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 Status of Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) in Arkansas.

             Info on Arkansas and Medical Cannabis

   Arkansas does NOT have a MEDICAL MARIJUANA
                   (cannabis) LAW
    ACTION; Get involved in the movement for safe and legal access to medical
 cannabis today. Our power comes from our collective action. Whether it's calling
Congress, attending rallies, organizing a local activity or chapter, signing an online
petition, or supporting federal defendants, take action today! There are a number
   of medical cannabis (marijuana) bills in play in states across the US. Here we
    network on Ways and Means anyone can help with the effort to make each a
 medical marijuana state. We need to get the word out and people contacting reps and
officials and get this legislation into law. Also, lets not forget efforts at the Federal level.

   NETWORK and Spread The Word, both On-Line and Off (!) ON-LINE, You
can tell everybody in cyber-space by e-mailing a link to this website to them and/or
(OFF-LINE> printing off the info and handing out where possible / necessary. Also
phone call and read off and/or visit and hand deliver the info. You can take literature
with you and approach businesses, organizations and even people on the street while
you're out and about. Wear your pot-leaf shirt and register voters, as feasible. Gather
signatures for any related petitions that are happening at the time as well.

This is a chain e-mail you can't refuse. Unlike most, this will actually help you - and
a whole buncha others - just by passing it on. Cannabis consumer or not - from the
folks just trying to take care of themselves or a loved one to those who simply see the
expensive, immoral waste of making war on the sick and dying - everyone is affected by
this issue.

To accomplish this you need to first click on the following links and send a message
to all the reps and media you can on the issue. Then get everybody else to do the same.
And follow up.

To do this you need to tell everybody you know. And can confide in. Then/or
anonymously tell everybody you don't know - or can't confide in. Yet.
Tell everybody else by Letters-to-the-Editor, displaying signage at street corners
and over-passes (wear trenchcoat, fedora and sunglasses if afraid of exposure),
and/or anonymously leaving literature and posting on-line at places where people
are likely to find it. Coffeeshops are good places to leave printed material and you can
go to the websites of the local newspapers to post items as well. More ideas and
supporting tools via the links below.

                       Inform, Educate, Activate

    INFORM and EDUCATE. Distribute medical marijuana brochures and other
literature to your friends, family, local leaders and elected officials in an effort to
educate the public and garner support. Educate your community by Printing, posting
and handing out Flyers and other Printables in a mall, coffee shop, laundromat, college
campus, lamp post, telephone poll, business window (ask first), hospital, or anywhere
people will see them. Contact these groups for some. If you or your Organization is doing
the same, please Post It or give us Feed Back.

         NORML / A Page Just For You / Medical Marijuana Patients | This section
       is to help you locate the information you need to become fully informed
       regarding medical marijuana -- as well as play an important role in changing
       America’s misguided marijuana laws. Printable materials and more ... visit:

         Flyers and Printables by ASA | Educate your community. Print and post
       these    flyers   anywhere       people    will  see them.   ...   visit:

         You can also print and hand out MPP's medical marijuana brochures to
       your friends, family, local leaders and elected officials in an effort to educate
       the public and garner support.

   OUTREACH and Gather TESTIMONY. Ask your doctor, clergy member, local
leader, or organization you are a member of to sign a statement of principle. One
way to get that done is to download MPPs medical marijuana statement of principle, print
it out, and ask your doctor or other individual to sign it the next time you have the
opportunity. Then send it to MPP at P.O. Box 77492, Washington, D.C. 20013.

   And TESTIFY. If you are a patient or caregiver that could benefit from such a
law and would like to help advance legislation by sharing your story with others.
Call in to radio, TV and other media; write LTEs and contact you legislators. These
groups are helping with this activity:
         The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) | contact them at P.O. Box 77492,
       Washington, DC 20013, or visit

         NORML | Contact Your Elected Representatives And Urge Them to 'Stop
       Arresting           Marijuana          Smokers',       visit        -

         ASA Online Action Center | Take action online to make your voice heard!
       Identify your representative and send a free message using our online action
       center. When your elected officials hear from you – and often – they are more
       likely to support our calls for safe and legal access to medical cannabis!

         Meet with Your Elected Official | Meeting with our elected officials is very
       simple and very important. As citizens, they are here to serve us. Start
       building a relationship with your elected officials using this brief overview to help
       you get started.

         Petition Your Senators to Support Research | ASA has created a petition
       that you can print out and circulate at your work, school, home, church, and
       in your larger community. Download and print out this petition calling on your
       U.S. Senators to support access to materials for FDA-approved medical cannabis

If you or your Organization is doing anything similar, please Post It or give us Feed

  Just GOTV (Get Out The Vote). Register Voters, Publicize current legislation (and
what folks can do in support!) -or- how "they" voted in the last effort. Gather
signatures for any and all cannabis law reform initiatives while Informing and Educating
the public. Not one going in your state? Start one yourself!

More Legislative Tips and Tools > here < and we're sure you'll come up with more.

   LETTER The EDITOR (LTE). Write a letter to the editor in support of medical
marijuana. Writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper can be a great way to
foster discussion about marijuana policy reform.

