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					Nanny                    Summary, Guide and Proposal

Insurance for Nannies, Doulas, Maternity Nurses and
Childminders exempt from compulsory registration

                                                  Arranged by

                                                          Nanny is for qualified or experienced nannies,
                                                          doulas and maternity nurses, who care for a
                                                          child or children aged 0 - 17 and/or pre- and
                                                          post-natal mothers, based in the child’s or
                                                          mother’s own home. It is also for childminders
                                                          exempt from compulsory registration who are
                                                          those that care for children aged over 8 or aged
                                                          0-8 for less than 2 hours a day from the carer’s
                                                          own home.

                                                          Cover is not restricted to the home. It also
                                                          applies if you, as part of your role, take the
                                                          children in your care out on trips, to the shops
                                                          or to play in the park - anywhere within the UK.

                                                          Nanny is provided by leading childcare
                                                          insurance specialist, Morton Michel, which
                                                          means you can be sure you have the right cover
                                                          at the right price, with no hidden extra costs.

                                                          Making the right choice
                                                          With Nanny insurance you know you have the right
                                                          level of cover supplied by a truly dependable
                                                          insurance provider and because insurance is our
                                                          business, we have the professional expertise to
                                                          give you true piece of mind.

                                                          Morton Michel is the leading childcare insurance
                                                          specialist. We pride ourselves on our speed and
                                                          efficiency, with same day turnaround for
                                                          processing most policies and a rapid response to
                                                          claims. We believe our service is second to none.
                                                          Together with Sterling Insurance Company Limited,
                                                          we have designed and written this specialist Nanny
                                                          policy to match your specific needs, providing the
                                                          right level of cover at a competitive cost.

    Value for money
    For just £70, your Nanny policy will cover you for:

    •     public liability

    •     legal expenses

    •     helplines for tax, legal matters, household repair support,
          medical advice and counselling

    More details of the cover can be found on pages 4 and 5 which give a summary of the policy.

Easy to understand                                   Nanny                     Summary, Guide and Proposal
                                                                                                                                           9 AM

documentation                                        Insurance for Nannies, Doulas, Maternity Nurses and
                                                     Childminders exempt from compulsory registration
                                                                                                    Insura    y
                                                                                                   Child nce for N
                                                                                                        mind      an
                                                                                                            ers ex nies, Do
We supply you with this clear, easy-to-read policy                                                                empt     ula
                                                                                                                       from s, Matern
                                                                                                                            comp      it
                                                                                                                                ulsory y Nurses
summary of your insurance so you know what you are                                                                                     regis      an
                                                                                                                                            tratio d
covered for before you purchase your insurance and
then we supply you with full policy documentation
when you take out your cover.

Plus...                                                                                                 Arranged by

In addition, when you take out Nanny insurance
you will receive automatic free membership to                                     

the ChildCare Club offering you:
                                                                                                                                                                   ed by


•    ChildCarer, a free monthly childcare                                                                                               


•    discounts on products, training CDs and
     childcare magazines

•    a monthly prize draw

•    a quarterly digital magazine, Creative Minds,
     packed with inspirational activity ideas for

for further information

    Policy Summary
     The Nanny policy is underwritten by Sterling Insurance Company Limited (except where otherwise stated).

     This document summarises the cover provided by the Nanny policy and should be read carefully before
     you complete the proposal form. The Policy Summary does not contain the full terms and conditions,
     which can be found in the policy document. A full policy document is available free of charge from
     Morton Michel.

    Public Liability Insurance                                     the vehicle owner does not have the necessary
                                                                   business cover in place. However, you must take
    Limit of Indemnity £3,000,000                                  all reasonable precautions to ensure that any
    (Higher limits available on request)                           vehicle used has the appropriate motor insurance.

