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                                 The Salerooms, Norcote, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 5RH
  Telephone : 01285 646050          Fax : 01285 652862     E-mail : Website :

The Timetable below is only a guide. The Auctioneer may be ahead of schedule. It is hoped to maintain a selling rate of about
120 lots per hour and the timetable below is a rough guide only. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE IN THE SALEROOM AT
LEAST 20 MINUTES BEFORE YOU EXPECT A LOT TO BE OFFERED, in case the Auctioneer is ahead of schedule.

 LOT NOS                         APPROXIMATE TIMETABLE                                                   APPROX. TIME

 1 - 50                          Toys                                                                    10.00 am – 10.30 am
 51 - 98                         Engines & Sculls                                                        10.30 am - 11.00 am
 100 - 169                       Pottery, Porcelain & Glass                                              11.00 am - 11.50 am
 180 - 248                       Works of Art, Clocks, Barometers, Militaria, Misc. etc.                 11.50 am - 12.30 pm
 250 - 382                       Silver, Jewellery, Objets de Vertus, etc.                               12.30 - 2.00 pm
 383 - 402                       NO LOTS
 403 - 429                       Carpets, Rugs & Textiles                                                2.00 pm - 2.15 pm
 430 - 530                       Antique & Designer Furniture                                            2.15 pm - 3.15 pm



 Please register for a bidding number prior to bidding. Commission and telephone bids must be submitted on the correct forms in full and
 received by the auctioneers by 8.00 pm on View Day. The Auctioneers regret that any bids left after this time are not guaranteed to be

 Please also refer to Condition 20 of the Terms & Conditions of Sale at the back of this catalogue.

 Credit cards are subject to a 3% charge. Debit cards incur no charge.

 Please note the estimates are guide prices only and may be subject to change. Any changes will be displayed on View Day and Sale Day in
 the Saleroom. Any lots without guide prices will have them displayed on View Day and Sale Day.

 We can recommend a professional packing firm for any items which you are unable to collect.

 We do offer a post and packing service but are not professional packers and will require a disclaimer from buyers confirming that they will
 take responsibility for packaged items once they leave our premises. Our post and packing rates range from a minimum of £10.00 (for a
 single small item) to £35.00 and over for larger items and multiple packages, all plus current Royal Mail postage rates for Special Delivery.
 Buyers should also be aware that antiques, collectables, china, glass, etc. are not insured by Royal Mail. Please contact us for further
 information and/or a quotation. (Please note : the in-house packing service may take up to 14 working days from receipt of full payment)

                Cover Illustrations : Outside Front - Lot 495, Inside Front - Lots 144 (Top) & 110 (Bottom),
                                       Inside Back - Lot 231, Outside Back - Lot 490
                 (Closing date for entries Friday, 13th December 2010)


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  DATE                               SALE                                       CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES

  7th January                        Antique & General                          13th December 2010
  21st January                       Antique & General                          10th January 2011
  4th February                       Sporting                                   24th January
  18th February                      Antique & General                          7th February
  4th March                          Selected Antique                           14th February
  18th March                         Antique & General                          7th March
  1st April                          Antique & General                          21st March
  15th April                         Selected Picture                           28th March
  28th April (Thursday)              Antique & General                          18th April
  13th May     `                     Antique & General                          3rd May (Tuesday)
  27th May                           Selected Antique                           9th May
  10th June                          Antique & General                          31st May (Tuesday)
  1st July                           Antique & General                          20th June
  22nd July                          Antique & General                          11th July
  12th August                        Antique & General                          1st August
  2nd September                      Sporting                                   22nd August
  16th September                     Antique & General                          5th September
  30th September                     Selected Antique                           12th September
  14th October                       Antique & General                          3rd October
  28th October                       Selected Picture                           10th October
  11th November                      Antique & General                          31st October
  25th November                      Antique & General & Wine                   14th November
  9th December                       Selected Antique & Toys                    21st November


  10.30 am - 8.00 pm prior to Sale and from 9.00 am on Sale Day


  We can provide detailed inventories and valuations for Probate, Insurance and Family Division. We give free valuations for sale
  purposes at the Saleroom or a valuer will be pleased to call at your home to appraise a single item or the whole house contents.
TOYS                                                           12   A Bachmann 00 gauge 4-6-0 Manor Class
                                                                    locomotive "Bradley Manor" with tender, in
   1   51 Matchbox "Models of Yesteryear", all boxed
                                                                    green livery, 4936 "Kinlet Hall" GWR locomotive
       £60 - 80
                                                                    and tender, and a GWR 43XX Class locomotive
 1A    Two boxes of assorted toys to include Matchbox "A            and tender, all boxed (ILLUSTRATED)
       Taste of France Collectibles", Maisto Sports Car             £50 - 80
       Collection, Vanguards Die-Cast Replicas, Matchbox
                                                               13   A Corgi No. 40 gift set, "The Avengers",
       "The Circus Comes to Town" and Models of
                                                                    containing vintage Bentley and Lotus Elan S2,
                                                                    also figure of John Steed, boxed (ILLUSTRATED)
       £80 - 120
                                                                    £80 - 120
   2   A Hornby Railway's "Country Local Electric Train
                                                               14   A Hornby 00 gauge 4-4-0 "Dunster Castle" 4093
       Set", part fitted with engine and three coaches,
                                                                    locomotive with tender, in green livery, a Lima 4-6-0
       boxed, a quantity of Tomy "Thomas The Tank
                                                                    "King George V" locomotive and tender, in green
       Engine and Friends" boxed railway, Hornby boxed
                                                                    livery, both boxed, a Lima Collection "Western
       "Thomas", "Bill" and Ben", five various trucks, and
                                                                    Fusilier Engine", a Heljan model of the Hymek
       two boxed Stone Craft natural stone modelling kits
                                                                    locomotive and two Pullman coaches, all boxed
       £30 - 40
                                                                    £30 - 50
   3   A Dinky die-cast "358 USS Enterprise" metal toy,
                                                               15   DAVID J. HOWELL, "Dr. Who - Time Frame - The
       boxed, a Dinky "702 DH Comet Airliner" toy, boxed
                                                                    Illustrated History", one volume, 8 further related
       and a Dinky "617 Anti-tank Gun", boxed (3)
                                                                    titles, a 30th Anniversary "The Trial of a Time Lord"
       £25 - 35
                                                                    video set, another similar and three key fobs
   4   Five various Bachmann 00 gauge goods wagons,                 £25 - 35
       boxed, and four further similar Dapol boxed toys
                                                               16   A Corgi 261 "Special Agent 007 James Bond's
       £20 - 30
                                                                    Aston Martin DB5", boxed, and two Corgi whizz
   5   A Lima D1023 "Western Enterprise" locomotive, an             wheel toys - "Porsche Targa 911S Police Car"
       Airfix GWR 0-4-2 00 gauge locomotive, two Hornby             and "Porsche 917" (ILLUSTRATED)
       00 gauge Pullman coaches and two similar                     £50 - 80
       Bachmann coaches, all boxed
                                                               17   Three boxed Corgi toys to include No. 258 The
       £30 - 50
                                                                    Saint's car - Volvo P1800, No. 330 Porsche
   6   A Hornby 00 gauge GWR County Class "County of                Carrera 6, and No. 324 Marcos 1800 GT, all
       Bedford" locomotive with tender, in green livery, and        boxed (ILLUSTRATED)
       five Hornby 00 gauge coaches, all boxed                      £30 - 60
       £60 - 80
                                                               18   Six Bachmann hopper wagons and two Hornby 00
   7   A Hornby 00 gauge GWR 4-6-0 "Hardwick                        gauge R484 GWR Clerestory 3rd coaches, all boxed
       Grange" locomotive and tender, in green livery,              £30 - 50
       and a Hornby GWR diesel railcar, No. 29, both
                                                               19   A quantity of Graham Farish "Masters in Miniature"
       boxed (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                    locomotives good wagons, a Bachmann 00 gauge 0-
       £80 - 120
                                                                    6-0 GWR locomotive and 4 Bachmann Pullman
   8   A Bachmann 0-6-2 GWR "6600" Class 56                         coaches, all boxed
       locomotive, two Bachmann restaurant car coaches              £50 - 80
       and a similar Pullman coach, all boxed
                                                               20   A Louis Marx & Company Limited "Climbing
       £30 - 50
                                                                    Fireman", boxed, a German wooden soldier with
   9   A Sullivan model "A" 13 tank, green painted and              bearskin, a boxed set of bone and wood dominoes,
       housed in original black painted and canvas lined            a Peter Pan magnetic lift a stick game, a Disney
       case                                                         Buzz Lightyear figure and a Waddington Keyword
       £50 - 80                                                     game
                                                                    £20 - 30
  10   A Hornby 0 gauge tin plate railway station, a
       similar signal box, coal shed, zebra crossing           21   A Hornby 0 gauge 4-4-2 clockwork "Southern
       and two signals (ILLUSTRATED)                                2091" locomotive in green livery, together with a
       £40 - 60                                                     section of 0 gauge track (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                    £30 - 50
  11   A quantity of Hornby 0 gauge to include 12 goods
       wagons and a quantity of track, together with a box     22   A Hornby by Meccano type 51 0 gauge
       of Hornby 00 to include 6-0-6 Virgin 47854                   clockwork locomotive, No. 50153, together with
       "Women's Royal Voluntary Services" locomotive                tender, both in green and black livery, with key
       with Pullman coaches and a quantity of track, etc            (ILLUSTRATED)
       £40 - 60                                                     £20 - 30
 23   An early 20th Century red brick painted doll's          31   A Gilbert Erector No. 10051 construction set,
      house, two stories with attic, pitched roof, white           boxed, a 1930's green and red painted Meccano
      painted window frames and door with floral                   constructed fire engine with ladder and metal
      decorated wallpaper and fitted accessories                   wheels, and a red and black painted magic
      comprising bedroom and lounge furniture                      lantern and 6 various magic lantern slides
      £50 - 80                                                     (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                   £30 - 40
 24   A Hornby 0 gauge LNER black painted
      locomotive with gilt trim and armorial crest with       32   A Hornby Railways Real Steam 3½" gauge model of
      matching 2710 tender, a "Motor Shell Spirit" red             "Stephenson's Rocket", together with track, two
      painted oil wagon and a quantity of track                    boxes of G103Y points, a boxed and matching G104
      (boxed) (ILLUSTRATED)                                        coach, together with a quantity of further loose track
      £70 - 100                                                    £300 - 400
 25   Three Franklin Mint Precision models of articulated     33   An early 20th Century teddy bear in blue plush with
      trucks to include "The Mack" tanker/trailer,                 original stitched nose and brown beaded eyes
      "Freightliner" and "Kenworth" with refrigerated              £100 - 150
      trailer, all boxed with certificates of authenticity
                                                             33A   A 19th Century toy pistol, inscribed J.W.C to plate
      £60 - 100
                                                                   and inlaid with mother of pearl decoration
 26   A quantity of 0 gauge to include a Hornby tin plate          £30 - 50
      coal shed, a TRENT tin plate railway platform, a
                                                              34   An early 20th Century French "navigable" toy boat, a
      Hornby by Meccano red and black painted
                                                                   1930's key wind motorboat painted in yellow with red
      locomotive, a Hornby type 40 clockwork locomotive,
                                                                   stripes and blue rims, two boxed games "Blow
      two passenger coaches, an LMF green painted
                                                                   Football" and "Solitaire", a John Jaques & Sons
      wagon and a quantity of track
                                                                   Limited "The Counties of England - A Geographical
      £60 - 100
                                                                   Game" series No.4, a Monopoly game, child's part
 27   A Johillco Coronation Royal Coach set                        tea set, etc
      comprising coach with four pairs of horses with              £50 - 80
      mounted footmen, a boxed set of 19 lead
                                                              35   MARCELl R. VAN CLEEMPUT "The Great Book of
      soldiers depicting beefeaters and coachmen
                                                                   Corgi - 1956 to 1983", published New Cavendish
      (possibly Britain's), a quantity of lead animals to
                                                                   Books 1989, with original dust wrapper
      include farmyard and wild animals, 8 various
                                                                   £30 - 50
      painted lead figures in armorial dress, miniature
      furniture, etc (ILLUSTRATED)                            36   A West German "Jolly Animal Band" clockwork
      £80 - 120                                                    figure of a playing monkey, seated wearing a red
                                                                   and yellow pointed hat and playing the
 28   A Hornby by Meccano 0 gauge type 50 clockwork
                                                                   tambourine, boxed, with key (ILLUSTRATED)
      locomotive "60199", in black and red trimmed livery
                                                                   £30 - 40
      with matching guard's van and two passenger
      coaches in red, together with a quantity of 0 gauge     37   A Hornby type 40 clockwork black and red painted
      track contained in original box, and two 0 gauge             locomotive, two red painted coaches, a quantity of
      turntables in boxes                                          track, toys, etc
      £100 - 150                                                   £20 - 30
