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Schedule of Corporate Forms and Fees Effective December 1, 2003. Forms are referred to by Section
Numbers of the Business Corporation Act of 1983.

          These publications and forms are provided in PDF (Portable Document Form at) files , which can be viewed or printed
using your Web browser and Adobe's Acrobat Reader software. Macintosh and Windows versions of Acrobat Reader may be
dow nloaded free of charge from Adobe.

Form #                 Type of Form                                                                   Filing Fee
BCA-1.15               Statement of Correction                                                            $50*
BCA-1.17               Petition for Refund or Review                                                       $5

BCA-1.35               Allocation Factor Interrogatorie s
                       This form acts as a supplement to form BCA-1.15 Statement of Correction
BCA-2.10               Article s of Incorporation                                                       $150***

BCA-2.10(MCA)          Article s of Incorporation (Medical Corporation)                                 $150***

BCA-2.10(2A)           Article s of Incorporation (Close Corporation)                                   $150***

BCA-2.10(PS CA) Article s of Incorporation (Profe ssional Service                                       $150***

C 179.19               A Guide for Organizing Domestic Corporations

                       Domestica s Una Guia Para Organizar Corporacióne s Dome stica s
                       A Guide for Organiz ing Domestic Corporations (Spanish Edition)

BCA-4.10               Application for Re servation of Name                                               $25
BCA-4.15/4.20          Application to Adopt an Assumed Name                                            $120******
BCA-4.15/4.20          Application to Change an Assumed Name                                              $25
BCA-4.15/4.20          Cancellation of an Assumed Name                                                     $5
BCA-4.25               Registration or Renewal of Name (Foreign)                                          $50
BCA-4.25               Cancellation of Foreign Registration                                               $25
BCA-5.10/5.20          Statement of Change of Registered Agent and/or                                     $25
                       Registered Office
BCA-5.15               Notice of Re signation of Registered Agent                                          $5
BCA-5.25               Affidavit of Compliance for Service on Secretary of                                $10
BCA-6.10               Statement of Resolution Establishing Series                                        $25
BCA-9.05               Statement of Cancellation of Non-Reissuable Shares                                  $5
BCA-10.30        Article s of Amendment                                      $50*

BCA-10.30R       Restated Article s of Incorporation                        $150*
BCA-11.25        Article s of Merger, Consolidation or Exchange           $50 per corp
BCA-11.39        Article s of Merger, Between Illinois Corporations &     $100*****
BCA-12.20        Article s of Di ssolution                                    $5*
BCA-12.25        Article s of Revocation of Di ssolution                     $5**
BCA-12.45/13.60 Application for Reinstatement of Domestic or Foreign        $200**
BCA-13.15        Application for Authority to Transact Busine ss in         $150*
                 A Guide for Qualifying Foreign Corporations
BCA-13.40        Application for Amended Authority to Transact               $25
                 Busine ss in Illinois
BCA-13.45        Application for Withdrawal and Final Report                 $25*
BCA-14.01        Statement of Election to Establi sh an Extended Filing      $25
BCA-14.30        Cumulative Report of Change s in Issued Shares and         $5****
                 Paid-in Capital
BCA-14.35        Report Following Merger or Consolidation                   $5****
                 Domestic Corporation Annual Report                         $75****
                 Foreign Corporation Annual Report                          $75****

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