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					                                                                                                   SpaceOps Organization
                                                                                                       Action Tracking
                                                                                                 Last Update: 17-January-2007

                ACTION                                                                                                                 ACTION  DATE                    DATE    FOLLOW-
GROUP/AREA                                                       ACTION/DELIVERABLE                                                                          STATUS
                 ITEM                                                                                                                 OFFICER ASSIGNE                 COMPLET ON ACTION
Communicatio   COG-11    Secretariat to combine “Lesson Learned” and “Best Practices” sections on the SpaceOps web site.              Scheidt    D
                                                                                                                                               21-Jun-05 pending        ED
n & Outreach
               COG-12    Members of ExCom and CAL to email Scheidt URLs for agency lessons learned pages to be added to the           All        21-Jun-05 closed                N/A
                         SpaceOps web site by 1 October 2005.
               COG-13    COG to develop concept for content and functionality of Spaceops Portal web site and send to ExCom for       Dowen      21-Jun-05 pending
                         consideration by 1 October 2005.
               COG-14    Secretariat to investigate how to clean up bounce backs from SpaceOps Update E-newsletter.                   Scheidt    21-Jun-05 ongoing               N/A

               COG-15    Secretariat to include more specific information about the SpaceOps 2006 exhibition in the SpaceOps          Scheidt    21-Jun-05 complete              N/A
                         Update E-Newsletter.

               COG-16    Dowen to develop concept for outreach activities for SpaceOps Organization.                                  Dowen      21-Jun-05 pending
               COG-17    Scheidt to investigate advertising SpaceOps.                                                                 Scheidt    21-Jun-05 pending
               COG-18    Dowen to look into participation on the COG from other representatives on the ExCom and CAL.                 Dowen      21-Jun-05 closed                N/A

               COG-19    Secretariat to develop marketing brochure for SpaceOps Organization, which would include the value,          Scheidt    21-Jun-05 pending
                         benefits, and requirements of membership, as defined by the SPG.
               COG-20    ExCom and CAL members to review SpaceOps organizational web site and provide comments to Andy                All         1-Dec-05 ongoing
                         Dowen and Scheidt.
               COG-21    Joachim Kehr to draft announcement and provide text to Megan Scheidt for creation of a flyer.                Kehr        6-Apr-06 complete

               COG-1     Secretariat will explore the feasibility of transferring and domain names   Scheidt    14-Jul-04 complete     3-Dec-04 N/A
                         to AIAA for use with the SpaceOp web site.
               COG-2     Secretariat to present concept for Spaceops organizational web site to ExCom/CAL during October 2004         Scheidt    14-Jul-04 complete     19-Oct-04 COG-6
                         meeting for consideration.
               COG-3     Secretariat will develop and present concept for SpaceOps 2006 web site to ASI during October 2004           Scheidt    14-Jul-04 complete     10-Jun-05 N/A
                         ExCom/CAL meeting for consideration.
               COG-4     Secretariat to demonstrate Conference Administration System to ExCom/CAL during October 2004                 Scheidt    14-Jul-04 complete     19-Oct-04 N/A
                         meeting for consideration of use for conference organization and paper submission process.
               COG-5     Secretariat to develop and present concepts for SpaceOps logos to ExCom and CAL during October 2004          Scheidt    14-Jul-04 complete     19-Oct-04 COG-9
                         meeting for consideration.
               COG-6     Secretariat to revise SpaceOps web site per suggestions of committee members during the 19 October           Scheidt    19-Oct-04 complete      1-Jan-05 N/A
                         meeting and make it live with the URL by mid-November.
               COG-7     Secretariat to purchase domain name for future use.                                      Scheidt    19-Oct-04 complete     26-Oct-04 N/A

               COG-8     ASI to provide Secretariat with graphics for SpaceOps 2006 web site.                                         Canu       14-Jul-04 complete    14-Mar-05 N/A

