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									New Gazette-Mail     Progressive Insurance offers pet
Web site covers pets injury coverage on auto policies
and their owners                                                             By Clint Thomas
                                                                                                                     owner will be reimbursed up to
                                                                                                                        Thomas noted that the pet insur-
                                                                                                                                                             years. VPI’s plans cover not only
                                                                                                                                                             cats and dogs, but birds and exotic
                                                                                                                                                             pets, as well.
                                      information about foster dogs that                                             ance coverage is not sold separate-        Petplan offers health insurance
Homepage links                        are up for adoption.                      If a frequent passenger in your      ly by Progressive, however.             plans for dogs and cats and is the
                                         “I’d like to see us become a        vehicle happens to have four legs,         She added that preventive meas-      exclusive provider for the Humane
to comprehensive                      clearinghouse of sorts for all pet-    he or she can be at as much risk of     ures, such as pet car seats, make       Society of America. Its Web
                                                                             injury, if not more, in an accident.    for less risky traveling for all pas-   address is www.gopetplan.com
information                           related information — events,
                                                                                Should an automobile accident        sengers, two- or four-legged.              The American Society for the
                                      adoptions, recommendations,
                                                                             occur with your dog or cat harmed,         “Pet seats make it much safer        Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,
By Clint Thomas                       services, pet advice. Maybe even
                                                                             Progressive Insurance offers a new      for your pet — and your driver. If      in partnership with the Hartville
                                      get into hosting some pet-related
CTHOMAS@CNPAPERS.COM                                                         Pet Injury Coverage service, which      your pet is running around the car,     Group, offers pet health insurance,
                                      events, like a singles night at the
                                                                             comes with the collision coverage       it’s distracting.”                      as well. Some plans even include
                                      dog park or a dog adoption event
                                                                             you purchase for yourself and your         For more information about Pro-      coverage for spaying and neutering
   With the recent launch of the      at Haddad Riverfront Park. It          family.                                 gressive’s Pet Injury Coverage,         your pet. Plan details, free quotes
Charleston Gazette-Mail’s pet-        seems like there are a lot of pos-        In an accident, Progressive will     call Ramsey Insurance Agency at         and other information are available
themed Web site,                      sibilities for bringing together the   pay up to $500 to cover the costs       304-925-6789 or any other Pro-          from their Web site, www.ASP-
gazettemailpets.com, animal           pet-loving community,” said            of your injured pet’s veterinary
fanciers now have extensive           Fuller.                                                                        gressive provider in the Kanawha        CApetinsurance.com
                                                                             bills and medicine.                     Valley.                                    Other Web sites offering pet
access to a wealth of local — and        She added that public input is         Through the coverage, the pet
even global — information at one      highly encouraged to enhance the                                                  Also available are pet health        health insurance include
                                                                             owner is reimbursed for these           insurance policies, offering a vari-
convenient URL.                       Web site.                                                                                                              www.petsbest.com, embra-
                                                                             costs.                                  ety of benefits. Plans enable you to
   Links on the Gazette-Mail pets        “If anyone has any ideas for                                                                                        cepetinsurance.com and petcarein-
                                                                                According to the Progressive         manage veterinary costs by reim-
homepage instantly direct viewers     what they’d like to see on the                                                                                         surance.com
                                                                             Web site, many of the pet plans         bursing qualifying expenses such
to several helpful venues, includ-    site,” Fuller said, “they can reach                                                                                       By going to www.JustPetInsur-
                                                                             provide deductibles, maximums           as accidents, illness and routine
ing a classified section for those    me at 348-5191 or                      and co-insurance.                                                               ance.info online, you can compare
                                                                                                                     preventive care. Office visits, lab     the rates and benefits of these and
seeking an addition to their          karinfuller@cnpapers.com (or by           The Web site also notes, howev-      fees and diagnostic testing, X-rays,    other pet health insurance
households or good homes for          clicking on the ‘E-mail Your Pet’s     er, that pet insurance does not nec-    surgeries, hospitalization, prescrip-   providers.
