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					                                                                FM 63-11


AAL      additional authorization list
ACO      Administrative Contracting Officer
ACOM     Atlantic Command
ACUS     area common-user system
ADCON    administrative control
ADMRU    Aviation Depot Maintenance Roundout Unit
AFAR     Army Federal Acquisition Regulation
AFARS    Army FAR Supplement
AGCCS    Army Global Command and Control System
AIT      automated identification technology
ALAT     ATCOM logistics assistance team
ALOC     air line of communication
AO       area of operation
AOAP     Army Oil Analysis Program
AOG      aircraft-on-the-ground
AOR      area of responsibility
A PA     Army pre-positioned afloat
APOD     aerial ports of debarkation
ARC      American Red Cross
ARFOR    Army forces
ARNG     Army National Guard
ASCC     Army Service Component Commander
ASG      area support group
ASL      authorized stockage level
ASP      ammunition supply point
ASRP     Ammunition Stockpile Reliability Program
AST      ammunition support team
ATCOM    Aviation-Troop Command
ATLAT    Aviation and Troop Support Logistics Assistance Team
ATST     area TMDE support team
AVCRAD   Aviation Classification Repair Activity Depot
AVIM     aviation intermediate maintenance
AWOL     absent without leave
AWR      Army war reserve
AWRDS    Army war reserve deployment system
BDA      battle damage assessment
BDAR     battle damage assessment repair
BDU      battle dress uniforms
BII      basic issue items
BIREP    Battalion Inspection Readiness Exercise Program


C2         command and control
C41        command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence
CAISI      CSS automated information system interface
CAS        contract administrative service
CASCOM     Combined Arms Support Command
CBS-X      continuing balance system-expanded
CDE        chemical defensive equipment
CECOM      Communications-Electronics Command
CENTCOM    Central Command
CFSR       contractor field service representative
CHS        combat health support
CINC       Commander in Chief
CJCS       Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
CLIN       contract line item number
CLS        contractor logistics support
COCOM      combatant commands
COEI       components of end items
COMMZ      communication zone
COMSEC     Communications Security
CONUS      continental United States
COOP       contingency of operations plan
COR        Contracting Officer’s Representative
COSCOM     corps support command
COSIS      care of supplies in storage
COTR       Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative
CPC        central processing center
CPO        civilian personnel office
CPX        command post exercise
CS         combat support
CSG        corps support group
CSP        contracting support plan
CSS        combat service support
CSSAMO     combat service support automation office
CSSCS      combat service support control system
CTG        composite transportation group
CZ         combat zone
DAAS       Defense Automated Address System
DCG        deputy commanding general
DCS        Defense Communication Service
DCSLOG     Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
DCSOPS     Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations
DCSPER     Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel
DD         direct deposit
DDN        Defense Data Network
DFARS      DOD FAR Supplement
                                                                FM 63-11

DIRLAUTH   direct liaison authorized
DLA        Defense Logistics Agency
DMA        Defense Mapping Agency
DMC        distribution management center
DOD        Department of Defense
DODAAC     Department of Defense activity address code
DOL        directorate of logistics
DPA        danger pay allowance
DRMO       Defense Reutilization and Marketing Officer
EAC        echelons above corps
EE         emergency essential
EFT        electronic funds transfer
EOC        emergency operating center
EPA        equipment processing area
EUCOM      European Command
FAR        Federal Acquisition Regulation
FAST       Field Assistance in Science and Technology
FCA        functional cost account
FEGLI      Federal Employees Group Life Insurance
FEMA       Federal Emergency Management Agency
FIRMR      Federal Information Resource Management Regulation
FLOT       forward line of own troops
FLSA       Fair Labor Standards Act
FM         field manual
FMC        fully mission capable
FORSCOM    Forces Command
FPD        foreign post differential
FTX        field training exercise
GAO        General Accounting Office
GFE        government furnished equipment
GFM        government furnished materiel
GG         gamma globulin
GS         general support
GSA        General Services Administration
HCA        head of contracting activity
HN         host nation
HNS        host nation support
HQDA       Headquarters, Department of the Army