    If, as a nanny, doula, maternity nurse or childminder      Territorial Limits
    exempt from compulsory registration, you are held
    legally responsible for an injury (including death) to     •   anywhere in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the
    a child or third party, or for damage to a third party’s       Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.
    property, then you will be required to pay damages.
    Public Liability insurance covers these damages and        Main Exclusions
    any resulting legal expenses, up to the limit of           •   liability for accidental bodily injury to any
    indemnity.                                                     minded child not in your direct and immediate
                                                                   personal care, custody or control (except in an
    Automatically Included                                         emergency)
    •   attendance at exhibitions, creches, meetings           •   liability arising from the actions or omissions of
        and outings run for and on behalf of home-                 any employee, assistant or helper (except in
        based childcare professionals                              respect of accidental bodily injury to a minded
    •   food poisoning                                             child left in their care in an emergency)

    •   incorrectly administered first aid treatment           •   property belonging to you or your family or your
                                                                   employer(s) or in your custody or control
    •   administration of medicines and drugs in
        accordance with policy conditions                      •   liability which should be covered under your
                                                                   employer’s household policy
    •   administration/provision of oxygen, gastro
        feeding, naso-gastric tube feeding, cleaning and       •   any bodily injury to you, any member of your
        changing of feeding and tracheostomy/                      family or person employed by you
        tracheotomy tubes and emptying/changing                •   liability arising out of asbestos or its derivatives
        stoma bags in accordance with policy conditions
                                                               •   terrorism, war and similar risks
    •   children with special needs
                                                               •   fines, penalties or liquidated, punitive or
    •   use of trampolines, climbing frames, bouncy
                                                                   exemplary damages
        castles and garden swimming pools in
        accordance with policy conditions                      •   treatment (other than first aid treatment, the
                                                                   administration of drugs/medicines in
    •   duties in relation to your home-based childcare
                                                                   accordance with policy conditions and the
        business, outside UK, for a limited amount of
                                                                   administration/provision of oxygen, gastro
        days - i.e. holiday cover
                                                                   feeding, naso-gastric tube feeding, cleaning and
    •   contingency motor liability - this does not replace        changing of feeding and
        or include ordinary motor insurance and it does            tracheostomy/tracheotomy tubes and
        not cover the motor vehicle or its contents. It does       emptying/changing stoma bags in accordance
        provide cover if you use someone else’s vehicle            with policy conditions).
        (with their permission) in relation to your home-
        based childcare business and a motor accident
        occurs for which you are legally responsible, but

Legal Expenses
Limit £50,000 any one event
Cover, which is provided by DAS Legal Expenses
Insurance Company Limited (DAS), will pay your legal
costs including solicitors’ and barristers’ fees, court
costs, expenses for expert witnesses, attendance
expenses and accountants’ fees.

Automatically Included
•   a legal representative to support you if you are
    asked to go to the police station for a matter
    relating to your work as a nanny, doula,
    maternity nurse or childminder exempt from
    compulsory registration
•   legal defence in the event of a criminal
    prosecution arising from your business activity
    such as alleged child abuse of the child/children
    in your care                                          Helplines
•   taxation disputes with HM Revenue and
    Customs                                               Helplines, provided by DAS, are automatically
                                                          included with your policy to give professional
•   support for contract disputes of over £100, if a      advice and support. They are available 24 hours
    parent breaks with your contract terms                a day, 365 days of the year.
•   support for the recovery of a debt of over £100,
    if a parent fails to pay for your services.           Advice is given on:
                                                          •   Tax: including VAT, self-assessment,
Main Exclusions                                               income tax and HM Revenue & Customs
•   costs and expenses incurred before the written            audits.
    acceptance of a claim by DAS
                                                          •   Legal matters: including employment and
•   any civil claim which does not offer a reasonable
                                                              contract disputes.
    prospect of success.
                                                          •   Health and medical information: including
Optional Extras                                               food allergies, medication, childhood
Your Nanny policy may be extended to include                  illnesses, vaccinations, nutrition and
Personal Possessions insurance.                               exercise.