kittens, puppies or other pets.       Photo’ button at the bottom of the     essarily cover all of your pet’s        tions and other costs may be cov-          While plans and coverage natu-
   Other links relay visitors to      gazettemailpets.com Web site).”        medical conditions, so examine the      ered or significantly reduced,          rally vary, as a rule, the cost for pet
handy and comprehensive infor-           In conjunction with the Web         parameters of the coverage before       according to the health care plan       insurance is approximately $30 a
mation about rescue groups,           site, next week, Charleston News-      you purchase it.                        you choose.
groomers, veterinarians, boarding     papers will be introducing a print        As a bonus, Progressive auto                                                 month, with younger animals
                                                                                                                        Your veterinarian should be able     receiving better rates and premi-
kennels and animal shelters           counterpart, “Gazette-Mail Pets,”      insurance customers can receive a       to provide you with more informa-
throughout the Kanawha Valley.        in the classified section of each      5 percent discount on a pet insur-      tion about pet health insurance
   The Adopt-a-Pet link guides        Saturday’s newspaper.                  ance policy from Embrace and                                                           See INSURANCE Page 7➡
you to a current list of furry           “Starting Saturday, April 5, the    Pets Best pet insurance companies.         Additionally, several providers
adoptees you can find at the          Saturday Gazette-Mail Classifieds         According to Diana Thomas, the       have Web sites that not only offer
Kanawha-Charleston Humane             section will include a new feature     personal lines manager of Ramsey        insurance plans, but quotes,
Association’s shelter on Greenbri-    called ‘Gazette-Mail Pets,’”           Insurance Agency, a Progressive         buyer’s guides and checklists of
er Street in Charleston.              explained Charleston Newspapers        provider in Kanawha City, the           questions to ask to select the best
   Visitors to the site are encour-   Advertising Manager Jennifer           service is relatively new, intro-       plan for your pet or pets (some
aged to submit photographs and        Starsick. “The printed edition will    duced earlier this year.                sample questions are listed at the
essays about their pets at “From      complement Gazette-Mail                   Because it’s new and included in     end of this article).
the Pet Dish.”                        pets.com, and it will include          the policyholder’s collision cover-        Petinsurance.com is the official
   The Web site even includes a       informative articles about pets        age, she said Ramsey hasn’t             Web site of Veterinary Pet Insur-
one-click, pet-oriented poll. A       and pet care, as well as classified    received many calls about the serv-     ance Company/DVM Insurance                      www.wvcrittersitters.com
recent question was: “Do you          ads for pets for sale.                 ice, but she expects more response      Agency, which has provided pet
allow your pet to sleep with             “Look for ads from local retail-    in the future as awareness grows.       health insurance for more than 25
you?”                                 ers who cater to pets and pet             “I think once more people see
   Along with sharing several of      owners, too,” Starsick said.           what it is, they will be interest-
                                                                             ed,” Thomas said. “It’s automati-
                                                                                                                    We think your BEST FRIEND deserves a vacation
her essays on life with her pets         A link to gazettemail.pets.com
(three cats, two dogs and two rats,   is also posted on the Charleston       cally included; there’s not a
                                                                             charge if the pet in a vehicle
                                                                                                                              Timberline Resort Realty
as of presstime) at                   Gazette and Charleston Daily
gazettemailpets.com, Sunday           Mail Web home pages.                   involved in an accident, and the                             Affordable pet friendly vacation
Gazette-Mail columnist Karin                                                                                                              lodging sure to satisfy even the
Fuller is overseeing the ongoing                                                                                                            most well-traveled canine.
content development of the Web
site and its continuing growth and
expansion.                                                                                                          For them, wide open spaces to explore
   “I’m excited about the possibil-                                                                                 and frolic. For you, comfortable homes
ities the pet pages can offer,”                                                                                                  w/hot tubs, decks & more.
Fuller said. “Although we still                                                                                                        Spring & Summer Specials!
have some bugs to work out with                                                                                                                Call for details.
the site, I’m hoping we’ll soon be
able to feature more pets avail-                                                                                        Blackwater Center in Canaan Valley, WV
able for adoption through the
shelters. I’m also hoping we can                                                                                            800-633-6682 timberlinerealty.com

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