               COG-9     Secretariat to develop second round of concepts for SpaceOps logos and post on web site for members of Scheidt          19-Oct-04 complete    12-Nov-04 N/A
                         ExCom and CAL to review and vote.
               COG-10    The COG to brief the ExCom and CAL on progress at the June 2005 meetings in Bremen.                    Dowen            19-Oct-04 complete     21-Jun-05 N/A

Conference &  CPG-14     ExCom members to provide Foni with additional nominees for TPC by 1 July 2005.                               All        21-Jun-05 complete
Program (CPG)

               CPG-15    ExCom and CAL members to review text for SpaceOps 2006 call for papers by 8 July 2005.                       All        21-Jun-05 complete

               CPG-16    ExCom and CAL members to send Scheidt list of events at which to promote SpaceOps 2006.                      All        21-Jun-05 complete

               CPG-17    ExCom and CAL members to add links to SpaceOps 2006 call for papers on operations center home                All        21-Jun-05 complete
               CPG-18    Scheidt to send Hall AIAA paper formatting guidelines.                                                       Scheidt    21-Jun-05 complete    16-Aug-05 N/A

               CPG-19    Hall to include instructions on lessons learned in paper submission criteria.                                Dowen      21-Jun-05 complete

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                                                                                                   SpaceOps Organization
                                                                                                       Action Tracking
                                                                                                 Last Update: 17-January-2007

               ACTION                                                                                                                     ACTION   DATE                     DATE    FOLLOW-
GROUP/AREA                                                      ACTION/DELIVERABLE                                                                              STATUS
                ITEM                                                                                                                      OFFICER ASSIGNE                  COMPLET ON ACTION
Conference &  CPG-20    Foni to include process in TPC review to categorize papers with lessons learned.                                 Foni        D
                                                                                                                                                   21-Jun-05 complete        ED
Program (CPG)
[cont.]       CPG-21    Rodgers to check within NASA Headquarters about sponsoring or purchasing a consolidated NASA                     Rodgers    21-Jun-05 closed
                        exhibition space at SpaceOps 2006.
              CPG-22    Mike Kearney to check into the interest of NASA Marshall in hosting SpaceOps 2008.                               Kearney    21-Jun-05 complete

              CPG-23    John Rodgers to check into the interest of NASA Headquarters and NOAA or the interest of NASA                    Rodgers    21-Jun-05 complete
                        Goddard in hosting SpaceOps 2008.
              CPG-24    Rolf Mamen to check with Werner Frank about the interest of ESA in hosting SpaceOps 2008.                        Mamen      21-Jun-05 complete

              CPG-25    Secretariat to check with exhibition manager whether NASA JPL and NASA Marshall can have booths next Scheidt                 1-Dec-05 complete
                        to each other.
              CPG-26    Secretariat to identify point of contact from the Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi and list on SpaceOps 2006 Scheidt           1-Dec-05 complete
                        web site.
              CPG-27    ExCom members to review the Guidelines for Hosting a SpaceOps Conference and send suggested                      ExCom       1-Dec-05 complete
                        modifications to Scheidt.
              CPG-28    AIAA to validate the technical program planning schedule proposed by the TPC.                                    Scheidt     1-Dec-05 complete

              CPG-29    AIAA to develop a post-event survey for use with SpaceOps 2006 in coordination with the conference               Scheidt     1-Dec-05 complete        1-Jun-06 N/A
                        organizing committee.
              CPG-30    SpaceOps 2006 Technical Program Committee members to provide comments (issues, problems,                         TPC        12-Sep-06
                        recommendations) about the AIAA Conference Administration System to Scheidt.
              CPG-31    Scheidt to discuss suggested changes to the AIAA Conference Administration System with AIAA                      Scheidt    12-Sep-06
                        Information Technology staff to see if changed can be made prior to the call for papers publication of
              CPG-4     SpaceOps 2008.
                        All ExCom and CAL members send comments and suggestions about SpaceOps 2004 logistics to                         All        19-Oct-04 complete      30-Nov-04 N/A
                        Secretariat by 30-Nov-04.
              CPG-5     Secretariat to consolidate comments and suggestions received about SpaceOps 2004 to provide to ASI for Iasiello             19-Oct-04 complete      30-Nov-04 N/A
                        use in planning SpaceOps 2006.
              CPG-6     R. Mamen to contact Telesat about participating on the CAL and supporting SpaceOps 2006.                         Mamen      19-Oct-04 complete       21-Jun-05 N/A

