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					        Classifieds                    Pet Events                                         Mutt Blues No More

Classified Ads: Place your       Pet Events: Do you have a       What breed is your dog? This is a common question mixed breed owners
ad here! For advertising rates   pet event? Let us know!         are asked about their dog. Up until now, the answer was just a guess.
call 419-699-7785 or visit:           July 13th 7pm-Midnight          Today that question can be answered through a simple DNA test. Two
                                 Barking Lot Party to benefit    major companies are on the forefront with their DNA testing,
Noteworthy: Animal               Toledo Humane Society held      MetaMorphix Inc. and Mars Veterinary Inc.
Radio® is America's "most-       at The Town Center at Levis
listened-to" pet show            Commons 419-482-7101            MetaMorphix Inc. offers their Canine Heritage™ Breed Test for $65,
according to Arbitron.                                           which identifies up to 38 breeds. You do this DNA testing in the comfort
                                 Featuring Johnny Rocker         of your home. The procedure is done by a simple DNA CheekSwab and
Animal Radio® is also            and The Hitmen 2- legged        can be returned by regular US mail without any special handling. You
streaming online 24/7. Hear      people only no 4- legged        should expect your results in about 4-6 weeks.
breaking news anytime!           furry friends at this event.
Listen at work, at home,                                         Mars Veterinary Inc. offers the Wisdom Panel, ™ this is the most
anywhere you want fresh          July 20 7pm The Fifth-          comprehensive DNA-based mixed breed test for dogs. The Wisdom
animal programming. Or,          Annual "Feast With The          Panel™ identifies more than 130 AKC-recognized breeds. The procedure
listen on ANY cell-phone.        Beasts" to benefit. The         is done by a simple blood test by your veterinarian. Pricing is determined
                                 Toledo Zoo                      by individual veterinary clinics. You should expect your results in about 2-
Toledo Area Pets needs                                           3 weeks.
your help. We are always         July 23rd 10-4pm
accepting pet related            Americans with Disabilities     There are many benefits in knowing your dog’s breed history. By knowing
articles, book reviews, pet      Information Fair held at The    your dog’s genetic make up, you and your veterinarian can plan better
tips, & product reviews.                                         health care for your dog regarding predispositions to disease. Knowing
                                 Toledo Zoo For more
We also are seeking              information, contact the        your dog’s major breed composition will also help you understand
questions for our pet            Ability Center at 419-885-      behavioral characteristics of
professionals to ans wer.        5733.                           detected breeds.                        For more information, visit:
Whether it’s grooming,
health, training, or just a      July 25th Noon Wood                                            
miscellaneous question, we       County Humane Society's
want to hear about it!           Putting for Pets Golf Outing,
Please send all inquires to      Stone Ridge Golf Club 419-
        Thank you!
                                 Rib and chicken dinner,
                                 raffles, chance to win a
                                 brand new car and chance to
                                 win one million dollars!
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                             Pet Insurance
                                                                               Some dogs will get stressed out during travel. If this has been your
Pet insurance is a hot topic in today’s pet industry. These days more and
                                                                               experience in the past, make sure you talk with your veterinarian prior to
more people are signing their pets up for pet insurance.
                                                                               travel. There are medications available to help calm your dog during events
                                                                               such as long car trips.
In many ways, pet insurance is similar to human health insurance. You pay
premiums, deductibles, and co-pays, and there are per- incident limits and
                                                                               By following this advice and the advice of your veterinarian, you can be
lifetime limits. Some policies restrict you to a certain “network” of
                                                                               assured that your travel experience will be a great one for both you and
veterinarians, while others let you choose any veterinarian you wish.
                                                                               your dog.
                                                                                                      Courtesy of I-
Insurance policies can vary widely in their coverage. Some companies
offer a choice of several plans with different deductibles, premiums, and
coverage limits. Some offer separate accident plans while others offer
wellness coverage, and even boarding cost. Most policies do not cover                                                    Taking Food Gently
pre-existing conditions or hereditary conditions, or they provide very
limited coverage in those areas.                                                                             Ouch! If you have a dog that grabs treats out of
                                                                                                             your hand as if he is never going to get a bit of
Actual cost varies widely depending on the policy and the coverage. Some                                     food again, here is something you can try. Hold
policies offer multiple-pet discounts. Premiums usually increase as the pet                                  a treat in your closed fist. If you feel teeth, tell
gets older. Some policies allow you to pay a small additional fee that will                                  your dog “easy” but don’t open your fist or pull
hold the premium at the same fixed rate from year to year.                                                   it away. When you feel your dog’s lips or
                                                                                                             tongue, open your hand flat to expose the treat.
If you decide to investigate the pet insurance option, ask your veterinarian                                 A great way to work on this exercise is with
for recommendations on pet insurance companies. Some of the pet                                              your dog’s meal. Repeat this exercise regularly.
insurance companies are not approved in all 50 states, so if you decide to
purchase pet insurance, make sure that the policy you buy is valid in your
state. Then compare the policies and options very carefully.                   FELINE EYE IMPLANTS are being studied to restore vision in retinal
                                                                               blindness affected cats. Research is being done by inserting a small
Why skip pet insurance? If you never have a catastrophic expense, then         microchip in the retina of blind cats. Cat’s eyes are similar in size and
you could end up paying far more in premiums over the lifetime of your         shape to humans. The obvious benefit to successfully restoring vision in
pet than you would ever get back from insurance reimbursements. Or if          affected cats is the potential for treating humans. There are clinical trials
you would choose to put your pet to sleep when the cost of treatment gets      going on in human medicine. The research
too high, then insurance would not be worth the cost.                          is being conducted at the University of
                                                                               Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine.
One option would be to take the money you would pay in premiums and            Continued funding for the cat research is
put it aside in a separate savings account. That way, the money is available   uncertain now that human trials have
and it is yours, whether or not you need it for your pet. Of course, if you    started.
were to have a catastrophic expense before you built up enough money in
this account that is where the insurance would come in handy.                                     Dr. Robert Esplin
                             Jill Falls* Shure Pets                                          Sylvania Veterinary Hospital
                                  419-843-7874                                                4801 Holland-Sylvania Rd
                                                         (419) 885-4421
                        Relaxation Techniques                                                           Audrey Needs Your Help

