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					                 BACON Assessment
Organization or Person:

Time period:

Grade (1 – 5, with 5 being highest):

_____ Function and Beauty- Do you look interesting? Do you look fresh
and relevant?

_____ Polished Marketing – Does your marketing look good? Is it well-
designed and well-messaged?

_____ Language – Do you sound interesting? Are you using the language of
your audience?

_____ Fun – Is your brand fun to be around? Does it generate enthusiasm?

_____ Following – Do you have evangelists for your brand? How about

_____ Innovative – Are you leading from the front with new ideas or
_____ Teaching – Are you teaching those that touch your brand how to think
and behave differently?

_____ Listening and Responsive – Are you pro-active in seeking out
feedback and ideas from your audience? What do you do with their ideas?

_____ Consistent – Are you consistent in your principles, customer
experience, marketing efforts, etc?

_____ Personalization – Are you making the people that touch your brand
feel unique and special?

_____ Your Score


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Description: A self-assessment to see how you grade out in the 10 areas that create a "bacon" brand. If you take the assessment, shoot me your score and I will tell you what it means.