              CPG-7     CSA to transfer reports and information about SpaceOps 2004 to ASI.                                              Parashar   19-Oct-04 complete       13-Jul-05 N/A

              CPG-8     Secretariat to develop sponsorship packages for SpaceOps 2006 and review at the planning meeting in              Iasiello   19-Oct-04 complete       18-Jan-05 N/A
                        Rome during the week of 17-Jan-05.

              CPG-9     Secretariat to assign staff specialists in each area of SpaceOps 2006 (i.e., event planning, exhibition, etc.)   Iasiello   19-Oct-04 complete       18-Jan-05 N/A
                        and line them up with Italian counterparts.

              CPG-10    Secretariat to provide artwork specifications to ASI for images to use in SpaceOps 2006 promotion.               Scheidt    19-Oct-04 complete       18-Jan-05 N/A

              CPG-11    Secretariat to supply ASI with the list of delegates, exhibitors, and sponsors from SpaceOps 2004.               Iasiello   19-Oct-04 complete       4-Nov-04 N/A

              CPG-12    ASI to design concepts for SpaceOps 2006 logos for consideration by the ExCom/CAL.                               Canu       19-Oct-04 Complete            N/A CPG-3

              CPG-13    The CPG to brief the ExCom and CAL on progress at the June 2005 meetings in Bremen.                              Canu       19-Oct-04 complete       21-Jun-05 N/A

              CPG-1     CSA to transfer delegates, exhibitor, sponsor lists for SpaceOps 2004 to Secretariat.                            Parashar   14-Jul-04 complete       15-Oct-04 N/A

              CPG-2     ASI to forward SpaceOps 2006 brochures from Montreal to Secretariat for use in promoting the next                Canu        14-Jul-04 cancelled     19-Oct-04 N/A

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                                                                              SpaceOps Organization
                                                                                  Action Tracking
                                                                            Last Update: 17-January-2007
CPG-3   Secretariat to design and present concepts for SpaceOps 2006 logo to ASI during October meeting for    Scheidt   14-Jul-04 complete   14-Mar-05 CPG-12

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                                                                                                        SpaceOps Organization
                                                                                                            Action Tracking
                                                                                                      Last Update: 17-January-2007

                      ACTION                                                                                                                  ACTION  DATE                                 DATE        FOLLOW-
GROUP/AREA                                                            ACTION/DELIVERABLE                                                                           STATUS
                       ITEM                                                                                                                  OFFICER ASSIGNE                              COMPLET ON ACTION
Policies and         PPG-5     Merge the PPG with the SPG to form the Strategic & Policy Planning Group and combine the groups’              N/A        D
                                                                                                                                                      21-Jun-05 complete                     ED
                                                                                                                                                                                            21-Jun-05 N/A
Plans (PPG)                    memberships.
6-21-05: Combined    PPG-1     A. Dowen to draft text to include in SpaceOps policies that addresses the previous publication of papers to   Dowen       19-Oct-04 complete                 21-Jun-05 N/A
with SPG to form               ensure unique submissions for the SpaceOps symposia.
Strategic Planning
and Policies Group
                     PPG-2     ExCom and CAL members to submit to V. Hall by 15-Jan-05 policies they would like to have considered           All         19-Oct-04 complete                 15-Jan-05 PPG-3
                               and developed by the PPG.
                     PPG-3     The PPG to present draft policies for accepting new members to the ExCom and CAL at the June 2005             Hall        19-Oct-04 6-21-05: tranferred                  N/A
                               meetings in Bremen.                                                                                                                 to SSPG
                     PPG-4     The PPG to present draft procedures for selecting symposia host to the ExCom and CAL at the June 2005         Hall        19-Oct-04 6-21-05: transferred                 SSPG-2
                               meetings in Bremen.                                                                                                                 to Secretariat
Publications         PG-1      The PG will brief the ExecCom and CAL on progress at the June 2005 meetings in Bremen.                        Bergamini   19-Oct-04 complete                 21-Jun-05 N/A
                     PG-2      The Secretariat to work with Rodger Williams of AIAA to start drafting agreement between AIAA and the         Scheidt      1-Dec-05 complete
                               SpaceOps Organization to publish Progress Series volume based on papers presented at the 2006
                               SpaceOps Conference.
                     PG-3      Publications Group to discuss and determine what publications-related benefits could be included in the       PG           6-Apr-06 pending
                               Partner category of membership.