 29   A collection of three Star Wars vehicles                38   Two boxes of modern farmyard and other toys to
      £30 - 40                                                     include Joal Compact, Siku, etc
                                                                   £50 - 80
29A   Approximately 37 Star Wars figures, circa 1977-
      1983 to include Princess Lea, Darth Vader, Jabba        39   A box of toys to include Corgi Classics, Models of
      the Hut, Storm Trooper, R2D2, Guards, Luke                   Yesteryear, Jada Road Rats, Original Minibus
      Skywalker and various space ships, Kenner, etc.              Company, etc
      £60 - 80                                                     £50 - 80
 30   A Hornby Dublo 4-6-2 "Duchess of Athol"                39A   A display cabinet containing 31 LLedo "Days Gone
      maroon and black painted locomotive with                     By" die cast advertising vans
      tender, a Hornby Dublo 6-2-0 GWR 6699 green                  £30 - 50
      and black painted locomotive, 8 various goods
      wagons, two passenger coaches, a quantity of            40   A John Deere 9880STS combine 1:32 scale model,
      track, a railway crossing, signal and passenger              boxed, and a quantity of other John Deere toys
                                                                   £60 - 100
      bridge and a Hornby Dublo DI through station,
      boxed (ILLUSTRATED|)                                    41   Two boxes of toys to include Siku, Britain's Elite,
      £100 - 150                                                   Joal Compact, etc
                                                                   £50 - 80
                                                              42   NO LOT
   43   Three boxes of miscellaneous toys to include              52   An A.W.C. Pearce horizontal model petrol engine
        Hornby 00 gauge rolling stock, Bachmann wagons,                with brass valve and tap, 7½" wheels, painted in
        a Tri-ang Stephenson's Rocket and tender,                      green and stamped "A.W.C. Pearce, Chedworth",
        Liverpool to Manchester railway coach,and                      raised on a stained wooden base and housed in
        matching 'Experience' coach, a Corgi Carrimore car             a box (ILLUSTRATED)
        transporter with red painted cab and bi-colour blue            £200 - 300
        trailer, a similar Carrimore low loader with yellow
                                                                  53   A 3½" gauge model steam cylinder tank engine
        cab, a quantity of die cast toys and a box of
                                                                       with cab controlled lever and pressure gauge,
        modelling kit
                                                                       finished in red, black and green livery
        £60 - 80
   44   A Palitoy 00 gauge British Railways diesel freight             £300 - 500
        electric train set, boxed, 9 various 00 gauge model
                                                                  54   A horizontal model petrol engine with brass
        wagons, a quantity of Airfix construction kits,
                                                                       fittings and valves, finished in red with polished
        various train set accessories to include stations,
                                                                       brightwork and mounted on a wooden plinth
        bridges, tunnels, etc, a quantity of loose wagons
        and a two piece boarded set of railway track with
                                                                       £250 - 350
        tunnel on white painted boards
        £50 - 80                                                  55   A horizontal model six stroke hit and miss petrol
                                                                       engine "Joanie", 4½" twin cylinder, twin cylinder
   45   A Palitoy 00 gauge British Railways light goodS
                                                                       propelling action, finished in polished steel and
        electric train set, boxed, a Palitoy BR electric
                                                                       brass with green painted and copper reservoir,
        locomotive, and a quantity of Hornby 00 gauge
                                                                       with mounted plaque inscribed "Austin Pearce,
        rolling stock, all boxed
                                                                       Cirencester 2005", raised on a wooden sledge
        £50 - 80
                                                                       type plinth with stained wooden box
   46   Two boxes of Scalextric to include racing cars, hand           (ILLUSTRATED)
        controls, racing barriers and a large quantity of track        £100 - 150
        £60 - 80
                                                                  56   A horizontal model petrol engine with black
   47   A boxed Scalextric 200 model racing set                        painted copper cylinder, brass fittings, fitments
        £30 - 50                                                       and 6" spoke wheel, finished in grey and raised
                                                                       on a wooden plinth base, housed in stained
   48   A Corgi American La France aerial ladder truck,
                                                                       wooden box (ILLUSTRATED)
        boxed, a Grove RT760 crane, a Backhoe loader, a
                                                                       £100 - 150
        David Brown 1412 hydra-shift tractor, a Massey-
        Harris Challenger, and a quantity of other tractor        57   A horizontal model steam engine with black
        and agricultural machinery toys                                painted brass cylinder and 5½" spoke wheel,
        £30 - 50                                                       raised on a brown painted pine sledge type base,
                                                                       with green painted pine box (ILLUSTRATED)
   49   A Victorian style stained beech rocking horse
                                                                       £150 - 200
        with leather saddle, harness and glass eyes, on
        a stained pine base (ILLUSTRATED)                         58   An A.W.C. Pearce "Atkinson" vertical model
        £150 - 200                                                     petrol engine with 8½" spoke wheel, brass
                                                                       fitments, oiler and valves, finished in red and
   50   An early 20th Century pond yacht of 'Shamrock
                                                                       green, inscribed "A.W.C. Pearce, Chedworth",
        4', with sectional decking, a captain at the
                                                                       raised on a wooden base, with fitted wooden
        wheel, lifeboat, several hatches, a white metal
                                                                       cover (ILLUSTRATED)
        mounted vertical mast, full sail, stained hull on
                                                                       £300 - 500
        original and contemporary mahogany base,
        length of yacht 174 cm (ILLUSTRATED)                      59   A vertical model petrol engine in polished steel,
        £100 - 150                                                     copper and brass, with 1" diameter oiler and twin
                                                                       4" pierced cylinder wheels, raised on a wooden
                                                                       plinth base, housed within a red painted pine
Lots 51-94 inclusive are being sold on behalf of the                   box (ILLUSTRATED)
Estate of Austin William Charles Pearce Deceased late of               £150 - 250
Cirencester, who hand-built the engines during the late
                                                                  60   A hot air B4 model engine with 4½" spoke
20th/early 21st Century :
                                                                       flywheel, disc crank and gas burner, bearing
   51   A Stuart Turner model beam engine with Watt's                  oval medallion inscribed "A.E & H Robinson &
        parallel motion and 7" diameter flywheel,                      Company, Manchester" (ILLUSTRATED)
        painted in red and raised on a mahogany                        £100 - 150
        rectangular plinth base, housed in a stained
        pine box (ILLUSTRATED)
        £250 - 350
61   A horizontal model petrol engine with brass         71   A V-shaped polished brass and red painted
     fittings, 3½" flywheel, twin beam type cranks            single cylinder vertical model steam engine with
     and two graduated exterior cogwheels, finished           ¼" wheel (ILLUSTRATED)
     in red and polished steel on a shaped wooden             £50 - 80
     base, housed in a green painted pine box
                                                         72   A Red Wing Motor Company horizontal model
                                                              petrol traction engine with twin 8" spoke wheels,
     £100 - 150
                                                              brass valves, electrical switch valve box, bearing
62   A vertical model petrol engine with 3½" disc             applied rectangular plaque "Red Wing Motor
     flywheel, copper oiler and brass fittings                Company - Thoroughbred Motors, USA", raised
     mounted on a wooden plinth base, housed in               on a mahogany sledge type base, housed within
     green painted pine box (ILLUSTRATED)                     a twin handled wooden carrying box
     £120 - 180                                               (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                              £300 - 400
63   A horizontal model steam engine in polished
     steel, copper and brass with 3" disc flywheel,      73   An Alwyn Foundry RLE model stationary petrol
     bearing brass plaque inscribed "Fire Eater",             engine No. 346 with twin spoke flywheels, open
     raised on a wooden base, housed in a wooden              crank, water hopper, side rod linkage, sparkplug
     box inscribed "Austin Pearce, Fire Eater 2000"           fitted, with applied oval plaque inscribed "The
     (ILLUSTRATED)                                            R.L.E. Alwyn Foundry, Wrexham", raised on a
     £50 - 70                                                 polished mahogany sledge type base, housed in
                                                              a green painted box (ILLUSTRATED)
64   A double cylinder vertical model steam engine
                                                              £300 - 400
     finished in polished steel, copper and brass,
     with 2½" flywheel, metal clad cylinders, external   74   A single cylinder vertical model petrol engine
     valves raised on a wooden plinth base                    with 5" spoke wheel, cylindrical patinated copper
     (ILLUSTRATED)                                            oiler, sparkplug fitted, open crank, raised on a
     £150 - 200                                               polished mahogany plinth with applied plaque
                                                              inscribed "Topsy Turvy, Austin Pearce,
65   A polished brass hot air model engine with
                                                              Cirencester 2004", housed in a green painted
     spoke flywheel, disc crank, oiler and small gas
                                                              pine box (ILLUSTRATED)
     burner, inscribed to the rectangular plate
                                                              £100 - 150
     "Robbo", raised on a mahogany plinth base
     (ILLUSTRATED)                                       75   A single cylinder model stationary petrolengine,
     £80 - 120                                                the twinned 5" spoke flywheels with open crank
                                                              horizontal mechanism, water reservoir,
66   A single cylinder vertical model steam engine
                                                              displacement lubricator, finished in green
     with 3" flywheel, finished in polished steel,
                                                              polished steel and red, raised on a mahogany
     green and red (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                              frame with four pierced wheels, the frame with
     £50 - 80
                                                              applied plaque inscribed "Odds 'n Ends Hit 'n
67   A twin cylinder vertical model steam engine              Miss,. Austin Pearce 1997" (ILLUSTRATED)
     painted in red and highlighted in yellow, raised         £150 - 250
     on a sledge type wooden base (ILLUSTRATED
                                                         76   A hot air model steam engine with spoke
     ONLINE) £60 - 100
                                                              flywheel, disc crank, oiler and gas burner,
68   A vertical single cylinder model steam engine in         finished in red, black and grey painted livery with
     polished brass, with 3" spoke flywheel, raised           black painted tin burner, raised on a red painted
     on a wooden plinth base (ILLUSTRATED)                    pine plinth, housed in a green painted pine box
     £80 - 120                                                (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                              £60 - 80
69   A Stuart Turner model steam engine with 3"
     spoke wheel, metal clad cylinder, displacement      77   A vertical model cylinder engine with twin spoke
     lubricator stamped "S", finished in red and              wheels, water hopper and brass fitments,
     black (ILLUSTRATED)                                      finished in green, red and polished steel, raised
     £60 - 80                                                 on a stained mahogany base, housed in a green
                                                              painted pine box (ILLUSTRATED)
70   A horizontal model steam engine in polished
                                                              £150 - 200
     brass with metal clad cylinder and displacement
     lubricator, raised on a rectangular plate           78   A model petrol engine with metal clad cylinder,
     supported by a stained mahogany wooden                   5½" spoke wheel, displacement oiler, in polished
     plinth (ILLUSTRATED)                                     steel and finished in red and black, with applied
     £60 - 80                                                 plaque inscribed "Victoria, Austin Pearce 2003",
                                                              raised on a green painted plinth base, housed in
                                                              a green painted box (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                              £250 - 350
79   A horizontal model petrol engine with 5" spoke           89   A miniature polished brass horizontal model
     wheel, metal clad cylinder, sparkplug fitted in               steam engine raised on a circular oak plinth
     polished steel with applied brass plaque                      base (ILLUSTRATED)
     inscribed "Won't Go Eng. Co., Austin Pearce,                  £40 - 60
     Cirencester, 1994", raised on a stained
                                                              90   A green painted brass vertical model steam engine
     mahogany cross frame base, housed in a twin
                                                                   with 3¾" wheel applied with brass plaque inscribed
     handled box (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                   "The Little Pumper, A Pearce", raised ON green
     £100 - 150
                                                                   painted pine base, 19 cm high, together with another
80   A horizontal model petrol engine "Joan" with 4"               similar, a horizontal model engine with twin wheels,
     flywheel and brass attachments, raised on a                   and a model engine with 3" gauge four wheel base,
     stained wooden cross frame base with applied                  brass attachments and external rods (4)
     plaque inscribed "Non Compression, 2-stroke                   £100 - 150
     Nix 25.1" (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                              91   A BIS stainless steel hardened 10" precision gauge
     £80 - 120
                                                                   contained in a fitted box, two boxed
81   A model beam engine with Watts parallel motion                adaptors/transformers, a hand held precision
     finished in polished steel and patinated metal on             magnifying glass and a TM-2011 tachometer
     a plinth base (ILLUSTRATED)                                   contained in leather pouch
     £100 - 150                                                    £30 - 50
82   A model stationary petrol engine with brass twin         92   A box of miscellaneous tools and steam engine
     spoke wheels, open crank, brass fitments and                  parts to include a cylinder with steel plated mounts,
     external valves, finished in red, housed within a             wheels, pistons, etc.
