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									NICHOLAS S. SCHRAGE                                                                     
605-357-8418 / 717-582-2449 / 505-500-5499   /

My forte is taking concepts, hard to describe processes and ideas, and put them into tangible documentation and
illustration, for diverse distribution using various media formats; utilizing extensive and significant skills as a
Technical Writer, Business Analyst, and Systems Engineer, including user and technical manuals/guides, on-line
help systems, document automation, graphic arts, illustrations, system and business models.

PUBLISHED AUTHOR (Fiction & Non-Fiction) (Self-published through iUniverse –
   Over and Beyond – A Rightful Heir’s Deadly Surprise – Action/Adventure (ISBN 9780595527113)
    See: (Published 2010)
   Pulse Rate 2095 – Science Fiction (ISBN 9781450235860)
    See: (Published 2008)
 Layout and Design of book covers for publication. Utilized CorelDRAW 9/X3
 Involved in all aspects of book publication: design, formatting/layout, specifications, proofs and approval

Merck and Company - Consultant - Rahway, NJ
Mar 2010 - May 2010
   INDUSTRY - Pharmaceutical - Major Manufacturer of Medications and Pharmaceuticals.
   PROJECT OVERVIEW - Technical Writer/Technical Documentation for Merck One Portal.
   Technical Writing - Authored fundamental and advanced development documentation (Solutions and Component
    Documents.), in a fast-changing (Agile) environment; including Process Flows, Data Flows, Enterprise Relationship
    Processes (ERP), and supporting documents for .NET technologies, including, XML, XSLT, etc.; which included Web
    Part and Web Methods in a SharePoint 3.0 environment.
   Technical Writing - Created and authored baseline Solution and Component Design Templates and Documents for the
    Merck One Portal Development, communicated/coordinated using SharePoint technologies. Supplied documentation to
    the corporate portal, using SharePoint Technologies.
   Utilized Microsoft Office 2003/2007 (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), Microsoft Visio 2003/2007), and SharePoint
    Services 3.0.
CCMSI (Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc.) - Consultant - Danville, IL
Sep 2006 - Jun 2009
   INDUSTRY - Insurance - Third Party Administrator for Workers’ Compensation, Property/Casualty and Employee
    Benefit Self-Insurance Programs.
   PROJECT OVERVIEW - Technical Writer - Provide on-line User Guides, Help Files, and SharePoint administration
    for national web-based insurance programs and applications; company services: Claims Administration and Processing,
    Worker’s Compensation, Self-Insured, Property/Casualty Services, Risk Management/Fraud Identification, Managed
    Care and Loss Control.
   Technical Writer - Authored User Guides, including illustrated overviews (process management), process steps and
    quick reference guides for on-line and printed documentation; generated master concordance for individual user guides.
    Generated consolidated glossary for the company/department. Provided documentation support as needed for the
    department, including short notice instructions, program release and update status reports.
   Help File Developer - Authored and deployed on-line help files (.html, .xml, and .chm file formats); provided
    interactive user guides for company’s web-based applications, including Citrix; updated each release.
   Technical Writer/Business Analysis - Application Development process design and implementation. Generated
    baseline processes for Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC), software and application development paradigms,
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    incorporating documentation support using MSF 3.0 framework. Designed and implemented team/shared documentation
    templates and library.
   SharePoint Administrator - Provided documentation management and support for departmental documentation and
    supporting files using SharePoint Services 2.0.
   Tester - Conducted Testing and QA evaluation for web-based applications, including end-to-end testing.
   Utilized Microsoft Office 2003/2007 (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), Microsoft Visio 2003/2007, RoboHelp X5
    (Macromedia)/7 (Adobe), CorelDRAW X3 (13), Adobe Acrobat Professional 7/8.0, and Snag IT 7.0, Citrix
    (MetaFrame Presentation Server) and SharePoint Services 2.0. Tools and Technology - .NET 2.0Web 2.0, VSS/TFS
    Explorer 2008, SmartClient/ClickOnce technology.
