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					Symbol      Description
AABC Access Anytime Bancorp, Inc.
AACB Alliance Atlantis Communications, Inc.
AACC Asset Acceptance Capital Corp.
AACE Ace Cash Express, Inc.
AAII aaiPharma Inc
AAME Atlantic American Corporation
AANB Abigail Adams National Bancorp, Inc.
AAPL Apple Computer, Inc.
AATK American Access Technologies, Inc.
AAUK Anglo American plc
ABBKP Sovereign Bancorp, Inc.
ABCB ABC Bancorp
ABCO Advisory Board Company (The)
ABCW Anchor BanCorp Wisconsin Inc.
ABER Aber Diamond Corporation
ABFI American Business Financial Services, Inc.
ABFS Arkansas Best Corporation
ABGX Abgenix, Inc.
ABIX Abatix Corp.
ABLE Able Energy, Inc.
ABMC American Bio Medica Corp.
ABMCW American Bio Medica Corp.
ABRI Abrams Industries, Inc.
ABRX Able Laboratories Inc
ABTL inc.
ABTLE Autobytel Inc.
ABVA Alliance Bankshares Corporation
ACAD ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc.
ACAM Acambis plc
ACAP American Physicians Capital, Inc.
ACAS American Capital Strategies, Ltd.
ACAT Arctic Cat Inc.
ACBA American Community Bancshares
ACBAW American Community Bancshares
ACCL Accelrys, Inc.
ACDO Accredo Health, Incorporated
ACEC ACE*COMM Corporation
ACEL Alfacell Corporation
ACET Aceto Corporation
ACFC Atlantic Coast Federal Corporation
ACGL Arch Capital Group Ltd.
ACLA Aclara Biosciences
ACLS Axcelis Technologies, Inc.
ACME ACME Communications, Inc.
ACMR A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts, Inc.
ACMTA ACMAT Corporation
ACPW Active Power, Inc.
ACSEF ACS-Tech80 Limited
ACTG Acacia Research Corporation
ACTI ActivCard Corporation
ACTL    Actel Corporation
ACTT    ACT Teleconferencing, Inc.
ACTU    Actuate Corporation
ACTY    Accessity Corporation
ACUS    Acusphere, Inc.
ACXM    Acxiom Corporation
ADAM    A.D.A.M. Inc.
ADAT    Authentidate Holding Corp.
ADBE    Adobe Systems Incorporated
ADBL    Audible, Inc.
ADCT    ADC Telecommunications, Inc.
ADES    ADA-ES, Inc.
ADEX    ADE Corporation
ADIC    Advanced Digital Information Corporation
ADLR    Adolor Corporation
ADPI    American Dental Partners, Inc.
ADPT    Adaptec, Inc.
ADRA    BLDRS Asia 50 ADR Index Fund
ADRD    BLDRS Developed Markets 100 ADR Index Fund
ADRE    BLDRS Emerging Markets 50 ADR Index Fund
ADRU    BLDRS Europe 100 ADR Index Fund
ADRX    Andrx Group
ADSK    Autodesk, Inc.
ADST    AdStar, Inc.
ADSTW   AdStar, Inc.
ADSX    Applied Digital Solutions, Inc.
ADVS    Advent Software, Inc.
ADZA    Adeza Biomedical Corporation
AEGN    AeroGen, Inc.
AEHR    Aehr Test Systems
AEIS    Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.
AEMLW   Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited
AEOS    American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.
AEPI    AEP Industries Inc.
AERTA   Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc.
AETC    Applied Extrusion Technologies, Inc.
AETH    Aether Systems, Inc.
AEZS    AEterna Zentaris, Inc.
AFAM    Almost Family Inc
AFBC    Advance Financial Bancorp
AFBK    Albemarle First Bank (Charlottesville, VA)
AFBKW   Albemarle First Bank (Charlottesville, VA)
AFCE    AFC Enterprises, Inc.
AFCI    Advanced Fibre Communications
AFCO    Applied Films Corporation
AFFM    Affirmative Insurance Holdings, Inc.
AFFX    Affymetrix, Inc.
AFOP    Alliance Fiber Optic Products, Inc.
AGCC    Anchor Glass Container Corporation
AGEN    Antigenics Inc.
AGII    Argonaut Group, Inc.
AGIL    Agile Software Corporation
AGIX    AtheroGenics, Inc.
AGNT    Argonaut Technologies, Inc.
AGYS    Agilysys, Inc.
AHCI    Allied HealthCare International Inc.
AHPI    Allied Healthcare Products, Inc.
AICX    Applied Imaging Corp.
AICXE   Applied Imaging Corp.
AINN    Applied Innovation Inc.
AINV    Apollo Investment Corporation
AIRM    Air Methods Corporation
AIRN    Airspan Networks Inc.
AIRT    Air T, Inc.
AKAM    Akamai Technologies, Inc.
AKSY    Aksys, Ltd.
AKZOY   Akzo Nobel N.V.
ALAB    Alabama National BanCorporation
ALAN    Alanco Technologies Inc.
ALBY    Community Capital Bancshares, Inc.
ALCO    Alico, Inc.
ALDA    Aldila, Inc.
ALDN    Aladdin Knowledge Systems Limited
ALEX    Alexander & Baldwin, Inc.
ALFA    Alfa Corporation
ALFC    Atlantic Liberty Financial Corporation
ALGI    American Locker Group, Inc.
ALGN    Align Technology, Inc.
ALKS    Alkermes, Inc.
ALLB    Greater Delaware Valley Savings Bank
ALLEP   National City Corporation
ALNC    Alliance Financial Corporation
ALNY    Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ALOG    Analogic Corporation
ALOGE   Analogic Corporation
ALOT    Astro-Med, Inc.
ALOY    Alloy, Inc.
ALSC    Alliance Semiconductor Corporation
ALSK    Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc.
ALSM    AlphaSmart, Inc.
ALTH    Allos Therapeutics, Inc.
ALTI    Altair Nanotechnologies Inc.
ALTR    Altera Corporation
ALVR    Alvarion Ltd.
ALXN    Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
AMAC    American Medical Alert Corp.
AMAT    Applied Materials, Inc.
AMBK    American Bank Inc
AMCC    Applied Micro Circuits Corporation
AMCE    American Claims Evaluation, Inc.
AMCR    Amcor Limited
AMCRP   Amcor Limited
AMED    Amedisys Inc
AMEN    AMEN Properties Inc.
AMFC    AMB Financial Corp.
AMFI    Amcore Financial, Inc.
AMGN    Amgen Inc.
AMHC    American Healthways, Inc.
AMIC    American Independence Corporation
AMIE    Ambassadors International, Inc.
AMIS    AMIS Holdings, Inc.
AMKR    Amkor Technology, Inc.
AMLN    Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
AMMD    American Medical Systems Holdings, Inc.
AMNB    American National Bankshares, Inc.
AMNT    AmNet Mortgage, Inc
AMOT    Allied Motion Technologies, Inc.
AMOV    America Movil, S.A. de C.V.
AMPB    American Pacific Bank
AMPH    American Physicians Service Group, Inc.
AMPL    Ampal-American Israel Corporation
AMPLP   Ampal-American Israel Corporation
AMRB    American River Bankshares
AMRI    Albany Molecular Research, Inc.
AMRN    Amarin Corporation PLC
AMSC    American Superconductor Corporation
AMSG    Amsurg Corp.
AMSWA   American Software, Inc.
AMTA    Amistar Corporation
AMTC    Ameritrans Capital Corporation
AMTCP   Ameritrans Capital Corporation
AMTCW   Ameritrans Capital Corporation
AMTD    Ameritrade Holding Corporation
AMWD    American Woodmark Corporation
AMXC    AMX Corporation
AMZN, Inc.
ANAT    American National Insurance Company
ANCC    AirNet Communications Corporation
ANCCD   AirNet Communications Corporation
ANCX    Access National Corporation
ANDE    Andersons, Inc. (The)
ANDS    Anadys Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ANDW    Andrew Corporation
ANDWP   Andrew Corporation
ANEN    Anaren, Inc.
ANGN    Angeion Corporation
ANGO    AngioDynamics, Inc.
ANIK    Anika Therapeutics Inc.
ANLT    Analytical Surveys, Inc.
ANLY    Analysts International Corporation
ANNB    Annapolis Bancorp Inc.
ANNY    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
ANPI    Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ANSI    Advanced Neuromodulation Systems, Inc.
ANSL    Ansell Limited
ANSR    answerthink inc.
ANST    Ansoft Corporation
AOLA    America Online Latin America, Inc.
AORGB   Allen Organ Company
APAC    APAC Customer Services, Inc.
APAGF   APCO Argentina Inc.
APAT    APA Enterprises, Inc.
APCC    American Power Conversion Corporation
APCFY   Atlas Pacific Limited
APCS    Alamosa Holdings, Inc.
APFC    American Pacific Corporation
APHT    Aphton Corp.
APII    Action Products International, Inc.
APLX    Applix, Inc.
APOG    Apogee Enterprises, Inc.
APOL    Apollo Group, Inc.
APPA    AP Pharma, Inc.
APPB    Applebee's International, Inc.
APPX    American Pharmaceutical Partners, Inc.
APRO    America First Apartment Investors, Inc.
APRS    Apropos Technology, Inc.
APSA    Alto Palermo S.A.
APSG    Applied Signal Technology, Inc.
APTI    Advanced Power Technology, Inc.
AQNT    aQuantive, Inc.
AQQQ    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
ARBA    Ariba, Inc.
ARBX    Arbinet-thexchange, Inc.
ARCAF   Arcadis NV
ARCC    Ares Capital Corporation
ARDI    @Road, Inc.
ARDM    Aradigm Corporation
ARDNA   Arden Group, Inc.
ARGN    Amerigon Incorporated
ARIA    ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ARKR    Ark Restaurants Corp.
ARLC    Arel Communications & Software Ltd.
ARLP    Alliance Resource Partners, L.P.
ARMF    Armanino Foods of Distinction, Incorporated
ARMHY   ARM Holdings, plc
ARNA    Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ARNN    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
AROW    Arrow Financial Corporation
ARPP    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
ARQL    ArQule, Inc.
ARRO    Arrow International, Inc.
ARRS    Arris Group Inc
ARRY    Array BioPharma Inc.
ARTC    ArthroCare Corporation
ARTCE   ArthroCare Corporation
ARTG    Art Technology Group, Inc.
ARTI    Artisan Components, Inc.
ARTL    The Aristotle Corporation
ARTLP   The Aristotle Corporation
ARTNA   Artesian Resources Corporation
ARTW    Art's-Way Manufacturing Co., Inc.
ARTX    Arotech Corporation
ARWM    Arrow-Magnolia International, Inc.
ARWR    Arrowhead Research Corporation
ARWRW   Arrowhead Research Corporation
ARXX    Aeroflex Incorporated
ASAA    ASA International Ltd
ASBC    Associated Banc-Corp
ASBI    Ameriana Bancorp
ASBP    ASB Financial Corp.
ASCA    Ameristar Casinos, Inc.
ASCL    Ascential Software Corporation
ASEI    American Science and Engineering, Inc.
ASFI    Asta Funding, Inc.
ASGN    On Assignment, Inc.
ASGR    America Service Group Inc.
ASHW    Ashworth, Inc.
ASIA    AsiaInfo Holdings, Inc.
ASKJ    Ask Jeeves, Inc.
ASMI    ASM International N.V.
ASML    ASML Holding N.V.
ASPM    Aspect Medical Systems, Inc.
ASPT    Aspect Communications Corporation
ASRV    AmeriServ Financial Inc.
ASRVP   AmeriServ Financial Inc.
ASTE    Astec Industries, Inc.
ASTM    Aastrom Biosciences, Inc.
ASTSF   ASE Test, Limited
ASTT    ASAT Holdings Limited
ASVI    A.S.V., Inc.
ASYS    Amtech Systems, Inc.
ASYT    Asyst Technologies, Inc.
ASYTE   Asyst Technologies, Inc.
ATAC    Aftermarket Technology Corp.
ATAR    Atari, Inc.
ATAXZ   America First Tax Exempt Investors, L.P.
ATBC    Atlantic BancGroup Inc
ATCO    American Technology Corporation
ATEA    Astea International, Inc.
ATGI    Alpha Technologies Group, Inc.
ATGN    AltiGen Communications, Inc.
ATHR    Atheros Communications, Inc.
ATLO    Ames National Corporation
ATLRS   Atlantic Realty Trust
ATLS    Atlas America, Inc.
ATML    Atmel Corporation
ATPG    ATP Oil & Gas Corporation
ATRI    ATRION Corporation
ATRM    Aetrium Incorporated
ATRO    Astronics Corporation
ATRS    Altiris, Inc.
ATRX    Atrix Laboratories, Inc.
ATSI    ATS Medical, Inc.
ATSN    Artesyn Technologies, Inc.
ATTU    Attunity Ltd.
ATVI    Activision, Inc.
ATYT    ATI Technologies Inc.
AUBN    Auburn National Bancorporation, Inc.
AUDC    AudioCodes Ltd.
AUGT    August Technology Corporation
AULT    Ault Incorporated
AUTN    Autonomy Corporation plc
AUXL    Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
AVAN    Avant Immunotherapeutics, Inc.
AVCI    Avici Systems Inc.
AVCS    American Vantage Companies
AVCT    Avocent Corporation
AVGN    Avigen, Inc.
AVID    Avid Technology, Inc.
AVII    AVI BioPharma, Inc.
AVNC    Advancis Pharmaceutical Corporation
AVNX    Avanex Corporation
AVSR    Avistar Communications Corporation
AVTR    Avatar Holdings Inc.
AWBC    AmericanWest Bancorporation
AWGI    Alderwoods Group Inc
AWGIW   Alderwoods Group Inc
AWRE    Aware, Inc.
AXCA    Axcan Pharma Inc.
AXYS    Axsys Technologies, Inc.
AXYX    Axonyx, Inc.
AZPNE   Aspen Technology, Inc.
BABY    Natus Medical Incorporated
BAMM    Books-A-Million, Inc.
BANF    BancFirst Corporation
BANFP   BancFirst Corporation
BANR    Banner Corporation
BARI    Bancorp Rhode Island, Inc.
BASI    Bioanalytical Systems, Inc.
BBBB    Blackboard Inc.
BBBY    Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.
BBDC    Brantley Capital Corporation
BBGI    Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc.
BBNK    Bridge Capital Holdings
BBOX    Black Box Corporation
BBQZ    Barbeques Galore Limited
BBSI    Barrett Business Services, Inc.
BBXT    BankAtlantic Bancorp, Inc.
BCGI    Boston Communications Group, Inc.
BCII    Bone Care International, Inc.
BCIS    Bancinsurance Corporation
BCON    Beacon Power Corporation
BCRX    BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
BCSB    BCSB Bankcorp, Inc.
BCSI    Blue Coat Systems Inc
BDAY    Celebrate Express, Inc.
BDCO    Blue Dolphin Energy Company
BDMS    Birner Dental Management Services, Inc.
BDOG    Big Dog Holding, Inc.
BDSI    BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc.
BDSIC   Biodelivery Sciences International, Inc.
BDSIW   BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc.
BEAR    Vermont Teddy Bear Co., Inc. (The)
BEAS    BEA Systems, Inc.
BEAV    BE Aerospace, Inc.
BEBE    bebe stores, inc.
BECN    Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc.
BEIQ    BEI Technologies, Inc.
BELFA   Bel Fuse Inc.
BELFB   Bel Fuse Inc.
BELM    Bell Microproducts Inc.
BERK    Berkshire Bancorp, Inc.
BESI    BE Semiconductor Industries NV
BEXP    Brigham Exploration Company
BFAM    Bright Horizons Family Solutions Inc.
BFCF    B F C Financial Corp
BFEN    BF Enterprises, Inc.
BFLY    Bluefly, Inc.
BGFV    Big 5 Sporting Goods Corporation
BHBC    Beverly Hills Bancorp Inc.
BIIB    Biogen Idec Inc
BIOI    BioSource International Inc.
BIOM    Biomira Inc.
BIOV    BioVeris Corporation
BITI    Bio-Imaging Technologies, Inc.
BITS    Bitstream Inc.
BIVN    Bioenvision, Inc.
BJCT    Bioject Medical Technologies Inc.
BJRI    BJ's Restaurants, Inc.
BKBK    Britton & Koontz Capital Corporation
BKHM    Bookham, Inc.
BKMU    Bank Mutual Corporation
BKOR    Bank of Oak Ridge
BKRS    Bakers Footwear Group, Inc.
BKSC    Bank of South Carolina Corp.
BKST    Brookstone, Inc.
BKUNA   BankUnited Financial Corporation
BLDP    Ballard Power Systems, Inc.
BLKB    Blackbaud, Inc.
BLMT    Belmont Bancorp.
BLSC    Bio-Logic Systems Corp.
BLSI    Boston Life Sciences, Inc.
BLTI    BioLase Technology, Inc.
BLUD    Immucor, Inc.
BLUE    Blue Martini Software, Inc.
BMET    Biomet, Inc.
BMHC    Building Materials Holding Corporation
BMRC    Bank of Marin
BMRN    BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.
BMTC    Bryn Mawr Bank Corporation
BNCC    Bnccorp, Inc.
BNCN    BNC Bancorp (NC)
BNHN    Benihana Inc.
BNHNA   Benihana Inc.
BNSO    Bonso Electronics International, Inc.
BOBE    Bob Evans Farms, Inc.
BOBJ    Business Objects S.A.
BOCH    Bank of Commerce Holdings (CA)
BOFL    Bancshares of Florida, Inc.
BOKF    BOK Financial Corporation
BOMK    Bank McKenney VA
BONT    Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. (The)
BOOM    Dynamic Materials Corporation
BOOT    LaCrosse Footwear, Inc.
BORD    Boardwalk Bank
BORDW   Boardwalk Bank
BORL    Borland Software Corporation
BOSA    Boston Acoustics, Inc.
