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Article Planning Worksheet document sample

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									                                                                Name: __________________________
                                                                Date: __________________ Pd.: ____

                             Current Event Planning Worksheet
Directions: Complete this sheet first, and then use it to write your current event paper. Remember
to write a summary (Who, What, When, Where) paragraph; next write a paragraph of your analysis
and opinion about the reported event and its meaning/significance, and finally a paragraph of
predictions, focusing on how it could affect you, the region, and/or the world. Attach this
completed handout and the entire article to your paper (order – paper, worksheet, article).

Name of article:
Date of article:
Where found (include web address if from the internet):

WHO are the people in the article?

WHAT event does the article describe?

WHEN did the event occur?

WHERE does the event occur, or what place is it about?

WHY did the event happen? (Why do you think it happened: analyze!)

HOW does the event affect (or could it affect . . . . in the future!):

   The region?

   The world?

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