FKNC (Fort Knox National Company) - Consultant - Louisville, KY
Jul 2005 - Aug 2006
   INDUSTRY - Finance - Consumer-to-Business Electronic Payments (EPayments), for TruePay, Star, and other
    eCommerce payment programs and systems.
   PROJECT OVERVIEW - Technical Writer/Training Documentation for TruePay 5.0 re-architecture, and on-going project
   Technical Writing - Authored fundamental and advanced development documentation (Technical Documents, Use
    Cases, etc.), in a fast-changing environment; including Process Flows, Data Flows, Enterprise Relationship Processes
    (ERP), and supporting documents for .NET technologies, including, XML, XSLT, WSE, WMI, MSMQ, etc.; which
    included Stored Processes and Command Functions utilized by the Microsoft Enterprise Library to support the Fort
    Knox National Company web-based ePayments solution - TruePay 5.0.
   Technical Writing - Created Master Document(s) which served as a catalog and master reference for the documentation
    library for the company’s flagship service offering, TruePay.
   Technical Writing - Documentation and system design documents related to System Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
    efforts. Used MSF (Microsoft ® Solutions Framework) templates, integrating all documentation to generate company-
    wide documentation standards. Created supporting documentation for web-based construct and operational items,
    including Deployment documents, Gap Analysis and others, as needed. Edited and published Developer Guidelines for
    integration into the library.
   Technical Writing - Created baseline Technical Documentation Templates for the company using MSF 3.0
    Documentation as a baseline. Created matrix using Microsoft® Excel, for compilation and documentation information
    gathering efforts (SDLC documents and Usage Scenarios/Use Cases), allowing the developers and architect to work with
    a single-source solution, instead of multiple documents; reducing man-hours for required document completion.
   Technical Writing - Established supporting documentation requirements and processes, integrating the company’s
    Systems Development LifeCycle (SDLC) transformation of MSF (Microsoft Solutions Framework) template structure to
    comply/conform to PCI (Payment Card Industry) Standards and Best Practices, meeting Visa Cardholder Security
    Conformance - protecting cardholder data and account information.
   Technical Writing - Created on-line help files for stand-alone and on-line applications, using RoboHelp X5
    (Macromedia); distributed in support of TruePay support elements and modules.
   Documentation Specialist - Developed updated documentation processes and procedures to implement structured
    application development across the enterprise, using an MSF structural baseline. The new process conjoined autonomous
    departments across a divergent enterprise that previously maintained separate documentation standards; now
    communicated/coordinated using SharePoint technologies. Supplied documentation to the corporate portal, using
    SharePoint Technologies. Utilized InfoPath to facilitate enterprise document sharing and coordination. Utilized
    InfoPath forms to upgrade communications standards and improve information dissemination. Developer for InfoPath
    distributed forms, using SharePoint portal distribution. Approved documentation was published to the SharePoint Portal
    using PDF formatted files, including bookmarks and hyperlinks. Assisted in development efforts related to Payment
    Card Industry (PCI) conformance and compliance, for front/back-end.
   Business Analysis - Conducted interviews with architects, developers, project leads and subject matter experts (SMEs),
    in support of company initiatives and PCI/COBIT Compliance initiatives for the TruePay on-line application and
    associated development projects; designed SDLC/PMO business processes and system process flows for departmental
   Utilized Microsoft Office 2003 (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint), Microsoft Visio 2003, Microsoft SharePoint,
    Microsoft InfoPath, RoboHelp X5, Adobe Acrobat 5.0, and Snag IT 7.0. Coding Paradigms - .NET Framework
    including: Web Services, and Enterprise Library. Tools and Utilities - Ndoc, NUint, VS 2003, .Net, C#, SQL Server
    2000, XML, XSLT, MSMQ, FxCop and VSS.
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CATO Corporation - Consultant - Charlotte, NC
May 2005 - Jun 2005
   INDUSTRY - Retail/Warehouse/Distribution - a leading specialty Retailer of Women’s Fashions and Accessories.
