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					 Brand Equity
                     Brand Equity
 Product and services in the market are identified by the brand name.
  Brand is the symbol, label or source of identification for the products
  and services.

 There are thousands of products from different companies are
  available in the market place but some are more preferred by
  customer and other are less preferred. Products people love to buy
  and agree to pay more are due to the reputation of the product.
  Brand equity is intangible asset for the company; it delivers value to
  the customer.
       Positive or Negative brand
 Products or services with positive brand equity deliver value to the
   customer based on its quality, experience, durability, availability,
   services, warranty and etc. Companies charge more premiums
   indicate higher brand equity.

 Negative brand equity has a worst impact on the company image.
   The cause of negative brand image is poor quality, customer bad
   experience with the product, bad word of mouth and most important
   poor performance of the previous product and services. Customers
   are not willing to buy the products with negative brand equity
   because its not equal to the worth of amount.
      Sources of brand equity
 Market Research
  Introducing brand in the market needs quantities or qualitative
  research to get familiar with the trends and different attributes.
  Proper market research allows the company to launch a right brand
  for the right segment.

 Quality
  New product must incorporate quality ingredient because first
  impression is the last impression. If customers are satisfied with the
  quality of your product then customers will suggest other people to
  go for this product by sharing good thoughts.

 Brand Name
  Brand name should be related to the product and easy to remember.

 Brand Positioning
  Position brand in such a way that customer can remember it for a
  long time and position in his mind
 Marketing Mix
  The proper use of marketing mix adds value in the brand marketing.
  Promotion and personal relation increase brand equity.

 Brand Extension
  To polish your brand, bring some new products and services under
  the umbrella of same brand name. For example, Dettole Soap and
  shampoo, Lux Soap and Lux Shampoo, LG monitors and mobiles.

 Customer opinion
  Always look for customer opinion because they know the best and
  worst about the product. For example - Procter & Gamble ask for the
  customer idea for their product through their customer portal.
         Top brands of the world
 1 –Google

 2- General Electric

 3- Microsoft

 4-Cocal Cola

 5-China Mobile

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