BOSC    B.O.S. Better Online Solutions
BPFH    Boston Private Financial Holdings, Inc.
BPHX    BluePhoenix Solutions, Ltd.
BPMI    Badger Paper Mills, Inc.
BPOP    Popular, Inc.
BPOPN   Popular, Inc.
BPOPO   Popular, Inc.
BPRG    BioProgress plc
BPUR    Biopure Corporation
BRBI    Blue River Bancshares, Inc.
BRCD    Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
BRCM    Broadcom Corporation
BRID    Bridgford Foods Corporation
BRKL    Brookline Bancorp, Inc.
BRKR    Bruker BioSciences Corporation
BRKS    Brooks Automation, Inc.
BRKT    Brooktrout, Inc.
BRLC    Brillian Corporation
BRLI    Bio-Reference Laboratories, Inc.
BRNC    Braun Consulting, Inc.
BSET    Bassett Furniture Industries, Incorporated
BSMD    BioSphere Medical, Inc.
BSML    Britesmile, Inc.
BSQR    BSQUARE Corporation
BSRR    Sierra Bancorp
BSTE    Biosite, Inc.
BSTW    Bestway, Inc.
BSXT    BOE Financial Services of Virginia Inc.
BTFG    BancTrust Financial Group, Inc.
BTHS    Benthos, Inc
BTRX    Barrier Therapeutics, Inc.
BTUI    BTU International, Inc.
BUCA    BUCA, Inc.
BUCY    Bucyrus International, Inc.
BUSE    First Busey Corporation
BUSEP   First Busey Corporation
BUTL    Butler International, Inc.
BVEW    Bindview Development Corporation
BVEWE   Bindview Development Corporation
BVSN    BroadVision, Inc.
BWCF    BWC Financial Corporation
BWEB    BackWeb Technologies Ltd.
BWINA   Baldwin & Lyons, Inc.
BWINB   Baldwin & Lyons, Inc.
BWLD    Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc.
BWNG    Broadwing Corporation
BYBI    Back Yard Burgers, Inc.
BYFC    Broadway Financial Corporation
CAAS    China Automotive Systems, Inc.
CABG    CABG Medical, Inc.
CACB    Cascade Bancorp
CACC    Credit Acceptance Corporation
CACH    Cache, Inc.
CACS    Carrier Access Corporation
CADA    CAM Commerce Solutions, Inc.
CAFE    Host America Corporation
CAFEW   Host America Corporation
CAFI    Camco Financial Corporation
CAKE    Cheesecake Factory Incorporated (The)
CALA    Catalina Lighting, Inc.
CALC    California Coastal Communities Inc
CALD    Callidus Software, Inc.
CALGZ   Citibank (West), FSB
CALL    CallWave, Inc.
CALM    Cal-Maine Foods, Inc.
CALP    Caliper Life Sciences Inc
CAMD    California Micro Devices Corporation
CAMP    CalAmp Corp.
CAMT    Camtek Ltd.
CAND    Candie's, Inc.
CANI    Carreker Corporation
CAPA    Captaris Inc.
CAPX    Capital Crossing Bank
CARN    Carrington Laboratories, Inc.
CARS    Capital Automotive REIT
CARSO   Capital Automotive REIT
CARSP   Capital Automotive REIT
CASA    Mexican Restaurants, Inc.
CASB    Cascade Financial Corp.
CASH    First Midwest Financial, Inc.
CASS    Cass Information Systems, Inc
CASY    Casey's General Stores, Inc.
CATG    Cambridge Antibody Technology Group plc
CATS    Catalyst Semiconductor, Inc.
CATT    Catapult Communicatons Corporation
CATY    Cathay General Bancorp
CAVB    Cavalry Bancorp, Inc.
CBAN    Colony Bankcorp, Inc.
CBBO    Columbia Bancorp
CBCF    Citizens Banking Corporation
CBIN    Community Bank Shares of Indiana, Inc.
CBIZ    Century Business Services, Inc
CBKN    Capital Bank Corporation
CBMD    Columbia Bancorp
CBMX    Acacia Research Corporation
CBNV    Community Bank of Northern Virginia
CBON    Community Bancorp
CBRL    CBRL Group Inc.
CBRX    Columbia Laboratories, Inc.
CBSAN   Hibernia Corporation
CBSH    Commerce Bancshares, Inc.
CBSS    Compass Bancshares, Inc.
CBST    Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
CBTE    Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc.
CBUK    Cutter & Buck Inc.
CCBD    Community Central Bank Corp.
CCBG    Capital City Bank Group
CCBI    Commercial Capital Bancorp, Inc.
CCBL    C-COR Incorporated
CCBN    Central Coast Bancorp
CCBP    Comm Bancorp, Inc.
CCCG    CCC Information Services Group Inc.
CCDC    Concorde Career Colleges, Inc.
CCFH    CCF Holding Company
CCMP    Cabot Microelectronics Corporation
CCNE    CNB Financial Corporation
CCOW    Capital Corp of the West
CCPCN   Capital Crossing Preferred Corporation
CCPCO   Capital Crossing Preferred Corporation
CCPCP   Capital Crossing Preferred Corporation
CCRD    Concord Communications, Inc.
CCRN    Cross Country Healthcare, Inc.
CCRT    CompuCredit Corporation
CCUR    Concurrent Computer Corporation
CDCY    CompuDyne Corporation
CDIC    CardioDynamics International Corporation
CDIS    Cal Dive International, Inc.
CDMS    Cadmus Communications Corporation
CDSS    Citadel Security Software Inc.
CDSW    Cedara Software Corp.
CDWC    CDW Corporation
CEBK    Central Bancorp, Inc
CECE    CECO Environmental Corp.
CECO    Career Education Corporation
CECX    Castle Energy Corporation
CEDC    Central European Distribution Corporation
CEGE    Cell Genesys, Inc.
CELG    Celgene Corporation
CELL    Brightpoint, Inc.
CEMH    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
CENF    Central Freight Lines, Inc.
CENT    Central Garden & Pet Company
CENX    Century Aluminum Company
CEPH    Cephalon, Inc.
CERG    Ceres Group Inc.
CERN    Cerner Corporation
CERS    Cerus Corporation
CESI    Catalytica Energy Systems, Inc.
CETV    Central European Media Enterprises Ltd.
CEVA    CEVA, Inc.
CFCI    CFC International, Inc.
CFCP    Coastal Financial Corporation
CFFC    Community Financial Corp.
CFFI    C&F Financial Corporation
CFFN    Capitol Federal Financial
CFHI    Coast Financial Holdings, Inc.
CFNB    California First National Bancorp
CFNL    Cardinal Financial Corporation
CFSB    Citizens First Financial Corporation
CFSI    Collegiate Funding Services, Inc.
CGEN    Compugen Ltd.
CGFW    CyberGuard Corporation
CGNX    Cognex Corporation
CGPI    CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
CGTK    Corgentech Inc.
CHCI    Comstock Homebuilding Companies, Inc.
CHCO    City Holding Company
CHDN    Churchill Downs, Incorporated
CHDX    Chindex International, Inc.
CHEV    Cheviot Financial Corp
CHFC    Chemical Financial Corporation
CHFN    Charter Financial Corp.
CHIC    Charlotte Russe Holding, Inc.
CHINA   chinadotcom corporation
CHIR    Chiron Corporation
CHKE    Cherokee Inc.
CHKP    Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
CHKR    Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc.
CHLE    Centennial Specialty Foods Corporation
CHLN    Chalone Wine Group, Ltd. (The)
CHMD    Chronimed Inc.
CHMP    Champion Industries, Inc.
CHNL    Channell Commercial Corporation
CHNR    China Natural Resources, Inc.
CHRB    China Resources Development, Inc.
CHRD    Chordiant Software, Inc.
CHRK    Cherokee International Corporation
CHRS    Charming Shoppes, Inc.
CHRT    Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd.
CHRW    C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.
CHRZ    Computer Horizons Corp.
CHTR    Charter Communications, Inc.
CHTT    Chattem, Inc.
CHUX    O'Charley's Inc.
CIBI    Community Investors Bancorp, Inc.
CIEN    CIENA Corporation
CIMT    Cimatron, Limited
CINF    Cincinnati Financial Corporation
CIPH    Ciphergen Biosystems, Inc.
CITI    Canterbury Information Technology, Inc.
CITP    COMSYS IT Partners, Inc.
CITY    Avalon Correctional Services, Inc.
CITZ    CFS Bancorp, Inc.
CKCM    Click Commerce, Inc.
CKEC    Carmike Cinemas, Inc.
CKECE   Carmike Cinemas Inc
CKFB    CKF Bancorp, Inc.
CKFR    CheckFree Corporation
CKSW    ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd.
CLAS    Classic Bancshares, Inc.
CLBH    Carolina Bank Holdings Inc.
CLBK    Commercial Bankshares, Inc.
CLCT    Collectors Universe, Inc.
CLDA    Clinical Data, Inc.
CLDN    Celadon Group, Inc.
CLEC    US LEC Corp.
CLFC    Center Financial Corporation
CLGY    Cellegy Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
CLHB    Clean Harbors, Inc.
CLHL    Carlisle Holdings Ltd.
CLMS    Calamos Asset Management, Inc.
CLRK    Color Kinetics Incorporated
CLSR    CLOSURE Medical Corporation
CLST    Cellstar Corporation
CLTK    Celeritek, Inc.
CLWT    Euro Tech Holdings Company Limited
CLZR    Candela Corporation
CMBC    Community Bancorp Inc.
CMCO    Columbus McKinnon Corporation
CMCSA   Comcast Corporation
CMCSK   Comcast Corporation
CMGI    CMGI, Inc.
CMIN    Commonwealth Industries, Inc.
CMKG    CoActive Marketing Group Inc
CMLS    Cumulus Media Inc.
CMNT    Computer Network Technology Corporation
CMOS    Credence Systems Corporation
CMPP    Champps Entertainment, Inc
CMPX    Compex Technologies, inc.
CMRG    Casual Male Retail Group, Inc.
CMTL    Comtech Telecommunications Corp.
CMTN    Copper Mountain Networks, Inc.
CMTY    Community Banks, Inc.
CMVT    Comverse Technology, Inc.
CNAF    Commercial National Financial Corporation
CNBC    Center Bancorp, Inc.
CNBKA   Century BanCorp, Inc.
CNBKP   Century BanCorp, Inc.
CNCT    Connetics Corporation
CNET    CNET Networks, Inc.
CNFL    Citizens Financial Corporation
CNLG    Conolog Corporation
CNMD    CONMED Corporation
CNQR    Concur Technologies, Inc.
CNRD    Conrad Industries, Inc.
CNST    Constar International Inc.
CNTU    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
CNTY    Century Casinos, Inc.
CNVLZ   City Investing Company Liquidating Trust
CNVR    Convera Corporation
CNVX    CancerVax Corporation
CNXS    CNS, Inc.
CNXT    Conexant Systems, Inc.
COBH    Pennsylvania Commerce Bancorp, Inc.
COBR    Cobra Electronics Corporation
COBZ    CoBiz, Inc.
COCO    Corinthian Colleges, Inc.
COGN    Cognos Incorporated
COGT    Cogent, Inc.
COHR    Coherent, Inc.
COHT    Cohesant Technologies Inc.
COHU    Cohu, Inc.
COKE    Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated
COLB    Columbia Banking System, Inc.
COLL    Collins Industries, Inc.
COLM    Columbia Sportswear Company
COLT    COLT Telecom Group plc
COMS    3Com Corporation
CONN    Conn's, Inc.
CONR    Conor Medsystems, Inc.
COOP    Cooperative Bankshares, Inc.
CORI    Corillian Corporation
CORS    CORUS Bankshares, Inc.
CORT    Corcept Therapeutics Incorporated
COSI    Cosi, Inc.
COSN    CoSine Communications, Inc.
COST    Costco Wholesale Corporation
CPAK    CPAC, Inc.
CPCI    Ciprico Inc.
CPKI    California Pizza Kitchen, Inc.
CPNO    Copano Energy, L.L.C.
CPRT    Copart, Inc.
CPSI    Computer Programs and Systems, Inc.
CPSS    Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc.
CPST    Capstone Turbine Corporation
CPTH    Critical Path, Inc.
CPTS    Conceptus, Inc.
CPTV    Captiva Software Corporation
CPWM    Cost Plus, Inc.
CPWR    Compuware Corporation
CRAI    Charles River Associates Incorporated
CRAY    Cray Inc
CRDM    Cardima, Inc.
CRDN    Ceradyne, Inc.
CRDS    Crossroads Systems, Inc.
CREAF   Creative Technology Ltd.
CRED    Credo Petroleum Corporation
CREE    Cree, Inc.
CREO    Creo Inc.
CRESY   Cresud S.A.C.I.F. y A.
CRFN    Crescent Financial Corporation
CRFT    Craftmade International, Inc.
CRGN    CuraGen Corporation
CRIO    Corio, Inc.
CRIS    Curis, Inc.
CRLTS   Century Realty Trust
CRME    Cardiome Pharma Corporation
CRMT    America's Car-Mart, Inc.
CRNS    Cronos Group (The)
CRNT    Ceragon Networks Ltd.
CRRB    Carrollton Bancorp
CRRC    Courier Corporation
CRTQ    Cortech, Inc.
CRTX    Critical Therapeutics, Inc.
CRUS    Cirrus Logic, Inc.
CRVL    CorVel Corp.
CRWN    Crown Media Holdings, Inc.
CRXA    Corixa Corporation
CRXL    Crucell NV
CRYP    Cryptologic, Inc.
CRZO    Carrizo Oil & Gas, Inc.
CSAR    Caraustar Industries, Inc.
CSBC    Citizens South Banking Corporation
CSBD    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
CSBK    Clifton Savings Bancorp, Inc.
CSCD    Cascade Microtech, Inc.
CSCO    Cisco Systems, Inc.
CSCQ    Correctional Services Corporation
CSDS    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
CSFL    Centerstate Banks of Florida, Inc.
CSGP    CoStar Group, Inc.
CSGS    CSG Systems International, Inc.
CSJB    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
CSKKY   CSK Corporation
CSLI    Cotton States Life Insurance Company
CSLMF   Consolidated Mercantile Inc
CSLR    Consulier Engineering, Inc.
CSMK    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
CSNC    Cardinal State Bank
CSNT    Crescent Banking Company
CSPI    CSP Inc.
CSPLF   Canada Southern Petroleum Ltd.
CSSA    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
CSTL    Castelle
CSTR    Coinstar, Inc.
CSWC    Capital Southwest Corporation
CTAC    1-800 Contacts, Inc.
CTAS    Cintas Corporation
CTBI    Community Trust Bancorp, Inc.
CTBIP   Community Trust Bancorp, Inc.
CTBK    City Bank
CTCHC   Commtouch Software Ltd.
CTCI    CT Communications, Inc.
CTCO    Commonwealth Telephone Enterprises, Inc.
CTEC    Cholestech Corporation
CTEL    City Telecom (H.K.) Limited
CTGI    Capital Title Group, Inc.
CTHR    Charles & Colvard Ltd
CTIB    CTI Industries Corporation
CTIC    Cell Therapeutics, Inc.
CTLM    Centillium Communications, Inc.
CTMI    CTI Molecular Imaging, Inc.
CTRA    Centra Software, Inc.
CTRP International, Ltd.
CTRX    CoTherix, Inc.
CTSH    Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation
CTTY    Catuity Inc.
CTTYD   Catuity Inc
CTWS    Connecticut Water Service, Inc.
CTXS    Citrix Systems, Inc.
CTZN    Citizens First Bancorp, Inc.
CUBA    Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund, Inc. (The)
CULS    Cost-U-Less, Inc.
CUNO    CUNO Incorporated
CURE    Curative Health Services, Inc.
CURN    Curon Medical, Inc.
CUTR    Cutera, Inc.
CVAL    Chester Valley Bancorp Inc.
CVBF    CVB Financial Corporation
CVBK    Central Virginia Bankshares, Inc.
CVCO    Cavco Industries, Inc.
CVCY    Central Valley Community Bancorp
CVGI    Commercial Vehicle Group, Inc.
CVGR    Covalent Group, Inc.
CVGW    Calavo Growers, Inc.
CVLY    Codorus Valley Bancorp, Inc
CVNS    Covansys Corporation
CVSN    ChromaVision Medical Systems, Inc.
CVST    Covista Communications, Inc.
CVTI    Covenant Transport, Inc.
CVTX    CV Therapeutics, Inc.
CWBC    Community West Bancshares
CWBS    Commonwealth Bankshares, Inc.
CWBSP   Commonwealth Bankshares, Inc.
CWCO    Consolidated Water Co. Ltd.
CWEI    Clayton Williams Energy, Inc.
CWLZ    Cowlitz Bancorporation
CWST    Casella Waste Systems, Inc.
CWTR    Coldwater Creek, Inc.
CYAN    Cyanotech Corporation
CYBE    CyberOptics Corporation
CYBS    CyberSource Corporation
CYBX    Cyberonics, Inc.
CYCL    Centennial Communications Corporation
CYMI    Cymer, Inc.
CYPB    Cypress Bioscience, Inc.
CYTC    Cytyc Corporation
CYTK    Cytokinetics, Incorporated
CYTO    Cytogen Corporation
CYTR    CytRx Corporation
DADE    Dade Behring Holdings, Inc
DAGM    DAG Media, Inc.
DAIEY   Dai'ei, Inc.
DAIO    Data I/O Corporation
DAKT    Daktronics, Inc.
DANKY   Danka Business Systems PLC
DASTY   Dassault Systemes, S.A.
DATA    DataTrak International, Inc.
DAVE    Famous Dave's of America, Inc.
DBLE    Double Eagle Petroleum Company
DBRN    Dress Barn, Inc. (The)
DCAI    Dialysis Corporation of America
DCAP    DCAP Group Inc
DCBK    Desert Community Bank
DCEL    Dobson Communications Corporation
DCGN    deCODE genetics, Inc.