   PROJECT OVERVIEW - Technical Writer/Training Documentation for CATO Corporation’s Main Distribution Center
    supporting the Warehouse Management System (WMS) upgrade. Current distribution system was determined to be obsolete
    and very limited; incapable of supporting distribution center enhancements or improvements. The newer system replaced an
    antiquated manual/paper-based system which provides for future growth. The new system incorporates an automated RF hand-
    held system and integrated computer system that allows for real-time tracking and statistics, which will include Performance
    Management (PM), Labor Management (LM) and Trade Partner Management (TPM) modules.
   Technical Writer - Designed, authored and created the Training Manual (User Guide), incorporating quick reference
    guides and detailed steps for the upgraded Warehouse Management System (WMS) utilizing Manhattan applications and
    Symbol equipment to refine and improve warehouse and distribution techniques for the company; upgrading overall
    productivity and efficiency. Business process flows and System Process flows in support of design and Systems
    Development Lifecycle (SDLC) efforts for future system improvements maintaining viability over time.
   Technical Writer - Authored Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), incorporating new and revised automated
    procedures with the current business and manual processes, which had been developed over three years (2002) without
    recurrent reviews. Authored training documentation to instruct users on new/upgraded warehouse management system.
   Business Analysis - Conducted interviews with department heads, project leads and subject matter experts (SMEs),
    including training outline edits and updates to coincide with implementation of upgraded system operations. Involved
    with developmental test-scripts to validate and improve system and business processes; including business process and
    system process flows.
   Utilized Microsoft Office 2003 (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), Microsoft Visio 2003, and Snag IT 7.0.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina - Consultant - Chapel Hill, NC
Sep 2004 - Nov 2004
   INDUSTRY - Health Care - Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) is an independent health care
    organization for the State of North Carolina; part of the BCBS network. Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is a national,
    affiliated and independent health care advocates.
   Technical Writing - Designed, Compiled and Authored the Enterprise Architecture (EA) documentation for Blue
    Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) Information Systems (IS) Department, to overview the technical and
    business process environment in support of ongoing intermediary System Lifecycle Development (SDLC) efforts,
    including; Delegation, Business, Cost, Framework, and Processing Models. Document consisted of transition from an
    Enterprise Technical Architecture (ETA) document, upgrading an outmoded extensive representation, to a more
    articulated Enterprise Architecture composition. Using a problematical document as a baseline reference, the process re-
    engineered the new document structure into a more intricate guidebook, transitioning a previous multifaceted
    methodology, to a more modern and communicative point of reference guide, based on the Zachman Framework.
    HTML and PDF document creation locally portal, and web-based environments.
   The composition, delivered a more synoptic form, the trend for the Enterprise Architecture intention, formation and
    composition including, business architecture, application architecture, data architecture, information architecture, and
    technological architecture.
   Technical Writing - Involved description and annotation (narrative and illustrative) of the Enterprise Architecture high-
    level processes and concepts, including: Business Support - business process models, portals,
    customization/collaboration, print services, desktop management, technical assistance, output/reports/distribution,
    scheduling/balancing, production, quality control; Applications - business process, tier client-server, web-based,
    terminal-to-host, security, frameworks and languages; Middleware - data access, movement, middleware elements;
    Database - relational, hierarchical, decision support, and data-access mechanisms; Platforms - mainframe, mid-range,
    servers, and workstations; Storage - disk, optical, tape, imaging, and backup; Networking - connectivity, DMZ, network
    elements; Security - authentication, authorization, detection, logging, virus/content control, wireless, security
    mechanisms; Telephony - computer telephone integration (recording, screening, VoIP); Operating Systems - enterprise
    business processing, desktop processing; and Systems Management - asset management, facility management, print
    management, report management, capacity planning, change management, problem management, production support,
    and version management.
