PARKERS PRAIRIE CITY COUNCIL
                           SPECIAL MEETING
                               April 2, 2001
The meeting was opened at 5:00 PM with the following present: Gary Anderson, Carold
Hilgren, Jim Dauphinais, and Dave Campbell. Also present were Tom Myers—Independent,
and Chris Thorson—Larson Peterson & Assoc.

1) Motion by Hilgren to approve a building permit application submitted by Rick Gappa for
   a 40’ x 76’ warehouse on the northeast corner of his property in Block 34. Hilgren also
   asked that the building be set as far back as possible because of the snow piles. Second by
   a) Discussion: Campbell presented the building application to the Council noting that
      that it was before the Council because it was a commercial property. He also noted
      that while commercial properties could be on the property line Gappa said he intended
      to stay 5 to 10 feet back because of the snow. Hilgren said he would like to see him
      stay back the full ten feet.
   b) Vote in favor: Dauphinais, Hilgren, Lahman.
   c) Dissent: None.

2) Motion by Dauphinais to approve a temporary gambling license to the American Legion
   for a raffle for Fall Festival.
   a) Discussion: None.
   b) Vote in favor: Hilgren, Lahman, Dauphinais.
   c) Dissent: None.

3) Motion by Hilgren to accept and sign Union contracts as presented.             Second by
   a) Discussion: None.
   b) Vote in favor: Lahman, Hilgren, Dauphinais.
   c) Dissent: None.

4) Discussion: Chris Thorson made a presentation on the CSAH 42 project and some of the
   costs associated with the project. The Council had discussed replacing the water main
   under Soo St. between THW 29 and the railroad tracks. Chris estimated that project at
   $90,500 but there was about $15,000 overlap of expenses between Campbell’s north Soo
   St. sidewalk project and the water main project. Chris estimated that the City’s share of
   the storm water expense at $95,000 and $145,000. The major expense is running an
   overflow pipe 2050 feet to the east. MNDot has not determined drainage areas and cost
   responsibility and probably won’t have any more information for a month. The Council
   asked Chris to make a phone call to MNDot and try to hurry the process. The projects
   being considered are as follows:
N. Storm Lift Station       MNDot will pay 62% of                                24,800
                            guessitmated $40,000

County road 42              sewer, tracks east                                $71,000
                            water, tracks east                                $78,000
                            water, tracks west                            est $90,500
                            storm water                         $95,000 to $145,000

N. Soo St Sidewalk          City must pay upfront                               $49,900

Park Bathrooms/             $85,352 project we must fund                        $50,000
Playground Equip            up front, reimbursement after
                            completion. $35,000CD on hand

Street Repair               Park St.                                            $40,300

                            Jackson St.                                         $36,800
                            Watermain                                           $23,300

Storm Water                 Douglas Ave, City's share                          $300,000

Improvement Bonds could fund some set of projects where, depending upon the project mix,
the Water and Sewer funds could pay about $10,000 each per year. The down side is that
there would not be very much left for even small water or sewer projects for several years.
The up side is that by having the Water and Sewer funds help, the General fund (tax dollars)
does not take as big a hit. After more discussion the Council decided to table the issues to
allow the staff time to try and get more information and give the members time to think about

There being no other business, the meeting adjourned at 6:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:                                         Attested to:

David Campbell                                                  Gary J. Anderson
City Administrator                                              Mayor

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