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									                                       ASSIGNMENT LOG #2
                                        January 11-15, 2010

         All assignments are due the next class period until otherwise stated!!!
     Major Assessments: 12th grade - Green; 11th grade - Orange; 10th grade - Yellow; 9th grade - Blue
                                       Mixed grade levels - Pink

               MONDAY            TUESDAY             WEDNESDAY            THURSDAY             FRIDAY
                  ODD                 EVEN                ODD                  EVEN                  ODD
                                                                           HW: Section 6.1 HW: Section 6.1
               HW: Section 5.2   HW: Section 5.4     HW: Section 5.4      (58-64 even) and    (58-64 even)
                (116-124 even)    (62-94 even)        (62-94 even)        Section 6.5 (76-84 and Section 6.5
                                                                                even)         (76-84 even)
                                                                          ARTERIES AND          Chpt 21 Wkst
           Signed Syllabus        Signed Syllabus     HW: Finish Chpt
                                                                            VEINS QUIZ         due today!
          due today!             due today!            21 Wkst (due
                                                                          TODAY!                 Lab 30 due
ANATOMY &    HW: Chpt 21            HW: Chpt 21          Fri/Tues);
                                                                          HW: Finish Chpt      today!
PHYSIOLOGY wkst, study for         wkst, study for   complete part 2 of
                                                                            21 Wkst (due        HW: Work on
           artery and vein        artery and vein       lab 30 and
                                                                              Fri/Tues);       lab 31 and Chpt
                 quiz                    quiz            RYK/UYK
                                                                           complete lab 30         22 Wkst
                                                                            and RYK/UYK
             AP LAB 8 due
             today!                                   EVOLUTION
                                                                                               HW: Chapter 27
            HW: Complete                              TEST TODAY
                                HW: Study for                              HW: complete           Wkst (due
            Chpt 24 and 26                           (CHPT 22-26)
AP BIOLOGY                     Chpt 22-26 Test;                            chpt 27 guided      Tues); Chpt 28
            guided reading;                            HW: Guided
   (Jones)                     Chpt 24-26 Wkst                              reading (due       Guided Reading
            Peppered Moth                            Reading Chpt 27
                                due tomorrow                                   Friday)          (Protists part 1
            Activity; Chpt 24-                         (part 1 due
                                                                                                   due Mon)
           26 Wkst; Chpt 22-                            tomorrow)
            26 Test on Wed
                                   HW: Study for
                                                                          HW: Study for Unit
AP BIOLOGY                           Unit Test
                                                                          Test scheduled for
  (Russell)                        scheduled for
                                                                            Tues, Jan 19
                                    Tues, Jan 19
                                                                                                 HW: Study
               HW: Chpt 18                            HW: Chpt 20                               guide for test;
               Reading guide                          Reading guide                             USA Testprep
                 questions                              questions                                  Review
    AP                           QUIZ TODAY!
                                                                           HW: Section 4.6-
CALCULUS                         HW: Section 4.4-
                                                                           4.7 Assignment
AB (Smalls)                      4.5 Assignment
    AP                                                                                          QUIZ TODAY!
               HW: Section 5.3                       HW: Section 5.4
CALCULUS                                                                                       HW: Section 5.5
                assignment                            assignment
BC (Garner)                                                                                      assignment
                                                       Redox Reaction                       UNIT 9 TEST
               HW: Complete       HW: Complete         Quiz Today!           HW: RVC       TODAY!
               FP Depression      APQ 71B, 76B,         HW: Complete     assignment due by   HW: Guided
              and BP Elevation    78D, 80B; RVC         APQ 85B, 91B,      9pm; Study for  Reading for next
                   Wkst             assignment          93A, 98B; RVC        Unit 9 Test    unit; complete
                                                          assignment                         lab notebook

                                                                         MOLARITY TEST
                                  HW: Molarity                               HW: Read
                                  Determination                           sections 7.1-7.4;
                                   Lab write-up                              Make test
                                                                         Questions 1-42 odd