   Business Analysis - Conducted interviews with PMK/SME/POCs (People Most Knowledgeable/Subject Matter
    Experts/Points of Contact) to obtain background, current state, and future state (forecast - direction) information for
    BCBSNC’s Information Systems, regarding elements of the configuration, using a common-structural Question and
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    Answer Grid for response articulation, both verbally and electronically; to include a common outline for the overall
   Utilized Microsoft Office 2000 tools, including Word, Excel, Power Point, Access and Visio, Adobe Acrobat
    Standard 6.0, Snag IT 7.0, and Lotus Notes/GroupWise/Domino.
TECHNICAL WRITER - Consultant - Irving, TX
Aug 2004 - Sep 2004
   INDUSTRY -Internet Services - Dating Service Provider
   Project Overview - Web Development Documentation for
   Technical Writing - Authored fundamental and advanced development documentation in a fast-changing environment;
    including Process Flows, Data Flows, Enterprise Relationship Processes (ERP), Data Dictionaries, Stored Processes and
    other web-based construct and operational items. Initially, project began to update current processes in place, for System
    Development Lifecycle (SDLC) records, bringing the web-site to date. Follow-on projects included changes
    and upgrades to the web application, to create a documentation library for company distribution using SharePoint
    technology (Portal Application). Direct involvement in design and development of various releases of new and upgraded
    applications and system lifecycle. Environment consisted of live web-site variables, including: HTTP, SQL, XML, and, utilizing SharePoint, .net technologies, ODBC, OLAP and Web Trends elements.
   Technical Writing - Developed and maintained documentation for Web application products for target audience;
    including the documentation structure, scope and purpose. Researched and gathered technical information on new
    applications to include in documentation. Developed user guides and online help for Web application software based on
    engineering specifications. Researched, developed and authored content for printed manuals, documentation, and
    supporting materials for software, hardware, technical procedures, and computer related services. Gathered and
    researched technical information, including engineering and development information, for use in documentation
    activities. Established and monitored documentation development schedules. Modified existing documentation to
    coincide with software changes.
   Technical Writing - Wrote, organized, entered and compiled on-line help files to support end-users. Prepared and
    maintained documentation and publications relating to users, systems, programming, operations, products and services.
    Wrote and maintained the configuration and implementation documentation used to develop and deploy the company
    web site. Coordinated layout and organization of documentation. Created graphical images, flow charts, and diagrams
    for inclusion in documentation. Coordinated with graphics and printing production or vendors to produce documentation.
    Reviewed, edited, and proofread materials written by others.
   Technical Writing - Maintained an understanding of applications and levels of user proficiency. Prepared written
    documents following the standard guideline established by the company. Reviewed and tested software and hardware for
    accuracy and consistency with documentation, identifying problems and suggested revisions.
   Technical Writing - Collaborated and interviewed the engineering staff, testers and end users; throughout the product
    life cycle to thoroughly understand affected systems and applications. Interviewed programmers, engineers, developers
    and other technical personnel to become familiar with product technology and development methods. Interfaced with
    Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to create release notes, editing as needed. Consulted with project teams, and contributed
    to product and design specifications.
   Technical Writing - Utilized Microsoft Office 2003 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access ), Microsoft Visio 2003, Adobe
    Acrobat Standard and Professional 6.0, and other web development toolsets.
IQ Solutions - Consultant - Rockville, MD
Apr 2004 - Apr 2004
   INDUSTRY - Health and Human Services - CMS - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
   Risk Assessment Documentation - Health and Human Services (Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services - CMS) -
    Web-Based Entry Form and Relational Database. HTML and pdf document creation locally and web-based
    environments. Interviewed SME’s and developers for dataflow, information security requirements and compliance. Data
    Modeling and application design for user interface. Verified and documented Business Processes; integrated compliance
    requirements. Edited and Amended documents prepared for publication using Microsoft Word, Excel and Visio (MS
    Office 2000/2).
Duke Energy - Consultant - Charlotte, NC
Sep 2003 - Mar 2004
   INDUSTRY - Energy - Energy Company and Real Estate Operations.
