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Commanders, All Units Reporting Directly to This Headquarters
Commanders, Fort Knox Partners in Excellence
Directors and Chiefs, Staff Offices/Departments, This Headquarters

SUBJECT: Fort Knox Voting Assistance Program 2010-11

1. References:

   a. Publications:

     (I) DoD Directive 1000.4, Federal Voting Assistance Program (FV AP), 14 April 2004.

     (2) AR 608-20, Army Voting Assistance Program, 28 October 2004.

     (3) Voting Assistancc Guide 2010-11, November 2009.

     (4) 2010-2011 Army Voting Action Plan, 19 March 2010.

     (5) 2010 - 2011 TRADOC Voting Action Plan, 23 April 2010.

   b. Forms:

     (1) Standard Form 76, Federal Post Card Application (FPC<\).

     (2) Standard Form 186, Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB).

2. This Voting Assistance Program outlines tbe responsibilities Commanders and appointed
Voting Assistance Officers (VAOs) bave to our Soldiers and tlIeir voting age Family members.
This program also establishes the timelines for actions required by each unit Voting Assistance
Officer assigned or attached to Fort KflOX, to include Fort Knox Partners in Excellence.

3. Commanders down to company and detachment level

   a. Appoint            (ene! 1), unit       Assistance Officers iu              of
Lieutenant/Sergeant First       or above or civilian equivalent in all units with    or more
permanently assigned members. Additional unit VAOs will be appointed for each 50 members
assigned above the initial 25.
SUBJECT: Fort Knox Voting Assistance Program 2010-11

   b. Provide unit VAOs the necessary time and resources needed to perform their voting
assistance duties, especially dUling even-numbered years.

   C.  Rate unit VAOs on the way they perfonn their voting assistance duties by establishing
evaluation criteria for VAO performance within their command. The Federal Voting Assistance
Program CIP Checklist (end 2) may be used to evaluate the voting assistance prob'fam within the

   d. Provide Soldiers who desire to vote the maximmn opportunity to do so. This occurs
through junior officers and senior NCOs assisting their respective subordinates with their voting
questions and problems throughout the election year. Remember it is ILLEGAL for
commissioned, warrant, and noncommissioned officers to use military authority to influence
anyone to vote or not to vote. Leaders at all levels must understand that the DoD goal is to
eliminate problems/barriers that might prevent someone from voting and to provide every
opportunity for Soldiers to register and vote if they so desire by getting the forms to those who
want them. The goal is not to pressure, cajole, or order Soldiers to register or to vote. Doing so
not only violates DoD and Army policy, but violates the criminal laws of the United States.

    e. Train all Soldiers (including aetivated National Guard and Reserve personnel) on absentee
registration and voting procedures during years of elections for Federal offices. All basic
training and command courses shall include voting training and will advertise voting assistance
programs to encourage junior Soldiers to register and subsequently vote. Include instructions on
voting rights, responsibilities, and procedures on absentee voting. Provide training and voting
assistance for units preparing for deployment where voting materials and accessibility to register
may be limited.

    f. Ensure unit members and their voting age Family members have ready access to absentee
voter registration, ballot requests, and absentee submission information and deadlines.
Additionally, any person appearing to need assistance in reading or understanding the English
language material should receive immediate assistance in the appropriate language. When
military personnel (including noncommissioned officers) are designated as voting assistance
officers, they are authorized by DoD Directive 1000.4 to administer oaths in connection with
voting registration and voting.

4. Senior and Unit Voting Assistance Officers will:

   a.         a      of your            orders      contact              to the Installation
Voting Assistance Officer (IVAO) as appropriate.       will also be responsible to keep track of
your additional unit VAOs using the sample roster provided (encl3) and forward to the IVAO
along with their appointment orders.

SUBJECT: Fort Knox Voting Assistance Program 2010-11

    b. Complete required training within 90 days of appointment and during Federal election
years. This training may be obtained by attending a Federal Voting Assistance Workshop or by
completing the FVAP online training. Fort Knox will host a workshop on July 23,2010, a
complete listing of available workshops can be found on the FVAP website. Contact the IV AO
for additional information and other options that may be available.

   c. Plan, coordinate, and exeeute your unit Voting Assistance Program as outlined in para 3
above. Additional date specific requirements can be found in para 5 below.

   d. Order supplies from the IV AO to maintain the following required publications:

     (1) Voting Assistance Guide 201 0-11. At least one guide per appointed VAO.

     (2) Federal Post Card Application (SF 76). At least four per each Soldier assigned.