DCLK    DoubleClick Inc.
DCOM    Dime Community Bancshares, Inc.
DCTH    Delcath Systems, Inc.
DCTHW   Delcath Systems, Inc.
DDDC    deltathree Inc
DDIC    DDi Corp. New
DDRX    Diedrich Coffee
DEAR    Dearborn Bancorp, Inc.
DEBS    Deb Shops, Inc.
DECA    Decoma International, Inc.
DECC    D&E Communications, Inc.
DECK    Deckers Outdoor Corporation
DECT    Dectron International, Inc.
DELL    Dell Inc.
DELT    Delta Galil Industries Ltd.
DEPO    DepoMed, Inc.
DESC    Distributed Energy Systems Corporation
DEVC    Devcon International Corp.
DFIB    Cardiac Science, Inc.
DGAS    Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc.
DGICA   Donegal Group, Inc.
DGICB   Donegal Group, Inc.
DGII    Digi International Inc.
DGIN    Digital Insight Corporation
DGIT    Digital Generation Systems, Inc.
DGSE    DGSE Companies, Inc.
DHIL    Diamond Hill Investment Group, Inc.
DHOM    Dominion Homes Inc.
DIET, Inc.
DIGE    Digene Corporation
DIGI    Digital Impact, Inc.
DIGL    Digital Lightwave, Inc.
DIIB    Dorel Industries, Inc.
DIMEZ   Washington Mutual, Inc.
DIOD    Diodes Incorporated
DISH    EchoStar Communications Corporation
DISK    Image Entertainment, Inc.
DITC    Ditech Communications Corporation
DJCO    Daily Journal Corp. (S.C.)
DKHR    D & K Healthcare Resources Inc
DLGS    Dialog Semiconductor Plc
DLPX    DelphaxTechnologies Inc.
DLTR    Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.
DMAX    DrugMax, Inc.
DMAXD   DrugMax Inc
DMCX    DataMirror Corporation
DMLP    Dorchester Minerals, L.P.
DMRCE   Digimarc Corporation
DNDN    Dendreon Corporation
DNEX    Dionex Corporation
DOCC    DocuCorp International, Inc.
DOCX    Document Sciences Corporation
DORLN   Doral Financial Corporation
DORLO   Doral Financial Corporation
DORLP   Doral Financial Corporation
DOTN    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
DOVP    DOV Pharmaceutical, Inc.
DOWT    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
DPAC    DPAC Technologies Corporation
DPII    Discovery Partners International, Inc.
DPMI    DuPont Photomasks, Inc.
DPTR    Delta Petroleum Corporation
DRAD    Digirad Corporation
DRAM    Dataram Corporation
DRAX    Draxis Health Inc.
DRCO    Dynamics Research Corporation
DRCT    Direct General Corporation
DRIV    Digital River, Inc.
DRRA    Dura Automotive Systems, Inc.
DRRAP   Dura Automotive Systems, Inc.
DRRX    Durect Corporation
DRTE    Dendrite International, Inc.
DRTK    Duratek, Inc.
DRYR    Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream Holdings, Inc.
DSCM, inc.
DSCO    Discovery Laboratories, Inc.
DSCP    Datascope Corp.
DSGIF   DSG International Limited
DSGX    Descartes Systems Group Inc. (The)
DSPG    DSP Group, Inc.
DSSI    Data Systems & Software Inc.
DSTI    DayStar Technologies, Inc.
DSTIW   DayStar Technologies, Inc.
DSTIZ   DayStar Technologies, Inc.
DSTME   Datastream Systems, Inc.
DSWL    Deswell Industries, Inc.
DSWT    Duraswitch Industries, Inc.
DTAS    Digitas, Inc.
DTLK    Datalink Corporation
DTPI    DiamondCluster International, Inc.
DTSI    Digital Theater Systems, Inc.
DUCK    Duckwall-Alco Stores, Inc.
DUSA    DUSA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
DVAX    Dynavax Technologies Corporation
DVID    Digital Video Systems, Inc.
DVSA    Diversa Corporation
DWCH    Datawatch Corporation
DWID    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
DWMA    Dickie Walker Marine, Inc.
DWMT    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
DWRI    Design Within Reach, Inc.
DWSN    Dawson Geophysical Company
DWTN    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
DWTT    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
DXPE    DXP Enterprises, Inc.
DXYN    Dixie Group, Inc. (The)
DYAX    Dyax Corp.
DYNT    Dynatronics Corporation
DYOLF   Dynamic Oil & Gas Inc.
DYTK    DynTek Inc.
DYTKP   DynTek Inc.
DYTKW   DynTek Inc.
EAGL    EGL, Inc.
EASI    Engineered Support Systems, Inc.
EASY    EasyLink Services Corporation
EBAY    eBay Inc.
EBIO    Epoch Biosciences Inc
EBIX    Ebix Inc
EBKR    ebookers plc
ECBE    ECB Bancorp Inc
ECGI    Envoy Communications Group, Inc.
ECHO    Electronic Clearing House, Inc.
ECIL    ECI Telecom Ltd.
ECLP    Eclipsys Corporation
ECMV    E Com Ventures, Inc.
ECOL    American Ecology Corporation
ECPG    Encore Capital Group Inc
ECSI    Endocardial Solutions, Inc.
ECST, Inc.
ECTX    ECtel Ltd.
EDEL    Edelbrock Corporation
EDEN    EDEN Bioscience Corporation
EDGR    EDGAR Online, Inc.
EDGRW   EDGAR Online, Inc.
EDGW    Edgewater Technology, Inc.
EDLG    Education Lending Group Inc
EDMC    Education Management Corporation
EDUC    Educational Development Corporation
EEEE    Educate, Inc.
EEFT    Euronet Worldwide, Inc.
EELN    E-Loan, Inc.
EENC    Enterra Energy Trust
EFII    Electronics for Imaging, Inc.
EGBN    Eagle Bancorp, Inc.
EGHT    8x8 Inc
EGLS    Electroglas, Inc.
EGOV    NIC Inc.
EIDSY   Eidos plc
ELAB    Eon Labs, Inc.
ELAM    Elamex S.A. de C.V.
ELANZ   Elan Corporation, plc
ELBO    Electronics Boutique Holdings Corp.
ELGX    Endologix Inc
ELMG    EMS Technologies, Inc.
ELMS    Elmer's Restaurants, Inc.
ELNK    EarthLink, Inc.
ELON    Echelon Corporation
ELOS    Syneron Medical Ltd.
ELOY    eLoyalty Corporation
ELRC    Electro Rent Corporation
ELRN    Elron Electronic Industries Ltd.
ELSE    Electro-Sensors, Inc.
ELTK    Eltek Ltd.
ELUX    AB Electrolux
ELXS    ELXSI Corporation
EMAK    EMAK Worldwide, Inc.
EMBT    Embarcadero Technologies
EMBTE   Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.
EMBX    Embrex, Inc.
EMCI    EMC Insurance Group, Inc.
EMIS    Emisphere Technologies, Inc.
EMITF   Elbit Medical Imaging Ltd.
EMKR    EMCORE Corporation
EMMS    Emmis Communications Corporation
EMMSP   Emmis Communications Corporation
EMRG    eMerge Interactive, Inc.
ENCY    Encysive Pharmaceuticals Inc
ENDP    Endo Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc.
ENER    Energy Conversion Devices, Inc.
ENMC    Encore Medical Corporation
ENMD    EntreMed, Inc.
ENPT    En Pointe Technologies, Inc.
ENSI    EnergySouth, Inc.
ENTG    Entegris, Inc.
ENTU    Entrust, Inc.
ENTX    Entrx Corporation
ENWV    Endwave Corporation
ENZN    Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
EONC    eOn Communications Corporation
EPAX    Ambassadors Group, Inc.
EPAY    Bottomline Technologies, Inc.
EPEN    East Penn Financial Corporation
EPEX    Edge Petroleum Corporation
EPIC    Epicor Software Corporation
EPIK    Epic Bancorp
EPIQ    EPIQ Systems, Inc.
EPIX    EPIX Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
EPMD    EP MedSystems, Inc.
EPMN    Epimmune, Inc.
EPNY    E.piphany, Inc.
EQIX    Equinix, Inc.
EQTX    Equitex, Inc.
ERES    eResearch Technology Inc.
ERICY   LM Ericsson Telephone Company
ERIE    Erie Indemnity Company
ERTS    Electronic Arts Inc.
ESBF    ESB Financial Corporation
ESBK    Elmira Savings Bank, FSB (The)
ESCA    Escalade, Incorporated
ESCC    Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation
ESGR    Enstar Group Inc
ESIO    Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.
ESLR    Evergreen Solar, Inc.
ESLT    Elbit Systems Ltd.
ESMC    Escalon Medical Corp.
ESPD    eSpeed, Inc.
ESRX    Express Scripts, Inc.
ESST    ESS Technology, Inc
ESTX    Morgan Stanley
EUBK    EuroBancshares, Inc.
EURO    EuroTrust A/S
EVBN    Evans Bancorp, Inc.
EVBS    Eastern Virginia Bankshares, Inc.
EVCI    EVCI Career Colleges Holding Corp.
EVOL    Evolving Systems, Inc.
EVST    Everlast Worldwide Inc.
EWBC    East West Bancorp, Inc.
EWEB    Euroweb International Corp.
EWST    Energy West, Inc.
EWSTE   Energy West, Inc.
EXAC    Exactech, Inc.
EXAR    Exar Corporation
EXAS    EXACT Sciences Corporation
EXBD    Corporate Executive Board Company (The)
EXEL    Exelixis, Inc.
EXFO    EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering
EXJF    Exchange National Bancshares, Inc.
EXPD    Expeditors International of Washington, Inc.
EXPO    Exponent, Inc.
EXTR    Extreme Networks, Inc.
EYET    Eyetech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
FACT    First Albany Companies, Inc.
FADV    First Advantage Corporation
FALC    FalconStor Software, Inc.
FAME    Flamemaster Corporation (The)
FAMED   Flamemaster Corp
FARM    Farmer Brothers Company
FARO    FARO Technologies, Inc.
FAST    Fastenal Company
FAVS    First Aviation Services, Inc.
FBEI    First Bancorp of Indiana, Inc.
FBMI    Firstbank Corporation
FBMT    First National Bancshares, Inc. (FL)
FBNC    First Bancorp
FBNKM   First Banks, Inc.
FBNKN   First Banks, Inc.
FBNW    FirstBank NW Corp.
FBSI    First Bancshares, Inc.
FBSS    Fauquier Bankshares, Inc.
FBST    Fiberstars, Inc.
FBTC    First BancTrust Corporation
FBTX    Franklin Bank Corp.
FCAP    First Capital, Inc.
FCBC    First Community Bancshares, Inc.
FCBP    First Community Bancorp
FCCO    First Community Corporation
FCCY    1st Constitution Bancorp (NJ)
FCEL    FuelCell Energy, Inc.
FCFC    FirstCity Financial Corporation
FCFCO   FirstCity Financial Corporation
FCFL    First Community Bank Corporation of America (FL)
FCFS    First Cash Financial Services, Inc.
FCGI    First Consulting Group, Inc.
FCNBP   BB&T Corporation
FCNCA   First Citizens BancShares, Inc.
FCPO    Factory Card & Party Outlet Corporation
FCSE    FOCUS Enhancements, Inc.
FCTR    First Charter Corporation
FCZA    First Citizens Banc Corp.
FDEF    First Defiance Financial Corp.
FDRY    Foundry Networks, Inc.
FEIC    FEI Company
FELE    Franklin Electric Co., Inc.
FFBC    First Financial Bancorp.
FFBH    First Federal Bancshares of Arkansas, Inc.
FFBI    First Federal Bancshares, Inc.
FFBZ    First Federal Bancorp, Inc.
FFCH    First Financial Holdings, Inc.
FFDB    FirstFed Bancorp, Inc.
FFDF    FFD Financial Corporation
FFED    Fidelity Federal Bancorp
FFEX    Frozen Food Express Industries, Inc.
FFFD    North Central Bancshares, Inc.
FFFL    Fidelity Bankshares, Inc.
FFFLP   Fidelity Cap Tr 8.375% Pfd
FFHS    First Franklin Corporation
FFIC    Flushing Financial Corporation
FFIN    First Financial Bankshares, Inc.
FFIV    F5 Networks, Inc.
FFKT    Farmers Capital Bank Corporation
FFKY    First Financial Service Corporation
FFLC    FFLC Bancorp, Inc.
FFSX    First Federal Bankshares, Inc.
FFWC    FFW Corporation
FHCC    First Health Group Corp.
FHRX    First Horizon Pharmaceutical Corporation
FIFG    1st Independence Financial Group, Inc.
FIFS    First Investors Financial Services Group
FILE    FileNet Corporation
FINB    First Indiana Corporation
FINL    Finish Line, Inc. (The)
FISI    Financial Institutions, Inc.
FISV    Fiserv, Inc.
FITB    Fifth Third Bancorp
FKFS    First Keystone Financial, Inc.
FKKY    Frankfort First Bancorp, Inc.
FLAG    FLAG Financial Corporation
FLCN    Falcon Financial Investment Trust
FLDR    Flanders Corporation
FLEX    Flextronics International Ltd.
FLIC    First of Long Island Corporation (The)
FLIR    FLIR Systems, Inc.
FLML    Flamel Technologies S.A.
FLOW    Flow International Corporation
FLOWE   Flow International Corporation
FLPB    Leesport Financial Corporation
FLSH    M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd.
FLWS    1-800 FLOWERS.COM, Inc.
FLXS    Flexsteel Industries, Inc.
FLYI    FLYi, Inc.
FLYR    Navigant International, Inc.
FMAR    First Mariner Bancorp
FMBI    First Midwest Bancorp, Inc.
FMCO    FMS Financial Corporation
FMDAY   Futuremedia Public Limited Company
FMER    FirstMerit Corporation
FMFC    First M & F Corporation
FMSB    First Mutual Bancshares, Inc.
FMTI    Forbes Medi-Tech Inc.
FMXI    Foamex International, Inc.
FNBF    FNB Financial Services Corporation
FNBN    FNB Corp.
FNBP    FNB Corporation
FNDT    Fundtech Ltd.
FNFG    First Niagara Financial Group Inc.
FNFI    First Niles Financial, Inc.
FNLC    First National Lincoln Corporation
FNLY    Finlay Enterprises, Inc.
FNSR    Finisar Corporation
FOBB    First Oak Brook Bancshares, Inc.
FONR    Fonar Corporation
FOOT    Foothill Independent Bancorp
FORD    Forward Industries, Inc.
FORG    Forgent Networks Inc
FORM    FormFactor, Inc.
FORR    Forrester Research, Inc.
FORTY   Formula Systems (1985) Ltd.
FOSL    Fossil, Inc.
FOXH    FoxHollow Technologies, Inc.
FPFC    First Place Financial Corp.
FPIC    FPIC Insurance Group, Inc.
FPTB    First PacTrust Bancorp, Inc.
FPWR    Fountain Powerboat Industries, Inc.
FRBK    Republic First Bancorp, Inc.
FRCCO   First Republic Preferred Capital Corporation
FRCCP   First Republic Preferred Capital Corporation
FRED    Fred's, Inc.
FRGB    First Regional Bancorp
FRGO    Fargo Electronics, Inc.
FRME    First Merchants Corporation
FRMEP   First Merchants Corporation
FRNT    Frontier Airlines, Inc.
FRSH    Fresh Brands, Inc.
FSBC    1st State Bancorp, Inc.
FSBI    Fidelity Bancorp, Inc.
FSBK    First South Bancorp Inc
FSCI    Fisher Communications, Inc.
FSCR    Federal Screw Works
FSII    FSI International, Inc.
FSNM    First State Bancorporation
FSRV    FirstService Corporation
FSTR    L.B. Foster Company
FSTW    Firstwave Technologies Inc.
FTBK    Frontier Financial Corporation
FTEK    Fuel-Tech, N.V.
FTGX    Fibernet Telecom Group, Inc.
FTHR    Featherlite, Inc.
FUEL    Streicher Mobile Fueling, Inc.
FUELW   Streicher Mobile Fueling, Inc.
FUJIY   Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.
FULT    Fulton Financial Corporation
FUNC    First United Corporation
FUND    Royce Focus Trust, Inc.
FWFC    First Washington Financial Corp.
FWRD    Forward Air Corporation
FXEN    FX Energy, Inc.
GABC    German American Bancorp
GAFC    Greater Atlantic Financial Corporation
GAIA    Gaiam, Inc.
GAIT    Langer Inc.
GBBK    Greater Bay Bancorp
GBBKO   Greater Bay Bancorp
GBCI    Glacier Bancorp, Inc.
GBCIP   Glacier Bancorp, Inc.
GBND    General Binding Corporation
GBTB    GB&T Bancshares
GBTS    Gateway Financial Holdings, Inc.
GCBC    Greene County Bancorp, Inc.
GCBS    Greene County Bancshares, Inc.
GCFB    Granite City Food & Brewery Ltd.
GCFBU   Granite City Food & Brewery Ltd.
GCFBW   Granite City Food & Brewery Ltd.
GCFC    Grand Central Financial Corporation
GCOM    Globecomm Systems Inc.
GCOR    Genencor International, Inc.
GDPAP   Goodrich Petroleum Corporation
GDYS    Goody's Family Clothing, Inc.
GEAC    Geac Computer Corporation Ltd
GEHL    Gehl Company
GEMP    Gemplus International S.A.
GEMS    Glenayre Technologies, Inc.
GENR    Genaera Corporation
GENZ    Genzyme General
GEOI    GeoResources, Inc.
GEPT    Global ePoint, Inc.
GERN    Geron Corporation
GETI    GenTek, Inc. New
GEXA    Gexa Corp.
