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									                                                CURRICULUM VITAE
                                               YOUNG KYUNG DO
   Program in Health Services and Systems Research
   Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore
   8 College Road Singapore 169857
   Phone: (65) 6516-2790, Fax: (65) 6534-8632

   2009 –        Assistant Professor      Program in Health Services and Systems Research
                                          Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore

   1989 – 1997 M.D.                       Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea
   2001 – 2003 M.P.H.                     Seoul National University Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul, Korea
   2000 – 2004 Intern and Resident        Preventive Medicine
                                          Seoul National University Hospital & College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea
   2004 – 2008 Ph.D.                      Health Policy and Management (Advisor: Edward Norton)
                                          University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, USA
   2008 – 2009 Post-Doctoral Fellow       Asia Health Policy Program (Advisor: Karen Eggleston)
                                          Stanford University, Stanford, USA

   1997          Licensure, Medical Doctor (No. 62791)
                                         Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare, Seoul, Korea
   2004          Board Certification in Preventive Medicine (No. 676)
                                         Korean Medical Association, Seoul, Korea
   2003          Certification in Postgraduate Course in Research Methodology and Chronic Disease
                                         World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

   Public Health Center of Anseong County, Anseong, Korea
      Primary care physician, Office of Ambulatory Care, 4/1997–1/1998
   Korea National Institute of Health, Seoul, Korea
      Member, Task Force for Training of Public Health Doctors, 2/1998–4/1999
   Korea Association of Public Health Doctors, Seoul, Korea
      Director, Bureau of Planning, 5/1998–4/1999
   Korea Red Cross Gyeonggi Chapter, Suwon, Korea
      Clinical consultant, Emergency Medical Information Center, 4/1999–4/2000

   First Class Honors (Class of 2003), Seoul National University Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul, Korea, 2/2003
   Postgraduate Fellowship, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland, 3/2003
   President’s Award for the First Place Honors in the National Board Certificate Exam (Specialty: Preventive
       Medicine), Korean Medical Association, Seoul, Korea, 2/2004
   First Prize Award in Graduate Student Paper Competition, Korea Labor Institute, Seoul, Korea, 2/2007
   Harry T. Phillips Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Doctoral Student, UNC Department of Health Policy and
       Administration, Chapel Hill, USA, 4/2007
   Graduate Student Paper Grant Award, Korea Labor Institute, Seoul, Korea, 5/2008
   New Investigator in Global Health, Global Health Council, Washington, DC, USA, 5/2008
   Postdoctoral Fellowship, Stanford University, Stanford, USA, 9/2008
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   Health policy and health services research
   Health economics



   Young Hoon Kwon, Jung-Kyu Lee, Young Kyung Do, Seok-Jun Yoon, Chang-Yup Kim, Yong-Ik Kim, Youngsoo Shin.
   2002 “Study of Disability-Adjusted Life Expectancy (DALE) using the National Health Interview Survey in Korea” The
   Korean Journal of Preventive Medicine 35(4):331–339.

   Jung-Kyu Lee, Seok-Jun Yoon, Young Kyung Do, Young Hoon Kwon, Chang-Yup Kim, Kidong Park, Yong-Ik Kim,
   Youngsoo Shin. 2003 “Disability weights for diseases in Korea” The Korean Journal of Preventive Medicine

   Jin Yong Lee, Young Kyung Do, Jung-Kyu Lee, Kidong Park, Chang-Yup Kim, Yong-Ik Kim. 2003 “Factors affecting
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   Young Kyung Do, Seok-Jun Yoon, Jung-Kyu Lee, Young Hoon Kwon, Sang-Il Lee, Chang-Yup Kim, Kidong Park,
   Yong-Ik Kim, Youngsoo Shin. 2004 “Disability weights for the Korean Burden of Disease Study: Focused on comparison
   with disability weights in the Australian Burden of Disease Study” The Korean Journal of Preventive Medicine

   Young Kyung Do, Jin Yong Lee, Yong-Ik Kim, Young Hoon Kwon, Sang-Il Lee, Chang-Yup Kim. 2004 “Establishing
   research priorities of FDG PET in oncology indications using Delphi technique” The Korean Journal of Health Policy
   and Administration 14(3):45–66.

   Jin Yong Lee, Myung-Wha Jang, Ka-Yun Kim, Su-Mi Yun, Ja-Ho Lee, Ju Jeong, Young Kyung Do, Bum-Suk Lee, Wan-
   Ho Kim, Kidong Park, Yong-Ik Kim. 2006 “Accessibility of the disabled to health care institutions: A case study of
   Chongno-Gu in Seoul” The Korean Journal of Health Policy and Administration 16(3):19–36.

   Myoung-Hee Kim, Young Kyung Do (Corresponding author). 2007 “Strengthening causal inference in studies using non-
   experimental data: An application of propensity score and instrumental variable methods” Journal of Preventive
   Medicine and Public Health 40(6):495–504.

   Young Kyung Do. 2007 “Research on geographic variations in health services utilization in the United States: A critical
   review and implications” (Review article). The Korean Journal of Health Policy and Administration 17(1):94–124.