                     PG-4      ExCom and CAL members to email Bruca suggestions for the book title for consideration by the book             All         14-Sep-06
                               editorial board.

                     PG-5      AIAA Books Program staff to provide publishing agreement and production schedule to Bruca.                    Williams    14-Sep-06

                     PG-6      PG to propose a process for the publication of follow-on books that includes cost coverage and selection      PG          14-Sep-06

Strategic            SSPG-1    ExCom and CAL members to review draft strategic plan and send comments to Dowen by 15 August 2005. All                    21-Jun-05 complete                 15-Aug-05
Planning and
Policies Group
6-21-05: SPG         SSPG-2    Secretariat to develop a checklist for hosting SpaceOps conferences.                                          Iasiello    21-Jun-05 complete                  8-Aug-05
combined with PPG
to form SPPG         SSPG-3    Secretariat to develop list of pros and cons for AIAA organization of SpaceOps conferences.                   Iasiello    21-Jun-05 complete                 23-Nov-05 N/A

                     SSPG-4    SPG to develop policies to define the levels and benefits of membership for review by ExCom.                  SPG         21-Jun-05 ongoing

                     SSPG-5    Kuch to draft proposal for Partner category.                                                                  Kuch         1-Dec-05 complete

                     SSPG-6    SPPG to develop a policy for industrial membership in CAL.                                                    SPPG         1-Dec-05 complete

                     SSPG-7    SPPG to develop a process for reviewing and culling the committee rosters.                                    SPPG         1-Dec-05 complete

                     SSPG-8    SPPG to revise the SpaceOps charter and distribute for review prior to next ExCom and CAL meeting in          SPPG         1-Dec-05 complete
                               April 2006.
                     SSPG-9    SPPG to draft changes to the SpaceOps charter to take into account the Partner category and the rights        SPPG         6-Apr-06 complete
                               and expectations afforded by this level of membership.
                     SSPG-10   ExCom and CAL members to provide the Secretariat with the names and contact information of potential          All          6-Apr-06 ongoing
                               Partner organizations to include in the membership outreach.
                     SSPG-11   SPPG to define the process by which proposals for hosting SpaceOps symposia are made.                         SPPG        14-Sep-06

                     SSPG-12   SPPG to consider changing the CAL policy to delete “ground” from the criteria for membership and if so, to SPPG           14-Sep-06
                               make the formal proposal during the April 2007 ExCom meeting.

