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VPI Pet Insurance


                                                            Pet Insurance
Young & Rubicam Brands allows you access to pet insurance through Veterinary Pet Insurance
(VPI). By enrolling through Young & Rubicam Brands, you receive a discount on the premiums
as well as some other services.

VPI policies cover more than 6,400 medical problems and conditions relating to accidents and
illness, including cancer. A VPI Pet Insurance policy can help you pay for your pet’s treatments,
surgeries, lab fees and X-rays. Coverage is available for dogs, cats, birds and other animals. A
separate policy is required for each enrolled pet.


              Choice of three difference plans to meet your pet’s needs.
              Discounts available for two or more pets enrolled in the plan.
              Optional routine care coverage is also available.
              Insurance helps with lab fees, treatments, prescriptions, surgery and more.
              You may visit any licensed veterinarian, worldwide.


•   For more information regarding VPI Pet Insurance, please visit the enrollment page at or

Young & Rubicam Inc. Flexible Benefit: This brochure is not a complete description of the VPI Pet Insurance Plan offered
through Young & Rubicam Brands Flexible Benefits Program. This is only a summary and is not a substitute for the official
Plan documents. The provisions of the official Plan documents and of applicable law will govern in the event of any
inconsistency between those provisions and the provisions of this brochure. For a more detailed summary of certain
important information and your Statement of ERISA Rights under the Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance Plan, you
should contact the Corporate Benefits Department. The Company, acting through its Board of Directors of Young &
Rubicam Inc., retains the right to amend, suspend or terminate any or all of the Plans described in this brochure at any time
for any reason, without notice. Further, the Company reserves full discretion in interpreting eligibility and qualifications
under any of its Plans. Enrollment in this Plan is not a guarantee of employment between the employee and the Company.

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