     five sided glazed case (ILLUSTRATED)                          £20 - 30
     £100 - 150
                                                              93   Ten volumes "The Model Engineer and Amateur
83   A vertical model engine with 6" spoke wheel,                  Electrician" circa 1900-1905, two further volumes
     metal clad cylinder and bridge mechanism,                     1933 and 1941, BRIAN HOLLINGSWORTH LBSC -
     finished in red and green on a black painted                  "His Life and Locomotives", various other related
     plate to a mahogany plinth base (ILLUSTRATED)                 titles including one volume "Sterling Cycle Engines"
     £100 - 150                                                    AFTER GEOFFREY WHEELER, a pair of steam
                                                                   engine prints
84   A horizontal model petrol engine with 5" wheel,
                                                                   £50 - 80
     oiler, sparkplug fitted, raised on a rectangular
     wooden plinth, housed in a white painted                 94   A large quantity of Model Engineer magazines
     wooden box (ILLUSTRATED)                                      contained in numerous box files and loose circa
     £100 - 150                                                    1985-2008
                                                                   £30 - 50
85   A hot air model steam engine with 3" spoke
     wheel, disk crank, metal cased cylinder and              96   A Banham's clinker built coxed four man scull
     burner, finished in red brass and polished steel,             complete with four riggers and four miscellaneous
     inscribed to painted plinth base "Lady Pamala",               sliding seats, (bears label inscribed H.C. Banham,
     housed in a painted and inscribed box                         Boatbuilders, Cambridge, England), 1275 cm long
     (ILLUSTRATED)                                                 £300 - 500
     £80 - 120
                                                              97   A Banham's clinker built coxed four man scull
86   A horizontal model petrol engine with twin                    complete with four riggers and four miscellaneous
     wheels, brass oiler, water hopper cooled                      sliding seats, (bears label inscribed H.C. Banham,
     cylinder, brass fittings, sparkplug fitted, finished          Boatbuilders, Cambridge, England), 1275 cm long
     in polished steel and raised on a wooden plinth               £300 - 500
     with applied brass plaque inscribed "Mary 2004,
                                                              98   A shell double scull (distressed) and various oars,
     Austin Pearce", housed in a green painted pine
                                                                   1034 cm long
     box (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                   £50 - 80
     £100 - 150
                                                              99   NO LOT
87   A horizontal brass and red painted model steam
     engine with 3¾" spoke wheel, raised on an oak          POTTERY, PORCELAIN & GLASS
     plinth and moulded base (ILLUSTRATED)
     £80 - 120                                               100   A 19th Century Chinese ginger jar decorated in
                                                                   underglaze blue with trailing flowers and foliage,
88   A small horizontal model steam engine with 2¾"                with fretwork carved hardwood lid, 23.5 cm high
     spoke wheel, raised on a polished steel base                  excluding lid (ILLUSTRATED)
     (ILLUSTRATED ONLINE)                                          £200 - 300
     £30 - 50
 101   A 19th Century Chinese ginger jar and cover             110   A Japanese Meiji period Satsuma pottery vase
       decorated in the famille verte palette with birds of          with trailing foliate decoration in red oxide, blue
       paradise amongst blossoming branches,                         and gilt, the neck with bamboo leaf decoration,
       approximately 26 cm high including lid                        base bears character marks, 32 cm high
       £200 - 300                                                    (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                     £2000 - 3000
 102   A 19th Century Chinese ginger jar and cover
       decorated in under glaze blue with figures around a     111   A 20th Century Japanese stoneware baluster
       table, approximately 25 cm high including cover               shaped vase decorated in moss green glaze and
       £150 - 250                                                    with incised geometric decoration, base bears
                                                                     impressed character mark, 23 cm high
 103   A late 19th/early 20th Century Chinese ginger jar
                                                                     £30 - 50
       decorated in under glaze blue with prunus blossom
       £30 - 50                                                112   A pair of 19th Century Isnik pottery flasks decorated
                                                                     in cobalt blue with trailing flowers and foliage on a
 104   An 18th Century Chinese vase of baluster form
                                                                     turquoise ground, each raised on a circular foot, 36
       decorated in gilt and under glaze blue with
                                                                     cm high
       painted polychrome panels depicting figures in
                                                                     £200 - 300
       a rural landscape tending crops, the reverse
       panel decorated with figures by a lake setting          113   A pair of 18th Century Delftware plates with
       conducting domestic chores, with hills in                     polychrome decoration of flowers and foliage, each
       background, approx. 38 cm high                                23 cm diameter, and an 18th Century Delftware blue
       (ILLUSTRATED)                                                 and white plate decorated with fence and bamboo,
       £300 - 500                                                    22.5 cm diameter
                                                                     £30 - 50
 105   A 19th Century Chinese polychrome decorated
       plate, the centre field decorated with figures in a     114   A 19th Century Meissen figure group of a pair of
       garden, a lake and mountains in the                           winged cherubs upon a rocky outcrop encrusted with
       background, within a pierced border decorated                 flowers and foliage, a quill and arrows at the base,
       with panels of landscapes, 22 cm diameter                     bears cross swords mark
       (ILLUSTRATED)                                                 £300 - 400
       £80 - 120
                                                               115   An 18th Century Delft bottle vase decorated with
 106   A pair of 19th Century Chinese export scallop                 birds amongst flowering foliage in underglaze blue,
       shaped dishes decorated in under glaze blue with              on a green and oxide red enamelled ground, beards
       chrysanthemums, 12.5 cm wide maximum                          character mark to base in underglaze blue, 26.5 cm
       £200 - 300                                                    high
                                                                     £30 - 50
 107   A graduated pair of 19th Century Chinese armorial
       tazzas, the dished tops with central armorial          115A   A 19th Century Turkish (Channakale) faience
       inscribed "Virescit Vulnere Virtus", surrounded by            sugar bowl modelled as three mules supporting
       panels decorated in the famille verte palette                 a flower encrusted bowl, decorated in shades of
       depicting figures and birds amongst blossom,                  yellow and brown (ILLUSTRATED)
       surrounded by a gilt decorated pierced border, 22.5           £60 - 90
       cm diameter x 8.5 cm high and 20.5 m diameter x
                                                               116   A pair of 19th Century Etruscan style porcelain
       10.5 cm high
                                                                     and gilt metal mounted urns, the tops with
       £50 - 80
                                                                     pineapple finials, raised on circular acanthus
 108   An early 18th Century Xangxi porcelain saucer                 decorated feet to shaped plinth bases on
       decorated with sage seated upon a water buffalo               giltwood stands to squat bun feet, each body
       within a scrolling foliate decorated border, bears            with applied cornflower decoration, approx. 33
       character mark to base in under glaze blue, 14.5              cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
       cm diameter (ILLUSTRATED)                                     £100 - 150
       £100 - 150
                                                               117   A pair of 19th Century Continental porcelain
 109   A 19th Century Satsuma koro and cover                         vases and covers, each gilded and polychrome
       decorated with panels depicting figures in a                  decorated with birds on branches in a rural
       boat and figures dancing, the base bearing                    setting with hills in background, each raised on
       character mark (ILLUSTRATED)                                  four lions paw feet to square plinth base, approx.