        MAPinc Tips, Tools and Tricks ... for Old Dogs and New! | Letter to the
       Editor Writing Resources, Media Contact Resources; How To Get Drug
       Policy On the Air in Your Community, How to write a Press Release, Media
       Contact On Demand!, Drug Policy Writers Group. plus, Additional Resources;
       Activist Tools, Community Audits and Initiatives Project, MAP Virtual
       Conference Center (Our Voice/Text Chat Server) and more! ... visit -

         How To LTE by ASA | Write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper
       calling for safe access to medical cannabis. You never know who might be
       reading – a judge, policeman, or elected official! Use ASA's LTE action site to
       find information for your local paper and submit your LTE online, using talking
       points              we've             developed.                Visit         -

         The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) also has provided a list of talking
       points and encourages you to write a letter and get others to do so also. Feel free
       to contact them if you'd like help with your letter, and let them know if it gets

   BROADCAST and PUBLICIZE. Help get the word out by downloading and
sharing MPP's public service announcements with radio stations in your area. If
you're a talk radio listener, call in and express support for medical marijuana laws.
Even if the subject being discussed isn't explicitly about marijuana, many related issues
can be a springboard for urging reform. For example, if the issue is health care, you can
point out that treatment decisions are better off being left to patients and physicians than
police and prosecutors.

         Contact Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) for more.

         Also - Circulate NORML's Public Service Announcements; Visit -

   ACTIVATE. Facilitate Meetings and Meet-Ups in order to accomplish all the
above as well as Gather Contact Info and Get people involved. These groups have
sign-up sheets for e-mail addresses:

         Meetings and Meet-Ups > Medical Cannabis Meetup Groups - Medical
       Cannabis Meetups around the world | Find a Medical Cannabis Meetup
       Group near you ... grouped by City and Country ... find the ones with the most
       people interested in Medical Cannabis Meetups in Arkansas ... international,
       national,    provincial,   municipal   levels           ...         Visit    -

         Join ASA Email Lists | Communication is the key to organizing. Use ASA's
       listserves to keep up with breaking news on medical marijuana, to plug into
       your local community activism, and to effectively communicate with your peers.
       Visit -

         Download     NORML's          eZine    Signup    Form      |  Visit - and send to - NORML:
       1600 K Street NW, Suite 501, Washington DC, 20006-2832 -or- Visit - to sign-up on-line

        Also, using MPP's sign-up sheets, collect as many valid e-mail addresses as
       you can and send them to MPP. You can scan and e-mail the information you
       collect to or mail it to MPP legislative analyst Nathan Miller at
       P.O. Box 77492, Washington, DC 20013.

   ORGANIZE -and- EVENT. Organize an event or action item to attract people in
order to further Inform, Educate and Activate. Don't forget to alert the media! Click >
here < for Events in this region we're aware of.

         Form / Join an independent group like a Patients Union | Patients across
       the country are forming Medical Cannabis Patients' Unions based on their
       shared diagnosis, needs or region. The Unions are a support network for
       patients and caregivers to fight for safe access to cannabis as medicine! ASA has
       info here > Visit -

         So you want to have a marijuana rally? by NORML | For a rally to be truly
       successful, organizers and participants have the responsibility to ensure that
       more is achieved than mass euphoria. Find out all you need to know. here >
       Visit -

         Resources for Organizers by ASA | Everything you need to be an effective
       activist: handbooks, outreach materials, graphics and more. Visit -

         FILMFEST. Set up a free screening of the award-winning medical
       marijuana documentary "Waiting to Inhale" or other film. If you are
       interested in hosting a screening of "Waiting to Inhale", please contact Marijuana
       Policy Project (MPP) letting them know.

         HEMPFEST. Set up a music, art or other -oriented event. Contact the folks
       at the Seattle Hempfest, they'll be happy to share how they do theirs.

   VOLUNTEER and AFFILIATE. For example, ASA chapters and affiliates
represent the core of ASA's grassroots activism. If there is no chapter or affiliate in
your region, please consider starting one today. It's easy, and ASA staff will guide you
through the process. Visit -

  Help Spread The Good Word About NORML's Important Work by: - Printing and
Distributing           NORML-related         info;      Visit             -

  2.) Join and Support Your Local                    NORML         Chapter;    Visit   -

  2a.)    Start     Your      Own      NORML             Chapter       -      Visit    -

                   Protest, Rally and Demonstrate
                       Court and Prison Support
  Write to Medical Cannabis Prisoners | Show solidarity and support for
incarcerated medical cannabis patients and providers by writing to people on our
list       of        medical          cannabis    prisoners.        Visit      -

  More Legal Resources here, and Legislative and Action Tips and Tools > here <
and we're sure you'll come up with more. If you or your Organization has any action
items or ideas - for this region or in general, please Post It or give us Feed Back.

          local Organizations, CONTACTs and other
  Arkansas NORML | The Arkansas chapter of NORML is a citizen action group. It
is an official affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana
Laws. As such it is one of more than a hundred local chapters throughout the nation
and world. Features: Merchandise, Membership, Audio/Video, Newsletter. Contact info:
PO Box 191031, Little Rock, AR 72219 * Voice (501) 568-1598 * visit:

 University of Arkansas NORML | Fayetteville, AR * visit:
   Other Locals? Will be listed here. As we get the info. Know about one yourself? Post
it    on   the    Bulletin    Board,    below.     In     the  meantime     ...   visit: for the latest.