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                                                                                                        SpaceOps Organization
                                                                                                            Action Tracking
                                                                                                      Last Update: 17-January-2007

                  ACTION                                                                                                                       ACTION  DATE                       DATE    FOLLOW-
GROUP/AREA                                                          ACTION/DELIVERABLE                                                                                  STATUS
                   ITEM                                                                                                                       OFFICER ASSIGNE                    COMPLET ON ACTION
Strategic        SSPG-13   SPPG to draft abbreviated strategic plan to present at the April Executive Committee meeting.                      SPPG       D
                                                                                                                                                       14-Sep-06                   ED
Planning and
Policies Group
                 SPG-1     J. Statman to revise proposed agreement between SpaceOps and RCSGSO per discussions during                         Statman     19-Oct-04 complete       21-Oct-04 N/A
                           meeting and forward to SPG for consideration.

                 SPG-2     Secretariat to schedule meeting of members of the SPG with the SOSTC in Reno, Nevada, the week of 10- Iasiello                 19-Oct-04 complete       11-Jan-05 N/A
                           Jan-05 to discuss interaction and collaboration.
                 SPG-3     The SPG to present a draft strategic plan to the ExCom and CAL at the June 2005 meetings in Bremen.                Linick      19-Oct-04 complete       21-Jun-05 N/A

General &        SEC-15    Secretariat to contact Peter Allan of BNSC to ask him to provide information about British organizations           Scheidt     21-Jun-05 ongoing
Secretariat                working in operations such as Rutherford and INMARSAT.
                 SEC-16    ExCom members to identify candidate industrial members in their countries and send to Secretariat by 1    ExCom                21-Jun-05 complete                N/A
                           October 2005.
                 SEC-17    Rodgers to draft proposal for charter, terms of reference, and business case for a SpaceOps president and Rodgers              21-Jun-05 complete
                           send it to the ExCom for review by 1 October 2005.
                 SEC-18    Sorensen to draft proposal concept for award and award subcommittee and send to ExCom for                          Sorensen    21-Jun-05 complete       27-Jul-05 N/A
                           consideration prior to October 2005 meeting.

                 SEC-19    Secretariat to investigate options for meeting venue and work to schedule next ExCom and CAL meetings. Scheidt                 21-Jun-05 complete                N/A

                 SEC-20    Secretariat to send letter requesting contribution and an invoice to KARI.                                         Scheidt      1-Dec-05

                 SEC-21    Secretariat to communicate decisions on expressions of interest to ORBITEC and Computer Sciences                                1-Dec-05 complete
                           Corporation and invite CSC to the next CAL meeting in April 2006.
                 SEC-22    Dowen to investigate feasibility of NASA JPL hosting meeting and confirm dates and locations with                  Dowen        1-Dec-05 complete
                 SEC-23    Canu and Mamen to develop agenda for ExCom and CAL meeting.                                                                     1-Dec-05 complete

                 SEC-24    Foni to develop agenda for Technical Program Committee meeting.                                                                 1-Dec-05 complete

                 SEC-25    Secretariat to contact the list of industrial representatives on the roster to see if they are interested in joining Scheidt    6-Apr-06 complete
                           SpaceOps as a Partner.
                 SEC-26    Secretariat to track hits on SpaceOps Portal web site and SOSTC web site.                                            Scheidt    6-Apr-06 pending

                 SEC-27    Secretariat to add Communicator logo to SpaceOps portal home page with a link to the Communicator web Scheidt                   6-Apr-06 complete
                 SEC-28    Secretariat to look into developing a flyer or poster to promote the Communicator at SpaceOps 2006.   Scheidt                   6-Apr-06 complete

                 SEC-29    Secretariat to email member agencies to inquire if they want to make a proposal for 2010.                          Scheidt     14-Sep-06 complete

                 SEC-30    Secretariat to remove Portal from the SpaceOps web site header.                                                    Scheidt     14-Sep-06 complete

                 SEC-31    Secretariat to change committee member log in box on home page to be formatted like the log in box on              Scheidt     14-Sep-06 complete
                           the secondary pages of the SpaceOps web site.
                 SEC-32    AIAA to add SpaceOps logo with link and description of AIAA’s relationship with the SpaceOps organization Scheidt              14-Sep-06
                           to the AIAA International Outreach web pages.
                 SEC-33    Scheidt to prepare a two-year financial report for review at the April Executive Committee meeting.       Scheidt              14-Sep-06

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                                                                                                  SpaceOps Organization
                                                                                                      Action Tracking
                                                                                                Last Update: 17-January-2007
              SEC-34    Scheidt to prepare and submit a proposal to ESA and EUMETSAT outlining the costs of AIAA services in           Scheidt        14-Sep-06 complete
                        helping to organize SpaceOps 2008.