GFED    Guaranty Federal Bancshares, Inc.
GFLS    Greater Community Bancorp
GFLSO   Greater Community Bancorp
GGAL    Grupo Financiero Galicia S.A.
GGNS    Genus, Inc.
GHCI    Genesis HealthCare Corporation
GIFI    Gulf Island Fabrication, Inc.
GIGA    Giga-tronics Incorporated
GIGM    GigaMedia Limited
GIII    G-III Apparel Group, LTD.
GILD    Gilead Sciences, Inc.
GILTF   Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.
GISX    Global Imaging Systems, Inc.
GIVN    Given Imaging Ltd.
GKIS    Gold Kist Inc.
GKSRA   G&K Services, Inc.
GLAD    Gladstone Capital Corporation
GLBC    Global Crossing Ltd.
GLBL    Global Industries, Ltd.
GLBZ    Glen Burnie Bancorp
GLDB    Gold Banc Corporation, Inc.
GLDBO   Gbci Cap Tr Ii
GLDC    Golden Enterprises, Inc.
GLDN    Golden Telecom, Inc.
GLFD    Guilford Pharmaceuticals Inc.
GLGC    Gene Logic Inc.
GLGS    GlycoGenesys Inc.
GLNG    Golar LNG Limited
GLOV    AHPC Holdings, Inc.
GLOW    Glowpoint, Inc.
GLYT    Genlyte Group Incorporated (The)
GMAI    Greg Manning Auctions, Inc.
GMCR    Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc.
GMRK    GulfMark Offshore, Inc.
GMST    Gemstar-TV Guide International Inc.
GMTC    GameTech International, Inc.
GMTN    Gander Mountain Company
GMXR    GMX Resources, Inc.
GMXRW   GMX Resources, Inc.
GNBT    Generex Biotechnology Corporation
GNCMA   General Communication, Inc.
GNLB    Genelabs Technologies, Inc.
GNRL    General Bearing Corporation
GNSC    Genaissance Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
GNSS    Genesis Microchip Inc.
GNSY    Genesys S.A.
GNTA    Genta Incorporated
GNTX    Gentex Corporation
GNTY    Guaranty Bancshares, Inc.
GNVC    GenVec, Inc.
GOAM    GoAmerica, Inc.
GOLD    Randgold Resources Limited
GOOD    Gladstone Commercial Corporation
GOOG    Google Inc.
GORX    GeoPharma, Inc.
GOSHA   Oshkosh B'Gosh, Inc.
GPCB    GPC Biotech AG
GPIC    Gaming Partners International Corporation
GPRO    Gen-Probe Incorporated
GPTX    Global Payment Technologies, Inc.
GRAN    Bank of Granite Corporation
GREY    Grey Global Group Inc
GRIC    GoRemote Internet Communications, Inc.
GRIF    Griffin Land & Nurseries, Inc.
GRIL    Grill Concepts Inc.
GRIN    Grand Toys International, Inc.
GRMN    Garmin Ltd.
GROW    U.S. Global Investors, Inc.
GSBC    Great Southern Bancorp, Inc.
GSBCP   Great Southern Bancorp, Inc.
GSBNZ   Citigroup, Inc.
GSIC    GSI Commerce, Inc.
GSLA    GS Financial Corp.
GSLI    GSI Lumonics Inc.
GSOL    Global Sources Ltd.
GTCB    GTC Biotherapeutics Inc
GTIM    Good Times Restaurants Inc.
GTIV    Gentiva Health Services, Inc.
GTOP    Genitope Corporation
GTPS    Great American Bancorp, Inc.
GTRC    Guitar Center, Inc.
GTSI    GTSI Corp.
GTXI    GTx, Inc.
GUPB    GFSB Bancorp, Inc.
GVBK    Greenville First Bancshares Inc.
GVHR    Gevity HR, Inc.
GYMB    Gymboree Corporation (The)
GYRO    Gyrodyne Company of America, Inc.
HABC    Habersham Bancorp
HAFC    Hanmi Financial Corporation
HAIN    Hain Celestial Group, Inc. (The)
HAMP    Hampshire Group, Limited
HANA    Hanaro Telecom, Inc.
HANS    Hansen Natural Corporation
HARB    Harbor Florida Bancshares Inc
HARL    Harleysville Savings Bank
HAST    Hastings Entertainment, Inc.
HAUP    Hauppauge Digital, Inc.
HAVNP   New York Community Bancorp, Inc.
HAVS    Havas
HAWK    Petrohawk Energy Corporation
HAXS    HealthAxis Inc.
HAYZ    Hayes Lemmerz International, Inc. New
HBAN    Huntington Bancshares Incorporated
HBHC    Hancock Holding Company
HBIO    Harvard Bioscience, Inc.
HBNC    Horizon Bancorp (IN)
HCBK    Hudson City Bancorp, Inc.
HCFC    Home City Financial Corporation
HCSG    Healthcare Services Group, Inc.
HCTL    Healthcare Technologies Ltd.
HDNG    Hardinge, Inc.
HDSN    Hudson Technologies, Inc.
HDTV    SpatiaLight, Inc.
HDWR    Headwaters Incorporated
HEII    HEI, Inc.
HELE    Helen of Troy Limited
HELX    Helix Technology Corporation
HEOP    Heritage Oaks Bancorp (CA)
HEPH    Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
HETC    HealtheTech, Inc.
HFBC    HopFed Bancorp, Inc.
HFFC    HF Financial Corp.
HFWA    Heritage Financial Corporation
HGGR    Haggar Corp.
HGIC    Harleysville Group Inc.
HGSI    Human Genome Sciences, Inc.
HHGP    Hudson Highland Group, Inc.
HIBB    Hibbett Sporting Goods, Inc.
HIFN    hi/fn, inc.
HIFS    Hingham Institution for Savings
HIHO    Highway Holdings Limited
HILL    Dot Hill Systems Corporation
HIST    Gallery of History, Inc.
HITK    Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co., Inc.
HLEX    HealthExtras, Inc.
HLFC    Home Loan Financial Corporation
HLIT    Harmonic Inc.
HLTH    WebMD Corporation
HLYW    Hollywood Entertainment Corporation
HMNF    HMN Financial, Inc.
HMSL    Hemosol Corp.
HMSY    HMS Holdings Corp
HNBC    Harleysville National Corporation
HOFF    Horizon Offshore, Inc.
HOFT    Hooker Furniture Corporation
HOLL    Hollywood Media Corp.
HOLX    Hologic, Inc.
HOME    Home Federal Bancorp, Inc.
HOMF    Home Federal Bancorp
HOMS    HomeStore Inc.
HOMZ    Home Products Intl
HOOK    Redhook Ale Brewery, Incorporated
HORC    Horizon Health Corporation
HORT    Hines Horticulture, Inc.
HOST    Arlington Hospitality, Inc
HOTT    Hot Topic, Inc.
HPCCP   Huntington Preferred Capital, Inc.
HPOL    Harris Interactive, Inc.
HRBT    Hudson River Bancorp, Inc.
HRLY    Herley Industries, Inc.
HRSH    Hirsch International Corp.
HRVE    Harvey Electronics, Inc.
HRZB    Horizon Financial Corp.
HSIC    Henry Schein, Inc.
HSII    Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc.
HSKA    Heska Corporation
HSTM    HealthStream, Inc.
HSVLY   Highveld Steel and Vanadium Corporation Limited
HTBK    Heritage Commerce Corp
HTCH    Hutchinson Technology Incorporated
HTCO    Hickory Tech Corporation
HTLD    Heartland Express, Inc.
HTLF    Heartland Financial USA, Inc.
HTRN    HealthTronics, Inc.
HUBG    Hub Group, Inc.
HUGO    Ivanhoe Mines Ltd
HUMC    Hummingbird Ltd
HUMP    Humphrey Hospitality Trust, Inc.
HURC    Hurco Companies, Inc.
HURN    Huron Consulting Group Inc.
HWEN    Home Financial Bancorp
HWFG    Harrington West Financial Group, Inc.
HWKN    Hawkins, Inc.
HYDL    Hydril
HYGS    Hydrogenics Corporation
HYSL    Hyperion Solutions Corporation
IAAC    International Assets Holding Corporation
IAAI    Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc.
IACI    IAC/InterActiveCorp
IACIW   IAC/InterActiveCorp
IACIZ   IAC/InterActiveCorp
IAIA    Intier Automotive Inc.
IART    Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation
IASG    Integrated Alarm Services Group, Inc.
IBCA    Intervest Bancshares Corp.
IBCP    Independent Bank Corporation
IBCPO   Independent Bank Corporation
IBIS    Ibis Technology Corporation
IBKC    IBERIABANK Corporation
IBNK    Integra Bank Corporation
IBOC    International Bancshares Corporation
IBPI    IntraBiotics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ICAB    i-CABLE Communications Limited
ICAD    icad inc.
ICBC    Independence Community Bank Corp.
ICCA    Internet Commerce Corp.
ICCC    ImmuCell Corporation
ICCI    Insight Communications Company, Inc.
ICGE    Internet Capital Group, Inc.
ICLR    ICON plc
ICOC    ICO, Inc.
ICOR    Icoria, Inc.
ICOS    ICOS Corporation
ICPT    InterCept Group, Inc. (The)
ICST    Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc.
ICTG    ICT Group, Inc.
ICTS    ICTS International N.V.
ICUI    ICU Medical, Inc.
IDBE    ID Biomedical Corporation
IDCC    InterDigital Communications Corp.
IDEV    Indevus Pharmaceuticals Inc.
IDGR    Industrial Distribution Group, Inc.
IDIX    Idenix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
IDNX    Identix Incorporated
IDSA    Industrial Services of America, Inc.
IDSY    I.D. Systems, Inc.
IDTI    Integrated Device Technology, Inc.
IDXC    IDX Systems Corporation
IDXX    IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.
IEIB    International Electronics,Inc.
IFCB    Integrity Financial Corporation
IFCBE   Integrity Financial Corporation
IFCJ    Interchange Financial Services Corporation
IFIN    Investors Financial Services Corp.
IFLO    I-Flow Corporation
IFNY    Infinity, Inc.
IFOX    Infocrossing, Inc.
IFSB    Independence Federal Savings Bank
IFSIA   Interface, Inc.
IFUL    Insightful Corporation
IGLD    Internet Gold Golden Lines Ltd.
IGTE    iGATE Corporation
IIIN    Insteel Industries, Inc.
IIJI    Internet Initiative Japan, Inc.
IINT    Indus International, Inc.
IIVI    II-VI Incorporated
IKNX    Ikonics Corporation
ILMN    Illumina, Inc.
ILSE    IntraLase Corp.
ILXO    ILEX Oncology, Inc.
IMAX    Imax Corporation
IMCL    ImClone Systems Incorporated
IMCO    IMPCO Technologies, Inc
IMDC    Inamed Corporation
IMGC    Intermagnetics General Corporation
IMGN    ImmunoGen, Inc.
IMKTE   Ingles Markets Inc
IMMC    Immunicon Corporation
IMMR    Immersion Corporation
IMMU    Immunomedics, Inc.
IMNR    Immune Response Corporation (The)
IMNRZ   Immune Response Corporation (The)
IMNY    I-many, Inc.
IMPC    IMPAC Medical Systems, Inc.
IMPCE   Impac Medical Systems, Inc.
INCX    Interchange Corporation
INCY    Incyte Corporation
INDB    Independent Bank Corp.
INDBM   Independent Bank Corp.
INDBN   Independent Bank Corp.
INFA    Informatica Corporation
INFO    Metro One Telecommunications, Inc.
INFS    InFocus Corporation
INFT    Inforte Corp.
INFY    Infosys Technologies Limited
INGN    Introgen Therapeutics, Inc.
INGP    Instinet Group Incorporated
INGR    Intergraph Corporation
INHX    Inhibitex, Inc.
ININ    Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
INKP    Inkine Pharmaceutical Company Inc.
INLD    Interland, Inc.
INMD    IntegraMed America, Inc.
INNO    Innovo Group, Inc.
INOC    Innotrac Corporation
INOD    Innodata Isogen Inc
INOW    InfoNow Corporation
INPC    InPhonic, Inc.
INPH    Interphase Corporation
INSG    Insignia Solutions, plc
INSM    Insmed, Inc.
INSP    InfoSpace, Inc.
INSU    Insituform Technologies, Inc.
INSW    InsWeb Corporation
INTC    Intel Corporation
INTD    InteliData Technologies Corporation
INTG    Intergroup Corporation (The)
INTL    Inter-Tel, Incorporated
INTN    INTAC International
INTT    inTest Corporation
INTU    Intuit Inc.
INTV    InterVoice Inc.
INTX    Intersections, Inc.
INTZ    Intrusion Inc.
INVN    InVision Technologies, Inc.
INVX    Innovex, Inc.
IONA    IONA Technologies PLC
IOTN    Ionatron, Inc.
IPAR    Inter Parfums, Inc.
IPAS    iPass Inc.
IPCC    Infinity Property and Casualty Corporation
IPCR    IPC Holdings, Limited
IPIX    IPIX Corporation
IPMT    iPayment, Inc.
IPSU    Imperial Sugar Company
IPSUW   Imperial Sugar Company
IPXL    Impax Laboratories, Inc.
IRETP   Investors Real Estate Trust
IRETS   Investors Real Estate Trust
IRIS    IRIS International, Inc.
IRIX    IRIDEX Corporation
IRSN    Irvine Sensors Corporation
ISCA    International Speedway Corporation
ISIG    Insignia Systems, Inc.
ISIL    Intersil Corporation
ISIS    Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ISLE    Isle of Capris Casinos, Inc.
ISNS    Image Sensing Systems, Inc.
ISON    Isonics Corporation
ISONL   Isonics Corporation
ISONZ   Isonics Corporation
ISPH    Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ISRG    Intuitive Surgical, Inc.
ISRL    Isramco, Inc.
ISSC    Innovative Solutions and Support, Inc.
ISSI    Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc.
ISSX    Internet Security Systems Inc
ISTA    ISTA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ISWI    Interactive Systems Worldwide Inc.
ISYS    Integral Systems, Inc.
ITCD    ITC DeltaCom, Inc.
ITIC    Investors Title Company
ITLA    ITLA Capital Corporation
ITMN    InterMune, Inc.
ITRA    Intraware, Inc.
ITRI    Itron, Inc.
IUSA    infoUSA, Inc.
IVAC    Intevac, Inc.
IVAN    Ivanhoe Energy, Inc.
IVGN    Invitrogen Corporation
IVII    Intervideo, Inc.
IVIL    iVillage, Inc.
IVIS    ICOS Vision Systems Corporation N.V.
IVTA    InfoVista S.A.
IWAV    Interwave Communications Intl
IWOV    Interwoven, Inc.
JACO    Jaco Electronics, Inc.
JADE    LJ International, Inc.
JADEW   LJ International, Inc.
JAKK    JAKKS Pacific, Inc.
JAMS    Jameson Inns, Inc.
JAXB    Jacksonville Bancorp, Inc.
JBHT    J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.
JBLU    JetBlue Airways Corporation
JBOH    JB Oxford Holdings, Inc.
JBSS    John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc.
JCDA    Jacada Ltd.
JCOM    j2 Global Communications Inc
JCTCF   Jewett-Cameron Trading Company
JDAS    JDA Software Group, Inc.
JDSU    JDS Uniphase Corporation
JFBC    Jeffersonville Bancorp
JFBI    Jefferson Bancshares, Inc.
JHFT    John Hancock Financial Trends Fund, Inc.
JILL    J. Jill Group Inc. (The)
JJSF    J & J Snack Foods Corp.
JKHY    Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.
JLMC    JLM Couture Inc.
JMAR    JMAR Technologies, Inc.
JMBI    James Monroe Bancorp Inc
JMDT    Jamdat Mobile Inc.
JNPR    Juniper Networks, Inc.
JOBS    51job, Inc.
JOSB    Jos. A. Bank Clothiers, Inc.
JOUT    Johnson Outdoors Inc.
JOYG    Joy Global Inc.
JRJC    China Finance Online Co. Limited
JUNO    Juno Lighting, Inc.
JUPM    Jupitermedia Corporation
JXSB    Jacksonville Bancorp Inc.
KAMNA   Kaman Corporation
KANA    Kana Software, Inc.
KBALB   Kimball International, Inc.
KBAY    Kanbay International, Inc.
KCLI    Kansas City Life Insurance Company
KELYA   Kelly Services, Inc.
KELYB   Kelly Services, Inc.
KENT    Kent Financial Services, Inc.
KEQU    Kewaunee Scientific Corporation
KERX    Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.
KEYN    Keynote Systems, Inc.
KEYS    Keystone Automotive Industries, Inc.
KEYW    Essex Corp
KFED    K-Fed Bancorp
KFRC    Kforce, Inc.
KILN    Kirlin Holding Corp.
KINDW   Kindred Healthcare, Inc.
KINDZ   Kindred Healthcare, Inc.
KIRK    Kirkland's, Inc.
KLAC    KLA-Tencor Corporation
KLIC    Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc.
KMGB    KMG Chemicals, Inc.
KMRT    KMart Holding Corporation
KNAP    Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Company
KNBT    KNBT Bancorp, Inc.
KNBWY   Kirin Brewery Company, Limited
KNDL    Kendle International Inc.
KNGT    Knight Transportation, Inc.
KNOL    Knology, Inc.
KNSY    Kensey Nash Corporation
KNTA    Kintera Inc.
KOMG    Komag, Inc. New
KONG    KongZhong Corporation
KOPN    Kopin Corporation
KOSN    Kosan Biosciences Incorporated
KOSP    Kos Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
KOSS    Koss Corporation
KRON    Kronos Incorporated
KRSL    Kreisler Manufacturing Corporation
KSWS    K-Swiss Inc.
KTCC    Key Tronic Corporation
KTEC    Key Technology, Inc.
KTII    K-Tron International, Inc.