NICHOLAS S. SCHRAGE                                                                                                 Page 5

   PROJECT OVERVIEW - Technical Writer/Documentation for Duke Energy’s Program transition (Project Eclipse) to
    Web-Based data entry and maintenance system conjoined by single interface designs; including legacy system design
    upgrades. Updated and rewrote User Guides for Company Credit Tracking application that had become outdated by
    company developed application upgrades.
   Business Analysis -User Manual documentation (Intranet Portal Applications), new and existing document preparation
    and release. Interviewed Subject Matter Experts (SME), Application Developers, and People Most Knowledgeable
    (PMK) for application specifics; including legacy applications, interface, and design enhancements. Drafted, Created and
    Published User Guide for company developed Credit Risk application, designed to coordinate heterogeneously with
    Credit Tracking Application.
   Technical Writing - Printed on-line and off-line training manuals, procedures/SOPs, quick-reference guides. Research
    and Development of all deliverables; including, screen captures, team collaboration, testing, and in-depth data mining
    techniques required for compilation of associated documentation. Edited and Amended documents prepared for
    publication. Business Process and Data Modeling, presentation and Training Material compilation. Designed Intranet
    screen layouts for application development. HTML and pdf document creation locally and web-based environments.
    Tested and provided Quality Assurance for affected system applications.
   Technical guide creation, presentation and training information utilizing Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access,
    Power Point, Visio - MS Office 2002), Lotus Notes and Adobe Acrobat (Version 6.0).

INDUSTRIES:      Consulting        Information Technology             Insurance         Health Care
                 Financial         Business Services Insurance        Real Estate       Manufacturing
                 Distribution      Energy                             Travel            Pharmaceutical
•   TECHNICAL WRITER (25+ YEARS) - User and Technical Manual, On-line Help, Document Automation, and Training
    documentation, Technical Illustration; new and existing document preparation and release. Technical Writing
    experience from within software, applications, database and web development environment, including Technical
    Documents, MSF (Microsoft Solutions Framework), and Use Case/UML. Experience creating Enterprise Relationship
    Processes/Diagrams (ERP/ERD), Data Flow Diagrams, and Process Flow Diagrams. Printed, on-line and off-line
    training manuals, procedures/SOPs, quick-reference guides, Engineering Manuals. Desktop Publishing of various sales,
    marketing and related documentation to various media formats, including photo image processing and output, color
    separation and techniques. Risk Assessments, Business Process and Data Modeling, ERP (Enterprise Relationship
    Process) Model Documentation.
•   PC ENGINEER/TECHNICIAN / SYSTEMS ENGINEER (25+ YEARS) - Engineer and Analyst Hardware skills include
    board level maintenance and upgrade of IBM & compatible, and Apple/Macintosh computer systems, IDE and SCSI
    architecture, ISA, EISA and advanced configuration equipment; also including legacy systems. Systems Lifecycle
    (SDLC) planning, development and communication to all aspects of management (including upper & middle).
    Draw, Photo Paint - Version 9/11), Abode Illustrator (Version 5), Quark Express (Version 4/5), PC and Macintosh
    platforms. Created art/graphic projects, which were transferred to film for metal processes.
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•   PLATFORM SKILLS - including Operating Systems:
        Hewlett Packard (HP): 9000 Series
        Apple/Macintosh:         OS - 6.03, 7.0/1, 9.0, 10.x (86000/030/040 and current)
        PC (IBM & compatible): CPU - 8088/286/386/486/586 (Pentium I/II/III/IV)
                                     DOS - 4.0, 5.0, 6.0/2, and Windows Versions (see below)
                                     WINDOWS - Versions 3.1/3.11, 95/98, 2000, NT, XP, and Vista.
•   PC SOFTWARE SKILLS - including; consulting, budgeting/procurement, implementation, installation, analysis and
    upgrades, word processing, spreadsheets, Data Base Management/Administration, telecommunications/networking, PC
    diagnostics, mass file transfers, graphics, photo processing, illustrations and desktop publishing.