Teaching your dog how to relax on command is a tool that you can use on                                                               Audrey is a one and a half
a regular basis. It is designed to teach your dog self-control. If practiced                                                          year old all white female
on a regular basis, your dog will learn how to stay still for extended periods                                                        cat. Audrey is pre-
of time. Teaching this technique takes time and patients, but pays off in                                                             diabetic, but don't worry
the end ten fold.                                                                                                                     her blood sugar is
                                                                                                                                      completely controlled
    Begin in a quiet location on a soft surface.                                                                                     with prescription diabetic
         Make sure you are going to be distraction free.                                                                             management food.
         Get yourself a comfortable cushion to sit on and maybe turn                                                                 Audrey does not need
           on your favorite TV program.                                                                                               medicine or insulin,
            Put your dog’s leash on.                                            although this is a possibility, as she gets older.
      Tell your dog to lie down.
                                                                                 Audrey was found trying to survive, and quench her thirst, by the Ottawa
            Place your hand on your dog’s shoulder blades to steady             River because when her blood sugar was high, it made her very thirsty.
           him.                                                                  Audrey is the sweetest, most laid-back cat, who is just happy to be taken
            If needed, reward your dog with tidbits of food.                    care of, and to be feeling better. She loves other cats and is used to dogs.
            You may want to soothingly speak to your dog.                       Audrey also loves people, attention, and to be petted. If you can open your
            Lie there for a few moments, and then release your dog.             heart to this special girl, contact Planned Pethood and ask for her foster
           Make sure he is relaxed prior to releasing him.                       mom, Marisa.
            Remember the release is casual and not rewarding.
      Continue this exercise with increasing the time your dog is lying                         Planned Pethood*
       down before being released. Your goal is a thirty- minute down.                  * 419-826-FIXX
      As he progresses, add some mild distractions.
      Try the exercise in a distracting location like outside, park, or pet
       store. Remember to ask for a shorter time than he can do in a non-
       distracting environment.                                                         Still Lots Of Loving Animals That Need A Good
                                                                                                           Home! 