     (3) Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (SF 186). At least one for each Soldier assigned.

   e. Maintain a unit Voting Assistance Continuity Folder in accordance with the FVAP CIP
Checklist. The Continuity Folder is a quick reference for yourself and a helpful tool for your
successor. Refer to the 2010-11 Voting Assistance Guide, Chapter 3, for a list of items required
to be maintained in the folder. To assist in maintaining your continuity folder, visit the Federal
Voting Assistance website,

   f. Ensure in-hand or electronic delivery ofFPCA to all eligible absentee voters and their
voting age Family members NLT 15 Sep 10. Be available to assist Soldiers with questions and
concerns about absentee registration and voting. Implement in-processing procedures to provide
voter registration opportunities and change of address information awareness.

   g. Submit monthly statistical Army Voting Measures of Suecess Metrics (encl4) to the IVAO
by suspense dates indicated. These reports will track the number of Soldiers assigned and
contacted/offered a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA). It will also track the number ofunil
VAOs appointed and trained to include thc type of training received, the number of voting
materials distributed, and the quantity and content of voting communications at command and
installation levels.

5. The 2010 - 2011 Anny Voting Action Plan divides the voting cycle into three distinct phases.
The                          are  to          with major events              the clecti()fls
cycle. It serves as a guide to be        incorporated into your Command's voting
assistance prob'Tam.

   a. Phase! - Preparation and Initiation (Mar - May 20 I 0)

SUBJECT: Fort Knox Voting Assistance Program 2010-11

      (1) Appoint installation SV AOs and unit VAOs to serve throughout the 2010 election
cycle. Ensure that all V AOs receive FV AP training and training regarding the legal and policy
limits on political activities of uniformed service members and civilian employees.

      (2) Order all voting materials as prescribed by DoD Directive 1000.4.

       (3) Ensure in hand or electronic delivery ofFPCAs to all uniformed absentee voters and
their voting age Family members. This can be accomplished in unit formations, scheduled unit
training, or by email. This should be done in an infonnational way, not in a coercive way.

      (4) Provide the IV AO with a roster containing the names, office telephone numbers, and
e-mail addresses of all unit VAOs and ensure it is continuously updated.

      (5) Review command voting assistance programs to ensure that the Army Voting
Assistance Program is implemented as specified throughout these instructions.

       (6) Commanders and VAOs will begin command information programs about primary
elections and the forms needed to vote in their respective state as directed by DoD and Army
leadership. These information efforts should be repeated, as necessary, to inform and educate
Soldiers and their Family members to exercise their right to vote in primary and general

       (7) Encourage access to the Army Voting Assistance Program Webpage
(https:!! and FVAP Website
( for voting information.

   b. Phase II - Registration, Ballot Request and Absentee Voting (Jun - Nov 20] 0)

      (I) Continue to implement Phase I.

      (2) Key Events Scheduled for the 2010 voting cycle:

       (a) June is Army Voter Registration Month. Installation commanders and VAOs should
make the FPCA available through schools. reception battalions, and in-processing stations during
this month. Commanders and VAOs must ensure FPCAs are available to ali Soldiers serving
outside the territorial limits of the United States and their voting   Family members NLT 15
Alignsl 2010. Vnters            be made aware of the change to National Dc:fellse Allth'Jrization
Aet for      2010. States are no longer required to automatically send absentee ballots for two
election          Therefore, voters will need to request an absentee ballot.

SUBJECT: Fort Knox Voting Assistance Program 2010-11

      (b) Jun 28 - Jul 7, 2010, "Anned Forces Voters Week", concentrate efforts to establish
voter awareness, motivate absentee voters to participate in the general election, and provide
absentee registration and voting assistance to Soldiers for State primary elections

       (c) Sep 27 - Oct 4,2010, "Absentee Voters Week". Continue dissemination of
infonnation about the Voting Assistance Program throughout the installation. Develop
programs to support awareness and publicize importance of early action on tbe part of voters to
obtain and vote tbeir ballot for the general election in advance of election deadlines. Unit V AOs
should know how and when to use the SF 186 (FWAB) and recommend its use if the voter meets
the criteria and does not receive the regular absentee ballot in sufficient time to vote and return it
to be counted by tbe State election officials.

   C.   Phase III - Evaluation (Nov - 31 Dec 2010).

     (1) Assist, as requested, with post-election surveys of Soldiers, overseas civilian
employees and UVAOs and encourage those who receive the survey to promptly complete and
submit their responses.

        (2) Support preparation of other reports as required by the Director, FVAP and AR 608-20.

(MPD). Email: Honor the past, support the future - vote!