       £100 - 150                                                    12.5 cm high including cover (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                     £200 - 250
109A   A Chinese provincial Ming pottery saucer with grey-
       blue foliate decoration and a Chinese pottery figure    118   An 18th Century Delftware charger decorated in
       of a pig with brown spot markings                             underglaze blue with flowers and foliage on a
       £50 - 80                                                      rocky outcrop, 35 cm diameter (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                     £80 - 120
 119   A 19th Century Delftware charger decorated in          127   A Royal Worcester blushware pot-pourri and
       underglaze blue with flowers and foliage, 33 cm              cover in the form of a sea urchin, the lid with gilt
       diameter (ILLUSTRATED)                                       decorated shell finial, raised on three gilt
       £40 - 60                                                     decorated shell shaped feet, bears "970G" to
                                                                    base and date mark for 1906, approx. 11.5 cm
119A   Two 18th Century Persian pottery ceramic tile
                                                                    high max. (ILLUSTRATED)
       sections (framed and mounted as one), each with
                                                                    £80 - 120
       scrolling floral and foliate decoration
       £200 - 300                                             128   A Locke & Co. Ltd Worcester blushware vase of
                                                                    tulip form, 7 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
 120   A 19th Century Continental Viennese style porcelain
                                                                    £40 - 60
       baluster shaped vase with relief swag and bow
       decoration highlighted in gilt, with gilt and          129   A Royal Worcester blushware vase of tree stump
       polychrome painted trellis decoration of flowers and         form with a snake observing a frog, bears date
       foliage to main body, the neck decorated with                mark for 1907, 7.5 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
       chrysanthemum sprays, base bears printed mark,               £40 - 60
       decorator's mark and impressed marks, 22.5 cm
                                                              130   A pair of Royal Worcester blushware vases of
                                                                    jug form with relief moulded floral and foliate
       £200 - 300
                                                                    decoration and polychrome floral decoration, the
 121   A 19th Century Staffordshire porcelain dessert               handles modelled as canework, each bears
       service comprising tazza, four comports and ten              number "1047" to base, and date marks for 1908,
       plates, each decorated in polychrome enamels                 13 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
       with a different flower, to include tulip, primrose,         £50 - 80
       dahlia, foxglove, etc. each with pierced and gilt
                                                              131   A Royal Worcester lily flower vase on a gilded
       decorated border, comports and plates bear
                                                                    entwined lily stalk base, No'd "958", 14 cm high
       painted mark "9057" to bases, tazza bears
                                                                    £80 - 120
       painted mark "9058" to base (ILLUSTRATED)
       £100 - 150                                             132   A pair of 19th Century Walton type Staffordshire
                                                                    pearlware figure groups of a lady and gentleman
 122   An early 20th Century Mason's / Ashworth patent
                                                                    carrying baskets and umbrella, each with floral
       ironstone china part dinner service with Japan
                                                                    bocage and raised on oval bases, 17 cm high
       border decoration of floral medallions on a cobalt
       ground, comprising a 48 cm x 38.5 cm meat plate, a
                                                                    £80 - 120
       27.5 cm x 22 cm serving plate, nine soup plates,
       nine dinner plates, seven dessert plates and six       133   A pair of 19th Century Derby porcelain figures, one
       side plates                                                  of a lady in 18th Century dress seated in a floral
       £30 - 50                                                     decorated chair and with a work bag on her lap, the
                                                                    other of a gentleman in 18th Century dress, each
 123   A 19th Century Staffordshire blue and white
                                                                    raised on oval pierced and gilt decorated bases, 16
       transfer printed meat plate decorated with
                                                                    cm high max
       "Driving the bear out of the sugar cane" pattern
                                                                    £300 - 400
       depicting elephant, horses and dogs chasing a
       bear, with wild animal border, 44 cm wide              134   An 18th Century Worcester "Mansfield" pattern floral
       (ILLUSTRATED)                                                spray decorated blue and white teapot and cover,
       £100 - 150                                                   together with a floral spray and butterfly decorated
 124   A 19th Century Staffordshire pottery blue and
                                                                    £80 - 120
       white transfer printed meat plate decorated with
       "Residence of Johmenes, near Vesuvius",                135   An 18th Century Worcester egg shaped tea
       depicting figures and horses with residents                  caddy and cover with floral spray and butterfly
       amongst trees and Mount Vesuvius in the                      decoration, 17 cm high including cover
       distance, with floral, urn and cherub decorated              (ILLUSTRATED)
       border, 48 cm wide (ILLUSTRATED)                             £150 - 200
       £50 - 80
                                                              136   An 18th Century Worcester tea bowl and saucer
 125   A Wedgwood "Fairyland" lustre ware bowl                      decorated in chinoiserie pattern (ILLUSTRATED)
       decorated in the Oriental taste with dragons and             £30 - 50
       Greek key border, on a mottled blue ground, 12
       cm diameter (ILLUSTRATED)                              137   An 18th Century Worcester saucer with
                                                                    "Mansfield" pattern blue and white floral spray
       £30 - 50
                                                                    decoration (ILLUSTRATED)
 126   A pair of 19th Century creamware plates with relief          £20 - 30
       moulded shaped borders and black transfer printed
       with exotic bird design, each 23 cm diameter
       £70 - 100
138   An 18th Century Caughley saucer decorated in            148   A 19th Century Staffordshire pottery green
      under glaze blue, together with a further blue                glazed jug with relief moulded decoration of a
      and white transfer decorated saucer depicting                 happy face to one side, a sad face to the other,
      figures and dog by a lake (ILLUSTRATED)                       together with a Staffordshire pottery green
      £20 - 30                                                      glazed sauce tureen pedestal base
139   A Caughley blue and white and gilt decorated
                                                                    £30 - 40
      barrel shaped tea caddy and cover decorated
      with figures on a bridge and pagodas in a lake          149   A 19th Century Martin Brothers ovoid vase
      landscape (ILLUSTRATED)                                       decorated with fish and eels amongst seaweed,
      £100 - 150                                                    the base with incised marks "Martin Brothers
                                                                    London & Southall" and date mark "4-1890", 14
140   A 19th Century black transfer decorated pedestal
                                                                    cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
      cheese dish, the centre field decorated with figures
                                                                    £800 - 1200
      in a punt with an exotic landscape in background
      £30 - 50                                                150   A 19th Century stoneware plate decorated in the
                                                                    Doulton Lambeth manner, the central ground
141   A 19th Century salt-glazed stoneware jug with
                                                                    incised depicting a stag in a landscape
      relief decoration of stag hunting, figures and
      windmill, with white metal mounted neck, 21 cm
                                                                    £30 - 50
      high (ILLUSTRATED)
      £50 - 80                                                151   A 19th Century Staffordshire pottery jug modelled as
                                                                    a begging spaniel wearing a grape and foliate
142   A large 19th Century pearlware mug with lustre
                                                                    decorated tri-corn hat, 27 cm high
      banding and lustre inscription "John and Fanny
                                                                    £30 - 50
      Kitchen", "The Husbandman's Diligence
      Provides Bread" and "The Farmer's Creed ...             152   A pair of 19th century Chinese pottery libation cups
      God Speed The Plough" (ILLUSTRATED)                           of rhino horn form with turquoise glazed interior ,the
      £50 - 80                                                      exterior brown glazed with gilt decoration of of foliate
                                                                    and floral sprays and open work handle raised on
143   A collection of Moorcroft "Pomegranate" and
                                                                    an oval foot 6.1cm high
      "Grape and Vine" tea wares to include six cups
                                                                    £350 - 450
      and saucers, one side plate, a set of four tea
      plates, and a pair of tea plates (ILLUSTRATED)         152A   A 19th century Chinese teacup decorated in
      £100 - 150                                                    monochrome with figures fishing in European dress
                                                                    6 cm high
144   A 19th Century Doulton Lambeth cylindrical
                                                                    £300 - 400
      tapering stoneware jug and two matching
      beakers, decorated by Hannah Barlow with lions          153   A large 19th Century Mocha ware jug decorated in
      amongst foliage, each with silver mounts                      under glaze blue and beige, 19.5 cm high £50 - 80
      (London, 1879, by Charles Edwards), base of jug
                                                              154   A set of four 19th Century Staffordshire graduated
      and one mug bears impressed date "1879", all
                                                                    jugs with relief moulded crocus decoration on a
      pieces bear Hannah Barlow incised monogram
                                                                    white ground
      and various marks to base, silver mounts
                                                                    £30 - 50
      monogrammed "E G F" (ILLUSTRATED)
      £1500 - 2000                                            155   A pair of 18th Century English Delftware polychrome
                                                                    decorated tiles decorated with a man and dog in
145   An early 19th Century Spode type gilt and
                                                                    coastal landscape, together with an 18th Century
      enamel decorated porcelain inkwell, the central
                                                                    Delft blue and white tile decorated with a coastal
      lidded well flanked by three panels of birds in
      landscape and upright quill holders raised on
                                                                    £50 - 80
      three foliate decorated paw feet (ILLUSTRATED)
      £200 - 300                                              160   A suite of late 19th/early 20th Century ruby flash cut
                                                                    and gilt decorated tumblers
146   An early 19th Century Japan pattern coffee can
                                                                    £100 - 150
      and saucer (possibly Spode) (ILLUSTRATED)
      £30 - 50                                                161   A suite of 18 amethyst and clear glass drinking
                                                                    glasses to include 6 goblets and 12 wines, each
147   A pair of 19th Century English porcelain plates
                                                                    bowl etched with bunches of grapes and intertwined
      decorated in the Chinese taste in under glaze blue,
                                                                    vine leaves and scrolling tendrils on clear glass
      22.5 cm diameter
                                                                    stems and circular feet
      £30 - 50
                                                                    £50 - 80
                                                              162   A late 19th Century amethyst glass and gilt overlaid
                                                                    relief work dressing table set with scent bottle and
                                                                    two graduated oval dishes
                                                                    £30 - 50
  163   A Nailsea type orange and opaque white drawn                184   An early 20th century rhinoceros horn knob
        glass pipe, 47 cm long, a further opaque glass pipe               kerry, the turned, rounded and moulded dome
        and a cream glass and blue rimmed example (3)                     top handle with curved tapering stem, 50 cm
        £60 - 80                                                          long (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                          £300 - 500
  164   A large Nailsea type pipe of opaque white glass with
        orange combed decoration, 51 cm long                        185   A late 19th/early 20th Century tribal knob kerry
        £60 - 80                                                          with turned knob handle surmounting a
                                                                          cylindrical tapering shaft, 79 cm long
  165   A composite suite of six late 19th Century Bristol
        blue glass finger bowls, 9 cm high and a set of six
                                                                          £40 - 60
        clear glass cylindrical glasses with gilt rims, the
        sides enamelled with Mary Gregory style decoration          186   A late 19th/early 20th Century tribal knobkerrie
        depicting a young girl in a landscape                             with four bands of gilt wirework decoration to
        £50 - 80                                                          the shaft, 89 cm long (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                          £20 - 30
  166   A pair of George III Waterford cut glass oval dishes
        with castellated rims on circular bases with star           187   A Purle of Bath yew wood longbow, stamped "26",
        decoration and a 19th Century lipped glass vessel                 with single horn tip, and a further longbow
        with faceted cut sides and hobnail cut decorated                  £30 - 50
        frieze on a knopped stem to a circular foot
                                                                    188   A 19th Century Japanese wakisashi, the 17½"
        £50 - 80
                                                                          grooved and slightly curved blade with cast iron
  167   A 19th Century bucket shaped wine glass on                        tsuba and black painted and rope bound bamboo
        knopped stem to a circular spreading foot, 10 cm                  handle, signed to blade beneath handle, housed
        high                                                              in a black lacquered scabbard (ILLUSTRATED)
        £30 - 40                                                          £200 - 300
  168   A Lalique "Coquilles" pattern opalescent glass              189   A 19th Century Swedish dagger with curved
        bowl, etched "R Lalique, France"                                  grooved blade, stamped "Dahlgrea, Eskilstuna,
        (ILLUSTRATED)                                                     Sweden", with ebonised pistol grip style handle
        £100 - 150                                                        engraved with a stylised head of a dragon, in a
                                                                          contemporary and wheel etched steel scabbard
  169   An early 20th century leaded milk glass as mother
        of pearl decorated ceiling light with petal flower
                                                                          £60 - 80
        head and lion mask cast metal motifs, 51 cm
        diameter x approx. 21 cm deep                               190   A 19th Century Indian white metal and leather
        £100 - 150                                                        bound dagger with curved and grooved steel