  Drug Policy Forum of Arkansas | The Alliance for reform of drug policy in AR,
Inc., working to take action against failed policy in Arkansas. Contact: Alliance for
Reform of Drug Policy in Arkansas, P O Box 682, Fayetteville, AR 72702 * phone: 479-
839-2475 * or visit:

 Drug Policy Education Group | Drug Policy Education Group (DPEG) Working to
educate the people of Arkansas about the harm caused by the War on Drugs
Features: Search Engine, History, Research, Speakers, Hosting, Newsletter, News,
Commentary, Policy, Press Releases visit:

  ... Also | DrugSense / MAPinc > Drug Policy Organizations, Links and other
Resources. Find a Resource near you -or- Enter yours! ... Visit:

Also, here are some national / international Resources - > here, and you can Read more >
News < by clicking here. And bookmark this page to Stay tuned for information on how
to change the law.

                     The Law, LEGAL Resources
 Arkansas (AR) MJ LEGAL Resources, by NORML. NORML Legal
Committee members, and more for Arkansas, by NORML - the National
Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.           ... Visit -

Also, here are some national / international Resources -

 The Laws concerning marijuana in Arkansas. By NORML, the National
Organization    for   the   Reform  of   Marijuana    Laws. Visit: for more.

  LegalJoint: Arkansas Marijuana Law. A general overview of marijuana
law in the state of Arkansas including legal implications for anyone
cultivating, using, selling or in possession of marijuana or paraphernalia.
...     New!     Medical        Marijuana     Brief    Bank     ...  Visit:
 Medicinal Marijuana - State-by-State American Laws | U.S. State Laws
on Medical Marijuana Source: CNN Interactive .... Highlights: A licensed
pharmacist may dispense cannabis type drugs to a person receiving ... click >
here < for more.

 U.S. Marijuana Laws, Medical Marijuana Facts, Cannabis, Hemp |
Provides U.S. Marijuana Laws, Facts About Marijuana, Marijuana Drug
Testing, Drug Detection Times, Medical Marijuana, and Information About
Your Rights ... North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon... visit -

  Erowid Cannabis Vault : Legal Status, U.S. LAW | Both Cannabis and
Tetrahydrocannabinols, the active chemicals contained in Cannabis plants,
are Schedule I in the United States. This means they are federally illegal to
cultivate, buy, possess, or distribute (sell, trade or give) in all forms
(cannabis plants, extracts, hash, hash oil, thc, etc) except synthetic THC
(Marinol) which is Schedule III. The federal scheduling of Cannabis was
disputed in 1988 by Judge Francis Young, an administrative law judge for the
DEA, who recommended that marijuana be reclassified as schedule II on the
grounds that if a respectable minority of doctors endorse it, then it has a
"currently          accepted          medical           use".          Visit:

  See Contacts section, below, for Organizations and other Resources for
                                Legal Help.

            International Law, LEGAL Resources
  Legal and medical status of cannabis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia |
Cannabis is in Schedule IV of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs,
making it subject to special restrictions. Article 2 provides for the following,
in reference to Schedule IV drugs:

      A Party shall, if in its opinion the prevailing conditions in its country
      render it the most appropriate means of protecting the public health and
      welfare, prohibit the production, manufacture, export and import of,
      trade in, possession or use of any such drug except for amounts which
      may be necessary for medical and scientific research only, including
      clinical trials therewith to be conducted under or subject to the direct
      supervision and control of the Party.

This provision, while apparently providing for the limitation of cannabis to
research purposes only, also seems to allow some latitude for nations to
make their own judgments. The official Commentary on the Single
Convention indicates that Parties are expected to make that judgment in good
faith. Click > here < for more.

          LEGISLATION, Action Items and related
  Drug Policy Alliance: Reform in Arkansas. The Arkansas Alliance for
Medical Marijuana faces a July 2, 2004 deadline to gather nearly 65,000
signatures for an initiative to be placed on the November election ballot. The
group haggled with Arkansas Attorney General Mike Beebe over the language
for the initiative, which is now called the "Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act."
The measure would create state identification cards for medical marijuana
users, who would be allowed to use the drug without being arrested or
prosecuted for it. ... visit:

  NORML / A Page Just For You / Medical Marijuana Patients | This
section is to help you locate the information you need to become fully
informed regarding medical marijuana -- as well as play an important role
in changing America’s misguided marijuana laws. Select One, All States
and       Canada,      Mexico,      Europe,      Other       ...    visit:

 DrugInfo - Medical Cannabis: USA > In Search of a Viable Distribution
System for Oklahoma's Medical Marijuana Program ... Medicinal
Cannabis: USA Federal: Legislation, Court Decisions and Commentaries
States: Legislation and Programs. Click here for more.

 Others? Will be listed here. As we get the info. You can also check the
Events and News sections to see if there are any Items posted there. Know
about one yourself? Post it on the Bulletin Board, below.

