Greek Mythology Scavenger Hunt by malj


									        Greek Mythology Scavenger Hunt

Click on the images of the gods to answer the following

  1) Who is Aphrodite the protectress of?

  2) According to Homer, who are Aphrodite’s parents?

  3) Who are Poseidon’s brothers?

  4) What is Poseidon also the god of in addition to the sea?

  5) Who is the god of music?

  6) Who stole Demeter’s daughter, Persephone?

  7) What is Hermes’ staff called?

  8) Athena sprung full grown from Zeus’ (which body part)?

  9) Who is Artemis’ only brother?

  10)      Who is Hephaestus married to?
Click on the god or goddesses’ name to answer the following

11)     Who is Hera’s husband?

12)     What are Hera’s sacred animals?

13)     Who was Ares often connected to romantically?

14)     Why is Hades also the god of wealth?

15)     Who is Hades’ wife?

16)     What myths are Hestia involved in?

17)     What are Hera’s sacred animals?

18)     What does Aphrodite have that compels anyone to

  desire her?

19)     What is Hephaestus’ handicap?

20)     Who is the fastest of the gods?
Click on the gods or goddesses’ name to answer the following

  21)      Poseidon was often called the earth________and

     the earth_________.

  22)      What does Phoibos mean (related to Apollo)?

  23)      Who is Athena’s mother?

  24)      Other than Athena, who are the other two

     goddesses who can resist the spells of Aphrodite?

  25)      Who are Hermes’ parents?

  26)      What was Hermes’ association with Hades?

  27)      Who is Ares’ sister?

  28)      What is strange about Hephaestus’ birth?

  29)      Where was Artemis born?

  30)      Who are Zeus’ parents?

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