2012 Toyota Camry – The most elegant car of the year 2012 (DOC)

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					2012 Toyota Camry – The most elegant car of the year 2012

Toyota, the name to be reckoned with in the automotive industry, has been a major torchbearer for all
car manufacturer’s world over by constantly improving its car designs and features as anticipated by its
customers. It made its debut nearly 3 decades ago and has been quite a successful car by Toyota Motor
Company. After the last revamping of the Camry in 2007, Toyota is now giving a new lease to its design
and features rebranding it as 2012 Toyota Camry and will be in race with Honda Accord, Ford Fusion and
Hyundai Sonata. Originally, and still continuing, designed as the 4 door compact sedan, it will be rolled
out in various model right from the basic one to the premium XLE and it all will be very much apparent
after going through the following car review.

The architecture of the 2012 Camry will be based on the dimensions of its previous models with some
minor changes. The new Camry is expected to roll out with somewhat bigger wheelbase which facilitates
the comfortable cabin area. The aerodynamically designed styling will include lower roofline and the
ground clearance level will also be reduced as a result it will offer comfortable transit through the sedan
along with the comfortable headroom. This design offers sleek looks to the vehicle making its
appearance bolder.

Under the aggressive metallic front the sedan is powered to generate 169 horsepower of momentum.
This is facilitated with the power pack of 2.5 liters displacement along with four cylinder incorporated
with 16 valves and operating on DOHC technology. Toyota will offer 2012 Camry with the latest
assembly of 3.5 liter and V6 engine which is powered to produce the momentum of around 268
horsepower. These two engine mechanisms are believed to be mated with six speed manual
transmission with the liberty to select even the six speed automatic transmission according to the
interest of car enthusiasts. Design of these engines achieves fluency with front wheel drive system. The
engine with 2.5 liter displacement is offers ultimate performance of 33 miles per gallon on city streets
and 34 miles per gallon on highways.

Toyota’s 2012 Camry is offered with a wide array of innovative standard and optional features. The
optional features may be standard with some trim models whereas the same can be optional for
another. The standard features include power locks, power windows mounted with power mirrors and
the rear view mirror. The dashboard offers sophisticated looks with the presence of tilt and telescopic
steering wheel which is preloaded with audio system controls, USB connection to facilitate the
functioning of iPods and MP3 player as well as Bluetooth connectivity which offers the luxury for
communicating over phone keeping your hands free. The driver’s seat can be adjusted to easily
command over the sedan. Additionally the rear seats are features with split function to give extra
comfort. An array of optional features include keyless remote controlled start, moonroof or sunroof,
navigation system featured with touch screen and leather upholstery which gives luxurious feel.

The New 2012 Toyota Camry is believed to come with innovative safety features such as override
technology. This technology functions by cutting the fuel flow through the valves if the brakes and
acceleration are applied at a same time. The addition of safety features include cruise control, traction
control and vehicle stability control supported by antiskid system and antilock disc brakes which offers
grip over bad roads. The new Camry will come with unique star safety system from Toyota.

The sophisticated elegant looking 2012 Camry is expected to come by the beginning of next year
carrying the beat deal rolling from $21,400 to $25,700. This innovative design with advanced styling
supports the reputation of Toyotas tradition. Check us at future Cars.