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									                                                       CIP BUDGET
                                                        Fiscal Note

DATE OF COUNCIL CONSIDERATION:                                                                                     1/15/2009
WHERE ON AGENDA:                                                                                                   Resolution
DEPARTMENT:                                                                                                          Aviation

Authorize the negotiation and execution of an agreement for commission of public artwork with Young -Min Kang, South Korea,
for sculptural artwork that would be attached to the east and west mezzanine walls in the Austin Bergstrom International
Airport, in an amount not to exceed $108,000.

Funding is available in the Fiscal Year 2008-2009 Capital Budget of the Aviation Department.


                                          Approved          Unencumbered            Amount of         Available
                                           Budget              Balance              this Action       Balance

FY 08/09 Capital Budget of the Aviation
Department - 4910-8107-3095                 161,833                111,439           $108,000              3,439

TOTAL                                     $161,833               $111,439            $108,000            $3,439

FTEs                                            0.00                   0.00                0.00              0.00

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