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									Bouygues Construction
      in 2005

Bouygues group
simplified organisation chart




                                   PROPERTY                                 A major
                                                   diversified industrial group

                       83%        TELECOMS

                                                                  113,400 employees
                                    MEDIA                   2004 sales: €23.4bn
A diversified group
5 business areas

                                              Colas              Bouygues Construction
                      World’s no.1 road construction             World leader in building, civil works
                             and maintenance group               and electricity/maintenance activities

                 Bouygues Immobilier
                 2nd property developer in                               Bouygues Telecom
                    residential segment in                               3rd French mobile
                   France;1st in corporate                               phone operator

                                                       Leading French TV group
Sales and


                                                 Sales in billion euros*
                                                        Consolidated by Bouygues


                                    7.9                  Bouygues Construction
                                                         Bouygues Immobilier
                            3,900                        Bouygues Telecom
                    7,400                                TF1


                                                               * At 31st December 2004
The core business,
Bouygues Construction

                                 Bouygues Construction is
                     derived from the company created in       1952
                                     by Francis Bouygues,
                                  specialised in building in
                                           the Paris region.
by geographical zone

                           Sales of 5.5 billion euros were generated in 2004,
                                of which 41% on international markets

                        Central America
                        Caribbean 2%

                 Asia - Pacific 11%

                       Africa 7%
                                                              France 59%
              Central and
              Eastern Europe 14%

                Western Europe 17%
International presence

                                                    Present in 60 countries
                                        38,500 employees including 20,500 outside France
                                                        Germany, Belgium, Spain, France,
                                                        Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg,   Croatia, Hungary, Poland,
                                                        Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, UK,    Czech Republic, Romania,
                                                        Switzerland                           Russia, Slovakia

                                                                                                     Afghanistan, Australia,
                                                                                                     China/Hong Kong, South
                                                                                                     Korea, India, Indonesia,
            Argentina, Canada, Chile,                                                                Iran, Japan, Malaysia,
            Cuba, Haïti, Jamaica,                                                                    Philippines, Singapore,
            Mexico, Dominican Rep.,                                                                  Taiwan, Thailand,
            USA.                                                                                     Turkmenistan, Vietnam

                                                  South Africa, U.A. Emirates, Benin,
                                                  Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo,
                                                  Ivory Coast, Egypt, Gabon, Ghana,
                                                  Eq. Guinea, Mali, Morocco, Mauritius,
                                                  Mozambique, Nigeria, Uganda,
                                                  Tanzania, Chad, Togo, Tunisia
Bouygues Construction
7 operational entities
                                            by entity

                           €1,078m                      Workforce
                                                            by entity


                  €749m           3,700

                   €503m                                                     38,500 employees
    Civil Works
                                     450                                2004 sales: €5.5bn

Bouygues Construction
Executive Committee

                                  P. Fabié
                                  Chairman & CEO,
                                  Bouygues Batiment Ile-de-France
                        P. Bonnave
                        CEO, Bouygues Entreprises

                O-M. Racine
                CEO, Bouygues Bâtiment

             C. Gazaignes
             CEO, Bouygues Travaux Publics

                                                                                 M. Cote
                                                                              Deputy CEO                 Y. Gabriel
               J-P. Trin                                                                           Chairman & CEO
               CEO, Specialist Civil Works

                    C. Paradis
                    CEO, Concessions division

                                                    J-M. Kiviatkowski R. Benarrosh    P. Grangé      F. Jacquel
                                                         Legal Affairs    Financial        Chief        Human
                                 G. Desruelles                         Engineering     Financial     Resources
                                 Chairman & CEO,                                         Officer
Four strategic priorities for   development

                                                                 These particularly buoyant markets are
                                                            particularly profitable and enable the Group
                                                        to achieve a better balance in its operations by
                                                  means of business based on complementary cycles.
                                                Bouygues Construction is on the look-out for external
                                                    growth opportunities which enable it to extend the
                                              territorial coverage of ETDE in France and/or to acquire
                                                                             complentary technical skills.

                                                                     Public-private partnerships:
                                            PPP are long-term contracts which generaly incorporate
                                          financing, designing, building, operating and maintaining
                                                                  a building or an infrastructure. In
                                                  the past seven years, Bouygues Construction has
                                                           become a specialist in these operations.
Four strategic priorities for   development

                                                                    Property development:
                                                     This sector enables to offer the customer a
                                                   full-service solution, or otherwise to devise a
                                                construction project on an existing site requiring
                                                  development. The Group operates through its
                                              subsidiary Sodéarif in the Paris region, the Cirmad
                                               network in the rest of France and in Europe, and
                                                        markets this approach in other countries.

                                                             Infrastructures concessions:
                                               Bouygues Construction offers expertise in setting
                                               up concessions. Its approach consists in creating
                                                new operations which wil generate work for the
                                              company in the short term and produce reccurent
                                                                      revenue in the long term.
Our main assets

                                 A taste for technical challenge
                     Tangier-Mediterranean harbour - Morocco
                     Construction of a 2 km-long deep-water harbour
                      using 6,500 Accropode blocks and around forty
                    28 m-diameter and 35 m-high concrete caissons.

