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Doylestown Township Bike _ Hike Path


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									27th Annual Road/Bridge Safety Improvement Program
      Township Bike & Hike Path
                                                                                                       Award Winner
                                                                                                  ALTERNATIVES CONSIDERED
                                                                                                  The decision was made to run the path through the
                                                                                                  college because the campus falls right in the middle
                                                                                                  of the four schools planners were aiming to connect.
                                                                                                  The challenge of planning this path was that there
                                                                                                  was no way to get through the campus without going
                                                                                                  over or under the railroad tracks. It was decided that
                                                                                                  going over the tracks would cause serious safety
                                                                                                  concerns. Working with Septa to widen and improve
                                                                                                  the bridge allowed for a safer route for travelers, and
                                                                                                  extended the life of a bridge that was over 100 years
                                                                                                  old at the time. The planning stages also helped
                                                                                                  address stormwater management problems on
                                                                                                  campus by incorporating a drainage improvement
                                                                                                  plan with the path construction.
                            AFTER the IMPROVEMENT
                                                                                                  RESOURCE UTILIZATION
                                                                                                  The Bike and Hike Trail plan is an integral part of
                                                                                                  Doylestown Township’s comprehensive plan, which
PROJECT DESCRIPTION                                                                               was amended in 2008 to include the Bike and Hike
Doylestown Township, in sharing goals with the Doylestown Community Bike & Hike                   map. The process gets the township one step closer
Committee (DCBH), has established over 16 miles of Bike and Hike paths over the past 15           to completing a comprehensive trails system
years to help contribute to the health, safety and well-being of township residents. In 2004,     throughout the community. The project’s largest
the DCHB began plans to extend a trail from Rt. 202 and New Britain Road through Delaware         problem was the one-lane, aging bridge, which would
Valley College, connecting local schools (Central Bucks West High School, Lenape Middle           have to be replaced to make room for the Bike and
School and Doylestown Elementary) with Wells Road (Kutz Elementary). The path will help           Hike path. The committee commenced design work
build a more-cohesive and safe community by connecting college students, residents and            on the trail, and secured $859,000 in Safe Routes to
visitors to the wonderful facilities in Doylestown and New Britain Townships.                     School grants from PennDOT. It also enlisted the
                                                                                                  help of SEPTA, which donated $202,397.68 in funds
SAFETY                                                                                            and also helped with the design and construction
                                                                                                  work. Total cost of the project was $1,200,530.59
A major focus of the Delaware Valley College Path (DVCP) was to improve safety for the
residents living, working and learning in the community. DVC students now have a safe way
to get from their campus and into town. The bridge was heightened and expanded from one           TIMELINESS
lane to two, which now enables emergency vehicles to pass, therefore improving the safety         This project utilized the entire community and
and welfare of the students on campus. Students at the local primary and secondary schools        helped private industry, government, non-profit,
will also benefit from this renovation. The trails were created to address many concerns,         volunteer and educational facilities realize that
often noting the obstacles that stood in the way of people’s enjoyment of walking around the      working together is the most cost-effective and
neighborhood. However, the scope of the focus was widened with a member of the committee          smart way to get things done. It would have been
had her niece tragically killed while riding a bike on a narrow road. The addition of Bike and    impossible for all of the funding organizations to
Hike trails, particularly in the heavy-pedestrian areas (like DVC), will certainly help prevent   achieve all of their goals on their own. This was not
further tragedies.                                                                                a small or easy project, but by pooling resources and
                                                                                                  working together, it was completed in four years. It
MEASUREABLE IMPROVEMENT                                                                           took vision and foresight on behalf of the DBHC to
                                                                                                  see this work through.
The DCBH committee meets monthly and does a majority of the planning for the trails
throughout the community. The committee is comprised of Doylestown Township staff and
residents, Doylestown Borough staff and residents, a Chalfont Borough resident, New Britain
Borough staff and a representative from Delaware Valley College Delaware Valley Hospital.
The committee, which also enlists the help of township consultants, created a comprehensive
Bike and Hike map in 1999, which outlines the long-term plans for the entire trail system. In
2001, Doylestown received a special honor from the National Trust for Historic Preservation
as one of a “dozen distinctive destinations” in the United States, and the Bike & Hike system
was cited as one of the remarkable aspects of the area. The DVCP has also created numerous
opportunities for students to get to the borough of Doylestown. The path Wells Road and,
once the Wells Road piece is completed, will offer access to 108-acre Central Park.

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