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					                                            Buffalo Creek Gallery
                                  104 E. Warren Street ● PO Box 3331 ●Shelby, NC 28151
                                       704-487-0256 ●

                                             Visiting Artist Contract

    Buffalo Creek Gallery Cooperative allows the placement of artist-made original fine art and
crafts for sale in the Gallery by Visiting Artists under the following conditions:

   1. Each person invited to show as a visiting artist must be approved by the Visiting Artist
      Committee and must sign the contract contained herein.

   2. The artwork of the Visiting Artist will be displayed in the window for a period of time
      lasting from 4-6 weeks.

   3. The Visiting Artist will be assessed a commission of 40% of the price of all pieces sold
      through the Gallery and a 20% commission on special orders or referrals through the
      Gallery. The commission is deducted from the consignee's monthly check. Payment to
      the consignee is payable by the end of the following month.

   4. Neither the Gallery nor its individual members are held responsible for loss, theft or
      damage of the visiting artist artwork..

   5. Acceptance of a visiting artist’s work does not constitute membership in the Buffalo
      Creek Gallery Cooperative and does not entitle the consignee to vote, hold office,
      possess a key, work in the Gallery, attend meetings or otherwise participate in the
      association except by specific invitation by the Cooperative.

   6. The Cooperative may impose other conditions affecting this contract at any time

   7. The artist may display any care instructions or other pertinent selling information they
      feel is applicable to their work.

I have read, understood and agree to abide by the conditions of this contract.

Signature: ______________________________________Date: ________________________

Name: (Printed) ________________________________Email: _________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Phone: (Home) _______________          (Office or Studio) _______________________________

                                      Buffalo Creek Gallery
                                      Visiting Artist Contract
                                             Rev 03-10

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