                  Recognised expertise in complex packaged
                                      development projects
                     British Home Office headquarters - London
                   Construction of the British Home Office in London :
                        demolition of three office blocks, design-build
                              of the new headquarters, and a 26-year
                                                 maintenance contract.
Our main assets

                                     Ability to develop in new areas
                     Assembly plant for the PSA Peugeot-Citroën group in
                  Slovakia, freight terminal in the Dominican Republic,
                                                       viaduct in Chile…

                                      Development of new activities
                     Facilities management business: maintenance of
                      hospitals and schools in the United Kingdom mainly
                                                        but also in France.
Our commitments

                          Building solutions for a demanding world

                      Committed to ensuring that sustainable development
                       is at the heart of its actions, Bouygues Construction
                  strives to square its ambitions for profitable growth with
                              its responsibilities in terms of the environment,
                          human resources, economic development and the
                                  improvement of our everyday surroundings.

                                                       Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France
                                                    provides its clients with a global range of
                                            competencies in five major areas: private-sector
                                          new construction, private-sector renovation, public
                                            buildings, residential housing and public housing
 Headquarters of the newspaper Le Monde                                                projects.

                                            The global offering is complemented by Brézillon
                                               (industrial civil engineering, environment and
                                            rehabilitation) and Sodéarif and Elan, companies
                                             specialised in property development and project

                                                            Sales 2004: €1,078 million
                                                            Workforce: 4,000
  The « Maison de Solenn »
Operational entities

                                                           Bouygues Entreprises France-Europe
                                                               consists of a network of large regional
                                                            subsidiaries of Bouygues Construction in
                                             France and Western Europe (United Kingdom, Belgium,
The Francisco Ferrer high school - France                    Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain). They
                                            operate in the construction and civil engineering sectors.
                                                       The majority of them have their own property
                                                       development subsidiaries that are responsible
                                                      for projects from the design and finance stage
                                                                    and see them through to delivery.

                                                                 Sales 2004: €1,706 million
                                                                 Workforce: 6,500

  The Saint-Clair development

                                         Active in twenty countries, whether through
                                                 local subsidiaries or major contracts,
                                                Bouygues Bâtiment International
 Sail@Marina Bay towers                     can contribute at every stage of a project,
                                   from development to operation of the completed
                          facilities. Its renowned design-build expertise is applied
                                     to all types of building, including hotels, offices,
                                  housing, exhibition centres, shopping centres and

                                                  Sales 2004: €788 million
                                                  Workforce: 9,500

 Kiptchak mosque

                                       Specialised in tunnels and large-scale civil
                            engineering, Bouygues Travaux Publics bases its
  Tangiers Port              business on highly technical, value-added projects.
                               The company is heavily deployed outside France,
                            with international business now accounting for 70%
                                                                      of the total.

                                                 Sales 2004: €749 million
                                                 Workforce: 3,700

 Chi Ma Wan tunnel – Hong

 Penny’s Bay – Hong Kong
                                            VSL develops highly specialised prestressed
                                   systems for civil engineering structures and buildings
                                   and cable stay systems for bridges. Highly committed
                                        to research and development programmes, VSL
                                     currently holds 35 patents and offers its customers
                                                    high-added value technical expertise.

                                                       Sales 2004: €187 million
                                                       Workforce: 2,400

 Bridge across the Neva – Russia

                                                  A part of Bouygues Construction’s Specialist
                                          Civil Works division, DTP Terrassement draws on
                                       its expertise in earth-moving in projects ranging from
 LGV Est high-speed railway - France
                                            small-scale local sites to the excavation of roads,
                                          motorways and high-speed rail links, as well as the
                                                                 operation of open-cast mines.

                                                            Sales 2004: €316 million
                                                            Workforce: 3,000

 A89 motorway- France

                                                           In France and elsewhere, the
                                              Concessions division operates the road
                                           infrastructure concession-holding companies
                                           in which Bouygues Construction has a stake.
Istria motorway - Croatia            Development is based on a global approach to the
                                        concessions market, which consists of having a
                                      participation in new operations start-ups so as to
                                                        generate work in the short term
                                 for the company and produce recurring income in the
                                                                             long term.

                                                Receipts 2004: €106 million
                                                Workforce: 450

Highway 2000 motorway- Jamaica

                                               ETDE, Bouygues Construction’s electrical
                                       contracting/maintenance subsidiary, is a systems
  Electrical networks - France   integrator-assembler working in France and elsewhere
                                         in the fields of electrical, mechanical and HVAC
                                        engineering, communications systems, facilities
                                      management and external networks and facilities

                                                     Sales 2004: €746 million
                                                     Workforce: 8,000

  HVAC engineering - France
Prestigious projects for 50 years

                                       Richelieu wing
                                       in the Louvre

                      Channel tunnel

                                                  Riyadh University
                                                  Saoudi Arabia
Prestigious projects for 50 years

                               Hassan II Mosque

 Grande Arche at La Défense

                                            Normandy Bridge
Prestigious projects for 50 years

                                       French National Library

 Avignon viaducts - France

                                    Orsay museum
                                    in Paris
Prestigious projects for 50 years

                                        Hong Kong Convention
                                        & Exhibition Centre

                                    Grand Hôtel Intercontinental
                                    in Paris

                                                            Stade de France
Prestigious projects for 50 years

                                    Palais des congrès in Paris

                                          Groene Hart tunnel
 Cœur Défense                             Netherlands
 office development - France
Prestigious projects for 50 years

                                        Ile de Ré bridge - France

Cairo metro - Egypt

                                    Budapest multisports
                                    complex - Hungary

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