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									                               Promoting electric vehicles in London

                                16 September 2009

                                 Marie-Barbe Girard, TfL Delivery Unit

                                 Brimsdown Freight Quality Partnership 2009 Conference

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner

                              • Why promote electric vehicles?

                              • The Mayor’s electric vehicle delivery plan

                              • Learning from others: the “electric 10”

                              • Engaging with the freight industry

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner                                    1
      What do we mean by ‘electric vehicle’?

             • The term electric vehicles apply to all types of vehicle, including electric cars,
               motorbikes, and vans
             • Commercial vehicles such as delivery vans and waste management vehicles are
               also included
             • Whilst we are aiming for as many pure electric vehicles as possible, planning and
               policy-making must also consider use of plug-in hybrids

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner                                                           2
      Compared to ICE cars, electric vehicles have lower carbon emissions, no impact
      on local air quality, are quieter and are cheaper to run

                                            Reduced carbon emissions
                                            • Cars, motorcycles and road freight are responsible for 16% of London’s total CO2
                                            • Hybrids emit 30-40% less CO2 than comparable ICE vehicles
                                            • With electric vehicles, CO2 reductions are dependent on the source of electricity used for
                                               charging. At the standard UK grid mix electric vehicles emit ~40% less CO2 than
                                               comparable ICE vehicles – potentially zero carbon in the future

                                            Improved air quality
                                            • London’s air quality is the worst in the UK and breaches EU and national targets 
                                            • 10% of London’s emissions of NOx and 33% of its PM10 emissions come directly from cars
                                            • Electric vehicles have zero emissions at the tailpipe

                                            Reduced noise
                                            • Over 25% of people in London say noise from traffic and transport is a major or fairly major
                                            • At high speeds, most noise is down to wind and tyres so there is little difference between
                                               ICE and electric vehicles. However, electric vehicles are almost silent whilst idling.

                                            Low running costs
                                            • Fuel costs are <5p/km compared to ~18p/km for an equivalent petrol vehicle
                                            • Electric vehicles often incur lower insurance premiums
                                            • There are several financial incentives available to promote electric vehicles, such as no
                                               road tax, Congestion Charge exemption and access to an increasing number of free/
                                               discounted parking spaces

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner                                                                                                    3
      Promotion of electric vehicles is only one element of plans to reduce transport
      emissions in London
                To reduce emissions from transport, we aim to

                                                                • Reduce the need to travel and the distance travelled

                                                                • Promote the most sustainable modes of transport - walking, cycling and public

                                                                • Continue efforts to decarbonise the public transport fleet

                                                                • Encourage eco-driving

                                                                • Tackle traffic congestion

                                                                • Promote cleaner vehicles – plug-in hybrids and battery electric, hydrogen,
                                                                  biofuels, lower-emission petrol and diesel models

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner                                                                                                         4
      Promotion of electric vehicles has not been a TfL priority in the past. By far the
      most effective incentive has been the congestion charge exemption

      Existing TfL policies to promote EVs

                                            • Electric vehicles are exempt from the Congestion Charge - £8 per
                                              day, ~£1700 per year

                                            • £1m over 2007-10 to fund feasibility studies and 177 charging
                                              points . Over 100 already in place

                                            • Funded – co-ordinated by Camden, the best
                                              source of information for consumers about Evs and charging
                                              points locations in London

                                            • Encouraging contractors to use electric vehicles; 18 in use to

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner                                                                        5

                              • Why promote electric vehicle?

                              • The Mayor’s electric vehicle delivery plan

                              • Learning from others: the “Electric 10”

                              • Engaging with the freight industry

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner                                    6
      The Mayor aims for London to become the “electric vehicle capital of Europe” – a
      high level delivery plan was launched in May 2009

                                                                      Three key workstreams:

                                                                      - Infrastructure: develop a
                                                                      comprehensive network of
                                                                      electric charging points

                                                                      - Vehicles: make EVs more
                                                                      common place on London

                                                                      - Marketing and incentives:
                                                                      stimulate the market

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner                                                           7
      INFRASTRUCTURE: 25,000 charging points will be installed in London by 2015

          • Up to 500 standard charging points on-street – targeting high
                 potential areas in London (see next slides)
          • Around 2,000 in publicly accessible car parks, e.g
                 Underground/rail stations car parks, borough car parks, NCP
                 car parks...
          • 22,500 charging points in employee car parks
          • A pan-London network of fast charging points - almost
                 everybody within 3 miles of a point. Likely to be off-street, e.g.
                 supermarket car parks (see next slides)
          • Charging points in new developments: 20% of all new car
                 parking spaces equipped with charging points (proposed
                 alteration to London Plan). Could deliver a further 20,000
                 points by 2015

                              A high level infrastructure location plan will be published in November

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner                                                               8
      To target charging infrastructure investment at high potential areas, we have
      analysed the profile of current EV and hybrid car owners

   There is a band across
   London, from the north to
   the south west, where
   electric vehicles are more
   This can in part be
   explained by current
   policies: Camden and
   Westminster have strong
   electric vehicle incentives
   in the congestion charge
   discount and free parking.

