protective
covering will be priced out and delivered on all framed and matted prints.

                                             SECURITY MOUNT HARDWARE

Available for all wall art prints at $7.00 per print. Installation instructions are included with all security mount hardware.


Standard commercial packing included in all print prices. Add 25% for export packing.


F.O.B. Origin.


60 days or less after receipt of order. Add 50% to 100% fee to print cost for rush orders.


Local area only. $60.00 per print. Minimum 15 prints per order. Out of area installations are handled on an individual basis.
Please call for quote.

                                           WARRANTY/CONDITIONS OF SALE

The following is made in lieu of all warranties, expressed or implied: Manufacturer’s only obligation shall be to replace any
product proven to be defective within 30 calendar days after receipt of order. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any
injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use or inability to use the products/services offered herein.
Before using, the user shall determine the suitability of the product for the intended use and assumes all risk and liability
whatsoever in connection therewith. Statements or recommendations not contained herein shall have no authority unless in
an agreement signed by the manufacturer and the user.


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