          National and International ORGz Section
 ASA : Arkansas | Medical cannabis (medical marijuana) resources in
Arkansas ... Find info here on the therapeutic uses of and research on medical
cannabis. ... visit -

 American Medical Marijuana Association ... Medical Marijuana
Farmacy | Arkansas. State registration program, Dept of Health and Social
Services 907-465-5423. Colorado. State registration program (303) 692-2184
medical.marijuana ... visit:

  LegalJoint: Medical and Other Marijuana Links. A selection links to
HIGH quality canabis web sites, related to medical or recreational mmj
use. of Columbia FEDERAL Florida Georgia Guam Arkansas Idaho Illinois
Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana ... Willie Wortel Workshop.
Arkansas Medical Marijuana Institute and Cannabis Club ... visit:

 NORML Home / Medical Use by State. All States and Canada Mexico
Europe Other ... See Map: for

  Patients Out of Time is a patient advocacy organization with a universal
constituency. They support the rights of patients to have a legal and safe
access to the therapeutic use of cannabis. The mission of their organization, a
501 (c) 3 non-profit, is the education of health care professionals and the public
about the therapeutic use of cannabis. Their leadership is composed of medical
and nursing professionals with expertise in the clinical applications of cannabis
and five of the seven patients (two wish to remain anonymous) who receive
their medical cannabis from the US government. Patients Out of Time is the
only national non-profit in the United States that focuses only on therapeutic
cannabis issues. Visit -

 Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). Join the Marijuana Policy Project!
State officials confirm Supreme Court decision does not impact state medical
marijuana laws. Medical Marijuana Briefing Paper - 2005. Until 1937,
marijuana (Cannabis sativa L.) was legal in the United States ... Hawaii enacted
a medical marijuana law via its state legislature in 2000 and ... Visit:

 DrugSense: Drug Law Reform ... of Justice Statistics, State Court
Organization, 1998 (Washington, DC ... Cannabis in Medical Practice: A
Legal, Historical and Pharmacological... Visit:
 OCBC's Links Page. Organizations Supporting Medical-cannabis
Reform. Americans for Safe Access(ASA) coordinates "...a nation-wide day of
action to push back DEA attempts to re-criminalize medical cannabis! ...
Washington Citizens for Medical Rights, sponsored a successful medical
cannabis ballot measure in November 1998. "As a result, this Initiative is now
State ... Visit:

 Excellent medical info on cannabis, Washington State's I-692 Medical
Marijuana Law ... Greencross. Washington State based buyer's cooperative
based     in    Seattle.     Trailblazer      in  state     ...   Visit: < for more.

 Marijuana links. Popular Searches: Medical Marijuana Links.
Marijuana Research Links. ... about marijuana, The Washington State
Medical Marijuana Act CHAPTER 69.51A RCW This is ... an activist for
medical marijuana. Chronic Cannabis Use A report on ... Click > here < for

  Open Directory - Society: Issues: Health: Drugs: Illegal: Pro-
Legalization: Marijuana: Medical Purposes ... to providing medical cannabis
to those in need. Initiative 692 - Medical Marijuana - WCMR of Washington
State ... use of medical cannabis in the state of Colorado. Medical Marijuana ...
click > here < for more.

 Others? Will be listed here. As we get the info. Know about one yourself?
Post it on the Bulletin Board, below.

 Cannabis Freedom Activist Network | Cannabis Freedom Activist
Network's Guide To Cannabis Research is a service of Freedom Activist
Network. Browse http://FreedomActivist.Net/index.html to view the complete
guide to Freedom Activist Network.

                            FORUMs Section
  Arkansas (AR) - Forums Message Boards - Medical
Marijuana ... | Arkansas (AR) - State of Arkansas, United States ... Contact
Us - Medical Marijuana, California Cannabis, Cannabis Clubs, Co-Op, ... Visit

Also, here are some national / international Forums -
 Ganja Grocer | We are your Medical Marijuana Resource Center. Learn
How to Become a Legal Medical Marijuana Patient. If you live in a state
with Medical Marijuana Laws, Come visit our forums today! Visit - < for more.

  CANNABIS.COM - is based in california and focused on providing the
best possible resources for future and current medical marijuana patients,
activists, and supporters. MessageBoard Forum. Cannabis FAQs. Image &
Picture Gallery. Medical Marijuana. Vaporizer FAQ. Advertising Information
... Visit:

 Cannabis Community Coalition. Forum for Medical Marijuana &
Medicinal Cannabis Patients. ... visit: < for more.

  The Compassionate Coalition's mission: To defend the rights of medical
marijuana patients and care providers through education and community
participation. A nonprofit grassroots organization that helps build and
support local chapters nation-wide, linking them with other medical
marijuana reform organizations and resources. Contact Information -
Mailing Address: The Compassionate Coalition * 1500 Oliver Road, Ste-K *
P.M.B. #248 * Fairfield, CA 94533-3473 * (NOTE: When sending mail to this
address, please be sure to write "The Compassionate Coalition" in the address
line.     Thanks!)      *     Fax:     (916)266-7455      *     or      Visit:

  The Amsterdam THC Ministry, First Universal Church of Kantheism, is
based on ancient wisdom, modern science and the enlightening and healing
properties of the cannabis sacrament. Their mission includes liberating the
sacred cannabis hemp plant and the minds and spirits of those who do and of
those who do not revere it. May we all enjoy the rich, abundant, joyful and
awakened life that is part of our natural inheritance. Visit: www.thc-

  Ya-Hooka; Health_and_Medicinal/Buyers_Clubs Organizations and
Compassion Clubs providing access to medical marijuana ... Co-op ~ The
Alternative Relief Co-op is a patient-oriented medical cannabis dispensary
located in San Francisco ... It Report Broken Link. Arizona Medical Marijuana
Co-Op ~ Click here for more.