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner                                             9
      Hybrid cars are registered in similar locations, but are slightly more centrally

   The take up of hybrids in
   the same areas can
   partly be explained by
   the congestion charging
   discount. There is no
   free parking for hybrids in
   these Boroughs.
   Take up is at least in part
   due to the fact that the
   residents in these
   Boroughs are more
   ‘environmentally aware’ 
   and have higher
   disposable income.

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner                                                10
      Existing driver customer segmentations can be used to better understand
      potential EV early adopters

                 Segment                                         Typical attitude                            Car use

    Environmentally aware “Being environmentally responsible is important to me”                          Above average

                                            “I drive because it’s convenient and not because I enjoy 
        Dissatisfied drivers                                                                              Above average

                                             “Environmental threats such as global warming have 
              Care free car                                                                             Well above average
                                                             been exaggerated”

                                            “People should be allowed to use their cars as much as 
          Committed to car                                                                                Above average
                                            they like, even if it causes damage to the environment”

                                             “I would be willing to pay higher taxes on car use if I 
          Car free lifestyle                  knew the revenue would be used to support public          Well below average

            Aspire to drive                     “I would use a car if I could afford to have one”       Well below average

 Source: MOSAIC Driver: a geodemographic segmentation based on driver types, Steer Davies Gleave.
Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner                                                                                    11
      “Car free lifestyle” and “environmentally aware” Londoners make up two thirds of 
      current electric vehicle owners

                        MOSAIC              Electric car   Hybrid car
                                                                        All Londoners
                       Driver type            owners        owners

        Car Free Lifestyle                      33            24             13

        Environmentally Aware                   32            29             14

        Aspire to drive                         16            10             37

        Committed to Car                         4             6             15

        Dissatisfied Drivers                     3             8             13

        Care Free Car                            2            11             8

        Can’t be categorised2                   10            12             1

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner                                                 12
      Based on this analysis, likely EV early adopters are based primarily in central,
      north and south west London

                                                                      Likely EV early
                                                                      environmentally aware
                                                                      (green) and car free
                                                                      lifestyle (pink), are
                                                                      based primarily in
                                                                      north, central and south
                                                                      west London.

                                                                      Few are based in north
                                                                      east and west London.

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner                                                        13
      High potential home and destination areas have also been identified using a
      number of criteria

      Households with off street parking

                                                                      Criterias including off
                                                                      street parking availability,
                                                                      multiple car ownership,
                                                                      commuting patterns, job
                                                                      concentration, availability
                                                                      of workplace parking have
                                                                      been used to identify high
                                                                      potential areas

                                                 Number of households
                                                 with off street parking

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner                                                            14
      Based on both analyses, “hotspots” for the installation of EV charging points have 
      been identified

                                                                Example: Camden
                                                                Target households (pink/
                                                                car free lifestyle and green/
                                                                environmentally aware) live
                                                                primarily in Hampstead, in
                                                                the north of the Borough
                                                                around the Heath and south
                                                                of Chalk Farm (around the
                                                                outskirts of Regents Park).

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner                                                       15
      Hampstead and Swiss Cottage have high EV potential and should be prioritised
      when installing electric charging infrastructure

                                                           Target households are
                                                           primarily in the north of the
                                                           Borough, particularly the
                                                           Hampstead area, where there
                                                           are many car commuters and
                                                           households with multiple cars,
                                                           but limited off street parking.

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner                                                    16
      The pan-London network of fast charging points will be implemented in
      partnership with the private sector

     Example: Sainsbury’s supermarkets with parking facilities in 
                                                                                                          98% of London’s population 
                                                                                                          is within 3 miles of a
                                                                                                          Sainsbury’s supermarket 
                                                                                                          (equivalent to 91%
                                                                                                          geographic coverage)

                                                                                                          Similar levels of coverage
                                                                                                          could be achieved via other
                                                                                                          partners or combinations of

 Example only: no agreement is in place with Sainsbury’s or any other commercial business at this stage

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner                                                                                               17
      VEHICLES: we aim to have 1,000 vehicles in the Greater London Authority fleet by

     Fleet vehicles (vans and cars)
     • Already plans for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles (cars and vans) this year
         through trial programmes
     • Procurement plan will be developed by December 2009 to accelerate roll-out
                 – Checking contracts with leasing companies
                 – Understanding fleet vehicle activity and performance requirements
     • Investigating scope to put more pressure on GLA suppliers to increase the
         use of EVs and opportunities to leverage Olympics

     Taxis and PHVs: programme under development – key to tackling air quality

     • Battery-powered buses are not yet able to meet arduous operational
     • Hybrids provide a pathway to lower-carbon buses in the future
     • TfL currently has 60 hybrid buses in operation and procurement is about to
         accelerate rapidly. From 2012 all new buses in London will be hybrids
Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner
      ... We will also support the adoption of electric vehicles by the private sector, car
      clubs and Borough fleets...

