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									                               Global Conflicts
                                   Latin America
                                    PhD Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen

                                   CEO Serious Games Interactive

                                              Oslo, 21. April 2008

”The forgotten continent
requires a tough journalist”
                                                                  About our company
Background and team

 SGI was founded in 2006 in Copenhagen, Denmark

 The company focuses on developing serious games for educational institutions

 We develop high-quality games that contain an inseparable combination of
 “playing”, “learning” and “story-telling”.

 This is done by a unique cross-disciplinary team with strong roots in research

 SGI has been steadily growing and employs 10 people today (CEO, Commercial
 Director, Producer, Game Director, Lead Programmer, Programmer, Lead 3D
 animator, 3D artist, Character artist, Tester)
                                                     About our company

      Commercial titles
      Global Conflicts: Palestine (complete)
      Global Conflicts: Latin America (production)
      Playing History (concept)

      Client projects
      Bolivia Brænder (complete)
      Mayas Eventyr (complete)
      Darwin (production)
      Uganda-game (production)
                                        What is Global Conflicts: Latin America

    Framework from GC: P. Same didactic approach & support material.

    Target group: Students aged 13-19 years

    Subjects: Citizenship, geography, media, language & ethics

    Languages: English, Spanish & Danish (planned).

    Themes: Unstable democracies, border trouble, pollution, exploitation,
    ethnic differences, debt slavery, developing countries & immigration
                                        What is Global Conflicts: Latin America
   You       Freelance journalist
   Goal      Get the best final interview for your article

   Means     1.   Find informants
             2.   Select strong line of inquiry
             3.   Get good statements
             4.   Build arguments
             5. Use arguments to get expose interview

   Winning   Most revealing story
                                                 What is Global Conflicts: Latin America
Teaching form

    Teacher                   Play                      Group
     talks                    Game                   discussions

 Read topic overview    Explore perspectives     Discuss experiences    Debriefing
 Overview of theme      Experience issues        Write article          Evaluation

 Teacher’s manual                                 Worksheets
 Topics overview                                  Online companion
 Curriculum mapping
                                       What is Global Conflicts: Latin America
Different rooms for learning styles

   • Kolb’s cycle covered with
   different teaching forms in
                                                     Group work
   the course.
                                                                    Lecture   Abstract
   • The teacher is crucial to    Concrete
                                 experiences                                  concepts
   facilitate a full learning
                                               GC: Palestine

                                             What is Global Conflicts: Latin America
    • More engaging game play
    • Expanded save-system
    • Browser-based for optimal online & network use
    • Window-mode for shifting between game & other applications
    • Better graphics & interface
    • Less travel time & better navigation
    • Easier for teachers to track student progress & facilitate debriefing
    • Even better performance low-end hardware

                        “Explore the forgotten continent of Latin
                      America with all its rotten politics, economy &
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Release September 2008

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