                                                                          blade, the handle with bands of beading and
170-179 NO LOTS
                                                                          shaped cartouches, roundels and flower heads,
WORKS OF ART, CLOCKS, BAROMETERS, MILITARIA,                              housed within a white metal mounted and leather
MISCELLANEOUS, ETC.                                                       curved scabbard with straps and buckles
  180   An early 20th Century Eastern axe head walking
                                                                          £100 - 150
        stick with incised and pricked decoration
        highlighted in colour, tapering shaft with                  191   A late 19th Century R.P.V. Kobhvn bayonet with 9"
        wooden axe head handle, 91 cm long                                grooved steel blade and wooden bound handle in
        (ILLUSTRATED)                                                     leather and metal mounted scabbard, and a 19th
        £30 - 40                                                          Century African tribal dagger with leather stitched
                                                                          and pricked decorated scabbard
  181   A wooden and metal axe head walking stick, the                    £50 - 80
        rusted handle with incised decoration, the tapering
        shaft initialled in relief "L A J", mounted to side with    192   An 18th/19th Century Eastern hunting sword, the
        ringlets and gilt metal tip, 94 cm long                           ebonised carved handle modelled as the head of
        £25 - 35                                                          a mythical beast with scrolled decoration and
                                                                          carved sides, flanked by an engraved brass
  182   An early 20th Century ebonised wirework and
                                                                          thumb guard modelled as a mythical serpent and
        mother of pearl inlaid axe head shaped walking
                                                                          engraved brass and steel curved blade flanked
        stick dated "1911" and inscribed "Zakopane"
                                                                          by serpent heads, 66 cm long (ILLUSTRATED)
        amidst bands of heart-shaped and bordered                         £150 - 250
        decoration, with tapering shaft to a metal
        pegged base (ILLUSTRATED)                                  192A   A late 19th/early 20th Century gilt metal and
        £50 - 80                                                          veined marble table lamp base of cup and cover
                                                                          shape on a circular spreading foot to a square
  183   A late 19th/early 20th Century knobkerrie with
                                                                          plinth base, 51 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
        spherical handle and cylindrical tapering stem,
                                                                          £350 - 450
        81 cm long (ILLUSTRATED)
        £30 - 50
193   A Tibetan copper and brass prayer horn of large          203   A 19th Century Chinese temple bell with twin
      size and tapering form with bands of scrolling dentil          dragon head pattern handle, the exterior
      decoration, 177 cm long                                        decorated with bands of mythical beasts,
      £120 - 180                                                     scrolling motifs and arched tracery, centred by a
                                                                     rectangular panel with sixteen character mark,
194   A James Dixon & Sons pewter "Liberty" style
                                                                     21 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
      jug in the manner of Christopher Dresser, the
                                                                     £100 - 150
      sides and finial inset with Ruskin style turquoise
      cabouchons and angular handle, the sides                 204   A mid 18th century Dutch brass tobacco box of
      hammered and engraved with birds, 17 cm high                   elongated oblong shape, the hinged top
      (ILLUSTRATED)                                                  engraved with a figure surmounted by the sun,
      £150 - 200                                                     seated in regal dress with coronet and armorial
                                                                     crests, inscribed "Soo Lang de Sonsyn Strater
195   A selection of 18th/19th Century steel implements to
                                                                     Geeft ... et dat Oranie Leeft", the sides engraved
      include a set of tongs with shell bowls and scroll
                                                                     with hounds chasing deer, initialled "E N 1759",
      handles, a pair of concertina action extending nips,
                                                                     the underside with a figure of a lady
      an agricultural implement with scrolling hinged
                                                                     surmounting a coronet and regal armorial with
      action, a similar hand tool with button hook terminal,
                                                                     similar conforming text (ILLUSTRATED)
      and three further vintage tools
                                                                     £100 - 150
      £50 - 80
                                                               205   A circa 1900 Newlyn type beaten copper plaque
196   An Arts & Crafts wrought iron log fork with
                                                                     in the manner of John Pearson depicting a
      pierced heart-shaped terminal, chevron incised
                                                                     stylised dolphin and jelly fish on a beaten
      stem and rope-twist tapering shaft to U-shaped
                                                                     ground with Ruskin type pottery eye (possibly
      end (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                     originally retailed by Liberty of London), 58.5 x
      £50 - 80
                                                                     49 cm (ILLUSTRATED)
197   A set of three early 19th Century steel fire irons             £450 - 550
      comprising shovel, poker and tongs, each with
                                                               206   A large Chinese cloisonné baluster shaped vase, the
      knopped handle, longest 78 cm (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                     waisted shoulder decorated with mythical birds
      £150 - 200
                                                                     amidst coloured enamelled scrolls, the sides
198   A 19th Century Japanese bronze bowl with                       decorated with birds amidst flowering prunus on a
      Greek key decoration to the rim and basket                     blue ground, 48 cm high
      weave sides, raised on three realistically                     £80 - 120
      modelled fir cone feet, 15 cm diameter
                                                               207   A large Chinese baluster shaped cloisonné vase
                                                                     with lion mask and ring handles, profusely decorated
      £60 - 100
                                                                     with stylised floral scrolls amidst intertwining
199   A bronze figure of Bacchus standing wearing a                  branches, all on a blue ground to a circular
      loincloth, arm outstretched with serpent in                    spreading foot, 50 cm high
      hand, 13 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)                                 £500 - 800
      £40 - 60
                                                               208   A pair of Chinese cloisonné vases of cylindrical
200   A patinated bronzed desk top ornament                          waisted form, the exterior decorated with flowers,
      modelled as a King Charles Spaniel seated upon                 mythical beasts and scrolling tendrils, the interior rim
      a cushion with tasselled corners, on a                         decorated with scrolls and script, 23 cm high
      rectangular plinth base (ILLUSTRATED)                          £150 - 250
      £30 - 50
                                                               209   A late 19th Century Japanese bronze baluster
201   AFTER RUDOLPH KAESBACH (1873-1955), an                         shaped vase, the sides decorated in raised relief
      Art Deco bronze figure of a kneeling warrior                   with bird in flight in the setting sun, signed, 27
      wearing a loincloth with dagger in his right                   cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
      hand, his left resting on the oval moulded base,               £100 - 150
      inscribed "R. Kaesbach", 25 cm high x 24 cm
                                                               210   A circa 1900 Japanese cloisonné baluster shaped
      wide (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                     vase decorated with flowering prunus and flowering
      £200 - 300
                                                                     stems in coloured enamels, all on a grey ground, 22
202   IN THE MANNER OF AUGUSTE RODIN (1840-                          cm high
      1917), a bronzed model figure of a mother and                  £80 - 120
      child, 23 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                               211   An Indian white metal model of an elephant with
      £100 - 150
                                                                     raised trunk and bone tusks, 28 cm high
                                                                     £250 - 350
212   A circa 1900 Continental mandolin style stringed          221   A large rectangular tortoiseshell framed mirror,
      instrument the body made of a tortoiseshell with                the bevel edged plate within a sectional frame
      white metal mounted and five turning pegs                       surmounted by an pointed arched crest
      (ILLUSTRATED)                                                   (ILLUSTRATED)
      £25 - 35                                                        £80 - 120
213   A Japanese bronze Meiji period jardiniere                 222   A 19th Century black lacquered and gilt
      realistically modelled in raised relief with                    decorated papier maché tray with pie crust rim,
      crocodiles on scaly feet, bears character mark                  the centre panel decorated with Arabs and camel
      to base, 26 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)                               amongst ruins (ILLUSTRATED)
      £1000 - 1500                                                    £100 - 150
214   A late 19th Century/early 20th Century Japanese           223   An unusual pair of 19th Century carved wooden
      lacquered shamisen decorated in gilt in light                   figures of poodle type dogs (ILLUSTRATED)
      raised relief with cranes in flight amidst                      £30 - 50
      flowering trees and setting sun (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                224   A Chinese mulberry or toonwood Muyu carved
      £30 - 50
                                                                      as a mythical beast with hollowed out interior
215   A late 19th Century mahogany and gilt metal                     and rope attached striker (ILLUSTRATED)
      mounted two division letter holder in the                       £20 - 30
      Italianate taste, the three gilt decorated leather
                                                                225   An 18th Century giltwood and gesso mirror, the
      divisions raised on monopedic leaf moulded
                                                                      shaped plate within a C-scroll moulded frame with
      scroll decorated leg supports united by a turned
                                                                      shell cresting in the rococo manner
      and wooden stretcher (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                      £60 - 100
      £50 - 80
                                                                226   An early 20th Century walnut cased barograph
216   A mid 19th Century burr yew wood vanity case
                                                                      with patinated revolving register, steel recording
      by William Lund, the hinged top opening to
                                                                      stylus and vacuum cylinder, contained within a
      reveal a fitted mirror and stationery envelope,
                                                                      five panelled bevelled glass case, together with
      the interior with lift-out tray revealing nine glass
                                                                      Negretti & Zambra Ltd. recording chart papers
      jars, together with various mother of pearl
      handled accoutrements, and a frieze drawer with
                                                                      £100 - 150
      compartmentalised interior and brass bound
      flush handle (ILLUSTRATED)                                227   A Robert Thompson "The Mouseman" of Kilburn
      £250 - 350                                                      rectangular tray with two carved mice handles
217   A large quantity of mid 19th Century mother of
                                                                      £200 - 250
      pearl tokens comprising fish, roundels, tablets,
      lozenges and book shaped examples, together               228   A Duckham's "Best in the World Adcoids Save :-
      with a large quantity of bone fish and a variety                Power, Pounds, Patiance" rectangular enamel
      of multi-coloured gaming counters, contained                    advertising sign with mercury thermometer, in
      within a red leather box with lift-out divisional               green, black and white (ILLUSTRATED)
      tray (ILLUSTRATED)                                              £400 - 600
      £450 - 550
                                                                229   A late 19th Century simulated onyx and gilt metal
218   A mid 19th Century coromandel rectangular                       mounted square top pedestal, the cylindrical
      travelling box, the hinged lid with mother of pearl             tapering column on a moulded square base, 102 cm
      inlaid tableau opening to reveal a leather and velvet           high
      lined interior with compartmentalised lift-out tray and         £100 - 150
      frieze drawer
      £100 - 150                                                230   18TH CENTURY PERSIAN SAFAVID SCHOOL
                                                                      "Courtiers and attendant figures before a central
219   A mid Victorian walnut and mother of pearl                      figure in a tree landscape with birds in flight, within a
      inlaid vanity box fitted with glass and silver                  panelled border with deer, serpents and mythical
      plated mounted jars and bottles, with frieze                    beasts", gouache on paper, 42 x 29 cm, within a
      drawer below (ILLUSTRATED)                                      modern gilt brass frame
      £100 - 150                                                      £400 - 600
220   Four items of treen to include a turned wooden            231   PIO FEDE (1816-1892), a white marble figure of
      pounce pot of baluster shaped on a circular                     "Innocence" as a young fairy, inscribed to
      foot, an ebonised chess piece pot and cover, a                  circular base "Innocenza" and "Pio Fedi fece nel
      turned mahogany boxwood and ebony lined                         1875", raised on a socle base and supported on
      inlaid wine coaster, and a coopered style wall                  a large black and veined grey circular marble
      mounted basket, together with a 19th century                    pedestal, height of figure 52 cm (ILLUSTRATED)
      ribbed horn beaker (ILLUSTRATED)                                £2000 - 3000
      £80 - 120
 232   A 19th Century novelty tea caddy modelled as a            240   A 19th Century French mantel clock, the
       house with horn tiles and red and black painted                 movement with silk suspension housed in a gilt
       brickwork, the sides embellished with floral                    brass case with putto mounts, the face with
       sprays, the hinged roof top opening to reveal a                 circular enamelling on copper medallions with
       yellow petal painted interior and a hinged lid                  Arabic numerals within rosettes flanked by
       inscribed "Home Sweet Home", 21 cm high                         quivers of arrows, inscribed below "De L'heure
       (ILLUSTRATED)                                                   en nos plaisirs cette boulle est L'image", raised
       £300 - 500                                                      on a green and black marble base, all upon a
                                                                       marble topped carved giltwood stand in the
 233   A Victorian painted wrought iron work fire
                                                                       Louis XVI taste 44 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
       screen as a vase of climbing roses with ornate
                                                                       £800 - 1200
       exotic flower surmount raised on twin quatrefoil
       scroll foot supports, 91 cm wide x 95 cm high             241   A late 19th/early 20th Century French lacquered
       (ILLUSTRATED)                                                   brass and jewelled mounted mantel clock with
       £150 - 250                                                      leaf moulded decoration, the circular dial with