 Welcome to the Cannabis Classifieds Want Ads. To buy cannabis for
medical purposes is legal in some areas. Here you will find hundreds of
medical doctors, professional growers, and prescription patients in need who
want to buy cannabis legally but can't find each other. Visit:

          EVENTs, Calendars and related Resources
 ASA: Events | 3rd Annual Candlelight Vigil for Medical Cannabis
Patients Saturday, April 22nd 2006 8 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
PhillyNORML      will    host    it's   3rd  annual ... visit  -

  HempFests | Street Fairs, Festivals and Farmers Markets - Music, Food
and Stuff for Sale or Barter - any opportunity for activists to booth, people to
gather and businesses to vend ... like any local versions of the Seattle Hempfest
... will be listed here as we find out about them.

  Marches | Demonstrations, Rallies and similar Action Items any situation
where activists are trying to educate or draw attention to - yet another - victim
and people are congregating ... like the Million Marijuana Marches ... will be
listed here as we find out about them.

 Other Types? Will be listed here. As we get the info. Know about one
yourself? Got an Idea? Post it on the Bulletin Board, below.

            BIZ, and related Commercial Resources
 Others? Will be listed here. As we get the info. Know about one yourself?
Post it on the Bulletin Board, below.

                    NEWs and related Resources

The Medical Cannabis and Arkansas - News Feeds >                    < Click here
                             to build yours!

                   Medical Cannabis NEWs Feed
                                                 Chattanooga Times Free 21 Oct
US TN: Editorial: A Fair Marijuana Policy                               2009
US MD: Editorial: Up in Smoke                    Baltimore Sun           21 Oct
US CO: Growth Of Medical-Marijuana Demand                                   25 Oct
                                                     Denver Post            2009
Fuels Colorado Land
US MA: Fed Memo Renews Medical Marijuana Push                               23 Oct
                                              Boston Herald                 2009
on Beacon Hill
US CO: Editorial: Vote 'Yes' To Decriminalize                               21 Oct
                                                     Summit Daily News      2009
Marijuana in
                                                                            21 Oct
US NJ: Editorial: It's About Time                    The Times              2009
                                                                            25 Oct
US CA: Editorial: The Real Criminals                 Santa Cruz Sentinel    2009
US CA: Editorial: We Must Have an Open                                      25 Oct
                                                     The Record             2009
Discussion About
                                                     San Diego Union        25 Oct
US CA: Budding Industry Helps Pot Patients                                  2009
                                                                            25 Oct
US FL: Column: It's High Time                        Miami Herald           2009

             Drug War in Arkansas in general NEWs
                                                          Pine Bluff        13 Sep
US AR: Drugs at the Root of Most Crime in Pine Bluff                        2009
                                                          The Baxter        13 May
US AR: Column: Arnold's Brave Call For A Pot Debate                         2009
                                                                            03 May
US AR: Drug Testing Now Mandatory                         Times Record      2009
                                                                            19 Mar
US AR: Edu: PUB LTE: Cannabis Message Must Change         The Herald        2009
US AR: Edu: OPED: Grass Could Bring In Governmental                         12 Mar
                                                          The Herald        2009
                                                                            05 Feb
US AR: Straight Talk                                      Arkansas Times    2009
                                                          Stuttgart Daily   24 Oct
US AR: Spreading The Word                                                   2008
                                                                            16 Oct
US AR: Schools Continue Drug Testing                      Arkansas Times    2008
US AR: Edu: Editorial: Taxpayers to Decide Whether        The Arkansas      10 Sep
Marijuana Should Be 'Low Prio                             Traveler          2008

US AR: Marijuana Ballot Question Awaits Signature         The Morning       30 Aug
Confirmation                                              News              2008
        See more at The Media Awareness Project > Drugnews Archive ... visit -

  Voters continue to approve marijuana policy reform measures at the local level -
Last update: June 22, 2009 | Medical marijuana law needed: Not one Arkansas
legislator had the courage to introduce medical marijuana legislation this legislative
session, leaving sick and dying patients vulnerable to arrest. Interestingly, last year
marked the 30th anniversary of the federal government's little-known medical
marijuana program, which was implemented under the federal government's
Investigational New Drug program. If the federal government can have a medical
marijuana program, why can't Arkansas? Please send your state legislators an e-mail
today asking them to introduce and support a medical marijuana bill next session.

