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					                                Sponsored By:
                      Penn State Wilkes-Barre
Northeastern Pennsylvania Technology Institute
                                  TMG Health
                Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber
   Julie Space
    ◦ Director, Support Services
    ◦ TMG Health, Dunmore

   Welcome
   Review Agenda
   Membership/Retention
    ◦ Mark Brown, Frontier Communications

   PR/Marketing Plans
    ◦ Julie Space , TMG Health Inc.

   Communications (Web Page, White Papers,
    ◦ Karla Porter, Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber
      Technology Interest Group
        Special Topic Presentation on NEPA CS Consortium Social
         Networking Site
   Interest Groups
    ◦ Internal Customers
      Mark Brown, Frontier Communications

    ◦ External Customers
      Cheryl McCann, Metz Corporation

    ◦ Training and Quality
      Shelley Hayden, TMG Health

   Next Steps & Closing Remarks
      Shelley Hayden, TMG Health Inc.
   Mark Brown
      Frontier Communications, Wilkes-Barre
   Julie Space
    ◦ Director, Support Services
      TMG Health, Dunmore
   The NEPA Customer Service Consortium was
    founded to provide a forum for professional
    networking and development of business
    practices aimed at delivering an exceptional
    customer experience and driving customer
   Professional Networking
   Professional Development
   Industry Growth
   Membership
Current Situation
   Newly established Consortium
    ◦ Founded in May 2009
   Early meetings have driven tremendous
   Solid and committed leadership team
   Consortium is competing for mindshare and
    “time” share
   Basic PR activities initiated thus far
   No formal marketing plan in place
   Little to no funding for marketing activities
   For members to participate in founding,
    building, and growing the consortium.
   Your company’s opportunity to Partner for
    networking, sharing of best practices, and
    development of the tools, technology, and
    training systems focused on delivering an
    exceptional Customer Experience.
   Our collective potential to brand and deliver
    World Class Customer Service on a local
    level in NEPA.
PR/Marketing Objectives
   Establish a solid foundation
   Grow Attendance/Membership by 20 % per
   Establish loyalty and volunteerism among
    existing members
   Establish recognition in local market
Target Market
   All individuals who support customer service
    teams such as Human Resources, Trainers,
    Quality Specialists, Workforce Planners,
    Supervisors, Managers, Directors, VP’s, etc.
   All Vertical Markets and Industries…
   Anyone who delivers customer service…
   Need to create a brand and image to be used
    in all marketing initiatives.

   Need to create talking points to be used
    throughout all marketing and PR initiatives to
    ensure a consistent message.
Logo Samples
   Opportunity to learn and grow
    ◦ Professional Development
    ◦ Networking Opportunities
    ◦ Best practices
   Focused on growth and development of NEPA
   Additional points TBD
PR/Marketing Tactics
   Traditional
    ◦   Local newspaper feature articles
    ◦   TV – Public Service Announcements (PSA’s)
    ◦   Free ad placement (local newspapers)
    ◦   Inclusion in direct mail
    ◦   Host Seminars/Events
   Online tactics
    ◦ Email communication including Marketing and
    ◦ Marketing on members’ businesses websites
        “A Proud Member of the NEPA Customer Service
Marketing Tactics
   Viral Marketing & Social Media
    ◦ Phone calls and emails from members to friends
      and business acquaintances
    ◦ Mixers and “after hours” opportunities
    ◦ Blogging
    ◦ Facebook
    ◦ Social networking site (i.e. testimonials)
    ◦ Free banner ad placement (local newspapers, TV
      stations, etc.)
Next Steps
   Create Marketing Calendar
   Reach out to local newspapers for feature
   Contact anyone with a local website for free
    banner ad placement that can link to Ning
   Increase communications on site
   Add content to
   Solidify logo design and colors
   Research inclusion in mailings
   Research available grant funding
Interest Group:
Technology (Enables/Serves Business)
   Leadership Team Facilitator:
    ◦ Karla Porter
       Director of Workforce Development & Human Resources
         Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber

   Special Topic Presentation
    ◦ Social Networking
       Demo NEPA Customer Service Consortium Networking Site
Interest Group:
Internal Customers (Drives Business)
   Leadership Team Facilitators:
    ◦ Mark Brown
      Frontier Communications
    ◦ Maureen Hornlein
      RCN Corp.

   Focus: Employee Satisfaction
    ◦ Attract
    ◦ Motivate
    ◦ Retain
Presented by: Internal Customer Interest Group

Presented to: NEPA Customer Service Consortium
   We are good at “Big” communication
    ◦ Communicating major changes in policy, goals,
      procedures, etc
   Poor at daily communication
    ◦ Lack follow-thru post “Big” communications
    ◦ Need more personal communication
    ◦ Need methods of communication that obtain
      employees “buy-in”
   How do we improve our ability to communicate to our
    employees on a routine basis?
    ◦ Communication must be sincere
    ◦ Communication must build trust
    ◦ Need to communicate good news
       Not just communicate bad news
       Don’t layer the bad news with good news
         Eliminate the anticipation of the “But”
    ◦ Get employees involved/invested in company communication
       Form employee committees (facilitated by management)
         Employee newsletter, Employee Wellness Committee, Employee Smoking
          Cessation committee, etc
         Fire up the creative juices of the employees
       Create “Lunch & Learns”
           Does not impact employee production
           Creates learning atmosphere in work place
           Fire up creativity of employees
           Engage local support from organizations like the YMCA, Blue Cross/Blue Shield,
Interest Group:
External Customers (Are the Business)

   Leadership Team Facilitator:
    ◦ Cheryl McCann
      Vice President of Human Resources
      Metz Corporation

   Focus: Customer Satisfaction
    ◦ Attract
    ◦ Motivate
    ◦ Retain
Interest Group:
Training/Quality (Improves the

   Leadership Team Facilitator
    ◦ TBD
   Today’s Presenter
    ◦ Shelley Hayden, Training Supervisor
         TMG Health, Dunmore

   Focus: Performance Excellence
    ◦   Assess
    ◦   Develop
    ◦   Implement
    ◦   Measure
   Shelley Hayden, TMG Health
    ◦ Training Supervisor

   Next Leadership Team Meeting
    ◦ Wednesday, January 13, 2010: Location: TBA

   General Meeting dates:
    ◦   February 3, 2010
    ◦   May 5, 2010
    ◦   August 4, 2010
    ◦   November 3, 2010

   December: Holiday Meet Up” on December 9
    ◦ Watch your email for details!