                                                                       Arabic numerals to a twin train movement
 234   An 18th Century and later cast iron fire back, the
                                                                       striking on a gong, housed within an
       upper section dated "1707", the centre applied
                                                                       architectural type case with turned baluster
       panel decorated with Jesus and Mary Magdalene at
                                                                       pillars surmounted by an Etruscan style finial on
       the well over a later base panel raised on wrought
                                                                       bracket supports, 30 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
       iron supports, 43.5 x 103.5 cm overall
                                                                       £150 - 250
       £100 - 150
                                                                 242   A 19th Century mahogany arched long case
 235   An early 19th Century wrought iron and wirework
                                                                       clock with foliate carved decoration in raised
       nursery spark guard with brass top rail, 83 cm wide
                                                                       relief, the top with two opposing brass grilled
       x 69 cm high
                                                                       panels over a panelled trunk door flanked by
       £500 - 700
                                                                       canted corners over a moulded plinth base, the
 236   A Victorian wrought iron wire work nursery spark                circular silvered dial inscribed "Pickford & Co.
       guard with brass top rail and telescopic towel airing           Islington London. N", subsidiary seconds dial,
       rail, 71 cm wide x 69 cm high                                   Roman numerals to an eight day striking
       £200 - 300                                                      movement on a gong, 42 cm wide x 187 cm high
 237   A cast iron fire back in the Elizabethan manner,
                                                                       £600 - 900
       the domed top above a Royal cypher depicting a
       crowned Tudor rose flanked by a lion rampant              243   An 18th Century oak long case clock, the hood
       and gryphon rampant and dated 1571, 69 cm                       with moulded cornice flanked by turned pilasters
       wide x 67 cm high. Provenance- Believed by                      over a plain trunk door to a plinth base, the 30
       current vendor to have come from Norbright                      hour movement with 11" square brass dial with
       Manor, Surrey. Together with 3 volumes 'History                 Roman and Arabic numerals, pierced scrolling
       of Surrey' by Brayley & Walford (ILLUSTRATED)                   spandrels, centred by a moon face, castellated
       £1000 - 1500                                                    star, date aperture inscribed "Thomas Hardwick,
                                                                       Ridgemount" amidst engraved foliage, 48.5 cm
 238   A pair of late 19th Century turned brass altar                  wide x 194 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
       candlesticks, the drip trays with castellated trefoil           £400 - 600
       pierced rim over a turned knop pedestal on a
       conical loaded base to three squat bun feet, 53 cm        244   An early 19th Century mahogany cased long
       high                                                            case clock, the arched hood with swan neck
       £100 - 150                                                      pediment flanked by gilt metal mounted
                                                                       Corinthian style pillars over a wavy moulded
 239   A pair of late 19th Century brass altar candlesticks,           trunk door further flanked by quarter reeded
       the circular drip trays with pierced trefoil decoration         pilasters and Corinthian style mounts to a
       on a lozenge lattice work decorated column to a                 moulded base on bracket feet, the eight day
       turned spreading base with pierced and red painted              movement with silvered arched dial inscribed to
       foliate motifs to three heavy lion's paw feet, 44.3 cm          the arch "Tempus Fugit", centred by an
       high                                                            engraved Ho Ho bird, Arabic and Roman
       £150 - 250                                                      numerals within floral scrolled spandrels centred
239A   A 19th Century wrought iron floor standing pricket              by a subsidiary seconds dial with castellated
       stick, the main tapering column with central                    star, date aperture flanked by a galleon at sea, a
       hexagonal knop to hexagonal base on three                       fort on a hill top, steel hands, 52 cm wide x 224
       splayed legs to pad feet, 137 cm high                           cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
       £200 - 300                                                      £600 - 800
  245   An early 19th Century oak mahogany cross-banded          254   A late Victorian silver tea caddy of rectangular
        cased long case clock, the moulded cornice with                bombé form with flower head finial above a
        carved fretwork frieze and turned pillars to the hood          shaped rectangular body with fruit and flower
        over a trunk door on plinth base, the eight day                swag decoration raised on a cast acanthus base
        movement with brass square dial, Arabic and                    (London, 1894, by Carrington & Co), 11¾ oz
        Roman numerals centred by subsidiary seconds                   (ILLUSTRATED)
        and date dial, inscribed "THOS WOOD Dorchester"                £200 - 300
        £400 - 600
                                                                 255   An Edwardian silver mounted inkwell and pen
  246   A George III mahogany cased long case clock, the               stand, the hinged inkwell lid inscribed "R.R.H
        arched hood with swan neck pediment centred by a               from T.H 6th Jan 1905 A reminiscence of Nairobi
        cresting flanked by turned pillars over a moulded              1905", raised on a slot base (London, 1905, by
        trunk door to a moulded base on bracket feet, a twin           Army & Navy Cooperative Society)
        chain weight driven eight day movement to a                    (ILLUSTRATED)
        silvered chapter ring, engraved to the centre with             £100 - 150
        floral scrolls, date aperture, Arabic and Roman
                                                                 256   A George III silver cream jug of inverted helmet form
        numerals, the brass back plate with applied pierced
                                                                       with engraved decoration (London, 1800/01, by Alex
        and floral scrolls surmounted by an arch painted
                                                                       Field), 10 cm high, 4¼ oz
        with a three masted galleon flying various ensigns
                                                                       £80 - 120
        and inscribed "William Newby Kendal", 221 cm high
        £800 - 1200                                              257   A George III silver teapot of plain cylindrical form
                                                                       with turned wooden finial and handle and
  247   A late 19th Century toleware wall clock, the
                                                                       engraved and beaded decoration to edge
        outer case painted in gilt with vine leaves and
                                                                       (Sheffield, 1779, by John Younge & Co.),
        grapes within scrolling tendrils on a red ground,
                                                                       together with an associated stand (London,
        bordered by trailing paterae, the twin train eight
                                                                       1786), 14.5 cm high, approximately 18 oz
        day movement to engine turned and enamelled
        dial with Roman numerals and brass bezel, with
                                                                       £300 - 500
        spherical and ring hook (ILLUSTRATED)
        £100 - 150                                               258   A late 17th/early 18th Century silver mug of
                                                                       tapered cylindrical coopered form, bears
  248   A mid 19th Century rosewood banjo barometer with
                                                                       engraved initials "AB" to base (marks rubbed,
        silvered dial, thermometer, hygrometer and spirit
                                                                       possibly by Ralph Leake/Leeke), 8 cm high, 3¾
        level, 94 cm high
                                                                       oz (ILLUSTRATED)
        £100 - 150
                                                                       £200 - 300
  249   NO LOT
                                                                 259   A George V silver capstan inkwell inscribed
SILVER, JEWELLERY, OBJETS DE VERTUS, ETC.                              "Presented to Mr James Hart in recognition of
                                                                       valuable services rendered as Honorary Referee at
  250   An Edwardian silver mounted leather jack,
                                                                       Packer's Tennis Tournament July 1926", to hinged
        stamped "Ross Winchester" to base (Sheffield,
                                                                       lid (Sheffield, 1924, by Walker & Hall), 5.5 cm
        1908, S.J. Ross and Sons), 24 cm high
                                                                       £40 - 60
        £80 - 120                                                260   A George V silver teapot of rounded bellied form
                                                                       with turned wooden finial and ebonised handle
  251   A George III silver cream jug of oval bellied form
                                                                       (Sheffield, 1927, by Viners Limited), 14.5 cm high,
        with engraved foliate and C scroll decoration and
                                                                       approximately 22 oz
        cartouche engraved "JV" (London, 1812, Peter and
                                                                       £150 - 250
        William Bateman), together with a silver shell
        patterned tablespoon by Hester Bateman, 4¼ oz            261   A pair of loaded George III silver candlesticks of
        £200 - 300                                                     squat form, the holders with reeded decoration
                                                                       raised on turned circular bases (Sheffield, 1815, by
  252   A pair of 19th Century Sheffield plate candlesticks in
                                                                       Thomas Law), 10 cm high
        the Rococo manner, raised on circular bases
                                                                       £60 - 100
        £60 - 90
                                                                 262   An Edwardian silver desk standish, the silver
  253   An Edwardian silver double folding photograph
                                                                       mounted cut glass inkwells retained within a pierced
        frame, the foliate and scroll decorated frames
                                                                       C scroll and foliate decorated galleried edge raised
        mounted on blue velvet (Birmingham, 1901, by
                                                                       on claw and ball feet inscribed "Presented to Mr
        Joseph Gloster), 16.8 x 25.8 cm max
                                                                       Mungo Hart by the Bowood Staff on his retirement
        £150 - 250
                                                                       1909", (London, 1902, by George Jackson and
                                                                       David Fuller), 7.5 cm high, approximately 15 oz
                                                                       £150 - 200
263   A George III silver rectangular teapot on stand,       273   A George IV silver pepper of cylindrical form, the
      the rectangular body with canted corners,                    pierced lid above a gadrooned border and raised on
      engraved decoration and turned wooden finial                 a circular base with gilt washed interior (London,
      and handle plus matching stand (London, 1788                 1823, John Bridge), 7 cm high, together with a small
      and 1789, by Henry Chawner), 15.5 cm high,                   Georgian silver cream jug of curved bellied form with
      approximately 18½ oz (ILLUSTRATED)                           S-scroll handle and raised on three hoof feet (marks
      £500 - 800                                                   rubbed, possibly Jacob Marsh or John Moore), 9.5
                                                                   cm high, 4 oz total weighable silver £100 - 150
264   An Edwardian silver capstan inkwell (Birmingham,
      1908, by Asprey & Co., London), 5 cm high              274   A George V silver cigarette box of plain rectangular
      £50 - 80                                                     form, inscribed "CJB Feb 1922" to lid (Birmingham,
                                                                   1919, by W Neale & Son Limited), 4.5 cm high
265   A George III silver inverted helmet shaped cream
                                                                   £30 - 50
      jug with banded decoration and inscribed "GW"
      (London, 1805, possibly by Thomas Daniel - marks       275   A George V silver cigarette box of rectangular form,
      rubbed), 8 cm high, 2½ oz                                    the hinged lid with engine turned decoration, the
      £40 - 60                                                     front inscribed "Presented to Rear Admiral C.S
                                                                   Hickley on his marriage by Captain F J St.John and
266   A matched pair of Edwardian silver sauce boats
                                                                   the Ward Room Officers RNTE Shotley" (London,
      of inverted helmet form, the C-scroll handles
                                                                   1918, by Charles and Richard Comyns)
      with acanthus leaf thumb piece and raised on
                                                                   £50 - 80