KVHI    KVH Industries, Inc.
KWIC    Kennedy-Wilson, Inc.
KYPH    Kyphon Inc.
LABL    Multi-Color Corporation
LABS    LabOne, Inc.
LACO    Lakes Entertainment, Inc.
LAKE    Lakeland Industries, Inc.
LAMR    Lamar Advertising Company
LANC    Lancaster Colony Corporation
LANV    LanVision Systems, Inc.
LARK    Landmark Bancorp Inc.
LARL    Laurel Capital Group, Inc.
LAUR    Laureate Education, Inc.
LAVA    Magma Design Automation, Inc.
LAWS    Lawson Products, Inc.
LAYN    Layne Christensen Company
LBAI    Lakeland Bancorp, Inc.
LBIX    Leading Brands Inc
LBTYA   Liberty Media International, Inc.
LBTYB   Liberty Media International, Inc.
LCAV    LCA-Vision Inc.
LCBM    Lifecore Biomedical, Inc.
LCCI    LCC International, Inc.
LCGI    Learning Care Group, Inc.
LCRD    LaserCard Corporation
LCRY    LeCroy Corporation
LCUT    Lifetime Hoan Corporation
LDIS    Leadis Technology, Inc.
LDSH    Ladish Co., Inc.
LECO    Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc.
LEIX    Lowrance Electronics, Inc.
LEND    Accredited Home Lenders Holding Co.
LENS    Concord Camera Corp.
LENSE   Concord Camera Corp.
LEON    LION bioscience Aktiengesellschaft
LEXG    Lexicon Genetics Incorporated
LEXR    Lexar Media, Inc.
LFINP   International Bancshares Corporation
LFUS    Littelfuse, Inc.
LGBT    PlanetOut, Inc.
LGND    Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
LGTY    Logility, Inc.
LGVN    LogicVision, Inc.
LICB    Long Island Financial Corp.
LIFC    LifeCell Corporation
LIFE    Lifeline Systems, Inc.
LIHRY   Lihir Gold, Limited
LINK    Interlink Electronics
LION    Fidelity Southern Corporation
LIOX    Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.
LIPD    Lipid Sciences Incorporated
LJPC    La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company
LKFN    Lakeland Financial Corporation
LKQX    LKQ Corporation
LLTC    Linear Technology Corporation
LMIA    LMI Aerospace, Inc.
LMLP    LML Payment Systems, Inc.
LMNX    Luminex Corporation
LMRA    Lumera Corporation
LNBB    LNB Bancorp, Inc.
LNCB    Lincoln Bancorp
LNCE    Lance, Inc.
LNCR    Lincare Holdings Inc.
LNDC    Landec Corporation
LNET    LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation
LNOP    LanOptics Ltd.
LNUX    VA Software Corporation
LODG    ShoLodge, Inc.
LOGC    Logic Devices Incorporated
LOGI    Logitech International S.A.
LOJN    LoJack Corporation
LONG    eLong, Inc.
LOOK    LookSmart, Ltd.
LOUD    Loudeye Corporation
LPHI    Life Partners Holdings Inc
LPMA    Lipman Electronic Engineering Ltd.
LPNT    LifePoint Hospitals, Inc.
LPSN    LivePerson, Inc.
LPTH    LightPath Technologies, Inc.
LRCX    Lam Research Corporation
LRNS    Excelligence Learning Corporation
LSBC    Large Scale Biology Corporation
LSBI    LSB Financial Corp.
LSBX    LSB Corporation
LSCC    Lattice Semiconductor Corporation
LSCP    Laserscope
LSTR    Landstar System, Inc.
LTBG    Lightbridge, Inc.
LTON    Linktone Ltd.
LTRE    Learning Tree International, Inc.
LTRX    Lantronix, Inc.
LTXX    LTX Corporation
LUCY    Lucille Farms, Inc.
LUFK    Lufkin Industries, Inc.
LVLT    Level 3 Communications, Inc.
LWAY    Lifeway Foods, Inc.
LWSN    Lawson Software, Inc.
LXBK    LSB Bancshares, Inc.
LYNX    Lynx Therapeutics, Inc.
LYTS    LSI Industries Inc.
MACC    MACC Private Equities Inc.
MACE    Mace Security International, Inc.
MACR    Macromedia, Inc.
MAFB    MAF Bancorp, Inc.
MAGS    Magal Security Systems Ltd.
MAHI    Monarch Avalon, Inc.
MAIN    Main Street Restaurant Group, Inc.
MAIR    MAIR Holdings, Inc.
MAJR    Major Automotive Corp
MALL    PC Mall, Inc.
MANA    Manatron, Inc.
MANC    Manchester Technologies, Inc.
MANH    Manhattan Associates, Inc.
MANT    ManTech International Corporation
MANU    Manugistics Group, Inc.
MAPS    MapInfo Corporation
MARPS   Marine Petroleum Trust
MARSA   Marsh Supermarkets, Inc.
MARSB   Marsh Supermarkets, Inc.
MATK    Martek Biosciences Corporation
MATR    Matria Healthcare, Inc.
MATV    Matav-Cable Systems Media Ltd.
MATW    Matthews International Corporation
MAXC    Maxco, Inc.
MAXE    Max & Erma's Restaurants, Inc.
MAXF    Maxcor Financial Group Inc.
MAXM    Maxim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
MAXY    Maxygen, Inc.
MAYS    J. W. Mays, Inc.
MBAY    MediaBay, Inc.
MBFI    MB Financial Inc.
MBFIP   MB Financial Inc.
MBHI    Midwest Banc Holdings, Inc.
MBLA    National Mercantile Bancorp
MBND    Multiband Corporation
MBRG    Middleburg Financial Corporation
MBRX    Metabasis Therapeutics, Inc
MBTF    M B T Financial Corp
MBVA    Millennium Bankshares Corporation
MBVT    Merchants Bancshares, Inc.
MBWM    Mercantile Bank Corporation
MCBC    Macatawa Bank Corporation
MCBF    Monarch Community Bancorp, Inc.
MCBI    MetroCorp Bancshares, Inc.
MCBK    Monmouth Community Bancorp
MCCC    Mediacom Communications Corporation
MCDT    McDATA Corporation
MCDTA   McDATA Corporation
MCEL    Millennium Cell Inc.
MCGC    MCG Capital Corporation
MCHM    MacroChem Corporation
MCHP    Microchip Technology Incorporated
MCHX    Marchex, Inc.
MCIP    MCI, Inc.
MCLD    McLeodUSA Incorporated
MCLDO   McLeodUSA Incorporated
MCRI    Monarch Casino & Resort, Inc.
MCRL    Micrel, Incorporated
MCRS    MICROS Systems, Inc.
MDCA    MDC Partners Inc
MDCAE   MDC Partners Inc.
MDCC    Molecular Devices Corporation
MDCI    Medical Action Industries Inc.
MDCO    Medicines Company (The)
MDII    MDI, Inc.
MDKI    Medicore, Inc.
MDLK    Medialink Worldwide Incorporated
MDRX    Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc
MDSI    MDSI Mobile Data Solutions, Inc.
MDST    Mid-State Bancshares
MDTH    MedCath Corporation
MDTL    Medis Technologies Ltd.
MDWV    Medwave, Inc.
MEAD    Meade Instruments Corp.
MECA    Magna Entertainment Corporation
MEDC    Med-Design Corporation (The)
MEDI    MedImmune, Inc.
MEDW    MEDIWARE Information Systems, Inc.
MEDX    Medarex, Inc.
MEMY    Memory Pharmaceuticals Corp.
MENT    Mentor Graphics Corporation
MEOH    Methanex Corporation
MERB    Merrill Merchants Bancshares, Inc.
MERCS   Mercer International Inc.
MERQ    Mercury Interactive Corporation
MERX    Merix Corporation
MESA    Mesa Air Group, Inc.
METG    META Group, Inc.
METH    Methode Electronics, Inc.
MFBC    MFB Corp.
MFCO    Microwave Filter Company, Inc.
MFLO    Moldflow Corporation
MFLR    Mayflower Co-operative Bank
MFLX    Multi-Fineline Electronix, Inc.
MFNC    Mackinac Financial Corporation
MFRI    MFRI, Inc.
MFSF    MutualFirst Financial Inc.
MGAM    Multimedia Games, Inc.
MGEE    MGE Energy Inc.
MGIC    Magic Software Enterprises Ltd.
MGLN    Magellan Health Services, Inc.
MGPI    MGP Ingredients, Inc.
MGRC    McGrath RentCorp
MICC    Millicom International Cellular S.A.
MICU    Vicuron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
MIDD    Middleby Corporation (The)
MIGP    Mercer Insurance Group, Inc.
MIKN    Mikohn Gaming Corporation
MIKR    Mikron Infrared, Inc.
MIMS    MIM Corporation
MIND    Mitcham Industries, Inc.
MINI    Mobile Mini, Inc.
MIPS    MIPS Technologies, Inc.
MITSY   Mitsui & Company, Ltd.
MITT    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
MITY    MITY Enterprises Inc.
MKSI    MKS Instruments, Inc.
MKTAY   Makita Corp.
MKTW    MarketWatch Inc.
MKTX    MarketAxess Holdings, Inc.
MKTY    Mechanical Technology Incorporated
MLAB    Mesa Laboratories, Inc.
MLAN    Midland Company (The)
MLEA    Millea Holdings Inc. ADR
MLHR    Herman Miller, Inc.
MLIN    Micro Linear Corporation
MLMT    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
MLNM    Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
MMAN    Minuteman International Inc.
MMLP    Martin Midstream Partners L.P.
MMSI    Merit Medical Systems, Inc.
MMUS    MakeMusic! Inc.
MNDO    MIND C.T.I. Ltd.
MNDX    Morgan Stanley
MNKD    MannKind Corporation
MNNY    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
MNRK    Monarch Bank
MNRO    Monro Muffler Brake, Inc.
MNRTA   Monmouth Real Estate Investment Corporation
MNST    Monster Worldwide Inc.
MNTA    Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
MNTG    MTR Gaming Group, Inc.
MOBE    Mobility Electronics, Inc.
MOBI    Mobius Management Systems, Inc
MOCC    Moscow CableCom Corp.
MODT    Modtech Holdings Inc.
MOLAE   Molex Incorporated
MOLXE   Molex Incorporated
MOND    Robert Mondavi Corporation (The)
MONE    MatrixOne, Inc.
MONM    Monmouth Capital Corporation
MOSS    Mossimo Inc.
MOSY    Monolithic System Technology, Inc.
MOTV    Motive, Inc.
MOVI    Movie Gallery, Inc.
MPET    Magellan Petroleum Corporation
MPWG    MPW Industrial Services Group, Inc.
MPWR    Monolithic Power Systems, Inc.
MRAE    Mirae Corporation
MRBK    Mercantile Bankshares Corporation
MRCIY   Marconi Corporation
MRCY    Mercury Computer Systems
MRGE    Merge Technologies Inc.
MRGO    Margo Caribe Inc.
MRLN    Marlin Business Services Corp.
MRNN    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
MROE    Monroe Bancorp
MROI    MRO Software, Inc.
MRQQ    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
MRSA    Marisa Christina, Incorporated
MRSS    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
MRTI    Maxus Realty Trust Inc
MRTN    Marten Transport, Ltd.
MRVC    MRV Communications, Inc.
MRVL    Marvell Technology Group, Ltd.
MSBK    Main Street Banks, Inc.
MSCC    Microsemi Corporation
MSDXO   BB&T Corporation
MSDXP   BB&T Corporation
MSEL    Merisel, Inc.
MSELE   Merisel, Inc.
MSEX    Middlesex Water Company
MSFG    MainSource Financial Group, Inc.
MSFT    Microsoft Corporation
MSGI    Media Services Group Inc
MSHL    Marshall Edwards, Inc.
MSHLW   Marshall Edwards, Inc.
MSLV    MetaSolv Inc
MSPD    Mindspeed Technologies, Inc.
MSPX    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
MSSN    Mission Resources Corporation
MSSR    McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurants, Inc.
MSTR    MicroStrategy Incorporated
MSTRW   MicroStrategy Incorporated
MTCH    Nortem N.V.
MTCT    MTC Technologies, Inc.
MTDB    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
MTDW    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
MTEX    Mannatech, Incorporated
MTIC    MTI Technology Corporation
MTIX    Micro Therapeutics, Inc.
MTLG    Metrologic Instruments, Inc.
MTLK    Metalink, Ltd.
MTLM    Metal Management , Inc.
MTLMW   Metal Management , Inc.
MTMC    MTM Technologies, Inc.
MTMD    Microtek Medical Holdings Inc
MTNK    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
MTOH    Metrocall Holdings, Inc.
MTRX    Matrix Service Company
MTSC    MTS Systems Corporation
MTSL    MER Telemanagement Solutions Ltd.
MTSM    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
MTSN    Mattson Technology, Inc.
MTSP    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
MTSX    Metal Storm Limited
MTTX    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
MTXC    Matrix Bancorp, Inc
MTXCP   Matrix Bancorp, Inc
MTXX    Matrixx Initiatives Inc.
MUEL    Paul Mueller Company
MUSA    Metals USA, Inc. New
MUSAW   Metals USA, Inc. New
MUSE    Micromuse, Inc.
MVCO    Meadow Valley Corporation
MVIS    Microvision, Inc.
MVSN    Macrovision Corporation
MWAV    M-WAVE, Inc.
MWRK    Mothers Work, Inc.
MXBIF   MFC Bancorp Ltd.
MXICY   Macronix International Co. Ltd
MXIM    Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.
MXRE    Max Re Capital Ltd.
MXWL   Maxwell Technologies, Inc.
MYGN   Myriad Genetics, Inc.
MYOG   Myogen, Inc.
MYST   Mystic Financial, Inc.
NABC   Newalliance Bancshares, Inc.
NABI   Nabi Biopharmaceuticals
NADX   National Dentex Corporation
NAFC   Nash-Finch Company
NAII   Natural Alternatives International, Inc.
NANO   Nanometrics Incorporated
NANX   Nanophase Technologies Corporation
NAPS   Napster Inc
NARA   Nara Bancorp, Inc.
NASB   NASB Financial Inc.
NASI   North American Scientific, Inc.
NATH   Nathan's Famous, Inc.
NATI   National Instruments Corporation
NATK   North American Technologies Group, Inc.
NATR   Nature's Sunshine Products, Inc.
NAVG   Navigators Group, Inc. (The)
NAVI   NaviSite, Inc.
NAVR   Navarre Corporation
NBAN   North Bay Bancorp
NBIX   Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc.
NBSC   New Brunswick Scientific Co., Inc.
NBTB   NBT Bancorp Inc.
NCEM   Nevada Chemicals, Inc.
NCFC   North Country Financial Corp
NCOG   NCO Group, Inc.
NCRI   NCRIC Group, Inc.
NCRX   NeighborCare Inc.
NCTY   The9 Limited
NDSN   Nordson Corporation
NDXP   Morgan Stanley
NEIB   Northeast Indiana Bancorp, Inc.
NENG   Network Engines, Inc
NEOF   Neoforma Inc.
NEOG   Neogen Corporation
NEOL   NeoPharm, Inc.
NEON   NEON Systems, Inc.
NEPF   Northeast Pennsylvania Financial Corp.
NERX   NeoRx Corporation
NETC   NET Servicos de Comunicacao S.A.
NETE   Netegrity, Inc.
NETL   NetLogic Microsystems, Inc.
NETM   NetManage, Inc.
NEWH   New Horizons Worldwide, Inc.
NEWP   Newport Corporation
NEXM   NexMed, Inc.
NFLD   Northfield Laboratories Inc.
NFLX   Netflix, Inc.
NGAS   NGAS Resources, Inc.
NGEN   Nanogen, Inc.
NGPC    NGP Capital Resources Company
NGPS    NovAtel Inc.
NGRU    netGuru inc
NHHC    National Home Health Care Corp.
NHRX    NationsHealth, Inc.
NHRXU   NationsHealth, Inc.
NHRXW   NationsHealth, Inc.
NHTB    New Hampshire Thrift Bancshares, Inc.
NICE    NICE-Systems Limited
NICH    Nitches, Inc.
NICK    Nicholas Financial, Inc.
NIHD    NII Holdings Inc
NIKU    Niku Corporation
NILE    Blue Nile, Inc.
NINE    Ninetowns Digital World Trade Holdings Limited
NIPNY   NEC Corporation
NITE    Knight Trading Group, Inc.
NKBS    Newtek Business Services Inc
NKSH    National Bankshares, Inc.
NKTR    Nektar Therapeutics
NLCI    Nobel Learning Communities, Inc.
NMGC    NeoMagic Corporation
NMHC    National Medical Health Card Systems, Inc.
NMIL    NewMil Bancorp, Inc.
NMRX    Numerex Corp.
NMSS    NMS Communications Corporation
NMTI    NMT Medical Inc.
NNBR    NN, Inc.
NNDS    NDS Group plc.
NOBH    Nobility Homes, Inc.
NOBL    Noble International, Ltd.
NOIZ    Micronetics, Inc.
NOLD    Noland Company
NOOF    New Frontier Media, Inc.
NOVA    NovaMed, Inc.
NOVB    North Valley Bancorp
NOVL    Novell, Inc.
NOVN    Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
NOVT    Novoste Corporation
NPBC    National Penn Bancshares, Inc.
NPBCO   National Penn Bancshares, Inc.
NPSI    North Pittsburgh Systems, Inc.
NPSN    Naspers Limited
NPSP    NPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
NPTH    Enpath Medical, Inc.
NRCI    National Research Corporation
NRGN    Neurogen Corporation
NRGY    Inergy, L.P.
NRIM    Northrim BanCorp Inc
NRMX    Neurochem Inc
NRPH    New River Pharmaceuticals Inc.
NRRD    Norstan, Inc.
NRVN    Nature Vision, Inc.