Personal Possessions                                      Help is provided through:
If you have accommodation at your employer’s              •   Emergency repair support: giving access to
home, Morton Michel offers an “all risks” insurance           approved contractors for plumbing,
to cover your household goods and personal effects,           electrical, gas and roofing repairs (you will
whilst contained in your employer’s home.                     be responsible for the cost of the repair).
Sum insured £3,000 (higher amounts available on
request).                                                 •   Confidential counselling: a valuable support
                                                              service to help you through those difficult
Main Exclusions                                               times whether because of stress, anxiety,
•   the first £50 of each claim                               depression, relationships, bereavement or
                                                              health related. It includes onwards referral
•   damage caused by rot, fungus, insects, vermin,
                                                              to relevant voluntary and/or professional
    pests, pets
                                                              services, where appropriate.
•   terrorism, war and similar risks.

    More from Morton Michel
    As well as Nanny insurance, we have other              Morton Michel - The Childcare
    insurances that we have developed especially to
    support you as a home-based childcare                  Insurance Specialist
                                                           Founded in 1964, Morton Michel is a recognised
    Personal Accident Insurance                            leader in childcare insurance. It has unrivalled
                                                           expertise in this field, which it applies to the
    The Morton Michel Personal Accident Plan provides      development of its insurance products.
    you with
    • up to £40,000 in permanent disability benefit        Morton Michel arranges cover for around 10,000
                                                           nurseries and preschools, 20,000 childminders
    •   £20,000 accidental death cover
                                                           and nannies, 6,000 out of school clubs and
    •   £40 per day hospitalisation benefit                numerous other social and voluntary groups
        (excluding the first five days)                    connected with childcare.

    •   worldwide cover, 24 hours a day                    Morton Michel is dedicated to providing top quality
        (subject to conditions)                            service to all its clients. It does not use call centres
                                                           so you will speak directly with a person involved in
    •   guaranteed acceptance.                             organising your insurance, who can discuss any
                                                           aspect of the Nanny policy. The company also
    For more information, please call:                     provides prompt settlement of smaller claims on a
    0870 169 1085.                                         direct basis.

    Household Insurance
                                                           Sterling Insurance Company Limited
    If you live in, your Nanny policy offers an Optional
    Section to cover your Personal Possessions whilst      Sterling Insurance Company Limited offers an
    in your employer’s home.                               extensive range of commercial and personal
    If you live out, we can arrange full Household
    Contents insurance for you.                            Established over 50 years ago, Sterling is
                                                           particularly renowned for its specialist policies,
    For more details please call freephone:                such as Nanny, which meet the needs of specific
    0800 975 4898.                                         businesses or services. The Company prides itself
                                                           on its efficient use of the latest technology in the
                                                           administration of its policies and in the swift
    Motor Insurance                                        settlement of claims.
    If you carry children in your car, you must make
    sure that you have adequate motor insurance cover      Sterling has worked closely with Morton Michel
    in place. Some insurers will charge an additional      for over forty years and continues to do so today,
    premium for this. Morton Michel’s motor policy         underwriting Morton Michel’s specialist childcare
    automatically allows you to use your car in            policies. Together, their extensive experience of
    connection with your childcare business at no          the childcare industry enables them to develop
    extra cost. We believe that it is the only motor       policies that match the specific risks involved.
    policy to specifically state on your certificate of    This results in comprehensive cover at
    insurance that you are covered for: “social,           competitive premiums.
    domestic, pleasure and business use in connection
    with childcare activities”.