      three hoof feet (Sheffield, 1902 and 1905, by
      James Dixon & Son), 11.5 cm, 22¼ oz                    276   An early 20th Century silver cigarette box of plain
      (ILLUSTRATED)                                                rectangular form (London, marks rubbed), 6 cm high
      £200 - 300                                                   £40 - 60
267   A late Victorian silver loving mug inscribed "Lucy"    277   A late Victorian cased Christening set comprising a
      (London, 1898, by James Wakely & Frank                       bowl, with half reeded decoration and Onslow
      Wheeler), together with a silver cased travel clock,         pattern spoon (Sheffield, 1892, by John Round),
      the textured case enclosing a white enamel dial set          5 oz
      with Arabic numerals (London, 1911, by Wilsdorf &            £100 - 150
      Davis), together with a small Edwardian silver
                                                             278   A set of six Tiffany silver oval bonbon dishes
      hinged top dressing table box with gilt washed
                                                                   with beaded edge and pierced decoration, raised
      interior, 5 oz weighable silver
                                                                   on bun feet, stamped "Tiffany & Co. 13732
      £60 - 90
                                                                   makers 4191" to base, 5½ oz (ILLUSTRATED)
268   A George V silver model of a World War I Mark                £80 - 120
      IV tank (Birmingham, 1919, by T & J Bragg
                                                             279   A George V sterling silver masonry trowel, with
      Limited), 32 cm long, 83½ oz (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                   engraved foliate decoration and inscribed
      £2000 - 3000
                                                                   "Presented by the Members and Hony. Members
269   A George IV silver milk jug of inverted helmet form          to Major G. M. Routh CBC DSO, RA, COO
      with central banded decoration and engraved                  Ferozepore on the occasion of his laying the
      initials, raised on bun feet (London, 1822, maker's          foundation stone of the Ordnance Institute
      marks rubbed), 9.5 cm, 4¼ oz                                 Ferozepore, 26th June 1925", with a turned
      £60 - 90                                                     ebony handle and stamped "C & R Sterling
                                                                   Silver" to base (ILLUSTRATED)
270   A late Victorian silver mounted cut glass grenade
                                                                   £40 - 60
      scent bottle, the silver top with foliate and scroll
      decoration (London, 1898, by W & G Neale), 13 cm       280   A George III silver Fiddle pattern soup ladle
      high                                                         (London, 1817, by William Eley & William Fern),
      £50 - 80                                                     together with a Victorian silver mustard spoon
                                                                   (London, 1859, by Henry Holland) and a pair of
271   A George III silver tea caddy of plain square form
                                                                   silver sugar tongs, 8¼ oz
      with beaded decoration to edge and circular lid
                                                                   £100 - 150
      (London, 1775, possibly by William Turton), 7.5 cm
      high, 6¼ oz                                            281   A Tiffany sterling silver scallop shell shaped dish
      £100 - 150                                                   stamped "Tiffany & Co. makers Sterling 22369"
                                                                   together with a Tiffany sterling silver pepperette of
272   A pair of mid 20th Century silver sauce boats of
                                                                   oval tapering form raised on an oval pedestal foot
      inverted helmet form, the plain bodies raised on
                                                                   with reeded decoration and stamped "Tiffany & Co.
      three pad feet (Sheffield, 1963, by Viners Limited),
                                                                   Sterling" to base together with its "Tiffany & Co."
      6.5 cm high, 7 oz
                                                                   bag, 3¼ oz
      £70 - 100
                                                                   £50 - 80
282   An Edwardian silver cigar rest and ashtray with clip    291   An Edwardian silver three piece tea set
      mechanism beneath (London, 1909, by Asprey &                  comprising teapot, twin handled sucrier and milk
      Co.), 3 oz                                                    jug of plain bellied form with gadrooned edging
      £150 - 250                                                    and raised on a plain pedestal base (London,
                                                                    1910, by Edward Barnard & Sons Limited),
283   A graduated pair of Edwardian silver circular
                                                                    together with a matching hot water jug (London,
      photograph frames (Birmingham, 1905, by E
                                                                    1924), approximately 53½ oz (ILLUSTRATED)
      Mander & Sons)
                                                                    £500 - 800
      £30 - 50
                                                              292   A late Victorian silver three piece tea set
284   A circa 1900 German silver spoon, the pierced
                                                                    comprising teapot, twin handled sucrier and milk
      medallion finial depicting a bust of a Continental
                                                                    jug of circular shape with all-over scrolling and
      gentleman to a pierced floral and scrolling
                                                                    foliate decoration raised on a circular pedestal
      handle to a pierced and engraved bowl
                                                                    foot (London, 1892 and 1893, by Martin Hall &
      depicting a Continental farmstead (bears marks
                                                                    Co. Limited), 41 oz (ILLUSTRATED)
      for Berthold Muller 925), 2 oz (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                    £400 - 600
      £80 - 120
                                                              293   A late 19th Century Indian white metal three
285   A cased pair of George V silver napkin rings of plain
                                                                    piece tea set comprising teapot, cream jug and
      form inscribed "B" (Sheffield, 1924, by Aitken
                                                                    sugar basin decorated with various deities
      Brothers), 4 oz
                                                                    surmounted by a figure on an elephant back to
      £40 - 60
                                                                    lid, approximately 41 oz (ILLUSTRATED)
286   A set of five William IV Irish silver Fiddle pattern          £200 - 300
      teaspoons, bears retailer's mark "Grays" (Dublin,
                                                              294   A mid 20th Century silver four piece tea set
      1834, by Peter Walsh), 4 oz
                                                                    comprising teapot, hot water jug, coffee pot and
      £40 - 60
                                                                    milk jug of rounded rectangular form and with
287   A George V silver three piece tea set including               half reeded decoration, raised on plain pedestal
      teapot, sugar basin and cream jug of twelve                   base with ebony finials and handles (Sheffield,
      sided bellied form with Art Deco style geometric              1966, by William Bush & Sons), approximately 80
      patterned edging and turned ebony handle and                  oz (ILLUSTRATED)
      finial (Sheffield, 1926, by Walker & Hall),                   £700 - 1000
      together with two loaded silver squat
                                                              295   A Charles I hammered silver long cross penny
      candlesticks, approximately 35 oz total
                                                                    £100 - 150
      £300 - 500
                                                              296   An Elizabeth II gold sovereign dated 1981
288   An Edwardian silver three piece tea set
                                                                    £140 - 160
      comprising teapot, milk jug and twin handled
      sucrier with floral and C-scroll decoration and         297   A Victorian gold sovereign dated 1891
      half reeded decoration to base, raised on bun                 £140 - 160
      feet (Chester, 1902, by George Nathan & Ridley
                                                              298   A George V gold sovereign dated 1911
      Hayes), together with a pair of silver sugar
                                                                    £140 - 160
      tongs, approximately 21 oz (ILLUSTRATED)
      £250 - 350                                              299   A Elizabeth II gold sovereign, dated 1981
                                                                    £140 - 160
289   A mid 20th Century four piece silver tea set
      comprising teapot, hot water jug, twin handled          300   A three Victorian gold sovereign bracelet with 9
      sugar bowl and milk jug of slab sided bellied                 carat gold mounts and pierced spacing links, the
      form, raised on pad feet with turned ebony                    sovereigns dated 1886, 1888 and 1889
      finials and handles (Sheffield, 1952, by John                 £700 - 1000
      Turton & Co., bears Coronation mark),
      approximately 49 oz (ILLUSTRATED)                       301   A Victorian gold half sovereign dated 1894, together
      £400 - 600                                                    with an Edwardian gold half sovereign dated 1910,
                                                                    and an Elizabeth II gold half sovereign dated 1982
290   A George V four piece silver tea set comprising               £200 - 300
      teapot, hot water jug, twin handled sugar bowl
                                                              302   An 18th Century Staffordshire Bilston enamel
      and milk jug of rectangular bellied form with
      canted corners raised on a pedestal foot                      rectangular lidded box, the lid decorated with
      (London, 1918, by Charles Boyton & Sons),                     central panel depicting two gentlemen and a lady
                                                                    fishing within a gilt surround on a blue ground,
      approximately 67 oz (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                    the sides also on a blue ground decorated with
      £600 - 800
                                                                    floral painted panels within a gilt frame
                                                                    £350 - 450
 303   A 19th Century Staffordshire Bilston enamel              311   A Victorian silver card case of rectangular form
       lidded box depicting a portrait of a courtesan                 with profusely engraved decoration, the central
       wearing a plumed headdress with a ribbon                       shield shaped panels depicting a goat eating
       inscribed "Long live the King" (ILLUSTRATED)                   leaves by a well above a hunting horn
       £100 - 150                                                     (Birmingham, 1876, by Hilliard & Thomason), 2½
                                                                      oz (ILLUSTRATED)
 304   A 19th Century Bilston type enamel ware egg
                                                                      £40 - 60
       shaped nutmeg grater inscribed "A Friend's
       Gift" (ILLUSTRATED)                                      312   A mid 20th Century 9 carat gold Asprey's cigarette
       £100 - 150                                                     lighter with all-over engine turned decoration in the
                                                                      form of scales
 305   A 19th Century bluejohn teardrop shaped scent
                                                                      £300 - 400
       bottle with gilt mount stopper together with
       another of squat Etruscan vase form                      313   A 19th Century (circa 1850-1896) Lativan silver
       (ILLUSTRATED)                                                  rectangular lidded box with banded decoration
       £100 - 150                                                     to edge, inscribed with initials to top and
                                                                      opening to reveal a gilt washed interior and
 306   A Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria hammered
                                                                      marks for Jelgava/Elgava/Mitava, maker's mark
       silver oval medallion with later applied loop
                                                                      ED, 4¼ oz (ILLUSTRATED)
       £200 - 300
                                                                      £40 - 60
 307   A George III silver snuff box of curved rectangular
                                                                314   A 19th Century French silver rectangular lidded
       form (Birmingham, 1808, by Thomas Thompson),
                                                                      snuff box with stylised flower lattice work
       approx. 1 oz
                                                                      decoration to sides and base and foliate
       £120 - 180
                                                                      decorated top, bears marks to rim of lid, 4 oz
 308   A Victorian vinaigrette of rectangular form with               (ILLUSTRATED)
       engraved scrolling foliate decoration to lid and base,         £100 - 150
       opening to reveal a gilt washed interior with pierced
                                                                315   A 15 carat gold mounted shell cameo brooch
       foliate decorated grille (Birmingham, 1843, by
                                                                      depicting a bearded gentleman
       Francis Clark), together with a metal locket with
                                                                      £100 - 150
       engraved foliate and geometric decoration
       £50 - 80                                                 316   A circa 1900 18 carat gold diamond and sapphire