Reform at the local level: On November 4, 2008, Fayetteville voters overwhelmingly
approved an initiative that makes the possession of an ounce or less of marijuana
intended for adult personal use the city's lowest enforcement priority. Voters
approved the initiative by a 66% to 34% margin. In 2006, Eureka Springs approved
a similar initiative that made marijuana offenses the lowest law enforcement
priority in the city by a 62% to 38% margin. Make no mistake, the time for change is
now, and citizens all across the country know it. Voters in Hailey, Idaho; Denver,
Colorado; Seattle, Washington; Columbia, Missouri; Missoula County, Montana; Hawaii
County, Hawaii; and Santa Barbara, Oakland, Santa Monica, and Santa Cruz in
California have approved similar lowest law enforcement priority measures in an attempt
to free up police resources, clear court dockets, and save the taxpayers money. In April,
the Associated Student Government of Fayetteville's University of Arkansas presented a
referendum to the student body which stated that marijuana offenses should not be
punished by the university any harsher than alcohol offenses. The referendum passed
with 67 percent of the student vote. Click the link below to read more about what
students at the University of Arkansas are doing to put an end to unjustified marijuana
policies. Please take a moment to build on this momentum by urging your legislators to
introduce sensible and humane marijuana legislation during the 2010 session. Visit -

 Arkansas (AR) MJ News Feed, by NORML. Latest news and more for Arkansas, by
NORML - the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. ... and more.
Visit -

 NORML News Feed. Visit -

 MarijuanaNews.Com, Freedom has nothing to fear from the truth ... Medical
Marijuana Co-operative Writes About Value Of Cannabis For MS Patients. Photo-
ID    Cards      For     Washington        State          Medical       ...     Visit:

 (Medical) Marijuana Info - Information. Candidates running for the House of
Representatives to the question: "Should smoked marijuana be a medical option
now?" ... 10/28/02. Oklahoma House Race - District 1 ... Visit:

  The American Alliance For Medical Cannabis (AAMC) | Dedicated to bringing
patients, caregivers and volunteers the facts they need to make informed decisions
about whether Cannabis is the right medicine for them, the laws surrounding
Medicinal Marijuana in your area, political activism and even handy recipes and guides
to growing your own nontoxic medicine. visit:

  Cannabis Times. Alternative News Service for Cannabis and Hemp ... Montana
Woman on Hunger Strike for Medical Cannabis. Visit Robin's Site * E-Mail the ...
The science of medical cannabis continued its climb in estimation of medical
professionals and ... visit:

   Common Sense for Drug Policy: Medical Marijuana Facts & News. Tuesday, July
12, 2005. Search using CSDP's own search tool or use. WWW Common Sense. More
CSDP News Pages ... card program for medical marijuana patients. The suspension has
... consequences of issuing medical marijuana ID cards that could affect medical
marijuana users, their families ..., by DrugSense | a News feed page. Visit:

  Stop the Drug War (DRCNet) is an international organization working for an end
to drug prohibition worldwide and for interim policy reform in US drug laws and
criminal justice system. visit -

                              some HISTORY
definition, it would be a contradiction in terms to list or classify a Reefer Madness
book as a work of "Non-Fiction." Thus both genres are group together here simply
as "Hard Cover" books; if only to distinguish them from the "Pulp Fiction" or
"Dime Store novels" discussed elsewhere. However where appropriate the terms
[Fiction] and [Non-Fiction] are used. Please take note - This Index consists solely of
those books that the museum has been able to locate and is in no way shape or form
complete. It should be thought of only as a starting point. Visit:
 Pharmacutical Museum Cannabis medical manufacturer | [Made post-1937
medical Cannabis products]. Burrough Brothers Mfg Co. - 123 Market Place,
Baltimore, ... Korn Pop Remedy Co. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ... visit -

  Cannabis Quack Medicines | ... contained it as an ingredient, Medical Cannabis
was as common as aspirin is ... the Hazeltine Corp., of Warren Pennsylvania, was
founded in 1869, and soon ... visit -

 NORML News Archive. Visit -

  Dr Tod | California doctor braves political pressure to prescribe marijuana for
those in need. ... German mother in a small Pennsylvania town during the Depression
and ... California Cannabis Resear... Click > here < for more.

 Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Re-legalization |... Youth," was, in fact,
Cannabis Hemp, the most traded commodity in the world ... visit -

                           Cannabis as Medicine
 Chris Conrad, Author / Activist | Consults with government agencies and
physicians including some of the world’s foremost authorities on cannabis and
patients as to their knowledge and experiences regarding cannabis. Court-qualified
expert witness in cannabis cultivation, sex, genetics, cloning, crop yields, preparation,
smell, medical use, personal use, dosage, consumption, sales, and commercial intent.

LEGALIZED ABUSE? By Lisa Prososki, a former middle school and high school
social studies, English, reading and technology teacher. Estimated Time:
Approximately 45 minutes/1 class period Lesson Objectives: (1) Students will use
cooperative learning activities to discuss opinions about medical marijuana use and see
both sides of the issue, (2) Students will use decision making skills and strategies to
render their own decision about the U.S. Supreme Court case related to medical
marijuana use. Click > here < for more.