•   APPLICATIONS, including:
    MICROSOFT: OFFICE - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, and Visio (v2.0, 95, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003(XP))
                  OTHER - Project, Outlook, Front Page, Exchange, SharePoint, InfoPath, and One Note.
    ADOBE:        Illustrator, Acrobat, RoboHelp, Photo Shop, Framemaker (PC and Macintosh)
    LOTUS:        NOTES AND SMART SUITE - Ami Pro, Word Pro, Freelance, Paradox
    NOVELL:       Networking, GroupWise, Domino
    WORD PERFECT: SUITE: Word Perfect (v5.1, 6.0)
    MACROMEDIA: RoboHelp and RoboDemo (v x.4 and X.5), Dreamweaver (basic)
    OTHER:        OPEN OFFICE - Swriter, Calc, Impress, and Draw
                  WEB AUTHORING - NVU, Drupal
                  REPORTING TOOLS - Monarch, Crystal Reports
                  DATABASE MANAGEMENT - Data Ease, Dbase, CA-Open Ingres, Agile iCM, Act.
                  SCREEN CAPTURE TOOLS - Paint, Snag IT
                  MAINTENANCE - Norton (Symantec)
                  ACCOUNTING - Cougar Mountain, Peach Tree, Quicken-Quick Books- Quick Pay
                  ACCESS CONTROL - CA-ACF2, CA-Top Secret
                  NETWORKING - Microsoft, Novell LANTastic
    LANGUAGES AND CODE: (not scripting- logic and processes) DOS, SQL, HTML, XML, .NET, UNIX, LINUX, .NET.
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 Computer Operator, Analyst, and Systems Manager: Coordinating and operating Honeywell main-frame remote
   computer workstations for training of senior officers and visiting staffs. Training scenarios include all aspects of naval
   warfare. Operation and training of HP-9020 for display, training, evaluation and dissemination during class and
   exercises. Established JTF-4 as a nucleus command, set-up and instituted training syllabus for the Anti-Drug network for
   the Joint Chief's of Staff. Watch standing using an upgraded Hewlett Packard computer system. Trained all operators on
   site and at remote sites on off-time to ensure a smoother operating environment, and more timely operations. Monitored
   various naval HF and UHF communications systems. Assisted senior officer briefings, supplying information and
   display aids.
 Operations Specialist: Assigned to the Combat Information Center (CIC), which is the ship's focus of operations and
   tactical/strategic "heart", or nerve-center of the ship. Responsible for collection, correlation, evaluation, display and
   dissemination of information pertinent to ship's protection and defense. Detection and tracking of radar targets in the air,
   on the surface, or via sonar operators sub-surface contacts. Coastal and at-sea navigation and piloting. Keeping up to date
   on the current tactical and strategic situation, as well as relaying pertinent information through communications
   channels. [publications/charts/etc.]
 Air Intercept Control: Responsible to the ship's Tactical Actions Officer for direct and advisory control of fighter and
   attack aircraft for ship/force defense (all aspects of air control), and aircraft assigned to the ship for tactical and strategic
 Research and Development: Responsible for testing and evaluating tactical, strategic, operational, and administrative
   programs and equipment for use by the U.S. Navy; both remote main-frame terminals and personal computers.
   Participated as part of the Harpoon Weapons Engagement program scenario evaluation team using HP-9000 computer.
 Data Base Manager: Responsible for coordination, evaluation, and display of contact tracking information on a local
   scale and over different data communications networks. Both radio and satellite communications.
 Strike Warfare: Responsible for aircraft arriving and departing from the ship, ensuring proper weapons, fuel and
   essential mission requirements are met. Coordinated with ship's superiors and in-flight aircraft to ensure all assigned
   targets are covered, and managed assigned air space.
 Leading Petty Officer/Work Center Supervisor: Responsible for supervision of personnel (50) in the upkeep and
   maintenance of equipment and responsible work areas used for job related duties. Also responsible to oversee training
   and operations, as well as management and direction of those personnel.