4 Encls                                           MICHAEL G. CARROLL
as                                                Adjutant General



OFFICE SYMBOL                                                              DATE

MEMORANDUM FOR Personnel Concerned

SUBJECT: Unit Voting Assistance Officer (VAO) Additional Duty Appointment

1. Effective Date. Rank. Last Name. First Name. is assigned as the Unit Voting
Assistance Officer (VAO) for Unit.

2. Authority: Army Voting Assistance Program, AR 608-20, para 2-14.

3. Purpose: To be readily available and equipped to give personal aid to voters for
Federal, State and local elections.

4. Special Instructions: Become familiar with and execute duties as directed by
AR 608-20.

5. Period: From date of this memorandum until officially relieved and replaced.

                                            Commander's Signature Block


     • Federal Voting Assistance Program CIP Checklist DATE:
     UNIT:                                                                        UNIT VAO:
     nl        ,nON                                                         YES   NO   NA     REMARKS
      1. Has the commander appointed a Unit Voting
      fJ.             Officer (VAO) in writinq?
     ,2. Has the commander appointed a VAO that holds
      Ihe 'AClllic",,; minimum I<HI"? (1 LTISFC or higher)
      3. Has the VAO completed required VAO training?
     !i I <em n"~ Certificate from either the Voting Assistance Workshop,
                 • VAO Training, or CD-ROM Training)
     i4  Does the VAO have a Voting Continuity Book!
     IColde..     the following voting-related publications
     iand docun ''''"l''?
            a. Vutir!y Assistance Guide (Current Program Year)
                      608-20, Army Voting Assistance Program
     _ ...                           --
            c.       600-20, Army Command Policy

                 Installation Voting Assistance Plan
     15          ---- unit commander developed a Voting
     '.f\          Plan?
     ,6 Does the VAO know the name of the next higher                                                                 I
     lY.:..~ and the Installation and/or Senior VA~?
     '7~      Bde/Bn level VAOs have a complete listing of all
      subordinate UVAOs?
     la.  Is there-a location in the unit area to post voting-
      related information for all Soldiers to view?
     19'------   VA~'s contacl information (Name, telephone

     Inl olD"" email address, and duty location) posted for
     lall Soldiers 10 v,t::w?
      10. Does the VAO have the required number of copies

     IOf          Federal Post Card Application (FPCA), for all
                                                                                                        Page 1 of 2
_~~~eral           Voting Assistance Program CIP Checklist DATE:
UNiT:                                                                       UNIT VAO:
QUI::i::i liON                                               YES            NO   NA     REMARKS
11, Does the VAO have the required number of copies
ofl          Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB),
for all pssigned Soldiers?
 1 Did the VAO conduct In-Hand Delivery of an FPCA
to            ,,,,"u Soldiers NL T 15 January of the current
13, Has the unit scheduled and conducted at least one
i Voti!,~ Assistance Program briefing for all unit
If''''' ~u," ,J! within the past 12-month period?   (Unit Training
 14, Has the unit conducted at least one voting-related
     ", 'y in conjunction with Army Voter Registration

,.,M,on!h? ~_
 1             the VAO understand how to complete the
 E~~era! Post Card Aeelication (FPCA)?
 1            the VAO understand how to complete the
        ,al Wme-In Ab"" "''''''' Ballot (FWAB)?
 !\lU rES:

ilNSI ...:t, !\',IK I\IA~Al='                                        RANK     PHONE     SIGNATURE:

                                                                                                     Page 2 of 2
I-       •



                      Army Measures of Success Metrics/Report Format

Monthly reports will be consolidated by SV AO for all units and activities on the
installation/organization and submitted by email to [VAO/Mrs. Amy Gawarecki, 502-624-4034, DSN 464-4034.

    1. Total numbcr of VA OS appointed within command:

    2. Total number of VA Os trained within command:

    3. Total percentage of VAOs trained within command:

    4. Total number of VA Os trained via FVAP workshop:

    5. Total number of VA Os trained on-line via FVAP website:

    6. Total number of VA Os trained by CD-ROM:

    7. Total number ofFPCAs distributed by VAOs within command:

    8. Total numbcr ofFWABs distributed by VAOs within command:

    9. Communication type; memo/email/newsletter:

   10. Communication subject matter:

   11. Total number of communications within command:

   12. Remarks in narrative fonnat:

        a. Explain any examples of special events planned to conduct to give Soldiers and
        eligible Family members the opportunity to register to vote.

        b. Provide infonnation on "Best Practices - Good Ideas" for reaching Soldiers and
        Family members with voting information and assistance.

        C.   Provide SVAO and Alt SVAO contact info:
              (1) Name:
              (2) Phone:
              (3) DSN:
              (4) Email:
              (6) Mailing address:
              (7) Date         training:
               Army Measures of Success Metrics/Report Suspense Dates

REPORT                                                   SUSPENSE DATE

Monthly Measures of Success Metric Report for Apr 10        5 May 10

Monthly Measures of Success Metric Report for May 10        5 Jun 10

Monthly Measures of Success Metric Report for Jun 10        5 Jul10

Monthly Measures of Success Metric Report for Jul 10        5 Aug 10

Monthly Measures of Success Metric Report for Aug 10        5 Sep 10

Monthly Measures of Success Metric Report for Sep 10        5 Oct 10

Monthly Measures of Success Metric Report for Oct 10        5 Nov 10

After Action Report                                       15 Dec 10

NOTE: Additional reports may be required. Instructions will be forwarded separately.

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