  Medical Marijuana Pro/Con * Pros & cons on medical marijuana. Science, risks,
policies, & laws. Should marijuana be a medical option? This site presents in a
simple, nonpartisan pro-con format, responses to the core question "Should
marijuana be a medical option?" Divided questions about the topic into the issues and
sub-issues listed below. All individuals and organizations quoted on our site are ranked
based upon our unique credibility scale. [Note: Although physicians and attorneys are
listed on this site, they do          not   recommend      or   refer   either.]   visit:

 Medical Cannabis (marijuana) News, Information, Organizations, Links.
Resources and more. visit -

 Factbook: Medical Marijuana

1. Since 1996, twelve states have legalized medical marijuana use: AK, CA, CO, HI,
ME, MT, NV, NM, OR, RI, VT, and WA. Eight of the twelve did so through the
initiative process. Hawaii's law was enacted by the legislature and signed by the
governor in 2000, Vermont's was enacted by the legislature and passed into law without
the governor's signature in May 2004, Rhode Island's was passed into law over the
governor's veto in January 2006, and New Mexico's legislation was signed into law by
Governor Bill Richardson on April 2, 2007.

2. The Institute of Medicine's 1999 report on medical marijuana stated, "The
accumulated data indicate a potential therapeutic value for cannabinoid drugs,
particularly for symptoms such as pain relief, control of nausea and vomiting, and
appetite stimulation." And more. Visit -

  NORML / Medical Use / Introduction | Introduction. Select One Send All States
Canada Mexico Europe Other Alabama Alaska Am. ... District of Columbia
FEDERAL Florida Georgia Guam Oklahoma Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas
Kentucky Louisiana of individual patients to use medical cannabis under state law, or
the ... visit:

  Medical Marijuana Handbook | This a draft by Todd. H. Mikuriya MD, a long-
time advocate of medical cannabis, respected author and one of the medical staff at
the San Francisco Buyers Club. Its patchy, and uncomplete, and acts only as a
framework for Dr Todd to store snippets of info on various aspects of medical
cannabis. Marijuana as Medicine - A Plea for Reconsideration, is a commentary
article written by Lester Grinspoon and James Bakalar, which appeared in the June
21st 1995 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association. Medical
cannabis web resources. Medical Marijuana Handbook This a draft by Todd. H. Mikuriya
MD, a long-time advocate of medical cannabis, respected author and one of the medical
staff at ... visit:

 Medical Marijuana Info Online Resource for Medical Marijuana Information.
Partners. Events. Legalization. Doctors. Federal Law(s) Lawyers. Medical/Medicinal.
AIDS/HIV. History. Magazines ... Ohio Marijuana Party. Montana. Montana NORML ...
 Medical Marijuana - Master Reference | Note: This page was prepared for the
November, 1996 election. Some of the external links may be out of date. ... Cannabis
Research Library - A collection ... visit -

  Cannabis Yields and Dosage | the authoritative study of the science and legalities
of calculating medical marijuana. The booklet is available as a PDF by ... visit -

  Medical Marijuana ... to Washington's New Medical Marijuana Law" was
adopted to ... The Washington State Medical Marijuana Act CHAPTER 69.51A ...
list of professional medical associations. Marijuana as medicine ... Visit:

 MarijuanaNews.Com, Freedom has nothing to fear from the truth ... Court
Decision On Medical Cannabis Expected This Week ... Medical Marijuana Co-
operative Writes About Value Of Cannabis For MS Patients. Photo-ID Cards For
Washington State Medical ... Visit:

  CCRMG - California Cannabis Research Medical Group - WWW.CCRMG.ORG
| Autumn 2004. O'Shaughnessy's. Journal of the California Cannabis Research
Medical Group ... medical effects of cannabis. It is unl... visit -

  Medical cannabis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A catalog page offering
Cannabis sativa extract. Medical cannabis refers to the use of Cannabis as a physician
recommended herbal th... visit:

 Accepted Medical Use of Cannabis: Medical Professionals by |
Cannabis's accepted medical use in the United States is increasingly recognized by
health   care     professionals   and    the    medical       community.      visit:

  Proven : Cannabis is Safe Medicine by Ian Williams Goddard | In reaction to
medical cannabis access referendums on the ballots in Arizona and California,
former presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and George Bush signed a letter
stating that they "categorically oppose'' access to cannabis for its many proven
therapeutic uses such as the prevention of blindness and epileptic seizures. Their
chief concern was that legal medical access would send the message that cannabis is
safe. The presidents can, however, lay their safety concerns to rest because the
scientific literature overwhelmingly confirms that cannabis is both an effective and
safe medicine. The Cannabis Safety Profile. The journal PHARMACOLOGICAL
REVIEWS reports that decades of research prove that, "Compared with legal
drugs...marijuana does not pose greater risks." Yet based upon mortality statistics, we can
safely conclude that cannabis is one of the safest medical drugs known, for, while
prescription drugs, defined as safe by the FDA, kill up to 27,000 and aspirin up to 1,000
Americans per year, cannabis kills 0 per year. Click here for more.