 Strike/Mission Briefing Coordinator: Responsible for compiling related information, verification of information and
   areas, ensuring all ship's pilots and air-crews has essential information prior to each mission. This information is
   published daily to the rest of the fleet, to ensure all area control centers are aware of the area and aircraft assignments.
 Training Coordinator: Responsible for divisional training, initiation, follow-up, and recording, also ensured that
   divisional personnel are kept up to date on the current and upcoming aspects of the job, and ensured that training
   conformed to any and all situations in reference to duties assigned.
 Assistant Security Manager: Responsible for ensuring the ship's security access roster is maintained and up-to-date,
   ensuring that personnel with pertinent clearances to the ship are allowed access. Assisted ship's Security Manager in
   determining personnel security clearances.
 Secure Telephone Custodian: Responsible for coordination, monitoring, installation and maintaining inventory of the
   STU-III (secure telephone unit) Telephones throughout the command. Controlled crypto access to all units.
 Fleet Scheduling Representative: Responsible for ensuring that the ship's group assignment schedule is up to date and
   that the responsible officers are notified.
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 Received NEC (Naval Education Code) for Air Intercept Controller (OS-0318); qualified as air controller of US Navy
  variable- and fixed-wing aircraft, and helicopters for direct and advisory control, interception, and safety of flight.
 Hand picked to establish and setup Joint Task Force Four, Key West, Florida. Responsible for Drug Traffic Interdiction
  coordination with multiple federal activities reporting directly to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS). Developed all of the
  initial watch standing procedure and policies for the Command Center. Provided consistent, quality training for all
  assigned operators (officer and enlisted), as well as remote sites on the anti-drug network. Designed and implemented the
  tutorial and training plan which was adopted by JCS as the first users guide for the system using a Macintosh computer -
  Received Joint Service Achievement Medal from the Department of Defense, establishing a program to support counter-
  narcotic operations and training for the President’s Anti-Drug Campaign.
 Selected as Combat Information Center (CIC) Administrator while stationed aboard the USS Mississippi (CGN-40).
  Consolidated numerous files and records into micro-computer files for more timely reports and operations using a Xerox
  860 computer/word processing system. Served as Primary Air Intercept Controller contributing to the ship’s reputation
  as a superior Air Control Platform - Received Navy Achievement Medal from the Commander of Naval Operations
  (CNO), for re-engineering Navy information management processes resulting in significant improvements in efficiency.
 Numerous Letters of Commendation and Appreciation for sustained superior performance during assigned duties.
 Excelled in all assigned training schools and courses, with an average GPA of 3.9 (of 4.0), remaining either first or
  second in the graduated classes. Passed Federal Civil Service Air Traffic controller exam with the score of 99.3%.
 Drafted, designed and implemented many multi-design training programs at all assigned commands; efficiently
  upgrading older programs for departmental and command usage; resulting in departmental fund savings in paperwork,
  resources, and manpower.
 Recommended for promotions ahead of peers during service in the United States Navy, received two Navy Good
  Conduct Medals, and received an overall evaluation of 3.96 (of 4.0 during 11 years active service) when submitted to the
  Chief Petty Officer (CPO) board in 1991. Separated from the United States Navy under Honorable conditions (RE-R1).
US Navy (1980 - 1991)
OS “A” School - Va Beach, VA - Jan 1981
NTDS CG-Data - Va Beach, VA - Mar 1981
AIC-Basic NTDS - Va Beach, VA - Dec 1983
AIC Maint Proficiency - Va Beach, VA - Feb 1984
FFARP Readiness Pgm - Va Beach, VA - Jul 1984
MTTT Trainer - Va Beach, VA - Sep 1985
ETAC Applications - Va Beach, VA - Feb 1986

SOHO Certification - Dallas, TX - Nov1993
CA-ACF-2 Fundamentals - Dallas, TX - Feb 1996
CA Top Secret Basic - Dallas, TX - Sep 1996
CA Top Secret Advanced - Dallas, TX - Sep 1996
Mac OS X Operations and Configuration - Sergeant Bluff, IA - Dec 2010

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