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Resigning From Teaching

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									People To Consult Before Resigning From Teaching

                         Resigning from teaching is a very difficult decision. This holds true for teachers
                         who embraced the profession for quite some time. Thus, a thorough evaluation
                         is needed before jumping to such a conclusion.

                          To aid you with this resolution, there are people with whom you can duly
                          consult. They in turn can help mold your answer. If ever you are still in doubt
                          and still thinking whether resigning from teaching is indeed a good idea, having
                          them around can definitely ease your mind in coming up with an answer. Thus,
find time to talk and discuss the matter at hand. Here are the top individuals you can seek out for

Person 1: Director or supervisor. In fact, it is your responsibility to express your initial decision to your
direct supervisor, preferably the school director. However, although you need to find someone who is
someone superior from you, it must be noted that he or she must be someone that you can freely talk
to. Letting go is a very sensitive issue. Therefore, you really need to discuss this with sheer discretion
and that sense of openness. If you are not so close with the director, then better find someone that is
still above you in position that you can talk to in a personal note.

Person 2: Fellow teachers. If you've been thinking about the possibility of resigning, however with
certain questions, then discuss the matter with your close colleagues. I'm pretty sure they will be able to
give wonderful suggestions on whether to proceed or not. Much more their suggestions are valuable,
especially if you happen to discuss the matter with someone who has tried to do the same procedure in
the past. With this, you will be able to learn some valuable lessons and observations that you can
inculcate in your present situation.

Persona 3: Loved ones. They are the most recommended ones to be consulted about your current
decision. After all, they have the right to know where you should go. If you ever have any questions, you
can always ease your mind and your heart with your family. They might not give the best professional
advice and suggestions however they can provide you with that comfort and care that your mind surely

These are just some of the suggested people that you can find especially if you are not sure which way
to go. Assign the time to talk with them, and surely you will get valuable and useful views. Giving up
teaching as stated is never an easy task to do, but with the help of these people such a decision will be a
burden no more for you.

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