NSANY   Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
NSDA    Nassda Corporation
NSDB    NSD Bancorp, Inc.
NSEC    National Security Group, Inc.
NSFC    Northern States Financial Corporation
NSIT    Insight Enterprises, Inc.
NSSC    Napco Security Systems, Inc.
NSTC    Ness Technologies, Inc.
NSTK    Nastech Pharmaceutical Company, Inc.
NSYS    Nortech Systems Incorporated
NTAP    Network Appliance, Inc.
NTBK    Net.B@nk, Inc.
NTCT    NetScout Systems, Inc.
NTEC    Neose Technologies, Inc.
NTES, Inc.
NTII    Neurobiological Technologies, Inc.
NTIQ    NetIQ Corporation
NTLI    NTL Incorporated
NTLIW   NTL Incorporated
NTMD    NitroMed, Inc.
NTOL    Natrol, Inc.
NTOP    Net2Phone
NTRS    Northern Trust Corporation
NTRT    NetRatings, Inc.
NTSC    National Technical Systems, Inc.
NTSL    NetSolve, Inc.
NTST    Netsmart Technologies, Inc.
NTWK    NetSol Technologies Inc.
NUAN    Nuance Communications, Inc.
NUCO    NuCo2 Inc.
NUHC    Nu Horizons Electronics Corp.
NURM    Nur Macroprinters, Ltd
NURO    NeuroMetrix, Inc.
NUTR    Nutraceutical International Corporation
NUVA    NuVasive, Inc.
NUVO    Nuvelo, Inc.
NVAL    New Valley Corporation
NVAX    Novavax, Inc.
NVDA    NVIDIA Corporation
NVEC    NVE Corporation
NVGN    Novogen Limited
NVLD    Novel Denim Holdings Limited
NVLS    Novellus Systems, Inc.
NVMI    Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd.
NVSL    Naugatuck Valley Financial Corporation
NVTL    Novatel Wireless, Inc.
NWAC    Northwest Airlines Corporation
NWEC    NorthWestern Corporation
NWECW   NorthWestern Corporation
NWFI    Northway Financial Inc.
NWFL    Norwood Financial Corp.
NWIR    NWH, Inc.
NWLIA   National Western Life Insurance Company
NWPX    Northwest Pipe Company
NWRE    Neoware Systems Inc.
NWSB    Northwest Bancorp, Inc.
NWSBP   Northwest Bancorp, Inc.
NXST    Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc.
NXTL    Nextel Communications, Inc.
NXTP    Nextel Partners, Inc.
NXXI    Nutrition 21 Inc.
NYER    Nyer Medical Group, Inc.
NYMX    Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation
NYNY    Empire Resorts, Inc.
NZYM    Synthetech, Inc.
OAKF    Oak Hill Financial, Inc.
OATS    Wild Oats Markets, Inc.
OBAS    Optibase Ltd.
OBCI    Ocean Bio-Chem, Inc.
OBIE    Obie Media Corporation
OCAS    Ohio Casualty Corporation
OCCF    Optical Cable Corporation
OCFC    OceanFirst Financial Corp.
OCLR    Ocular Sciences, Inc.
OCNB    Bridge Street Financial, Inc.
OCPI    Optical Communication Products, Inc.
ODFL    Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.
ODSY    Odyssey Healthcare, Inc.
OFIX    Orthofix International N.V.
OICO    O. I. Corporation
OIIM    02Micro International Limited
OKSB    Southwest Bancorp, Inc.
OKSBO   Southwest Bancorp, Inc.
OLAB    Oralabs Holding Corp.
OLBK    Old Line Bancshares, Inc. (MD)
OLCB    Ohio Legacy Corporation
OLED    Cambridge Display Technology, Inc.
OLGC    Orthologic Corp.
OLGR    Oilgear Company (The)
OMCL    Omnicell, Inc.
OMEF    Omega Financial Corporation
OMNI    OMNI Energy Services Corp.
OMTL    Omtool, Ltd.
ONCY    Oncolytics Biotech, Inc.
ONEQ    Fidelity Nasdaq Composite Index Tracking Stock
ONFC    Oneida Financial Corp.
ONNN    ON Semiconductor Corporation
ONVI    Onvia, Inc.
ONXS    ONYX Software Corporation
ONXX    ONYX Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ONYX    Onyx Acceptance Corporation
OPEN    Open Solutions, Inc.
OPHC    OptimumBank Holdings, Inc.
OPLK    Oplink Communications, Inc.
OPMR    Optimal Group, Inc.
OPNT    OPNET Technologies Inc.
OPOF    Old Point Financial Corporation
OPSW    Opsware, Inc.
OPTC    Optelecom, Inc.
OPTV    OpenTV Corp.
OPWV    Openwave Systems Inc
ORBK    Orbotech Ltd.
ORBT    Orbit International Corporation
ORBZ    Orbitz, Inc.
ORCC    Online Resources Corporation
ORCH    Orchid Biosciences, Inc.
ORCI    Opinion Research Corporation
ORCL    Oracle Corporation
ORCT    Orckit Communications, Limited
ORGN    Origen Financial, Inc.
ORLY    O'Reilly Automotive, Inc.
ORNG    Orange 21 Inc.
ORPH    Orphan Medical, Inc.
OSBC    Old Second Bancorp, Inc.
OSBCP   Old Second Bancorp, Inc.
OSCI    Oscient Pharmaceuticals Corporation
OSIP    OSI Pharmaceuticals Inc.
OSIS    OSI Systems, Inc.
OSKY    MidWestOne Financial Group Inc
OSTE    Osteotech, Inc.
OSTK, Inc.
OSUR    OraSure Technologies, Inc.
OTEX    Open Text Corporation
OTIV    On Track Innovations Ltd
OTTR    Otter Tail Corporation
OUTD    Outdoor Channel Holdings, Inc.
OUTL    Outlook Group Corp.
OVBC    Ohio Valley Banc Corp.
OVNT    Overnite Corporation
OVRL    Overland Storage, Inc.
OVTI    OmniVision Technologies, Inc.
OYOG    OYO Geospace Corporation
OZRK    Bank of the Ozarks
PAAS    Pan American Silver Corp.
PACR    Pacer International, Inc.
PACT    PacificNet Inc.
PACW    Pac-West Telecomm, Inc.
PAGI    Pemco Aviation Group, Inc.
PANL    Universal Display Corporation
PARL    Parlux Fragrances, Inc.
PARS    Pharmos Corporation
PATK    Patrick Industries, Inc.
PATR    Patriot Transportation Holding, Inc.
PAYX    Paychex, Inc.
PBCI    Pamrapo Bancorp, Inc.
PBCP    Provident Bancorp, Inc.
PBCT    People's Bank
PBHC    Pathfinder Bancorp, Inc.
PBIO    Pressure BioSciences, Inc.
PBIZ    Private Business, Inc.
PBKS    Provident Bankshares Corporation
PBKSP   Provident Bankshares Corporation
PBNC    PFS Bancorp, Inc.
PBTC    Peoples BancTrust Company, Inc. (The)
PCBC    Pacific Capital Bancorp
PCBI    Peoples Community Bancorp, Inc.
PCBK    Pacific Continental Corporation (Ore)
PCCC    PC Connection, Inc.
PCIS    Precis Inc.
PCLE    Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
PCLN Incorporated
PCNTF   Pacific Internet Limited
PCOP    Pharmacopeia Drug Discovery, Inc.
PCSA    AirGate PCS, Inc.
PCTI    PC-Tel, Inc.
PCTY    Party City Corporation
PCYC    Pharmacyclics, Inc.
PCYO    Pure Cycle Corporation
PDCO    Patterson Companies Inc.
PDEX    Pro-Dex, Inc.
PDFS    PDF Solutions, Inc.
PDII    PDI, Inc.
PDLI    Protein Design Labs, Inc.
PDNT    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
PDSN    PowerDsine Ltd.
PDYN    Paradyne Networks, Inc.
PEAK    Peak International Limited
PEBK    Peoples Bancorp of North Carolina, Inc.
PEBO    Peoples Bancorp Inc.
PECS    PEC Solutions, Inc.
PEDE    Great Pee Dee Bancorp, Inc.
PEET    Peet's Coffee & Tea, Inc.
PEFX    S&P 500 Protected Equity Fund, Inc. (The)
PEGA    Pegasystems Inc.
PEGS    Pegasus Solutions Inc
PENN    Penn National Gaming, Inc.
PENX    Penford Corporation
PERY    Perry Ellis International Inc.
PESI    Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc.
PETC    PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc.
PETD    Petroleum Development Corporation
PETS    PetMed Express, Inc.
PFACP   Pro-Fac Cooperative, Inc.
PFBI    Premier Financial Bancorp, Inc.
PFBIP   Premier Financial Bancorp, Inc.
PFBX    Peoples Financial Corporation
PFCB    P.F.Chang's China Bistro, Inc.
PFCO    PAULA Financial
PFDC    Peoples Bancorp
PFED    Park Bancorp, Inc.
PFGC    Performance Food Group Company
PFIN    P & F Industries, Inc.
PFSB    PennFed Financial Services, Inc.
PFSL    Pocahontas Bancorp, Inc.
PFSW    PFSweb, Inc.
PFWD    Phase Forward Incorporated
PGEB    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
PGIC    Mikohn Gaming Corporation
PGLAF   Progen Industries Limited
PGNX    Progenics Pharmaceuticals Inc.
PGTV    Pegasus Communications Corporation
PGTVE   Pegasus Communications Corporation
PHCC    Priority Healthcare Corporation
PHEL    Petroleum Helicopters, Inc.
PHELK   Petroleum Helicopters, Inc.
PHHM    Palm Harbor Homes, Inc.
PHLY    Philadelphia Consolidated Holding Corp.
PHMD    PhotoMedex, Inc.
PHRM    Pharmion Corporation
PHSB    PHSB Financial Corporation
PHTN    Photon Dynamics, Inc.
PHYX    Physiometrix, Inc.
PICO    PICO Holdings Inc.
PILL    ProxyMed, Inc.
PILLE   ProxyMed, Inc.
PIXR    Pixar
PKBK    Parke Bank
PKDY    Packaging Dynamics Corporation
PKOH    Park-Ohio Holdings Corp.
PKSI    Primus Knowledge Solutions In
PKTR    Packeteer, Inc.
PLAB    Photronics, Inc.
PLAY    PortalPlayer, Inc.
PLCC    Paulson Capital Corp.
PLCE    Children's Place Retail Stores, Inc. (The)
PLCM    Polycom, Inc.
PLFE    Presidential Life Corporation
PLLL    Parallel Petroleum Corporation
PLMD    PolyMedica Corporation
PLMO    palmOne, Inc.
PLNQ    Morgan Stanley
PLNR    Planar Systems, Inc.
PLPC    Preformed Line Products Company
PLRE    Price Legacy Corporation
PLREO   Price Legacy Corporation
PLREP   Price Legacy Corporation
PLSB    Placer Sierra Bancshares
PLUG    Plug Power, Inc.
PLUM    Plumtree Software, Inc.
PLUS    ePlus Inc.
PLXS    Plexus Corp.
PLXT    PLX Technology, Inc.
PMACA   PMA Capital Corporation
PMBC    Pacific Mercantile Bancorp
PMCS    PMC - Sierra, Inc.
PMFG    Peerless Manufacturing Company
PMID    Pyramid Breweries, Inc.
PMRY    Pomeroy IT Solutions, Inc.
PMSI    Prime Medical Services, Inc.
PMTC    Parametric Technology Corporation
PMTI    Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc.
PMTRE   Pemstar Inc.
PNBC    Princeton National Bancorp, Inc.
PNBK    Patriot National Bancorp Inc.
PNCL    Pinnacle Airlines Corp.
PNFP    Pinnacle Financial Partners, Inc.
PNNW    Pennichuck Corporation
PNRA    Panera Bread Company
PNRG    PrimeEnergy Corporation
PNTE    Pointe Financial Corporation
POCC    Penn Octane Corporation
POCI    Precision Optics Corporation, Inc.
POLXF   Polydex Pharmaceuticals Limited
POOL    SCP Pool Corporation
POPEZ   Pope Resources
POSO    ProsoftTraining
POSS    Possis Medical, Inc.
POTP    Point Therapeutics Inc
POWI    Power Integrations, Inc.
POWL    Powell Industries, Inc.
POZN    Pozen, Inc.
PPBI    Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc
PPCO    Penwest Pharmaceuticals Co.
PPDI    Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc.
PPHM    Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc.
PPTV    PPT Vision Inc.
PQUE    Petroquest Energy Inc
PRAA    Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc.
PRAI    PRA International
PRAN    Prana Biotechnology Ltd
PRCP    Perceptron, Inc.
PREM    Premier Community Bankshares Inc
PRFS    Pennrock Financial Services Corp
PRFT    Perficient, Inc.
PRGO    Perrigo Company
PRGS    Progress Software Corporation
PRGX    PRG-Schultz International Inc.
PRKR    ParkerVision, Inc.
PRLS    Peerless Systems Corporation
PRLX    Parlex Corporation
PROG    Programmer's Paradise, Inc.
PROS    ProCentury Corporation
PROV    Provident Financial Holdings, Inc.
PROX    Proxim Corporation
PROXD   Proxim Corporation
PRPX    Portec Rail Products, Inc.
PRRR    Pioneer Railcorp
PRSC    The Providence Service Corporation
PRSFE   Portal Software Inc
PRSP    Prosperity Bancshares, Inc.
PRSPP   Prosperity Bancshares, Inc.
PRST    Presstek, Inc.
PRSW    Persistence Software Inc
PRTL    Primus Telecommunications Group, Inc.
PRTR    Partners Trust Financial Group, Inc.
PRVD    Provide Commerce, Inc.
PRVT    Private Media Group, Inc.
PRWT    Premier West Bancorp
PRXL    PAREXEL International Corporation
PSAI    Pediatric Services of America, Inc.
PSBH    PSB Holdings, Inc.
PSBI    PSB Bancorp, Inc.
PSEC    Prospect Energy Corporation
PSEM    Pericom Semiconductor Corporation
PSFC    Peoples-Sidney Financial Corporation
PSFT    PeopleSoft, Inc.
PSIT    PSi Technologies Holdings, Inc.
PSMT    PriceSmart, Inc.
PSPT    PeopleSupport, Inc.
PSRC    PalmSource, Inc.
PSSI    PSS World Medical Inc.
PSTA    Monterey Gourmet Foods, Inc.
PSTI    Per-Se Technologies, Inc.
PSUN    Pacific Sunwear of California, Inc.
PSYS    Psychiatric Solutions, Inc.
PTEC    Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
PTEK    PTEK Holdings, Inc.
PTEN    Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc.
PTIE    Pain Therapeutics
PTIX    Performance Technologies, Incorporated
PTMK    Pathmark Stores, Inc.
PTMKW   Pathmark Stores, Inc.
PTNR    Partner Communications Company Ltd.
PTNX    Printronix, Inc.
PTRY    Pantry, Inc. (The)
PTSI    P.A.M. Transportation Services, Inc.
PTSX    Point.360
PULB    Pulaski Financial Corporation
PUMP    Animas Corporation
PURW    Pure World, Inc.
PVFC    PVF Capital Corp.
PVLS    Provalis plc
PVSA    Parkvale Financial Corporation
PVSW    Pervasive Software Inc.
PVTB    PrivateBancorp, Inc.
PVTBP   PrivateBancorp, Inc.
PWAV    Powerwave Technologies, Inc.
PWEI    PW Eagle Inc.
PWER    Power-One, Inc.
PWOD    Penns Woods Bancorp, Inc.
PXLW    Pixelworks, Inc.
PZZA    Papa John's International, Inc.
PZZI    Pizza Inn, Inc.
QADI    QAD Inc.
QBAK    Qualstar Corporation
QCCO    QC Holdings, Inc.
QCOM    QUALCOMM Incorporated
QCRH    QCR Holdings, Inc.
QDEL    Quidel Corporation
QDIN    Quality Dining, Inc.
QEPC    Q.E.P. Co., Inc.
QFAB    Quaker Fabric Corporation
QGENF   Qiagen N.V.
QGLY    Quigley Corporation (The)
QLGC    QLogic Corporation
QLTI    QLT Inc.
QLTY    Quality Distribution, Inc.
QMED    QMed Inc.
QNTA    Quanta Capital Holdings Ltd.
QQQQ    NASDAQ-100 Index Tracking Stock
QRSI    QRS Corporation
QSFT    Quest Software, Inc.
QSII    Quality Systems, Inc.
QSND    QSound Labs, Inc.
QTWW    Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc.
QUIK    QuickLogic Corporation
QUIN    Quinton Cardiology Systems, Inc.
QUIP    Quipp, Inc.
QUIX    Quixote Corporation
QUOT, Inc.
QVDX    Quovadx Inc.
RADA    Radica Games Limited
RADI    Rada Electronics Industries Limited
RADIF   Rada Electronic Industries Limited
RADN    Radyne ComStream, Inc.
RADNW   Radyne ComStream, Inc.
RADS    Radiant Systems, Inc.
RAND    Rand Capital Corporation
RANGY   Randgold & Exploration Company, Limited
RANKY   Rank Group Plc. (The)
RARE    RARE Hospitality International Inc.
RATE    Bankrate Inc
RAVN    Raven Industries, Inc.
RBAK    Redback Networks Inc.
RBCAA   Republic Bancorp, Inc.
RBIN    R & B, Inc.
RBNC    Republic Bancorp Inc.
RBNCP   Republic Bancorp Inc.
RBNF    Rurban Financial Corp
RBPAA   Royal Bancshares of Pennsylvania, Inc.
RCCC    Rural Cellular Corporation
RCII    Rent-A-Center Inc.
RCKY    Rocky Shoes & Boots, Inc.
RCMT    RCM Technologies, Inc.
RCOM, Inc.
RCRC    RC2 Corporation
RDCM    Radcom Ltd.