    For details of our competitively priced motor
    cover, please call freephone:
    0800 975 4898.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need public liability insurance?             Am I covered if I take the children on outings?
Public liability insurance covers you for anything    Yes, the Nanny policy will cover you anywhere
that may happen to the children in your care for      within the UK - whilst carrying out your activities as
which you can be held legally liable. It could be     a home-based childcare professional.
something as simple as a child being scalded by a
hot drink left within reach, or it could be a baby    Am I covered in a nanny share arrangement?
wriggling and falling off a changing table, or a      Nanny share situations are automatically covered,
toddler choking on something they should not          provided you are within any Ofsted / other
have had access too. If you are considered to be      registering authority rulings on the number of
negligent at the time the accident happened, you      children you take care of and any registration
could find yourself having to pay damages for any     requirements.
injuries sustained.
                                                      Am I covered if I nanny abroad with my
Am I able to apply for my insurance online?
                                                      employers’ family?
Yes, you are able to apply for your Nanny insurance
                                                      Our Nanny policy will cover you to mind children
via our secure site
                                                      anywhere in the world, for a maximum period of 60
What are the Ofsted Voluntary Register and the        days in any one period of insurance provided that
Voluntary part of the Childcare Approval Scheme       the children minded by you abroad are the minded
(CAS)?                                                children that you are employed to look after in the
                                                      UK, at least one parent of the minded children
Nannies, Maternity Nurses, Doulas and                 must be on the trip with you, and you must have
Childminders who care for children over the age of    travel insurance in force for the complete duration
8 only have not previously required registration.     of the trip.
However they are now able to register under the
voluntary part of the Childcare Register in England
                                                      Will I receive a policy document telling me
or the Childcare Approval System (CAS) in Wales.
                                                      exactly what I’m covered for?
These schemes offer the choice of registration to
providers who are not eligible for compulsory         Yes. When you take out a Nanny policy with Morton
registration. By joining the voluntary register,      Michel you will receive a Schedule of Insurance
providers show parents who use their services that    detailing your cover limits and a policy booklet
they meet certain requirements designed to            detailing all the policy cover and conditions so you
safeguard children and are monitored through          can refer to them at any time. This gives you the
inspections. Parents who use registered               peace of mind of knowing exactly what you are
childcarers may be eligible to claim the childcare    covered for.
element of working tax credit.
                                                      Supposing a child has an accident during the
Childcarers who are registered are entitled to a £5   period of my insurance policy but does not bring
discount off their Nanny insurance premium.           a claim against me until months or years later,
                                                      when I no longer have a policy in force. Will I
How many children am I covered for?                   still be covered?
The number of minded children in your direct and      By law, a claim can be brought against a childcare
immediate personal care at any one time must not      professional up to a child’s 21st birthday - long
exceed six.                                           after they have left your care. Our insurance will

    cover you if you had a policy in place at the time of   Do my employers need their own insurance for
    the accident and are legally liable for the accident.   me to work in their home?
    Some other companies only offer policies that           Yes, your employing family should have their own
    cover you during the time that you are paying for       Employers’ Liability cover to cover you if you
    the insurance so, as soon as you stop paying, so        sustain an injury in their home as a result of their
    does the cover. However, any incident that could        negligence. However, this is something that is
    result in a claim being made should be reported to      normally added on to a Household Contents policy
    Morton Michel.                                          so, in the first instance they should contact their
                                                            current insurers. If they are unable to extend their
    Am I covered for taking minded children in my car?      current policy then Morton Michel offer a
    Your Nanny policy will not cover you for using your     Household cover for families employing home-
    car in connection with your childcare business. You     based childcare professionals, call freephone
    will need to check with your current motor insurers     0800 975 4898 for further information.
    to arrange adequate cover.

    Our motor policy is specially designed to cover you
    in connection with your nanny business. If you
    would like a quotation please call freephone 0800
    975 4898.

    So, what is contingent motor liability?
    Contingency motor liability does not replace your
    ordinary motor insurance and it does not cover the
    motor vehicle or its contents. It provides cover if
    you use someone else’s vehicle (with their
    permission) in relation to your home-based
    childcare business and a motor accident occurs for
    which you are legally responsible, but the vehicle
    owner does not have the necessary business cover
    in place. However, you must take all reasonable
    precautions to ensure that any vehicle used has
    appropriate motor insurance.

