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									                                                     Annual Report

I.     Section/SIG Name; Periodontics

II.      Councilor Contact Information
Name: Grishondra Branch-Mays, D.D.S., M.S.
(include degree titles)
Title: Associate Professor Department: Periodontics
Institution Name: University of Maryland Baltimore College of Dental Surgery
Phone: (410) 706-7152         Fax: (410) 706-7201

III.   2007-2008 Section/SIG Activities
       Describe section/SIG activities and projects during the past year. Take this opportunity
       to highlight innovative activities and projects. Note projects with a national scope and/or
       collaborative work with other sections, organizations, and institutions.

       A. List the Section/SIG activities:
           Newsletter (either electronic or print): yes/no
                  o Frequency: The newsletter in published annually.
           Community of Interest: established or on-going
           Project Pool Submission: yes/no
           Project Pool Submission funded: yes/no
                  o If yes: Title:
           Meetings/programs:
                  o Regional: yes/no
                          Collaboration with: N/A
                  o National: yes/no
                          Collaboration with: N/A
                  o ADEA Annual Session
                          Collaboration with: N/A
       B. What reflects the best example of your Section/SIG activities?
          During the past year the Section planned and presented a scientific program titled
          The Evaluation of Periodontal Skills in General Dentistry Board Examinations at the
          Annual Meeting in Dallas. Thanks to the exceptional efforts of Dr. Peter Loomer, the
          program was both interesting and informative. The Section officers also conducted
          an interim meeting in October 27th -30th 2007 at the American Academy of
          Periodontology (AAP) Annual Meeting to finalize the planning of the Member’s
          Forum and Section Program. In addition, Drs. McLeod, Loomer, Rawal and Branch-
          Mays attended the Pre-doctoral Workshop at the AAP meeting. The Section remains
          committed to a collaborative relationship with the AAP. Drs. McLeod, Branch-Mays
          and Rawal met with Drs. Kenneth Hillenburg and Frank Serio (AAP Education
          Committee), regarding creation of a symposium on the AAP Classification System.
            The discussion was prompted by a concern about how to present this information in
            the predoctoral programs that would also allow for its incorporation in practice. It was
            determined that both the AAP and Periodontics Section could jointly include a
            program for presentation at both the Predoctoral Workshop and at the ADEA Annual
            meeting. We will continue to work with the officers of the Education Committee to
            formalize a program in the future. Due to the overlap in meeting dates of the AAP
            meeting and COS Interim meeting, Dr. Peter Loomer was only able to attend a day
            and a half of the COS Interim meeting in Nashville. We developed a new format for
            the newsletter to include articles that highlight topics of interest in periodontal
            education. The response from the membership was overwhelmingly positive, which
            prompted the officers to include a summary/abstract of each of the articles that were
            submitted in the newsletter and provided a link to the ADEA website under the
            Periodontics Section to allow members access to the full text. Based on the
            feedback from the membership we plan to continue using this format.

IV.    Membership and Attendance
       Access the section membership list and reference the ―Members’ Forum Attendance
       Roster‖ provided in the section/SIG information packet to report the following:

       A.      Total membership for the section as of March 2008.
               As of February 11, 2008, there were a total of 1, 266.
               As of April 29, 2008, there were a total of 1,325.
               Total attendance at the section’s 2008 Members’ Forum.
                       The number in attendance at the Members’ Forum was 30.
                       The total number in attendance at the Section Program was 36.

V.     Section Structure
       A.    List current contact information for the Section/SIG officer.

COUNCILOR X           1st Term        2nd Term Beginning Term Date April 2008
(Section Only)
Name: Grishondra Branch-Mays, D.D.S., M.S.
(include degree titles)
Title: Associate Professor Department: Periodontics
Institution Name: University of Maryland Baltimore College of Dental Surgery
Phone: (410) 706-7152         Fax: (410) 706-7201

Name: Dr. Peter M. Loomer
Title: Associate Professor                   Department: Orofacial Sciences Division of
Institution Name: University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry
Phone: (415) 502 - 7896
Fax: (415) 502 - 4990

Name: Dr. Swati Rawal
Title: Assistant Professor                Department: Periodontology
Institution Name: College of Dentistry
University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Phone: (901) 448 - 6920
Fax: (901) 448 - 6751

Name: Dr. Elio Reyes
Title: Assistant Professor                     Department: Applied Dental Medicine
Institution Name: Southern Illinois University
Phone: (618) 474 7210
Fax:: (618) 474 7124

       B.     Describe section structure—other than the four officers—if one exists. Provide
              information about regional, national, and international networks. If deemed
              appropriate: list additional contact information for reference. N/A

VI.    Financial Status
       Each year prior to the Annual Session, ADEA compiles a list of all corporations,
       organizations, and foundations that support ADEA activities and programs for publication
       in the House of Delegates Manual. This compilation is the basis for honoring these
       sponsors at the Annual Session. This information related to section activities is gathered
       from your section annual report. If the section receives no external financial support,
       note ―N/A.‖ Include the following information:

       A. Current Section Balance: $6955.04
             A portion of the Section funds were utilized to support registration fees for the
          Section Program Speakers.
       B. Organizations (and contact persons) providing financial support for section activities
       C. Purpose of the support (program, reception, newsletter, etc.), number of participants
          and recipients, and other details N/A
       D. The type of funding: donation or gifts-in-kind, and amount of funding. N/A