                                            Private sector – commercial fleet operators
                                            • Engaging with commercial fleet operators to encourage them to
                                             switch part of their fleet to EVs

                                            Private sector – car clubs
                                            • Partnerships with car clubs will increase awareness of EVs amongst
                                             the general public - currently around 1,500 car club vehicles in
                                             London with 70,000 members
                                            • Car clubs provide an opportunity to reach more environmentally
                                             aware members of the public who might be more receptive to EVs
                                             but do not own their own car

                                            Public sector – Borough fleets
                                            • Aim to provide support for EV procurement
                                            • Opportunities to encourage EV adoption across suppliers and local

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner                                                                          19
      ... And encourage Londoners to take up EVs with a view to achieving 100,000
      electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in London as soon as possible

      Private sector – general public

      • Incentives will be crucial to promote uptake
      • National Government must lead on tackling higher upfront EV costs
          (e.g., scrappage payments, EV rebates, lower sales and road taxes, etc)

      • London will:
                  – Guarantee the 100% Congestion Charge discount

                  – Look to provide consistent parking incentives across
                    the city (e.g., priority or discounted parking)

                  – Install dedicated bays and charge points for car club EVs

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner
      MARKETING AND INCENTIVES: A strong and easily recognisable EV brand will be
      essential, as will joint working on Pan-London initiatives

    • A London EV Brand to:
              • identify publicly accessible charging points

              • highlight electric vehicles in the GLA’s fleet and in 
                  our partners’ fleets

              • Use for marketing purposes, e.g. direct marketing ,
                  smarter travel initiatives, EV website, etc.

    • A London-wide membership scheme for EV users
    • London-wide incentives to promote EVs

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner

                              • Why promote electric vehicles?

                              • The Mayor’s electric vehicle delivery plan

                              • Learning from others: the “Electric 10”

                              • Engaging with the freight industry

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner                                    22
       We have formed the “Electric 10” to share their practical experience with electric 
       vehicles and assist other organisations

   10 companies already use electric
   commercial vehicles and have agreed to work with
   the Mayor to drive the uptake of these vehicles in

   •   TNT Express
   •   Sainsbury’s
   •   UPS
   •   Speedy (Hire)
   •   Go Ahead
   •   Amey
   •   DHL
   •   Royal Mail
   •   Marks & Spencer
   •   Tesco

   Based on their experiences, we are currently
   developing a guide to inform operators of the costs
   and benefits of EVs and develop a business case.

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner
        Their experience with EVs points to a range of clear benefits

     • Environmental benefits – in terms of reduced CO2 and zero emissions of air pollutants
     • PR benefits, and benefits of winning work with contractors who have environmental
     policies - following the success of their pilot scheme, Speedy have expanded their fleet within the
     London area and now have vehicles in Manchester and Glasgow. They reckon these vehicles have
     been a key differentiator in winning major contracts throughout the UK as clients seek to reduce the
     environmental impact of their own supply chain.

     • Cost savings in fuel (up to 10 times cheaper), but also road tax, congestion charging,
     maintenance (less wear and tear, fewer services)

     • Better suited to the urban environment: saving up to 1800-1900 gear changes a day helps
     reduce driver fatigue, while reduced noise pollution is a benefit to services delivered in residential

         "Not only are our electric vehicles the most environmentally friendly vehicles on the market, there are also
         potential significant cost savings in the long-term. On average it costs just £40 a week to power a zero
         emission vehicle as opposed to around £200 spent on diesel fuel. The electric vehicles are also exempt from
         the London congestion charge of approximately £1,750 a year per vehicle and do not incur road tax in the
         UK. If we extended this to 10 per cent of our fleet in urban locations, the cost savings to the company
         would run into millions of pounds."
         Tom Bell, Regional Managing Director, TNT Express UK Ireland

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner

                              • Why promote electric vehicles?

                              • The Mayor’s electric vehicle delivery plan

                              • Learning from others: the “electric 10”

                              • Engaging with the freight industry

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner                                    25
      Engagement with the private sector, in particular the freight industry, will be
      critical to achieve the Mayor’s targets

    • What information do you need to make a business case for EVs?

    • What is the best way to provide this information to you? Information pack, technical
        presentations for fleet managers?

    • How easy is it to test drive an electric vehicle? Should we do more?
    • What are the main barriers for the take up of EVs in your industry?

    • Which incentives would prove most efficient to encourage EVs? Which Government
        incentives programmes have worked best in the past?

Delivery Unit, Office of the Commissioner

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