Customer Service Information
1. Sterling Insurance Company Limited                  the cover provided by your policy if it is returned
Sterling Insurance Company Limited is a private        within 14 days of issue, but if there has been an
company limited by shares, registered in England       incident which has resulted or could result in a
and Wales number 498605. It underwrites general        claim you must reimburse the Company for any
insurance business. It is authorised and regulated     amounts we have paid or may be required to pay,
by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). The FSA     in respect of that incident.
is the independent watchdog that regulates
                                                       6. Duration of contract
financial services.
                                                       The first period of insurance under your Nanny
Our FSA Register number is 202012. You can check       policy will be 12 months unless otherwise
this on the FSA’s Register by visiting the FSA’s       requested by you and agreed by the Company.
website or by contacting the FSA       7. Financial Services Compensation Scheme
on 0845 606 1234.                                      We are covered by the Financial Services
                                                       Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You may be
Sterling Insurance Company Limited is a member         entitled to compensation from the scheme if we
of Sterling Insurance Group Limited.                   cannot meet our obligations. This depends on
Registered Office:                                     the type of business and the circumstances of
Ambassador House                                       the claim. Further information about
Paradise Road                                          compensation scheme arrangements is available
Richmond upon Thames                                   from the FSCS.
Surrey TW9 1SQ
                                                       8. Notification of a claim
Branch Office:                                         If you have a claim, or are aware of an incident
50 Kings Hill Avenue                                   that could result in a claim, please contact
Kings Hill                                             Morton Michel on 0845 2570900 or Sterling
West Malling                                           Insurance Company Limited on 0845 271 1300.
Kent ME19 4JX
                                                       9. Enquiries or complaints
2. Disability Discrimination Act 1995                  If you have an enquiry or complaint regarding:
In accordance with the Disability Discrimination       • the suitability of this policy for your needs; or
Act 1995 we are able to provide upon request a         •   the information and advice you received
textphone facility, audio tapes, large print               whilst it was originally being discussed; or
documentation and braille documentation. Please
advise us if you require any of these services to be   •   the operation or administration of the policy
provided so that we can communicate in an                  or an enquiry concerning a claim that you
appropriate manner.                                        may have made; you should contact Morton
                                                           Michel at Alhambra House, 9 St Michaels
3. Law applicable to the contract                          Road, Croydon CR9 3DD; telephone number
We propose to choose English law as the law                0845 2570900.
applicable to the contract unless we agree another     If you have a complaint concerning a claim you
choice of law with you prior to the start date.        have made you should contact Sterling Insurance
                                                       Company Limited, 50 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings
4. Premiums                                            Hill, West Malling, Kent ME19 4JX; telephone
Premiums are payable annually to Morton Michel.        number 0845 271 1300
Insurance premium tax, as imposed by current
legislation, is incorporated into all premiums.        (A copy of Sterling’s complaints handling
                                                       procedure is available on request by writing to
5. Promise of satisfaction and service                 the Customer Services Manager, Sterling
We are confident that your Nanny policy will bring     Insurance Company Limited, 50 Kings Hill
you complete satisfaction. We undertake to refund      Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent ME19 4JX
the premium in full if you are not satisfied with      or by telephoning 0845 271 1300).

     If your complaint relates to the Legal Expenses      Nothing in the terms and conditions of this policy
     Cover, please write to The Customer Relations        will reduce your statutory rights relating to faulty
     Department, DAS Legal Expenses Insurance             or mis-described goods or services. For further
     Company Limited, DAS House, Quay Side,               information about your statutory rights, you
     Temple Back, Bristol BS1 6NH or telephone 0117       should contact your local authority Trading
     934 0066 or email                                    Standards Department or Citizen’s Advice Bureau.
                                                          Following this procedure will not affect your legal
     Details of the DAS internal complaint-handling       rights.
     procedures are available on request
                                                          10. Information about DAS Legal Expenses
     Please be ready to provide all relevant details of   Insurance Company Limited
     your policy and in particular your policy number     DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited is
     (if allocated) to help your enquiry or complaint     a private company limited by shares incorporated
     to be dealt with speedily.                           in England and Wales under registered number
                                                          103274. It underwrites legal expenses business. Its
     If you are not satisfied with the way in which       head and registered office is DAS House, Quay
     your complaint has been handled, you may have        Side, Temple Back, Bristol, BS1 6NH. It is
     the right to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman     authorised and regulated by the Financial Services
     Service at South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall,         Authority and appears on the Financial Services
     London E14 9SR; telephone number 0845 080            Authority’s register under number 202106.
                                                          11. Morton Michel
     Please note that the Financial Ombudsman             Morton Michel is authorised and regulated by the
     Service will normally only consider a complaint      Financial Services Authority (FSA). Our FSA Register
     once we have issued a final decision letter.         number is 308590.