VII.   Meeting Minutes
Minutes of Members Forum

Dr. Swati Y. Rawal

Members Forum
ADEA Section on Periodontics
Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2008
Time:3:00- 4:00 PM
Place: Dallas, Texas

Officers present:
Dr. Grishondra Branch-Mays, Section Chair
Dr. Peter Loomer, Section Chair-Elect
Dr. Swati Y. Rawal, Section Secretary

   1. Approval of minutes for 2007 Section on Periodontics Business meeting
   2. Election of Section Officers (Secretary and Councilor)
   3. Section Officers Reports
   4. Old Business
   5. New Business

1. The meeting was called to order by Dr. Grishondra Branch-Mays, Chair of Section on
Periodontics at 3:05 PM. The officers of the section were introduced to the members. A motion
was made to approve the minutes of the 2007 business meeting and was unanimously
approved. Dr. Branch Mays thanked everyone for attending. She also thanked the speakers, the
section officers and especially Dr. Peter Loomer for arranging an extremely informative and
challenging program. She requested the speakers to forward the text of the topics presented in
order to post them on the ADEA Section on Periodontics website.

2. Elections of Section Secretary and Councilor: There were two nominees for the post of
Secretary. Dr. Branch –Mays reviewed the duties of the Section Secretary before proceeding
with the elections. The nominees were: Dr. Elio Reyes, Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois
University, and Dr. Medha Singh, Assistant Professor, Tufts School of Dental medicine. Dr.
Branch-Mays read out a brief bio data of each nominee and then the nominees were asked to
speak a few words about themselves. A vote by ballot was held and Dr. Reyes was elected as
Section Secretary.
The only nominee for the position of Section Councilor was Dr. Grishondra Branch-Mays. Dr.
Peter Loomer conducted the election for the same. He read out the duties of the Section
Councilor and asked for additional nominations from the floor. Dr. Grishondra Branch-Mays was
elected councilor by acclamation.

3. Section Reports:

a. Councilor’s Report: Dr. Dwight McLeod could not be present at the meeting due to personal
reasons and Dr. Branch-Mays read out a brief report from him. Dr. McLeod apologized for his
absence and thanked the members, speakers and officers for their support throughout his term
as councilor. He expressed his gratitude for being able to serve ADEA and AAP as liaison for
the past few years.

b. Chair’s Report:

Dr. Branch-Mays spoke about the Council of Sections Meeting and new developments
discussed there including the distribution of new information folders to the members. She
congratulated the newly elected secretary Dr. Elio Reyes and welcomed him to the section. She
also gave an estimate of the Section fund balance to the members. Some of the expenses
incurred were due to speaker registration fees and she said that she would investigate if the
registration fees could be waived for the speakers in future. Dr. Branch-Mays acknowledged the
members of the AAP Educator’s Committee and commended the collaboration between ADEA
and AAP. She said that the Educator’s portal still needed cases and these could be submitted to
Dr. McLeod.

Dr. Branch Mays requested the members for suggestions for future periodontal programs. The
topics suggested were: Periodontal assessment of adult orthodontics patients as a joint Perio-
Ortho program, a joint Perio-Pros program on treatment planning, and periodontal diagnosis in
the undergraduate clinic. She ended her report by thanking the section officers for their support.
She especially acknowledged the diligence and hard work of Dr. McLeod.

c. Chair-Elect’s Report:

Dr. Peter Loomer thanked the speakers for their knowledgeable presentations and the section
members for attending the Section program and Members forum. He also stressed on the need
to upload the presentations to the Section on Periodontics website so that all periodontal
educators could view the material.
Dr. Loomer ended by thanking the section officers for their support and hard work during the
past year.

d. Secretary’ report:

Dr. Swati Rawal reviewed her activities during the past year. Most of these involved the
compilation and distribution of the section newsletter. An additional feature in the newsletter this
year was the inclusion of topics of interest for the periodontal educator. Abstracts of these
articles were published, with the main articles being posted on the section website. Dr. Rawal
explained that the delay in posting some of the articles on the website was due to the
webmaster not having received signed consent forms from some of the authors. She thanked
the section officers for their help and support during the past year.

4. Old Business:

The Project Pool was discussed. Dr. Branch-Mays spoke about the availability of funds for
section programs. She emphasized that collaboration with another section was necessary to
obtain these grants.

5. New Business:

Topics for next years programs was elicited from the members.

Dr. Branch-Mays invited Dr. Kenneth Hillenburg for his thoughts and comments on periodontal
education. Dr. Hillenburg spoke about the introduction of a Pre-doctoral Director’s organization
and their values, missions, and goals. He emphasized on collaborations between ADEA and
AAP to have joint programs in future.

6. Meeting Closure:

Dr. Branch-Mays called for a motion to adjourn and thanked the members for attending.

VIII.   Additional Comments or Suggestions to the Administrative Board
        Provide feedback to the COS Admin Board about section concerns, comments, or
        An inquiry was made regarding registration fees for speakers. The Section was
        concerned that requiring speakers to pay a registration fee, if they are only attending the

Annual meeting to present to the membership might discourage excellent speakers from
agreeing to participate in the future. It was stated that many of the other dental
organizations have a precedence in that they waive the registration fees for speakers
that fit into this category. It was our hope that ADEA would reconsider its position in the


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