RDEN    Elizabeth Arden, Inc.
RDTA    Raining Data Corporation
RDWR    Radware Ltd.
REAL    Reliability Incorporated
REBC    Redwood Empire Bancorp
RECN    Resources Connection, Inc.
REDE    RedEnvelope, Inc.
REDF India Limited
REDI    Remote Dynamics, Inc.
REFR    Research Frontiers Incorporated
REGN    Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
RELL    Richardson Electronics, Ltd.
RELV    Reliv' International, Inc.
REMX    RemedyTemp, Inc.
RENT    Rentrak Corporation
REPBP   BB&T Corporation
RESC    Roanoke Electric Steel Corporation
RESP    Respironics, Inc.
RETK    Retek Inc.
REVU    Princeton Review, Inc. (The)
REXI    Resource America, Inc.
REXL    Rexhall Industries, Inc.
REXMY   Rexam, Plc
RFIL    RF Industries, Inc.
RFMD    RF Micro Devices, Inc.
RFMI    RF Monolithics, Inc.
RGCI    Regent Communications, Inc.
RGCO    RGC Resources Inc.
RGEN    Repligen Corporation
RGFCM   R&G Financial Corporation
RGFCN   R&G Financial Corporation
RGFCO   R&G Financial Corporation
RGFCP   R&G Financial Corporation
RGLD    Royal Gold, Inc.
RHAT    Red Hat, Inc.
RICK    Rick's Cabaret International, Inc.
RIGL    Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
RIGS    Riggs National Corporation
RIMG    Rimage Corporation
RIMM    Research in Motion Limited
RITA    RITA Medical Systems, Inc.
RITT    RIT Technologies Ltd.
RIVR    River Valley Bancorp.
RJET    Republic Airways Holdings, Inc.
RLRN    Renaissance Learning, Inc.
RMBS    Rambus, Inc.
RMCF    Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc.
RMIX    U.S. Concrete, Inc.
RMKR    Rainmaker Systems, Inc.
RMTI    Rockwell Medical Technologies, Inc.
RMTIW   Rockwell Medical Technologies, Inc.
RMTR    Ramtron International Corporation
RNAI    Sirna Therapeutics, Inc.
RNDC    Raindance Communications, Inc.
RNHDA   Reinhold Industries, Inc.
RNOW    RightNow Technologies, Inc.
RNVS    Renovis, Inc.
RNWK    RealNetworks, Inc.
ROAC    Rock of Ages Corporation
ROBO    Robo Group TEK, Ltd.
ROCK    Gibraltar Industries, Inc.
ROCM    Rochester Medical Corporation
ROFO    Rockford Corporation
ROIA    Radio One, Inc.
ROIAK   Radio One, Inc.
ROME    Rome Bancorp, Inc.
RONC    Ronson Corporation
ROST    Ross Stores, Inc.
ROXI    Roxio, Inc.
ROYL    Royale Energy, Inc.
RPFG    Rainier Pacific Financial Group, Inc.
RRGB    Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc.
RSAS    RSA Security, Inc.
RSCR    Res-Care, Inc.
RSTI    Rofin-Sinar Technologies, Inc.
RSTO    Restoration Hardware, Inc.
RSYS    RadiSys Corporation
RTEC    Rudolph Technologies, Inc.
RTIX    Regeneration Technologies, Inc.
RTLX    Retalix Ltd.
RTRSY   Reuters Group PLC
RTSX    Radiation Therapy Services, Inc.
RTWI    RTW, Inc.
RUBO    Rubio's Restaurants, Inc.
RURL    Rural/metro Corporation
RUSHA   Rush Enterprises, Inc.
RUSHB   Rush Enterprises, Inc.
RVEP    Rio Vista Energy Partners L.P.
RVSB    Riverview Bancorp Inc
RVSN    RADVision Ltd.
RYAAY   Ryanair Holdings plc
RYAN    Ryan's Restaurant Group, Inc.
SABA    Saba Software, Inc.
SAFC    SAFECO Corporation
SAFM    Sanderson Farms, Inc.
SAFT    Safety Insurance Group, Inc.
SALM    Salem Communications Corporation
SANM    Sanmina-SCI Corporation
SANYY   Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
SAPE    Sapient Corporation
SASR    Sandy Spring Bancorp, Inc.
SASRP   Sandy Spring Cap Tr
SATC    SatCon Technology Corporation
SAVB    Savannah Bancorp, Inc. (The)
SAXN    Saxon Capital, Inc.
SBAC    SBA Communications Corporation
SBCF    Seacoast Banking Corporation of Florida
SBEI    SBE, Inc.
SBGA    Summit Bank Corporation
SBGI    Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.
SBGIP   Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.
SBIB    Sterling Bancshares, Inc.
SBIBN   Sterling Bancshares, Inc.
SBIBO   Sterling Bancshares, Inc.
SBIT    Summit Bancshares, Inc.
SBKC    Security Bank Corporation
SBLK    Seabulk International, Inc.
SBNY    Signature Bank
SBSA    Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc.
SBSE    SBS Technologies, Inc.
SBSI    Southside Bancshares, Inc.
SBTV    SBS Broadcasting SA
SBUX    Starbucks Corporation
SBYN    SeeBeyond Technology Corporation
SCBT    SCBT Financial Corporation
SCBV    Southern Community Financial Corp.
SCBVW   Southern Community Financial Corp.
SCFSP   Sovereign Bancorp, Inc.
SCHL    Scholastic Corporation
SCHN    Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.
SCHS    School Specialty, Inc.
SCILE   Scientific Learning Corporation
SCIX    Scitex Corporation Ltd.
SCKT    Socket Communications, Inc.
SCLD    SteelCloud Inc.
SCLN    SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
SCMF    Southern Community Financial Corporation
SCMFO   Southern Community Financial Corporation
SCMM    SCM Microsystems, Inc.
SCMR    Sycamore Networks, Inc.
SCNYA   Saucony, Inc.
SCNYB   Saucony, Inc.
SCON    Superconductor Technologies Inc.
SCOX    SCO Group, Inc. (The)
SCSC    ScanSource, Inc.
SCSS    Select Comfort Corporation
SCST    SCS Transportation, Inc.
SCUR    Secure Computing Corporation
SCVL    Shoe Carnival, Inc.
SDAY    SUNDAY Communications Limited
SDIX    Strategic Diagnostics Inc.
SEAC    SeaChange International, Inc.
SEBL    Siebel Systems, Inc.
SECDP   Sky Financial Group, Inc.
SEGU    Segue Software, Inc.
SEIC    SEI Investments Company
SEMI    All American Semiconductor, Inc.
SENEA   Seneca Foods Corp.
SENEB   Seneca Foods Corp.
SEPR    Sepracor Inc.
SERO    Serologicals Corporation
SFBC    Slade's Ferry Bancorp
SFCC    SFBC International, Inc.
SFFBP   Provident Bankshares Corporation
SFFS    Sound Federal Bancorp, Inc.
SFLK    SAFLINK Corporation
SFNC    Simmons First National Corporation
SFNCP   Simmons First National Corporation
SFNT    SafeNet Inc
SFSW    State Financial Services Corporation
SGDE    Sportsman's Guide, Inc. (The)
SGEN    Seattle Genetics, Inc.
SGHL    Sentigen Holding Corp.
SGMA    SigmaTron International, Inc.
SGMO    Sangamo BioSciences, Inc.
SGMS    Scientific Games Corp
SGRP    SPAR Group, Inc.
SGTL    Sigmatel, Inc.
SHBI    Shore Bancshares Inc
SHBK    Shore Financial Corporation
SHEN    Shenandoah Telecommunications Co
SHFL    Shuffle Master, Inc.
SHLM    A. Schulman, Inc.
SHLO    Shiloh Industries, Inc.
SHOE    Shoe Pavilion, Inc
SHOO    Steven Madden, Ltd.
SHPGY   Shire Pharmaceuticals Group plc
SHRP    Sharper Image Corporation
SIAL    Sigma-Aldrich Corporation
SIEB    Siebert Financial Corp.
SIFI    SI Financial Group, Inc.
SIFY    Sify Limited
SIGA    SIGA Technologies Inc.
SIGI    Selective Insurance Group, Inc.
SIGM    Sigma Designs, Inc.
SIGY    Signet Group Adr
SILCF   Silicom Ltd
SILI    Siliconix Incorporated
SIMC    Simclar, Inc.
SIMG    Silicon Image, Inc.
SINA    Sina Corporation
SINT    SI International, Inc.
SIPX    SIPEX Corporation
SIRF    SiRF Technology Holdings, Inc.
SIRI    Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.
SISI    S I Technologies Inc.
SIVB    Silicon Valley Bancshares
SIVBO   Silicon Valley Bancshares
SJOE    St Joseph Capital Corp
SKFB    S & K Famous Brands, Inc.
SKIL    SkillSoft plc
SKYE    SkyePharma PLC
SKYF    Sky Financial Group, Inc.
SKYW    SkyWest, Inc.
SLAB    Silicon Laboratories, Inc.
SLFI    Sterling Financial Corporation
SLGN    Silgan Holdings, Inc.
SLNK    SpectraLink Corporation
SLTC    Selectica, Inc.
SLXP    Salix Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.
SMAN    Standard Management Corporation
SMANP   Standard Management Corporation
SMBC    Southern Missouri Bancorp, Inc.
SMBI    Symbion, Inc.
SMDI    Sirenza Microdevices, Inc.
SMHG    Sanders Morris Harris Group, Inc.
SMIT    Schmitt Industries, Inc.
SMMX    Symyx Technologies, Inc.
SMRA    Somera Communications, Inc.
SMRT    Stein Mart, Inc.
SMSC    Standard Microsystems Corporation
SMSI    Smith Micro Software, Inc.
SMTB    Smithtown Bancorp Inc
SMTC    Semtech Corporation
SMTI    SMTEK International, Inc.
SMTL    Semitool, Inc.
SMTS    Somanetics Corporation
SMTX    SMTC Corporation
SMXC    Smithway Motor Xpress Corp.
SNAK    Poore Brothers, Inc.
SNBC    Sun Bancorp, Inc.
SNBT    SNB Bancshares, Inc. (Texas)
SNCI    Sonic Innovations, Inc.
SNDA    Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited
SNDK    SanDisk Corporation
SNDS    Sands Regent (The)
SNDT    Sand Technology Inc
SNFCA   Security National Financial Corporation
SNHY    Sun Hydraulics Corporation
SNIC    Sonic Solutions
SNMX    Senomyx, Inc.
SNPS    Synopsys, Inc.
SNRR    Sunterra Corporation New
SNSA    Stolt-Nielsen S.A.
SNSTA   Sonesta International Hotels Corporation
SNTK    Senetek Plc Adr
SNTO    Sento Corporation
SNTS    Santarus, Inc.
SNUS    SONUS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
SNWL    SonicWALL, Inc.
SOCB    Southcoast Financial Corporation
SOFO    Sonic Foundry, Inc.
SOLD    HouseValues, Inc.
SOMH    Somerset Hills Bancorp
SOMHW   Somerset Hills Bancorp
SONC    Sonic Corp.
SONE    S1 Corporation
SONO    SonoSite, Inc.
SONS    Sonus Networks, Inc.
SONT    Sontra Medical Corporation
SORC    Source Interlink Companies, Inc.
SOSA    Stolt Offshore S.A.
SPAB    SPACEHAB, Incorporated
SPAN    Span-America Medical Systems, Inc.
SPAR    Spartan Motors, Inc.
SPCH    Sport Chalet, Inc.
SPDE    Speedus Corp.
SPEC    Spectrum Control, Inc.
SPEX    Spherix Incorporated
SPIL    Siliconware Precision Industries Company, Ltd.
SPIR    Spire Corporation
SPLN    Sportsline USA, Inc.
SPLS    Staples, Inc.
SPNC    Spectranetics Corporation (The)
SPNS    Sapiens International Corporation N.V.
SPOR    Sport-Haley, Inc.
SPPI    Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
SPPX    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
SPRI    Sports Resorts International, Inc.
SPRT    SupportSoft Inc.
SPSX    Superior Essex Inc
SPTN    Spartan Stores, Inc.
SQNM    Sequenom, Inc.
SRCE    1st Source Corporation
SRCEO   1st Source Corporation
SRCL    Stericycle, Inc.
SRCPE   SOURCECORP, Incorporated
SRDD    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
SRDX    SurModics, Inc.
SRIX    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
SRLS    SeraCare Life Sciences Inc
SRNA    SERENA Software Inc.
SRRR    Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
SRSL    SRS Labs, Inc.
SRTI    Sunrise Telecom Incorporated
SRVY    Greenfield Online, Inc.
SRXA    S R Telecom Inc
SSCC    Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation
SSCCP   Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation
SSFC    South Street Financial Corporation
SSFT    ScanSoft, Inc.
SSLI    Southern Security Life Insurance Company
SSNC    SS&C Technologies, Inc.
SSPI    Spectrum Signal Processing Inc.
SSRI    Silver Standard Resources, Inc
SSTI    Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.
SSTR    Silverstar Holdings Ltd
SSYS    Stratasys, Inc.
STAA    STAAR Surgical Company
STAK    Staktek Holdings, Inc.
STAN    Standard Parking Corporation
STAR    Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon, Inc.
STBA    S&T Bancorp, Inc.
STBI    Sturgis Bancorp, Inc
STCR    Starcraft Corporation
STEC    SimpleTech Inc
STEI    Stewart Enterprises, Inc.
STEL    Stellent, Inc.
STEM    StemCells, Inc.
STEN    Sterion Incorporated
STFC    State Auto Financial Corporation
STGN    Stratagene Corporation
STGS    Stage Stores, Inc.
STGSW   Stage Stores, Inc.
STGSZ   Stage Stores, Inc.
STHLY   Stet Hellas Telecom Sa Ads
STIZ    Scientific Technologies, Incorporated
STKL    SunOpta, Inc.
STKR    StockerYale Inc.
STLD    Steel Dynamics, Inc.
STLW    Stratos International, Inc.
STLY    Stanley Furniture Company, Inc.
STNJ    Sterling Bank
STNR    Steiner Leisure Limited
STON    StoneMor Partners L.P.
STOSY   Santos, Ltd.
STRA    Strayer Education, Inc.
STRC    SRI/Surgical Express, Inc.
STRD    Strategic Distribution, Inc.
STRS    Stratus Properties, Inc.
STRT    Strattec Security Corporation
STRZ    Star Buffet, Inc.
STSA    Sterling Financial Corporation
STSI    Star Scientific, Inc.
STTX    Steel Technologies Inc.
STXN    Stratex Networks Inc
STXS    Stereotaxis, Inc.
SUAI    Specialty Underwriters' Alliance, Inc.
SUBK    Suffolk Bancorp
SUFB    SuffolkFirst Bank
SUMM    Summit Financial Corporation
SUMT    SumTotal Systems, Inc.
SUMX    Summa Industries
SUNH    Sun Healthcare Group, Inc.
SUNN    Suntron Corporation
SUNW    Sun Microsystems, Inc.
SUPC    Superior Consultant Holdings Corporation
SUPG    SuperGen, Inc.
SUPVA   Super Vision International, Inc.
SUPX    Supertex, Inc.
SURW    SureWest Communications
SUSQ    Susquehanna Bancshares, Inc.
SVBF    SVB Financial Services, Inc.
SVBI    Severn Bancorp Inc (Md)
SVIN    Scheid Vineyards, Inc.
SVNT    Savient Pharmaceuticals Inc
SVNX    724 Solutions
SVVS    SAVVIS Communications Corporation
SWBT    Southwest Bancorporation of Texas, Inc.
SWFT    Swift Transportation Co., Inc.
SWHI    SonomaWest Holdings, Inc.
SWIR    Sierra Wireless, Inc.
SWKS    Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
SWRG    Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group, Inc. (The)
SWWC    Southwest Water Company
SYBR    Synergy Brands Inc.
SYGR    Synagro Technologies, Inc.
SYKE    Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated
SYMC    Symantec Corporation
SYMM    Symmetricom, Inc.
SYNA    Synaptics Incorporated
SYNC    Intellisync Corporation
SYNF    Synergy Financial Group, Inc.
SYNL    Synalloy Corporation
SYNM    Syntroleum Corporation
SYNMW   Syntroleum Corporation
SYNMZ   Syntroleum Corporation
SYNO    Synovis Life Technologies, Inc.
SYNP    Synplicity, Inc.
SYNT    Syntel, Inc.
SYNX    SYNERGX Systems Inc.
SYPR    Sypris Solutions, Inc.
SYXI    IXYS Corporation
TACT    TransAct Technologies Incorporated
TACX    A Consulting Team, Inc. (The)
TAGS    Tarrant Apparel Group
TAIT    Taitron Components Incorporated
TALK    Talk America Holdings Inc.
TALX    TALX Corporation
TARO    Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
TARR    Tarragon Corporation
TASR    TASER International, Inc.
TATTF   TAT Technologies Ltd.
TAXI    Medallion Financial Corp.
TAYC    Taylor Capital Group, Inc.
TAYCP   Taylor Capital Group, Inc.
TAYD    Taylor Devices, Inc.
TBAC    Tandy Brands Accessories, Inc.
TBBK    The Bancorp Bank
TBCC    TBC Corporation
TBHS    The Bank Holdings, Inc.
TBHSW   The Bank Holdings, Inc.
TBIO    Transgenomic, Inc.
TBNC    Banc Corporation (The)
TBUS    Digital Recorders, Inc.
TBWC    TB Wood's Corporation
TCAM    Transport Corporation of America, Inc.
TCBI    Texas Capital Bancshares, Inc.
TCBK    TriCo Bancshares
TCHC    21st Century Holding Company
TCHCW   21st Century Holding Company
TCLP    TC PipeLines, LP
TCNO    Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd.
TDSC    3D Systems Corporation
TEAM    TechTeam Global, Inc.