   James A. Talcott, Pamela Spain, Jack A. Clark, William R. Carpenter, Young Kyung Do, Robert J. Hamilton, Joseph A.
   Galanko, Anne Jackman, Paul A. Godley. 2007 “Hidden barriers between knowledge and behavior: The North Carolina
   prostate cancer screening and treatment experience” Cancer 109(8):1599–606.

   Spain, P.C., W.R. Carpenter, J.A. Talcott, J.A. Clark, Y.K. Do, R.J. Hamilton, J.A. Galanko, A. Jackman, and P.A.
   Godley. 2008 “Perceived Family History and Symptomatic Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer: The North Carolina Prostate
   Cancer Outcomes Study” Cancer 113(8):2180–7.

   Edward C. Norton, Will H. Dow, Young Kyung Do. 2008 “Specification tests for the sample selection and two-part
   models” Health Services & Outcomes Research Methodology 8(4):201–208.

   Young Kyung Do, Kidong Park. 2009 “Local governments’ dependence on tobacco tax revenue: a deterrent to tobacco
   control in the Republic of Korea” Bulletin of the World Health Organization 87(9):692–7.
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   Young Kyung Do, William R. Carpenter, Pamela Spain, Jack A. Clark, Robert J. Hamilton, Joseph A. Galanko, Anne
   Jackman, James A. Talcott, Paul A. Godley. 2010 “Race, healthcare access, physician trust among prostate cancer patients”
   Cancer Causes and Control 21(1):31–40.

   Juhwan Oh, Jin-Seok Lee, Yong-Jun Choi, Hyeong-Keun Park, Young Kyung Do, Sang-Jun Eun. “Reality of
   Privatization: Performance Comparison of Public Hospitals, Before and After Privatization” International Journal of
   Health Services (In press)


   Informal care and caregiver's health (with Edward Norton, Sally Stearns, & Courtney Van Houtven)
   The Effect of Coresidence with an Adult Child on Depressive Symptoms among Older Widowed Women in South Korea:
        An Instrumental Variable Estimation (with Chetna Malhotra)
   The effect of husbands' employment status on subjective well-being of their wives (with Myoung-Hee Kim)
   Youth smokers' anticipated behavior in response to a future cigarette price increase (with Assad Farooqui)
   Educational disparities in quality of diabetes in a universal health insurance system (with Karen Eggleston)
   Self reported pain severity among multiethnic older Singaporeans: Does adjusting for reporting heterogeneity matter? (with
        Angelique Chan, Chetna Malhotra, et al.)


   The effect of informal caregiving on labor market outcomes in South Korea (with Edward Norton and Sally Stearns,
       Presented at 2010 GSA conference)
   Differential vulnerability to out-of-pocket spending: Evidence from the Korean Labor and Income Panel Study (with
       Edward Norton, Presented at 2008 ASHEcon conference)
   Income, employment, and youth smoking (with Eric Finkelstein, presented in 2010 ASHEcon conference)


   Explaining ethnic variations in childhood vaccination in rural Lao PDR (with Keryi Wong, Yoon Kim)
   Community-level factors influencing maternal health services use in rural Lao PDR (with Yoon Kim, et al.)
   Demand for Private Health Insurance among Elderly in South Korea (with Karen Eggleston)
   Subjective life expectancy by smoking and weight status in Chinese and Korean elderly (with Eric Finkelstein)
   Weight status and adolescent school performance (with Eric Finkelstein)
   Awareness of previously diagnosed chronic diseases: Results from the Singapore Prospective Study Program (with
       Finkelstein EA, Tai ES, & Lee JJ)
   Awareness and acceptability of HPV vaccine in the US (with Keryi Wong)
   Socioeconomic disparities in information on HPV vaccine (with Keryi Wong)
   Risk perception, information seeking, and action for smoking (Chetna Malhotra, Rahul Malhotra, and Truls Ostbye)
   Informal care and bequest
   Differences in taking up the caregiving role between daughters and daughters-in-law
   Do caregivers report their health differently from non-caregivers?
   Cost Effectiveness of Gefitinib in the First Line Treatment of Patients with Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and
       Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Mutations (Gilberto Lopes, Eric Finkelstein, et al.)


   Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of two mental health screening instruments in Singapore (supported by Singapore
       Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, PI, 6/2010–5/2011)
   The Labour Market Impact of Caregiving in Singapore (supported by Ageing Integrative Research Cluster, PI, 2/2011–)

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    Karen Eggleston, Young Kyung Do, Hong Li, et al. The diabetes epidemic in Asia. IN: Aging Asia: Economic and Social
    Implications of Rapid Demographic Change in China, Japan, and Korea (eds. Karen Eggleston and Shripad Tuljapurkar;
    Brookings Institution Press, 2010)


    Young Kyung Do. Multilevel analysis of family- and village-level influences on knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors
    regarding maternal, newborn and child health in rural Lao PDR. (World Health Organization/Western Pacific Regional
    Office, 5/2010)