 IAW        in accordance with
 IDP        imminent danger pay
 IEW        intelligence electronic warfare
 IG         immune globulin
 IM         inter-muscle
 IMA        individual mobilization augmentee
 INMARSAT   International Maritime Satellite
 IOC        Industrial Operation Command
 IPD        issue priority designator
 ISG        immune serum globulin
 ISM        integrated sustainment maintenance
 ISSA       interservice support agreement
 ITV        in-transit visibility
 JAG        Judge Advocate General
 JCS        Joint Chiefs of Staff
 JFC        joint force commander
 JINTACCS   Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command and Control System
 JTF        joint task force
 JTR        Joint Travel Regulation
 KO         contracting officer
 LAN        local area network
 LAO        logistics assistance office
 LAP        Logistics Assistance Program
 LAR        logistics assistance representative
 LOC        line of communication
 LOGCAP     Logistics Civilian Augmentation Program
 LOGSA      Logistics Support Activity
 LPT        logistics preparation of the theater
 LRU        line replacement unit
 LSE        Logistics Support Element
 LSMM       local sustainment maintenance manager
 MACE       mobilization ADMRU control element
 MACOM      major Army commands
 MCIP       military customs inspection point
 MDEP       management decision evaluation package
 MERF       missile equipment repair facility
                                                                 FM 63-11

METT-T     mission, enemy, terrain, troops, and time available
MHE        material handling equipment
MICOM      missile command
MIIC       major items information center
MILSTRIP   military standard requisition and issue procedures
MIMI       mission intensively managed item
MIPR       military interdepartmental purchase request
MLST       medical logistics support team
MMC        materiel management center
MMS        mast mounted sight
MOA        memorandum of agreement
MOD        Ministry of Defense
MOPES      Mobilization and Operations Planning and Execution
MOU        memorandum of understanding
MRC        major regional conflict
MRE        meal, ready to eat
MSB        mission support branch
MSC        major subordinate command
MSE        mobile subscriber equipment
MTMC       Military Traffic Management Command
MTOE       modified table of organization and equipment
MTT        mobile training team
NBC        nuclear, biological, and chemical
NCA        National Command Authorities
NGO        nongovernmental organization
NICP       national inventory control point
NMCM       not mission capable maintenance
NMCS       not mission capable supply
NMP        National Maintenance Point
NSMM       National Sustainment Maintenance Manager
NTC        national training center
OCIE       organizational clothing and individual equipment
OCONUS     outside the continental United States
ODS        Operation Desert Storm
OO         ordering officer
OPCON      operation control
OPLAN      operations plan
OPM        Office of Personnel Management
OPORD      operations order
OPP        off-load preparation party
OPTEMPO    operating tempo
OPSEC      operations security
OPV        oral polio vaccine
OSA        Office of the Secretary of the Army

OSD          Office of the Secretary of Defense
OTV          oral typhoid vaccine
PACOM        Pacific Command
PANOREX      panoramic x-ray
PARC         principal assistant responsible for contracting
PCS          permanent change of station
PDR          personnel deployment roster
PLL          prescribed load list
PMCL         preventive maintenance checklist
PMCS         preventive maintenance checks and services
POC          point of contact
POD          port of debarkation
POE          port of embarkation
POL          petroleum, oil, and lubricants
POM          preparation for overseas movement
Pow          prisoner of war
POWER PAC3   Power Projection for Army C3
PSS          personnel service support
PVO          private voluntary organization
QASAS        quality assurance specialist, ammunition surveillance
RAA          redeployment assembly area
RDD          required delivery date
RM           resource management
ROM          rough order of magnitude
RORO         roll-on/roll-off
ROWPU        reverse osmosis water purification unit
RSC          regional support center
RSOI         reception, staging, onward movement, and integration
SAAS         standard Army ammunition system
SC           subcutaneous
SECDEF       Secretary of Defense
SGLI         Serviceman’s Group Life Insurance
SITREP       situation report
SJA          Staff Judge Advocate
SKO          sets, kits, and outfits
SMD          sustainment maintenance division
SME          subject matter expert
SOFA         status of forces agreement
                                                          FM 63-11

SOI        signal operating instructions
SOP        standing operating procedure
SOW        statement of work
SPO        security, plans, and operations
SPOD       sea port of debarkation
SRA        separate reporting activity
SSCOM      Soldier Systems Command
STAMIS     standard army management information systems
STU        secure telephone unit
TAA        tactical assembly areas
TAC-1      type activity code 1
TACOM      Tank Automotive Command
TAV        total asset visibility
TB         technical bulletin
TDA        table of distribution and allowances
TM         technical manual
TMDE       test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment
TOC        tactical operations center
TOE        table of organization and equipment
TPFDD      time-phased force deployment data
TRADOC     Training and Doctrine Command
TRANSCOM   Transportation Command
TSC        theater support command
TSS        test support system
UCMJ       Uniform Code of Military Justice
UIC        unit identification code
ULLS       Unit Level Logistics System
UN         United Nations
USACE      US Army Corps of Engineers
USADACS    US Army Defense Ammunition Center and School
USAISC     US Army Information Systems Command
USAMC      US Army Materiel Command
USAMMA     US Army Medical Materiel Agency
USAR       US Army Reserve
USDA       US Department of Agriculture
WAN        wide area network


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