TECD    Tech Data Corporation
TECH    Techne Corporation
TECUA   Tecumseh Products Company
TECUB   Tecumseh Products Company
TEKC    Teknowledge Corporation
TELK    Telik, Inc.
TELN    Telenor ASA
TELOZ   TEL Offshore Trust
TENT    Total Entertainment Restaurant Corp.
TERN    Terayon Communication Systems, Inc.
TESOF   Tesco Corporation
TESS    TESSCO Technologies Incorporated
TEVA    Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited
TFCO    Tufco Technologies, Inc.
TFIN    Team Financial, Inc.
TFINP   Team Financial, Inc.
TFONY   Telefonos de Mexico SA de CV Ser A Spons ADR
TFSM    24/7 Real Media, Inc.
TGAL    Tegal Corporation
TGEN    Targeted Genetics Corporation
TGIC    Triad Guaranty Inc.
THFF    First Financial Corporation Indiana
THOR    Thoratec Corporation
THQI    THQ Inc.
THRD    TF Financial Corporation
THRX    Theravance, Inc.
TIBB    TIB Financial Corporation
TIBX    TIBCO Software, Inc.
TICC    Technology Investment Capital Corp.
TIER    Tier Technologies, Inc.
TIII    TII Network Technologies, Inc.
TIMHY   TIM Hellas Telecommunications S.A.
TINY    Harris & Harris Group, Inc.
TISA    Top Image Systems, Ltd.
TIVO    TiVo Inc.
TIWI    Telesystem International Wireless Inc.
TKCI    Keith Companies, Inc. (The)
TKLC    Tekelec
TKTX    Transkaryotic Therapies, Inc.
TLAB    Tellabs, Inc.
TLCV    TLC Vision Corporation
TLCX    Total Logistics, Inc.
TLGB    Teleglobe International Holdings Ltd.
TLGD    Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
TLTOA   Tele2 AB
TLTOB   Tele2 AB
TLVT    Telvent GIT, S.A.
TLWT    Telewest Global Inc
TMAR    Trico Marine Services, Inc.
TMIC    Trend Micro Incorporated
TMNG    Management Network Group, Inc. (The)
TMTA    Transmeta Corporation
TMWD    Tumbleweed Communications Corp.
TNOX    Tanox, Inc.
TOFC    Tower Financial Corporation
TOMO    Tom Online Inc.
TONE    TierOne Corporation
TONS    Novamerican Steel, Inc.
TOPP    Topps Company, Inc. (The)
TOPT    TOP Tankers Inc.
TORC    Torch Offshore, Inc.
TORM    TOR Minerals International Inc
TOUS    Technical Olympic Usa Inc
TPGI    Thomas Properties Group, Inc.
TPPH    Tapestry Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
TPPP    Triple P, N.V.
TPTH    TriPath Imaging Inc.
TPTI    TippingPoint Technologies, Inc.
TQNT    TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc.
TRAC    Track Data Corporation
TRAD    TradeStation Group Inc
TRBR    Trailer Bridge, Inc.
TRBS    Texas Regional Bancshares, Inc.
TRCA    Tercica, Inc.
TRCI    Technology Research Corporation
TRCR    Transcend Services, Inc.
TRDO    Intrado Inc.
TRFDF   Tramford International Limited
TRFX    Traffix, Inc.
TRGL    Toreador Resources Corporation
TRGNY   Transgene S.A.
TRIB    Trinity Biotech plc
TRID    Trident Microsystems, Inc.
TRKN    Trikon Technologies, Inc.
TRLY    Terra Networks S.a. Adr
TRMB    Trimble Navigation Limited
TRMD    Aktieselskabet Dampskibsselskabet Torm
TRMK    Trustmark Corporation
TRMM    TRM Corporation
TRMS    Trimeris, Inc.
TRNI    Trans-Industries, Inc.
TRNS    Transcat, Inc.
TROW    T. Rowe Price Group, Inc.
TROY    Troy Group, Inc.
TRPH    Tripath Technology, Inc.
TRPS    Tripos, Inc.
TRRA    Terra Networks, S.A.
TRST    TrustCo Bank Corp NY
TRVS    Travis Boats & Motors, Inc.
TSAI    Transaction Systems Architects , Inc.
TSBK    Timberland Bancorp, Inc.
TSCC    Technology Solutions Company
TSCM, Inc.
TSCO    Tractor Supply Company
TSEM    Tower Semiconductor Ltd.
TSEMW   Tower Semiconductor Ltd.
TSFG    South Financial Group Inc. (The)
TSIC    Tropical Sportswear Int'l Corporation
TSMA    Tesma International, Inc.
TSRA    Tessera Technologies, Inc.
TSRI    TSR, Inc.
TSTF    TeamStaff, Inc.
TSYS    TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.
TTEC    TeleTech Holdings, Inc.
TTEK    Tetra Tech, Inc.
TTES    T-3 Energy Services Inc
TTIL    TTI Team Telecom International Ltd.
TTMI    TTM Technologies, Inc.
TTPA    Trintech Group PLC
TTWO    Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
TUES    Tuesday Morning Corp.
TUNE    Microtune, Inc.
TUTR    PLATO Learning Inc.
TUTS    Tut Systems, Inc.
TVIA    TVIA, Inc.
TVIN    TVI Corporation
TWAV    Therma-Wave, Inc.
TWGP    Tower Group, Inc.
TWIN    Twin Disc, Incorporated
TWMC    Trans World Entertainment Corp.
TWTC    Time Warner Telecom Inc.
TWTI    Third Wave Technologies, Inc.
TWTR    Tweeter Home Entertainment Group, Inc
TXCC    TranSwitch Corporation
TXCO    The Exploration Company
TXRH    Texas Roadhouse, Inc.
TXUI    Texas United Bancshares, Inc.
TZIX    TriZetto Group, Inc. (The)
TZOO    Travelzoo Inc
UAHC    United American Healthcare Corporation
UAPH    UAP Holding Corp.
UBCD    UnionBancorp, Inc
UBCP    United Bancorp, Inc.
UBET, Inc.
UBFO    United Security Bancshares
UBMT    United Financial Corp
UBOH    United Bancshares, Inc.
UBSH    Union Bankshares Corporation
UBSI    United Bankshares, Inc.
UCBC    Union Community Bancorp
UCBH    UCBH Holdings, Inc.
UCBI    United Community Banks, Inc.
UCFC    United Community Financial Corp.
UCOMA   UnitedGlobalCom, Inc.
UCTT    Ultra Clean Holdings, Inc.
UEIC    Universal Electronics Inc.
UFBS    Union Financial Bancshares, Inc.
UFCS    United Fire & Casualty Company
UFCSP   United Fire & Casualty Company
UFPI    Universal Forest Products, Inc.
UFPT    UFP Technologies, Inc.
UHAL    Amerco
UHCO    Universal American Financial Corp.
UHCP    United Heritage Corporation
ULBI    Ultralife Batteries, Inc.
ULCM    Ulticom, Inc.
ULGX    Urologix, Inc.
ULTEE   Ultimate Electronics Inc
ULTEQ   Ultimate Electronics Inc
ULTI    Ultimate Software Group, Inc. (The)
UMBF    UMB Financial Corporation
UMPQ    Umpqua Holdings Corporation
UNAM    Unico American Corporation
UNEWY   United Business Media plc
UNFI    United Natural Foods, Inc.
UNGL    United National Group, Ltd.
UNIB    University Bancorp Inc Michigan
UNIZ    Unizan Financial Corporation
UNTD    United Online, Inc.
UNTY    Unity Bancorp, Inc.
UPCS    UbiquiTel Inc.
UPFC    United PanAm Financial Corporation
URBN    Urban Outfitters, Inc.
URGI    United Retail Group, Inc.
USAK    USA Truck, Inc.
USAP    Universal Stainless & Alloy Products, Inc.
USBI    United Security Bancshares, Inc.
USEG    U.S. Energy Corp.
USEY    U.S. Energy Systems, Inc.
USFC    USF Corporation
USHS    U.S. Home Systems, Inc.
USIH    U.S.I. Holdings Corporation
USLM    United States Lime & Minerals, Inc.
USMO    USA Mobility, Inc.
USNA    USANA Health Sciences Inc.
USPH    U.S. Physical Therapy, Inc.
USPI    United Surgical Partners International, Inc.
USTR    United Stationers Inc.
UTBI    United Tennessee Bankshares, Inc.
UTEK    Ultratech, Inc.
UTHR    United Therapeutics Corporation
UTIW    UTi Worldwide Inc.
UTMD    Utah Medical Products, Inc.
UTSI    UTStarcom, Inc.
UVSL    Universal Automotive Industries, Inc.
UVSP    Univest Corporation of Pennsylvania
VAIL    Vail Banks, Inc.
VALU    Value Line, Inc.
VARI    Varian, Inc.
VASC    Vascular Solutions, Inc.
VASO    Vasomedical, Inc.
VAST    Vastera, Inc.
VATA    Versata, Inc.
VCBI    Virginia Commerce Bancorp
VCLK    ValueClick, Inc.
VCMP    VCampus Corporation
VDAT    Visual Data Corporation
VDSI    VASCO Data Security International, Inc.
VECO    Veeco Instruments Inc.
VEGF    Corautus Genetics, Inc.
VELCF   Velcro Industries N.V.
VERT    VerticalNet, Inc.
VEXPE   Velocity Express Corporation
VFGI    Virginia Financial Group Inc
VICL    Vical Incorporated
VICR    Vicor Corporation
VIDE    Video Display Corporation
VIFL    Food Technology Service, Inc.
VIGN    Vignette Corporation
VION    Vion Pharmaceuticals Inc.
VIRL    Virage Logic Corporation
VISG    Viisage Technology, Inc.
VITA    Orthovita, Inc.
VITL    Vital Signs, Inc.
VITR    Vitria Technology, Inc.
VITX    V. I. Technologies, Inc.
VIVO    Meridian Bioscience Inc.
VLCCF   Knightsbridge Tankers, Limited
VLFG    Valley Forge Scientific Corp.
VLGC    ViroLogic, Inc.
VLGEA   Village Super Market, Inc.
VLLY    Valley Bancorp
VLNC    Valence Technology, Inc.
VLTR    Volterra Semiconductor Corporation
VLTS    Valentis, Inc.
VMSI    Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.
VMTI    Vista Medical Technologies, Inc.
VNBC    Vineyard National Bancorp
VNLS    Vernalis plc
VNUS    VNUS Medical Technologies, Inc.
VNWK    Visual Networks, Inc.
VOCL    VocalTec Communications Ltd.
VOLVY   AB Volvo
VOXX    Audiovox Corporation
VPHM    ViroPharma Incorporated
VRLK    Verilink Corporation
VRNT    Verint Systems Inc.
VRSN    VeriSign, Inc.
VRSO    Verso Technologies, Inc.
VRST    Verisity Ltd.
VRTS    VERITAS Software Corporation
VRTX    Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
VRTY    Verity, Inc.
VRYA    ViryaNet Ltd.
VSAT    ViaSat, Inc.
VSCI    Vision-Sciences, Inc.
VSEA    Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.
VSEC    VSE Corporation
VSGN    Vasogen Inc.
VSNT    Versant Corporation
VSTA    VistaCare
VSTN    Vestin Group Inc.
VSTY    Varsity Group Inc
VTAL    Vital Images, Inc.
VTALE   Vital Images Inc
VTEK    Vodavi Technology, Inc.
VTIV    Ventiv Health, Inc.
VTRU    Vertrue Incorporated
VTSS    Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation
VVTV    ValueVision International, Inc.
VVUS    Vivus, Inc.
VWKS    VitalWorks, Inc.
VWPT    Viewpoint Corporation
VYYO    Vyyo, Inc.
WABC    Westamerica Bancorporation
WACLY   Wacoal Corp.
WAIN    Wainwright Bank & Trust Company
WASH    Washington Trust Bancorp, Inc.
WATFZ   Waterford Wedgwood PLC
WAVX    Wave Systems Corp.
WAYN    Wayne Savings Bancshares Inc.
WBCO    Washington Banking Company
WBKC    WestBank Corporation
WBNK    Waccamaw Bankshares Inc
WBPRK   W Holding Company Incorporated
WBPRL   W Holding Company Incorporated
WBPRM   W Holding Company Incorporated
WBPRN   W Holding Company Incorporated
WBPRO   W Holding Company Incorporated
WBPRZ   W Holding Company Incorporated
WBSN    Websense, Inc.
WBSTP   Webster Financial Corporation
WCAA    WCA Waste Corporation
WCBO    West Coast Bancorp
WCRX    Warner Chilcott plc
WCST    Wescast Industries Inc.
WDFC    WD-40 Company
WDHD    Woodhead Industries, Inc.
WEBME   webMethods, Inc.
WEBX    WebEx Communications, Inc.
WEDC    White Electronic Designs Corporation
WEDX    Westaim Corporation (The)
WEFC    Wells Financial Corp.
WEFN    WebFinancial Corporation
WERN    Werner Enterprises, Inc.
WEYS    Weyco Group, Inc.
WFII    Wireless Facilities, Inc.
WFMI    Whole Foods Market, Inc.
WFSI    WFS Financial Inc.
WFSL    Washington Federal, Inc.
WGAT    Worldgate Communications, Inc.
WGBC    Willow Grove Bancorp, Inc.
WGII    Washington Group International, Inc.
WGNB    WGNB Corp.
WGNR    Wegener Corporation
WGOV    Woodward Governor Company
WGRD    WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.
WHRT    World Heart Corporation
WIBC    Wilshire Bancorp, Inc.
WILCF   G. Willi-Food International, Ltd.
WINA    Winmark Corporation
WIND    Wind River Systems, Inc.
WIRE    Encore Wire Corporation
WITS    Witness Systems, Inc.
WJCI    WJ Communications, Inc.
WLDA    World Airways, Inc.
WLFC    Willis Lease Finance Corporation
WLSN    Wilsons The Leather Experts Inc.
WMAR    West Marine, Inc.
WMGI    Wright Medical Group, Inc.
WMSI    Williams Industries, Inc.
WOLF    Great Wolf Resorts, Inc.
WOLV    NetWolves Corporation
WOOF    VCA Antech, Inc.
WPPGY   WPP Group plc
WPSC    Wheeling-Pittsburgh Corporation
WPTE    WPT Enterprises, Inc.
WQNI    WorldQuest Networks, Inc.
WRLD    World Acceptance Corporation
WRLS    Telular Corporation
WRNC    Warnaco Group Inc (The)
WSBA    Western Sierra Bancorp
WSBC    WesBanco, Inc.
WSCC    Waterside Capital Corporation
WSCI    WSI Industries Inc.
WSFS    WSFS Financial Corporation
WSII    Waste Services, Inc.
WSSI    WebSideStory, Inc.
WSTC    West Corporation
WSTF    Westaff Inc.
WSTL    Westell Technologies, Inc.
WSTM    Workstream Inc.
WTBA    West Bancorporation
WTFC    Wintrust Financial Corporation
WTFCO   Wintrust Financial Corporation
WTFCP   Wintrust Financial Corporation
WTNY    Whitney Holding Corporation
WTRS    Waters Instruments, Inc.
WTSLA   Wet Seal, Inc. (The)
WVCM    Wavecom S.A.
WVFC    WVS Financial Corp.
WVVI    Willamette Valley Vineyards, Inc.
WWCA    Western Wireless Corporation
WWIN    Waste Industries USA, Inc.
WWVY    Warwick Valley Telephone Company
WYNN    Wynn Resorts, Limited
WYPT    Waypoint Financial Corp.
WZEN    Webzen Inc
XATA    XATA Corporation
XCYT    Xcyte Therapies, Inc.
XCYTP   Xcyte Therapies, Inc.
XEDA    Axeda Systems Inc
XETA    XETA Technologies, Inc.
XGEN    Xenogen Corporation
XIDE    Exide Technologies
XIDEW   Exide Technologies
XING    Qiao Xing Universal Telephone, Inc.
XLNX    Xilinx, Inc.
XLTC    Excel Technology, Inc.
XMSR    XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc.
XNVA    Xenova Group plc
XPRSA   U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc.
XPRT    LECG Corporation
XRAY    DENTSPLY International Inc.
XRIT    X-Rite, Incorporated
XRTX    Xyratex Ltd.
XTEX    Crosstex Energy, L.P.
XTNDE   Extended Systems Incorporated
XTXI    Crosstex Energy, Inc.
XXIA    Ixia
XYBR    Xybernaut Corporation
YAKC    Yak Communications, Inc.
YANB    Yardville National Bancorp
YAVY    Yadkin Valley Bank and Trust Company
YBTVA   Young Broadcasting, Inc.
YDIW    YDI Wireless, Inc.
YDNT    Young Innovations, Inc.
YELL    Yellow Roadway Corporation
YHOO    Yahoo! Inc.
YOCM    YOCREAM International Inc
YORW    York Water Company (The)
ZANE    Zanett Inc.
ZBRA    Zebra Technologies Corporation
ZCOM    Impreso, Inc.
ZEUS    Olympic Steel, Inc.
ZGEN    ZymoGenetics, Inc.
ZHNE    Zhone Technologies, Inc.
ZICA    Zi Corporation
ZIGO    Zygo Corporation
ZILA    Zila, Inc.
ZILG    ZiLOG, Inc.
ZION    Zions Bancorporation
ZIPR    ZipRealty, Inc.
ZIXI    Zix Corporation
ZNDT    Zindart Limited
ZOLL    Zoll Medical Corporation
ZOLT    Zoltek Companies, Inc.
ZOMX    Zomax Incorporated
ZONA    Zonagen, Inc.
ZONS    Zones Inc.
ZOOM    Zoom Technologies, Inc.
ZRAN    Zoran Corporation
ZTEL    Z-Tel Technologies, Inc.
ZTELC   Z-Tel Technologies Inc
ZTLDC   Z-Tel Technologies, Inc.
ZVXI    Zevex International, Inc.