V-neck Sweater Order Form BY UNIVERSITY APPAREL

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					                                               BY UNIVERSITY APPAREL
                                   CUSTOM JACKETS, JERSEYS, SHIRTS, ETC.
                                          2501 Mount Holly Road #262 ~ Burlington, NJ 08016
                             phone: 609-871-3601 ~ fax: 609-871-3602 ~ E-mail: support@fraternalregalia.com

                                                            V-neck Sweater Order Form
                                     Style: ___________________ Size: ____________ Quantity: ___________

                  Body Color: ______________ Cuffs/Trim/Pockets: ______________
Name: _____________________________ Email: ___________________________         Phone: _____________
  Address: ______________________________________________________________________ _________

                             Right                                                                Left
                             Sleeve                                                              Sleeve

                                                    Front View                                                                            Back View
                                                                                                                                          Price of item: ____________________
 *N O TE : A m in im u m o f 5 0 % de p o sit is re q uire d . C u sto m ize d je rse ys/ ja cke t s m u st b e p a id in
  f u ll p r io r to co m ple t io n . U nive rs it y A p p a re l is n o t re sp o n sib le f o r c om p lying w it h d u e d a t e if   Lettering front: ____________________
                                                      yo u r ba la n ce is la te .                                                        Lettering back: ____________________
                                                                                                                                          Large Symbol: ____________________
                                                                                                                                                TOTAL: ____________________

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Description: Sweaters to machine or hand-woven wool coat. In primitive life, the use of leaves, animal skins to cover themselves in webs of life, animal husbandry and fisheries fishing, to know how to use the techniques of weaving, the evolution of civilization and technology with the invention of man will not make full use of various types of animals and plants and other natural fibers to weave the necessary items of life, but developed a variety of chemical fibers, mineral fibers, making human life more comfortable and convenient.