                                   HW: Design a                          QUIZ TODAY!
COMPUTER                         computer project                         HW: Continue
PROGRAM.                         (with rubric) - due                     working on project
                                       Jan 20                              (due Jan 20)
                 HW: One              HW: One
  DIGITAL                                          HW: One exercise HW: One exercise
               exercise from       exercise from                                               QUIZ TODAY!
   MEDIA                                             from pg 86           from pg 86
                  page 62              page 62
                                   HW: Work on                          HW: Work on
                                   plate tectonics                  plate tectonics lab,
 ENVIRON                         lab, sedimentary                     sedimentary lab,
 SCIENCE                          lab, and Ring of                    and Ring of Fire
                                    Fire lab (due                      lab (due Thurs,
                                   Thurs, Jan 21)                           Jan 21)
                                                                           Chpt 24
                                      Chpt 13                         homework due
                                 homework due                           today!
                                   today!                              Current event
                                    HW: Chpt 24                          articles due
AP ENVIRON                        homework (due                      today!
  SCIENCE                         Thurs, Jan 14);                     HW: Legislative
                                   work on three                      Law Packet due
                                   current events                    Jan 19; Study for
                                    articles (due                    test on legislative
                                   Thurs, Jan 14)                   law scheduled for
                                                                      Tuesday, Jan 19
              The Reader                                                                         Reading
           1D.1, 1.D2, 1.E1;                            HW: Work on                           Assignment:
HISTORY OF    Through the                               Weekender 1                             How Do We
   MATH    Ages , Sketch 9                             assignment (due                          Know About
                   Math                                     Jan 20)                               Greek
             Assignment:                                                                        Mathematics
              Weekender 1
            (due January 20)
    and                              HW: 1988                               HW: Complete the
 PROBLEM                              AHSME                                   1988 AHSME
                                   REVIEW QUIZ         Probability Part 1
MAG MATH                           TODAY! HW:          Test Today!
                  HW: Handout                                              HW: Handout           HW: Handout
IB-9th grade                       Handout; Study         HW: Reading
                                      for test              Handout
MAG MATH II      QUIZ TODAY!                            QUIZ TODAY!
                                    HW: Handout                           HW: Study for test     TEST TODAY!
  9th grade       HW: Handout                            HW: Handout
                QUIZ TODAY!
MAG MATH II      HW: Geometric                         Review Day
                                                                                                 TEST TODAY!
 10th grade       series online                        HW: Study for test

  MAG MATH                        QUIZ TODAY!                                QUIZ TODAY!
III (Precalc)                         HW: Pg 400                             Section 6.1-6.3
   10th grade                     (13-113 every 4th)                          Review Day
MICRO-                              HW: Read
                                                                            HW: Read Deadly
                                   Deadly Feasts
                                                                            Feasts Part 2, 6-7
 BIOLOGY                             Part 1, 5
MULTIVAR.                         HW: Pg 234 (1a,                           HW: Pg 235 (1c,
CALCULUS                                 2)                                       3a, 5)
                                                                            HW: Traynham
                                                                            Chapter 2 (pt 1);
 ORGANIC                           HW: Traynham
                                                                            Determination of
CHEMISTRY                            Chapter 1
                                                                            Melting Point pre-
                                                                                HW: AP and
                                                                              related multiple
                                                                             choice problems
AP PHYSICS                         HW: Lab report                               on heat and
     B                              due Jan 14                              thermodynamics;
                                                                             Webassign due
                                                                            Sunday; Study for
                                                                            Wednesday's test
                                    HW: Review
                                                                            QUIZ TODAY
AP PHYSICS                            practice
                                                                            HW: Webassign
     C                             questions from
                                                                             due Sunday
                                                                                        HW: Finish lab
            HW: Continue      HW: Continue                                              PPT; continue
              working on        working on         HW: Work on         HW: Work on        working on
            brainstorming     brainstorming        brainstorming       brainstorming    brainstorming
           worksheet; Finish worksheet; Finish    worksheet; Lab      worksheet; Lab   worksheet (both
           prelab for Bridge prelab for Bridge      presentation        presentation   due Tues/Wed);
             Building Lab      Building Lab                                              Finish Bridge
                                                                                        Building Lab in
                                                                                          lab logbook

                                                   Due on RVC:
             County Science                      Chpt 14 Outline
                                                                                        HW: Make
            Fair Today!                                HW: Post
                                                                                       corrections to
RESEARCH II    HW: Finish                           abstract for
                                                                                       PowerPoint as
             reading Chpt 14                     Magnet Research
                  in book                         Symposium on
                                                                                          HW: Two
                                                                                        responses to
                                                  HW: First forum                      RIV idea forum
               County Science
RESEARCH III                                     post on RIV ideas;                     posts; submit
                 Fair Today!
                                                    Dupont draft                       Dupont draft to
                                                                                        RVC for peer

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