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									                                                                     UniKeep Mass Data Organization Tips
                                                                                         Project no: 018

                                                 Minimize Mass Storage…
                                                   Maximize Organization

Nothing stores more discs in less space than UniK eep Media Disc Binders. Our unique, eight disc binder pages
are guaranteed safer for your discs and the organization can be as individual as your collection.

Back up your iTunes collection or archive original CDs. Nine UniKeep 1. 0 Media Disc Binders hold nearly
70,000 songs – more music than 13 iPods wit h 20 GB each.

 Organize by artist or genre using the easy-to-insert tab labels.
 Print your own discography using our templates from Just copy and paste the album art
  from iTunes or from the artist’s website. You can hole-punch either the left or right side of your discography
  pages and insert them into your binder next to the discs.
 Include as much or as little information as you need. Consider adding album notes or categories.
 To archive custom discs, export the playlist from iTunes and print artist, titles and more.

Games & Videos
Each 1.0 Media Disc Binder can hold up to 48 games or movies in just one inch of shelf space.

 Organize by title, genre or audience using the easy-to-ins ert tab labels.
 Print the discography from and insert video or game information instead of album art.

Create a system to organize original software discs and archive backups and outdated files. UniKeep makes it
easy to store over 274 GB on CD or nearly 2,050 GB on DV Ds.

 Use separate binders for software and back ups.
 Print a file list from each disc and insert the prints bet ween the disc pages for easy reference.
 Printed manuals and troubleshooting information can be easily stored with the original soft ware discs.
 Keep emergency boot discs, system discs, anti-virus soft ware and quick reference doc ument ation in the
  front of the soft ware binder for instant reference in an emergency.
 Include a pocket for receipts or proof of purchase and warranty or technical support information.

One 1.0 Media Disc Binder with six eight-disc pages can easily hold over 30,000 photos!

 Back up precious digital photos to keep your memories safe.
 Clearly label all discs with dates, events and subjects.
 Consider having vintage photos, slides, and even 35mm negatives digitized. Many photofinishers now offer
  scanning as an economical way to combine your older photos wit h your more recent digital albums.
 Print a thumbnail or contact sheet for each disc and hole-punch it to insert in your photo binders between
  the disc pages for easy visual reference without having to review each disc. Most photo management
  software, such as iPhoto, or photo-quality printers include options to print many small images to a single

Things to consider when setting up your file s:
Templat e files to create discography pages are available online at www. You can download and
edit the files with your individual information. The files are Micros oft Word documents. Don’t forget to sa ve the
file to your local hard disk to save your addition.

Get thi s and other organization ideas at

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