               ACTION                                                                                                                   ACTION     DATE                                DATE    FOLLOW-
GROUP/AREA                                                     ACTION/DELIVERABLE                                                                                  STATUS
                ITEM                                                                                                                   OFFICER ASSIGNE                                COMPLET ON ACTION
General &     SEC-1     L. Bruca and A. Dowen to draft proposal for schedule of ExCom and CAL meetings in May and October              Bruca/Dowen   D
                                                                                                                                                    14-Jul-04 closed                    ED
Secretariat             timeframe.
              SEC-2     A. Dowen to explore possibility of hosting ExCom/CAL meeting in October 2004 in Pasadena.                      Dowen           14-Jul-04 complete               19-Oct-04 N/A

              SEC-3     C. Canu will check internally at ASI about payment of that organization’s invoice.                             Canu           19-Oct-04 complete               15-Nov-04 N/A

              SEC-4     Secretariat to check with Peter Allen about BNSC participation in SpaceOps and send an invoice for start-      Iasiello       19-Oct-04 complete               15-Feb-05 SEC-15
                        up funds.
              SEC-5     S. Parashar to follow up with ISRO about that organization’s contribution to the Secretariat start-up funds.   Parashar       19-Oct-04 complete                8-Aug-05

              SEC-6     Secretariat to extend an invitation to KARI to join the ExCom and CAL and designate the appropriate            Iasiello       19-Oct-04 complete                2-Nov-04 N/A
              SEC-7     Secretariat to add KARI representatives to the rosters once they are designated.                               Scheidt        19-Oct-04 complete                2-Nov-04 N/A

              SEC-8     Secretariat to provide A. Dowen information about benefits of participating in SpaceOps to use to discuss      Scheidt        19-Oct-04 6-21-05: Dowen to
                        potential participation with Russians.                                                                                                  contact Nazarov

              SEC-9     ExCom and CAL members to send Secretariat ideas about how to attract industry participation in                 All            19-Oct-04 complete                19-Oct-04 N/A
                        SpaceOps by 1-Feb-05.
              SEC-10    Secretariat to develop concept for attracting industry participation in SpaceOps and present at next ExCom Iasiello           19-Oct-04 combined with           21-Jun-05 SSPG-4
                        and CAL meeting in June 2005 in Bremen.                                                                                                 membership policies
              SEC-11    Secretariat to research COTS action tracking software and implement on web site.                               Scheidt        19-Oct-04 ongoing

              SEC-12    A. Dowen to accept the invitation of Horst Michelis’s to host the next ExCom and CAL meetings in May           Dowen          19-Oct-04 complete                8-Nov-04 N/A
                        2005 in Bremen.
              SEC-13    Group chairs to validate or modify group scopes with Secretariat.                                              Group chairs   19-Oct-04 complete                21-Jun-05 N/A

              SEC-14    ExCom and CAL members to contact Secretariat if they are interested in serving on any of the groups.           All            19-Oct-04 complete                21-Jun-05 N/A

Awards (AG)   AG-1      ExCom and CAL members who want to serve on the Awards Group to contact Sorensen and copy Canu,                 All             1-Dec-05 complete                 5-Apr-06 N/A
                        Mamen, and Scheidt.
              AG-2      Awards Group to work with the Secretariat to have AIAA design collaterals to accompany the SpaceOps            Sorensen        1-Dec-05 complete                 5-Apr-06 N/A

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