   Aging Asia Conference, Stanford University (2009)
   American Society of Health Economists Biennial Conference (2008, 2010)
   Asia Pacific Conference on Tobacco or Health (triennial) (2010)
   Gerontological Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting (2010)
   Korea Labor and Income Panel Study Conference (2007, 2009)
   Korea Medical Association Congress (1999)
   Korea Society for Preventive Medicine Annual Research Meeting (2002, 2003, 2006, 2007)
   Korea Society of Health Policy and Administration Annual Conference (2002)
   Singapore Public Health & Occupational Medicine Conference (2010)

   AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting (2002)
   Asia Pacific Conference on Tobacco or Health (triennial) (2010)
   Global Health Council Annual International Conference on Global Health (2008)
   International Conference on Priorities in Health Care (2004)
   Korean Society for Preventive Medicine Annual Research Meeting (2002, 2003, 2004)
   Society for Epidemiologic Research Annual Meeting (2010)

    American Society of Health Economists Biennial Conference (2010)

   Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School HSSR Research Meeting (2010)
   Stanford University, Asia Health Policy Program Seminar Series (2008, 2009)
   University of North Carolina, Triangle Health Economics Seminar (2009)

    "Informal Caregiving: A Health Economics Perspective" (Interdisciplinary Seminar on Caregiving at the Rosalynn
        Carter Institute for Caregiving-Korea, Korea Digital University: Seoul, Korea; May 2010)
    "A Brief Overview of Major Methodological Issues in Quantitative Survey Research" (Special Lecture, Inje
        University Public Health Nursing Study Group: Seoul, Korea; May 2010)
    "Youth Smoking Initiation and Cessation" (Expert Invitation Seminar at the Korea Centers for Disease Control and
        Prevention (CDC): Seoul, Korea; July 2010)
    "Accounting for reporting heterogeneity in self-reported pain using vignettes: Application of the Hierarchical
        Ordered Probit (HOPIT) model" (Nihon University Population Research Institute: Tokyo, Japan; December 2010)

    Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea
    Research Associate, 3/2004–7/2004; Research Assistant, 3/2001–2/2004
     Improving the Hospital Reimbursement Scheme in the Emergency Medical System funded by MOHW
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     Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the National Cancer Screening Program funded by the Korea National Cancer
     Policy Development for Strengthening the Public Hospital System funded by MOHW
     Tobacco Tax Increase and Utilization of Earmarked Health Promotion Fund funded by MOHW
     The Korean Burden of Disease Study funded by MOHW
     Policy Development for Optimal Utilization of Hospital Beds funded by MOHW
     Strengthening of the Public-Private Partnership in Community Hypertension Management Program funded by
      the Korea National Health Promotion Fund
     Monitoring System for Fraud Detection and Healthcare Quality Improvement in the DRG Payment System
      funded by MOHW
     Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Positron Emission Tomography funded by the Korea Cancer Center Hospital

  Health Insurance Review Agency, Seoul, Korea
  Non-standing researcher, 12/2002–5/2003

  Seoul National University Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul, Korea
  Research Assistant, 8/2002–7/2003
   Integrated Response of Health Care Systems to Rapid Populations Aging (INTRA) orchestrated by the World
      Health Organization

  University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, NC, USA
  Research Assistant, 8/2005–12/2007
   Carolina Prostate Cancer Treatment Outcomes Study
   Carolina Community Network
   North Carolina-Louisiana Prostate Cancer Project
   Efficacy of PSA screening for Prostate Cancer

  Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea
  Teaching Assistant, 3/2001–2/2004
      Health Policy and Management; Community Medicine; Medical Laws for Physicians; Patient-Doctor-Society;
      Behavioral Science for Medical Students; Summer Elective Course

  University of North Carolina Department of Health Policy and Administration (HPAA)
  Teaching Fellow (Instructor), 8/2006–12/2006
   Math and Statistics Module (Full responsibility; Doctoral level)
  Teaching Assistant, 8/2004–5/2007 & 1/2008–5/2008
   Health Economics (Profs. Edward Norton & Harsha Thirumurthy; Master’s level)
   Advanced Methodology in HPAA Research (Prof. Sally Stearns; Doctoral level)
   Categorical Data Analysis (Prof. Edward Norton; Doctoral level)
   Introduction to Operations Research (Dr. Daniel Booth; Master’s level)
   Organizational Design and Behavior (Prof. Arnold Kaluzny; Master’s level)
   Statistical Methods for HPAA (Prof. Jim Veney; Master’s level)

  National University of Singapore Department of Epidemiology and Public Health
  Instructor, Semester 1 (8/2010–11/2010)
   Health Economics and Financing (with Eric Finkelstein, Master's level)
  Guest lecturer, 9/2010
   Introductory Concepts in Health Economics (3-hour module in Health Policy and Systems, Master's level)
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    Wong Keryi (Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Student, Third-Year Research, 27 August 2010–15 July 2011)

    American Journal of Preventive Medicine
    Journal of Health Economics
    The Gerontologist

    2010–     MD/PhD Program Admissions Committee, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School

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