  Medicinal Cannabis Cannabis Facts, Cannabis Law, Hemp, Peyote Info, Salvia
Divinorum Info ... therapeutic uses for medical cannabis has been entertained in ...
1990's, medical cannabis ballot initiatives have received a majority of votes in Arizona,
Arizona, California, Colorado ... visit:

  Medical Cannabis Strains - Geoffrey Guy, MD (GW Pharmaceuticals, U.K) |
Founder and President of G.W. Pharmaceuticals in Russia, Dr. Geoffrey Guy's
observations about the mammalian Cannabinoid system (with more receptors
throughout the body than any other system) are presented to the Second Clinical
Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics, held in Portland, OR in May, 2002. First
discussing CB1 and CB@ receptors; the modulatory effect on dopamine, GABA and
glutamate; and cross-talk with other receptors, Dr. Guy then examines Phyto-
Cannabinoids (plant based)THC, CBD and others, with GW's success in producing whole
extracts from 3 tonnes/year of dried marijuana and years of genetic breeding to feature
both       high      THC       and      high      CBD        strains.     ...     Visit:

   Cannabis Headquarters - Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) Strains ... articles about
specific medical conditoins and how cannabis ... ever heard of PURPLE Nepal ? ...
... Visit -

  Medical Cannabis Menu - Safe 420 Deliver... Purple Russia. Indoor, Indica, very
exotic-rare. Purple Nepal.jpg ? SEO by Artio. Medical Cannabis Delivered! 949-334-
3065.      ...           ...            Visit     -

           BOOKs on Medical Cannabis (marijuana)
                      and related
  Is Marijuana the Right Medicine for You? | A Factual Guide to Medical Uses of
Marijuana by Bill Zimmerman, PhD with Rick Bayer, MD and Nancy Crumpacker,
MD, ISBN#0-87983-906-6 (Keats 1998). Chapter 3: Why All the Controversy? What
Does       The      Research      Actually      Show?     is     online      at:

  Examine the pros, cons, and controversies of marijuana as medicine! | Cannabis is
still sending “signals of misunderstanding.”1-3 The result is an exaggeration of
beneficial or deleterious effects as well as occasional intermixture of medical science
with other moral categories. This book deals with health aspects of the cannabis
plant and the cannabinoids while mainly factoring out societal aspects. Some
authors refer to social topics that require discussion even within the bounds of a
narrow handling of medicinal aspects. “Cannabis and Cannabinoids; Pharmacology,
Toxicology, and Therapeutic Potential”. Edited by Franjo Grotenhermen, MD; Nova-
Institut GmBH, Hürth, Germany and Ethan Russo, MD; Montana Neurobehavioral
Specialists, Missoula, Montana. Hard Cover (ISBN-13: 978-0-7890-1507-7, ISBN-10: 0-
7890-1507-2) $79.95

  Marijuana Rx: The Patient's Fight for Medicinal Pot (Book) by Robert Randall &
Alice O'Leary * This is a story of government betrayal -- a betrayal that continues
today. But it is also a story of human courage and perseverance. Please take the time
to read this book. Afterall, none of us are immune from the illnesses that marijuana can
treat -- glaucoma, cancer, multiple sclerosis and more. Some day you might need medical
access to marijuana. We pray that it will be as simple as a doctor's prescription. Full text
articles, news summaries, supporting organizations and states, additional resources, and
information on medical marijuana. Visit:

  Medical Marijuana Your search on medical marijuana has brought you to
Questia, the world's largest online academic library. The Questia online library
offers reliable books, journals, and articles that you can trust on medical
marijuana. With Questia you can quickly research, cite, and quote with complete
confidence. Save substantial time without sacrificing research quality. Research Medical
Marijuana Find quality info at the world's online library. 435,000 books, articles. Search
or read full text, highlight, cite and auto-create bibliographies and get a personal
bookshelf. Click here for more.

  Laboratory, grade A cannabis specially imported from America ... the California
Cannabis Research Medical Group, Summer 2003 ... the California Cannabis
Research        Medical        Group,        Summer    2003        ...      Visit:

           misc Related LINKs, Web Rings, and such
  LegalJoint: Medical and Other Marijuana Links. A selection links to HIGH quality
canabis web sites, related to medical or recreational mmj use. ... Visit:

 Marijuana links. Popular Searches: Medical Marijuana Links. Marijuana
Research Links. ... about marijuana, The Washington State Medical Marijuana Act
CHAPTER 69.51A RCW This is ... an activist for medical marijuana. Chronic Cannabis
Use A report on ... Click > here < for more.

 Cannabis - Medical Wonder Drug or Worldwide Anathema? Cannabis - you'll
hear it called wacky backy, marijuana, weed, puff, smoke, pot, ... countries such as
Morocco , Lebanon , Pakistan , Nepal , Afghanistan and India ... Major producer
countries such as Morocco , Lebanon , Pakistan , Nepal , Afghanistan and India
compete in a bouyant market, with around 40% of the weed coming from the "cannabis
farms" in Morocco . Significant amounts are also starting to be produced in North
America and Europe . ... Visit -

 Medical 101 (Links, “Web-Ring”) * A potential starting point for Medical
Cannabis info. Find what you're looking for! Visit:

  Marijuana Drug Slang Dictionary | Drug Slang Dictionary - Marijuana. Click here
for more.

 Our Rights and Freedoms | The U.S. Constitution and it's Bill of Rights bestow
our rights and freedoms as Americans. Court interpretations and decisions, like the
Supreme Court's Miranda rights ruling define the sco... Click > here < for more.

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