                                                                                 According to The World Society Of The Protection Of Animals, globally
                                                                                 there are some 600 million dogs, and a similar number of cats, of which an
                                                                                 estimated 80% are stray or unwanted.

                                                                                 Each month Toledo Area Pets features one pet that is up for adoption at
                                                                                 one of our local rescue organizations. The ideal candidate will have some
                                                                                 type of "special needs". If you are with a local rescue, please feel free to
                                                                                 send a photo/small bio mid- month for consideration to
                                                                        A big thank you for all that you do!
                       Traveling With Your Dog

Many people get nervous when they have to travel with their pets, but
traveling with your dog can be a very rewarding experience for both of

If you are planning a trip by car, the first thing you need to do is to get your
dog used to riding in the car. The best way to do this is to take short trips in
town to places such as pet stores, the dog park, or other places that are fun
for your dog.

Another thing you need to do is decide how your dog will travel in the car.
If your dog is crate trained, you may want to consider crating him during
car travel. Bringing your dog's crate with you will also help keep your dog
safe and happy once you arrive at your destination. Many people choose to
use other forms of restraint, such as canine seatbelts. Both crates and
canine seatbelts offer excellent protection in the event of an accident.

The next thing to consider is what supplies you will need to bring with you.
Make sure your dog has plenty of water available to him at all times. You
may not be able to find clean, drinkable water available at rest stops along
the way, so it is very important to have an ample supply of your own. You
will also want to make sure that you have an ample supply of food. Dogs'
digestive systems get used to their regular food.
You will also want to make sure that you bring favorite toys to help keep             Daycare
your dog occupied on the road and when you arrive at your destination. It's
                                                                                                                This coupon is good for one free
always a good idea to bring your veterinary records with you as well. Some          •Large indoor play room
                                                                                     double yard outdoor area   half-day of doggy daycare—
places that you may stay require up to date records proving vaccination
                                                                                    •Quiet room                         A $10 value
history. If your dog should happen to get sick, you will also need your             •Visit packages available   Discount for new clients only. All Playmates must
records. Some states require health certificates for interstate travel so it is                                 pass a temperament assessment.

very important to check with your veterinarian if you will need one of these        12726 Eckel Junction Rd.
                                                                                                                   (419) 872-POCO
prior to traveling. Having your dog microchipped prior to travel in case he         Perrysburg, OH 43551 
should lose his tags is a great way to ensure his safety.

Make sure to take frequent potty breaks along the way as sometimes the
motion of the car and stress of traveling will make your dog need to go            TIP: The best way to bath a cat is find an old
more often than usual. He will also need to stretch his legs frequently, just
as you will.                                                                        window screen, place it in the tub or sink, the
                                                                                   cat is likely to dig its claws into the screen and
                                                              Continued on pg 4                  stay there for bathing.
July 2007                                          FREE

                                    Meet Audrey

 Inside this issue: Dog DNA testing, traveling with your
         dog, feline eye implants and much more!
                                   Note From The Publisher
                              It has been wonderful to meet some of my pet
                              loving friends at the local pet events! I hope
                              to continue to meet more of you at upcoming
                              events. At Toledo Area Pets we strive to
                              enhance your lives with your pets. Every
                              issue published will deliver pages of
                              information, advice, news and entertaining
                              features for our readers to enjoy and share
                              with their pet loving friends and family.
                              Issues also can be found online at
subscriptions are also available.

If you know of a business owner who might help promote our cause, please
let them know about our publication.

I hope all of you are having a wonderul summer! Please keep up all the
good work at getting our pet community adopted. 
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