Logo Design Concepts

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					                                Logo Design Concepts

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Logo Design Concepts
Concept is the key factor on which your company’s image is mounted. It is just like a dress you
give yourself on certain event, whether you want to have a 17th century classic outfit or a 20th
century funkiest one. The way you will dress will actually create an image of your personality
and get your insight out in front of the viewers.

Exactly this way, every company requires a creative concept of logo design for better projection
of business. It will be source of the introduction about your company’s vision and philosophy
amongst the masses. It actually will create and develop the characteristics, features and value of
your company.

Logo designs must enrich with meaningful graphics and content. Size, color and shape of logo
designs also effect the perception of viewer with several other little factors like brightness,
sharpness, boldness, sobriety etc. They must flirt with your color theme. Make sure that a proper
research has been conducted before launching of your logo. It is a must-do thing that will keep
you at safer side. Balanced proposition of every single thing will make a heart-grabbing unique
logo for your company; else you are asking your potential prospects not to have a look again on
your logo-printed items which of course you will never ask for.

In addition, it is important that the logo be able to:
Simplistic in Nature

Logo designs should not be overly elaborate. Keep the number of colors in the design to a
minimum. This will be beneficial when the image is resized.                                                                                 Page 1
                                Logo Design Concepts


A logo should have a long shelf-life. A logo is something that should not be changed too
frequently. In fact many of the most recognizable logos are well aged.

Respect Trademarks

When designing the logo be sensitive to trademarked logos. Do not spend the time and energy
building a brand that will ultimately cause consumer confusion. Avoid a design that may be
similar to another company. The logo design should be different enough that market place
confusion will not occur.

Medium Compatible

Request for a variety of formats to make it simpler for reproducing the logo in a variety of
different mediums. If displaying a logo on the web, it is important the logo be in a compressed
format to make the webpages load faster. Also, be sure to have a high resolution image for print
media in order that it does not appear pixelated when printed.

Go with taglines and slogans: Taglines incorporated into the logo help reinforce the underlying
message in a logo and can be an easy addition. Countless memorable marketing campaigns over
the years have associated slogans with a logo to hit a message home.

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