Important Notes
1.   ‘Nanny’ is defined in the policy as a person    5. The term ‘minded child’ when used in this
     contracted and paid to look after a child          policy relates to children for whom you are
     (children) working in and from the child’s         contracted and paid to look after.
                                                     6. Nanny share situations are automatically
2. ‘Doula’ is defined in the policy as a person         covered, provided you are within any
   contracted and paid to provide a baby’s              Ofsted/other registering authority rulings on
   mother with physical, emotional and                  the number of children you take care of and
   informational support in pre-natal care, during      any registration requirements.
   childbirth and during the post-partum period,
   working in the mother’s home.                     7. If you are using either your own car or a car
                                                        belonging to any member of your family to
3. ‘Maternity Nurse’ is defined in the policy as a      transport minded children, you must make
   person contracted and paid to care for both          sure you have appropriate motor insurance to
   mother and baby during the post-partum               cover you. Please call us on freephone 0800
   period, working in the mother’s home.                975 4898 for a quote, if required.

4. ‘Childminder exempt from compulsory
   registration’ is defined in the policy as a
   person contracted and paid to look after a
   child (children) aged over 8, or aged 0-8 for
   less than 2 hours a day, from the carer’s own
   home and who is exempt from compulsory


Arranged by

                       Tel: 0845 2570900   Fax: 0845 2570547/0548
                       Morton Michel Alhambra House 9 St Michaels Road Croydon CR9 3DD                                                      KH2643 12.08
Nanny Proposal Form
Please read the Summary and Guide carefully before you complete this form.
Your insurance will be provided under a Nanny Policy. Any special terms or conditions will be advised to you in writing.
Please complete and return together with your payment to Morton Michel, Alhambra House, 9 St Michaels Road, Croydon, CR9 3DD. You can take out this cover online if you prefer
by going to and following the links in the Nanny section. If you take out cover online, you do not need to complete and return this form.

Title Miss/Mrs/Ms/Mr/Other

Proposer’s name in full                                                                                    Date of Birth

Telephone No.                                                                                              Email address

Your address in full


Address of premises where you work


1.   Do you work as:

     a) a nanny? Yes       No         b) a doula? Yes      No      c) a maternity nurse? Yes     No       d) a childminder exempt from compulsory registration? Yes          No

2.   How many hours a week do you work?

3.   How many children will you be looking after,
     aged under 8?              aged between 8 and 12?             aged between 12 and 17?

4.   Details of your qualifications

5.   Details of your experience

6.   Are you registered on, or have you applied to be registered on, the voluntary part of the Ofsted Childcare Register (England)?                                        Yes     No
     If YES,
     Date Registered (if already registered):                         Registration number (if allocated):

7.   Are you on, or have you applied to be on, the Childcare Approval Scheme (Wales)?                                                                                      Yes     No
     If YES,
     Date Approved (if already approved):                             Approval number (if allocated):

8.   Do you have a Criminal Records Bureau check or Disclosure check for working with children?                                                                            Yes     No

9.   You are automatically covered for £3M Public Liability. Do you require the cover to be increased to £5M?                                                              Yes     No
     (Additional Premium £30.00 including IPT)

10. Have you been convicted of any criminal offence (other than motoring offences) or is any prosecution pending?                                                          Yes     No

11. Has there ever been a claim (insured or otherwise) made against you in any childcare capacity?                                                                         Yes     No
    If you have answered YES to questions 10 or 11, please give full details

12. I require my Nanny insurance to commence from

13. a) Do you have any existing insurances with Morton Michel?                                                                                                             Yes     No
    If YES, please state policy number(s)
     b) Have you had any previous insurances with Morton Michel?                                                                                                           Yes     No
     If YES, please state policy number(s)

Optional Extra
Personal Possessions (for live-in nannies). For details of what is included, please see Summary and Guide. If you require Personal Possessions insurance, please complete the following:

1.   Is sum insured of £3,000 adequate?
     If NO, what is the full value of your Personal Possessions at your employer’s home?
         £4,000        £5,000         £6,000      £7,000        If more than £7,000, please state amount for a quotation £

2.   Is the total value of jewellery, watches, furs, silverware, antique furniture, articles of precious metal and precious stones more than £2,000?                       Yes     No

3.   Is the value of any single article, pair, set or collection more than £1,000?                                                                                         Yes     No

4.   Have you suffered any loss or damage to your personal possessions in the last 5 years?                                                                                Yes     No

5.   Have you ever had an insurance proposal or renewal declined or special terms imposed
                                                                                                                                                                           Yes     No
     (in relation to insurance of personal possessions)?

6.   I require my Personal Possessions insurance to commence from:

If you have answered YES to questions 2, 3, 4 or 5, please give full details

                                                                                                                                                          Continued Overleaf
Nanny Proposal Form Continued
Declaration I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief the answers given are true and complete in every respect. I agree that this proposal and declaration shall be the
basis of the contract between me and Sterling Insurance Company Limited and shall be deemed incorporated in such contract.

Data Protection Act I/we understand and agree that the personal information I/we provide (including sensitive personal details) may be used for insurance purposes by Sterling
Insurance Company Limited, its connected companies, reinsurers, agents and subcontractors; and also shared with other insurance companies as required for the purposes of
my/our insurance. Where we have provided information about my/our spouse(s), partner(s) or another person/other persons (including their sensitive personal details) I/we
confirm that I/we have their permission to provide this information for insurance purposes. I/we give irrevocable authorisation for any medical practitioner I/we have consulted to
provide any medical information requested by Sterling Insurance Company Limited and its connected companies, in relation to a claim made by my/our personal representatives in
the event of my death/our deaths. I/we understand that I am/we are entitled to a copy of my/our personal information on payment of a fee.

From time to time, Morton Michel may wish to send you details of services and products, if you do not wish to receive such mailings, please tick this box.

Signature                                                                                    Date

You have a duty to disclose all material facts and failure to do so could invalidate the insurance. Cover does not commence until the proposal has been formally accepted by
Morton Michel unless otherwise agreed with Morton Michel.

How would you like your documentation sent to you?

Sending documents in pdf format by email is quicker and kinder to the environment. It also means that you can keep a copy on your computer to print out whenever required. If
you would prefer to have a pdf of your policy schedule and policy booklet sent to you by email instead of post, please tick the box below and provide your email address, clearly
printed. If you do not tick the box or provide your email address then your documents will be sent by post.

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Where did you hear about Morton Michel? (Please tick as appropriate)

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Childcare Motor Insurance
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Premium Calculation
Nanny      UK other than Northern Ireland, the
           Channel Islands and the Isle of Man       £70.00 (including IPT)                                                   £

If you are registered on, or have applied to be registered on, the voluntary part of the Ofsted Childcare Register
(England) or the Childcare Approval Scheme (Wales), the Nanny premium is reduced to £65.00 (including IPT)                    £

           Northern Ireland                          £80.00 (including IPT)                                                   £
           Channel Islands and the Isle of Man       £66.67 (IPT not applicable)                                              £

Optional Extras (Please tick level required)

Increase Public Liability to £5M
Additional Premium £30.00 (including IPT)                                                                                     £

Personal Possessions
(Please complete proposal form overleaf, if Personal
Possessions insurance is required.)

Level                 Premium (including IPT)

£3,000                £30.00                                                                                                  £
£4,000                £40.00                                                                                                  £
£5,000                £50.00                                                                                                  £
£6,000                £60.00                                                                                                  £
£7,000                £70.00                                                                                                  £

Total Premium                                                                                                                 £
Morton Michel Administration Fee                                                                                              £ 1.00
Total to pay                                                                                                                  £

I have enclosed a cheque or credit/debit card details or a completed direct debit mandate as payment for the above Nanny insurance and any selected optional extras.
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