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					                     Egyptian Scavenger Hunt
Follow the links to uncover Ancient Egyptian Secrets and answer (questions 1-
10). Mark your checklist as you complete each question/activity.

Using handheld, create a PowerPoint presentation with your answers (questions
1-9). Answer each question in your own words, do not just cut and paste
answers. Each question should have its own slide. Questions and answers
should be listed on the slide. Use pictures whenever possible (minimum of
three pictures).

Complete #10. Place answers on a blank document in Documents to Go and
your handheld.

#11 and #12 are for your enjoyment when all work is complete.

  1. We need to begin on the continent Africa. What is the name
      of the river that flows through Egypt?
  2. Describe why this river’s (river in #1 above) downstream is in
      the Northern part of Egypt.
  3. Click on Giza on the map. What famous structures do you find
      on the Giza Plateau?
  4. There are many types of pyramids. Name a few.
  5. What is the name of the largest pyramid in Egypt?
  6. All over the walls of the pyramids were pictures and symbols
      that were a form of writing called____________.
  7. Explain how Egyptian writing is different from our English
  8. Egyptian religion is to polytheism, as Christianity is to monotheism.
     Explain the difference between polytheism and monotheism.

  9. To see your name in Hieroglyphics, scroll down to the bottom
     of the page and click on Egyptian Name Translator. Click the
     letters in your name and the hieroglyphics will appear at the
     top. Draw your name in hieroglyphics using Jazzy on your
     handheld. Save your drawing and import into your PowerPoint
                 Use the chart below to answer problem #10:

 10. Now for Egyptian Math. Click on Mathematics Problems for 12
             - 16 year olds and complete the quiz. Do not email your
       answers. Place your answers on a blank document in Documents to Go to
       be beamed to your neighbor for class review/check. (If needed, you
       may use the calculator on your handheld.)

    If you finish early you may complete # 11 and/or # 12.

  11. To see the Sphinx close up or tour the inside of a pyramid,
      click pyramid below:

  12. Using the animation tool in Sketchy, create your own
      Egyptian Secret Tomb, Egyptian god or goddess, Egyptian
      Secret Message using hieroglyphics, and/or Egyptian Story.


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