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Veterinary Pet Insurance


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									                                         Veterinary Pet Insurance

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About Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI)                                 What kinds of pets are covered?
                                                                     Policies cover the following pets:
                   VPI has been insuring pet health and wellness     	 	 •	Dogs	 	               	      •	Cats
                   since 1980. The company is the nation’s oldest
                                                                     	 	 •	Rabbits	              	      •	Iguanas
                   and largest provider of pet insurance, with
                   more than 420,000 currently active policies.      	 	 •	Birds	 	              	      •	Sugar	Gliders
                   Policy holders may use any licensed veterinar-    	 	 •	Mice	and	rats	 	             •	Tortoises	and	turtles
                   ian for services, even when away from home.       	 	 •	Lizards		             	      •	Ferrets
                                                                     	 	 •	Guinea	Pigs	 	               •	Small	chameleons
VPI reimburses a percentage of treatment costs for your pets’        	 	 •	Geckos	       	       	      •	Hamsters
accidents, illnesses and routine medical care. Administaff clients
                                                                     	 	 •	Chinchillas	          	      •	Potbellied	pigs
and employees nationwide are eligible to receive a discount of
five percent on each policy issued, and the discount increases       	 	 •	Hedgehogs	            	      •	Snakes
when enrolling multiple pets.                                        	 	 •	Frogs

What treatments are covered?                                         How much does coverage cost?
VPI plans help pay for medical treatments and surgeries,             VPI premiums are based on the species of the pet, age of the pet,
lab fees, X-rays and more from minor setbacks, like ear              state of residence and type of plan selected. Plan types include:
infections and bee stings, to major accidents and illnesses,             	 •	VPI	Pet	Insurance	Superior	Plan
like broken bones, poisonings and illnesses. A $50-per-                  	 •	VPI	Pet	Insurance	Standard	Plan
incident deductible applies.
                                                                        	 •	VPI	Pet	Insurance	Avian	and	Exotic	Plan
Optional wellness coverage for dogs, cats and birds helps            As an Administaff client or employee, you will receive a discount
you pay for regular preventive care with no deductible, and          on any plan selected.
benefits include:
   •	 Annual	physical	exam                                           How do I enroll?
   •	 Vaccinations                                                   You can learn more about VPI and its offerings by visiting
   •	 Heartworm	protection                                           its Web site at www.eb.petinsurance.com or by calling
                                                                     888-899-4874. You can also access the VPI site through
   •	 Prescription	flea	control                                      MarketPlace	on	the	Employee	Service	CenterSM.
   •	 A	choice	of	spay/neuter,	routine	teeth	cleaning		or	
      comprehensive health screen
Exclusions	include	elective	procedures,	pet	foods,	grooming	
and behavioral problems, congenital defects, hereditary and
pre-existing	medical	conditions.	All	pets	10	years	of	age	and	
older are not eligible for coverage.

 Administaff’s	Service	Model
 You receive comprehensive services and benefits through Administaff’s
 Personnel	Management	SystemSM that offer you administrative relief,
 big company benefits, reduced liabilities and a systematic way to
 improve productivity.

Recruiting and Selection                                                		Commuter	Benefits
Improve job satisfaction and retention of top talent through            		Credit	Union
strong people practices from Administaff.                               		Employee	Assistance	and	Work/Life	Program
  		Applicant	Review	and	Interviewing                                   Educational Assistance
  		Wage	and	Salary	Data                                               		529	College	Savings	Plan	Information	
  		Administaff	Talent	Network
  		Pre-Employment	Background	Checks	
                                                                       Employment Administration
                                                                       Improve your business focus by reducing the burden of
						(Fair	Credit	Reporting	Act	Compliance)*
                                                                       employer-related paperwork.
  		Pre-Employment	Testing*
                                                                         Payroll Processing
  		Pre-Employment	Drug	Testing*
                                                                        		Garnishments
  		Skills-Based	Testing*
                                                                         Employment Verification
*Fee-Based	Services                                                     		Time	and	Attendance	Systems

Performance Management                                                 Government Compliance
Achieve	organizational	goals	by	developing	employee	potential	         Reduce	or	eliminate	fines	and	penalties	by	keeping	pace	
to increase job satisfaction and productivity.                         with changing regulations.
   Performance Appraisals                                              		Government	Compliance	Reporting	and	Agency	Interface
  		Compensation	Resources	and	Tools                                   		Unemployment	Claims	Administration
  		Supervisor	Coaching                                                		FICA,	FUTA,	SUTA
  		Job	Descriptions                                                   		Safety	Services
  		Reward	and	Recognition                                             		Drug-Free	Policies	and/or	Administration
  		Base	Pay	Structures                                                		EEOC	Administration
  		Client	Self-Help	Tools	and	Worksheets	for	Variable	                		Job	Classification	Review
						and	Sales	Pay	Designs
                                                                       Employer Liability Management
  		Climate	Surveys                                                   Manage	employer	obligations	and	minimize	risk	by	keeping	
Training and Development                                               up to date on liability issues.
Impact business results through knowledge and skill development         		Workers’	Compensation	Plan	Coverage	and	Claim	Resolution
for more productive employees.                                          		Employment	Practices	Liability	Insurance
  		Needs	Analysis	to	Identify	Areas	for	Performance	Improvement       		Safety	Review
  		Certified	Provider	of	Continuing	Education	Units	(CEU)             		Employee	Handbooks	
  		Certified	Provider	of	Professional	Education	Units	(CPE)	          		Termination	Assistance
  		Leadership	Development                                             		Employee	Relations
  		Business-Focused	Training	Programs:	Online;	Instructor-Led	and	    		Substance	Abuse	Prevention
						Blended	Learning	(or	both)                                        		Liability	Management	Training	
  		Learning	Management	System                                         		Liability	Management	Training	for	Supervisors

Benefits Management                                                    Business Services
Access quality employee benefits for better employee                   Achieve a more secure future through forward-focused
recruitment and retention.                                             resources critical to your success.
  		Health	Care:	Medical,	Dental	and	Vision                             		Employee	Service	CenterSM	Web-Based	Self-Service	Platform
  		Health	Care	Flexible	Spending	Account	Plan                          		MarketPlaceSM	Business	Solutions:	Financial,	Technology,	
  		Retirement	Services                                               					 Marketing,	Human	Resources	(HR)
  		Life	Insurance	and	Personal	Accident	Insurance:	                    		MarketPlace	Consumer	Offerings:	Discounts	and	Services
					 Basic	and	Voluntary                                                		Client	Network
  		Short-Term	and	Long-Term	Disability	Insurance:	                     		Employee	Communications
					Basic	and	Voluntary
   Adoption Assistance                                                Corporate	Headquarters
                                                                       19001	Crescent	Springs	Drive
82-328                                                                 Houston,	TX	77339-3802
STG-P09-373                                                            800-465-3800		-or-		www.administaff.com

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