                                                                      ring, the central brilliant cut sapphire
 309   A 19th Century Austro-Hungarian gold
                                                                      (approximately 0.25 carats) flanked by two
       vinaigrette of rectangular form with engine
                                                                      brilliant cut diamonds (approximately 0.15 carats
       turned decoration to lid and a cartouche
                                                                      each) and two brilliant cut sapphires
       inscribed "A L D(?)", above waisted sides, the
                                                                      (approximately 0.1 carats each), within a solid
       lid opening to reveal a pierced grille, 22.2 grams
                                                                      scrollwork mount, size L (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                      £400 - 600
       £300 - 500
                                                                317   A pair of black diamond stud earrings set in 18
 310   A George III silver wine label inscribed "Hollands"
                                                                      carat white gold claw setting, (approximately 0.5
       (London, 1810, by Thomas Phipps & Edward
                                                                      carats each), together with an 18 carat white
       Robinson) together with another inscribed "Whisky"
                                                                      gold mounted solitaire black diamond pendant
       (Edinburgh, 1812, by Mitchell & Russell) and
                                                                      and chain, (approximately 0.6 carats)
       another inscribed "Port" and stamped "Sterling CT"
       and "IW" to back
                                                                      £800 - 1200
       £50 - 80
                                                                318   A 9 carat gold hinged bangle with engraved leaf and
310A   An 18th Century Continental silver (unmarked) and
                                                                      vine decoration, approximately 1.5 oz
       mother of pearl oval snuff box, the lid carved with a
                                                                      £120 - 180
       figure playing woodwind instrument with a woman
       dancing with castanets, a tree and house in              319   A late Victorian style diamond crescent brooch
       background                                                     in (untested) gold mounts, comprising 21
       £120 - 180                                                     graduated stones (approximately 0.2-0.02 carats)
310B   An 18th Century silver (unmarked) and mother of
                                                                      £700 - 1000
       pearl snuff box of cartouche shaped form, the lid
       carved with mountainous landscape scene with             320   A modern 18 carat gold hinged bangle set with three
       buildings on hills and trees in foreground, the                diamonds and two white stones (each 0.02 carats)
       underside decorated with a goat and fruit                      £500 - 700
       £120 - 180
321   A (untested) 9 carat gold aquamarine and                331   A 19th Century cut glass smelling salts bottle in the
      diamond set pendant, the brilliant cut diamond                form of a horn, the white metal lid with gilt washed
      (approximately 0.1 carats) mounted on a drop                  interior opening to reveal a pierced gilt washed cup
      shaped shaft to a cushion cut aquamarine and a                beneath
      15 carat gold link chain (ILLUSTRATED)                        £40 - 60
      £300 - 500
                                                              332   An 18 carat gold Theo Fennell "TOD" cross set
322   An Art Deco style 14 carat white gold and                     with a tanzanite (marks rubbed) (ILLUSTRATED)
      diamond mounted brooch, the central brilliant                 £150 - 250
      cut stone (approximately 0.7 carats) flanked by
                                                              333   An 18 carat white gold set solitaire diamond ring
      two brilliant cut stones (approximately 0.5
                                                                    approximately 0.2 carats with fleur de lys style
      carats each) in a millegrain setting within a
                                                                    decoration to shoulders, approximately 5 grams
      pierced frame set with diamonds throughout (21
                                                                    total (ILLUSTRATED)
      stones in total) stamped 525 to back
                                                                    £100 - 150
      (ILLUSTRATED) £1000 - 1500
                                                              334   An 18 carat gold diamond cluster ring in the form
323   A Victorian (untested) gold pendant, converted from
                                                                    of a flower, the central diamond approximately
      an earring, in the Egyptian taste, the ball finial
                                                                    0.25 carats surrounded by 10 smaller brilliant cut
      above a geometric styled body set with alternating
                                                                    diamonds approximately 0.05 carats each and a
      green stones and diamonds above 9 reticulated
                                                                    further 10 diamonds approximately 0.1 carats
      drops strung on a 9 carat gold fine link chain
                                                                    each, raised on open mounts and shoulders, size
      £100 - 150
                                                                    R (ILLUSTRATED)
324   An (untested) 9 carat gold fancy link charm bracelet          £800 - 1200
      with a gold clasp set with a cabouchon cut amethyst
                                                              335   A Victorian 18 carat gold mounted "Dearest" ring
      coloured stone, approximately 19 cm long
                                                                    circa 1894 set with diamond, emerald,
      £100 - 150
                                                                    aquamarine, ruby, emerald, sapphire and topaz,
325   A Victorian yellow metal mounted four strand pearl            size M (ILLUSTRATED)
      bracelet, the yellow metal clasp set with a central           £200 - 300
      diamond atop a dome of turquoise cabouchon cut
                                                              336   A silver watch chain mounted with a plain silver
      stones, within a rope-twisted decorated mount,
                                                                    medallion (Birmingham, 1907), 2¼ oz
      approximately 18 cm long
                                                                    £80 - 120
      £200 - 300
                                                              337   Two 22 carat gold wedding bands, an 18 carat gold
326   A two tone yellow metal hinged bangle of wrap-over
                                                                    wedding band, an 18 carat gold diamond set band
      design, decorated with two adjoining lilies with rose
                                                                    and a 9 carat rose gold band with engraved
      coloured petals and beaded stamens,
                                                                    decoration, 14 grams total
      approximately ¾ oz
                                                                    £100 - 150
      £100 - 150
                                                              338   A Victorian 9 carat gold bar brooch set with central
327   An Edwardian diamond and demantoid garnet 18
                                                                    citrine surrounded by seed pearls and flanked by
      carat gold bar brooch, the double overlapping
                                                                    two shoulders set with further seed pearls and two
      horizontal hollow bamboo bars each set with a
                                                                    smaller citrines
      single diamond flanked by two garnets, the
                                                                    £150 - 250
      diamonds approximately 0.025 carats each
      £150 - 250                                              339   A Victorian yellow metal mourning brooch, the
                                                                    central panel set with woven hair panel to front
328   An 18 carat white gold lady's dress ring, the central
                                                                    and an Ambrotype image of a bearded
      baguette cut diamond approximately 0.5 carats,
                                                                    gentleman to the reverse, mounted in an acorn
      flanked by two pairs of graduated baguette cut
                                                                    and oak leaf decorated mount and housed in a
      diamonds, size O
                                                                    leather case (ILLUSTRATED)
      £200 - 300
                                                                    £200 - 300
329   An 18 carat gold opal and diamond cluster ring, the
                                                              340   An 18 carat gold fancy link watch chain, 67
      central boat shaped opal surrounded by 16 brilliant
                                                                    grams (ILLUSTRATED)
      cut diamonds on a white mount, size S
                                                                    £800 - 1200
      £250 - 350
                                                              341   A gold link bracelet set with four oval garnets (marks
330   An 18 carat gold solitaire diamond ring
                                                                    rubbed), 36 grams total
      approximately 0.2 carats, housed on an open-
                                                                    £200 - 300
      worked mount and shoulder, size O
      £70 - 100                                               342   A late Victorian silver cased pocket watch, the white
                                                                    enamel dial set with Roman numerals and inscribed
                                                                    "H Samuel 97 Market Street Manchester"
                                                                    (Birmingham, 1893), and watch chain
                                                                    £80 - 120
343   A Cartier clock, the brown and gilt oval mount            352   A late Victorian silver mounted rectangular easel
      surrounding an enamelled dial set with Roman                    dressing table mirror with shaped top, the lattice
      numerals and inscribed "Cartier Paris" on                       and C scroll pierced decorated frame on a blue
      folding stand inscribed "Cartier Paris 7509                     velvet background (Birmingham, 1896, by Henry
      15867 Swiss Made" to back, 9 cm high and                        Matthews), 48.5 cm high (ILLUSTRATED) £250 -
      housed in a red leather case (ILLUSTRATED)                      300
      £100 - 150
                                                                353   A Victorian rosewood handled cylindrical brass
344   A late Victorian 9 carat gold cased half hunter                 corkscrew with Royal lion and unicorn motif
      pocket watch, the white enamel dial inscribed                   inscribed "Robert Jones & Son Patent", bears
      "J.W.Benson London" and set with Roman                          Victorian kite mark to back, together with a
      numerals (London, 1891, by J W Benson Limited)                  Phillips of New York collector's corkscrew
      and housed in a blue leather case                               catalogue Thursday April 12th 1984
      £250 - 350                                                      (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                      £300 - 500
345   A George V 9 carat gold cased pocket watch by
      Thomas Russell & Son of Liverpool, the white              354   A Victorian bone penknife in the form of a long
      enamel dial set with Roman numerals, the                        case clock, bears registration no. 256.166, the
      mechanism No'd. 202070 (Chester, 1915, by                       blade inscribed "Joseph Rogers & Co. Sheffield"
      Thomas Russell) (ILLUSTRATED)                                   (ILLUSTRATED)
      £150 - 250                                                      £60 - 90
346   An 18 carat gold cased half hunter pocket                 355   A 19th Century shagreen covered eating implement
      watch, the white enamel dial set with Roman                     set comprising horn-handled steel knife, pair of
      numerals and the watch case no'd. 113918                        chopsticks and a toothpick
      (ILLUSTRATED)                                                   £80 - 120
      £150 - 200
                                                                356   A horn snuff mull with a base metal mount with
347   A 9 carat gold gent's Rotary wrist watch and                    engraved thistle decoration and an orange stone
      fancy link strap (import marks for Birmingham,                  centre (ILLUSTRATED)
      1994) (ILLUSTRATED)                                             £100 - 150
      £200 - 300
                                                                357   A Victorian cranberry overlaid cut glass scent bottle
348   A late Victorian cased set of six pierced silver coffee         with embossed white metal lid and glass stopper
      can holders depicting cherubs in a foliate and C                £60 - 90
      scroll ground, the handles in the form of mythical
                                                                358   An early 19th Century carved horn snuff mull in
      beasts (Birmingham, 1894, by William Comyns &
                                                                      the form of a boot with white metal mount (lid
      Sons Limited) complete with a composite set of
                                                                      missing), 13 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
      Staffordshire eggshell china and Limoges gilt
                                                                      £30 - 50
      decorated yellow cans and saucers and a set of six
      silver coffee spoons with stylised hoof finials,          359   A 19th Century brass three draw telescope, the
      approximately 6 oz                                              ivory base decorated with yellow metal pique
      £100 - 150                                                      work depicting a crown with thistles and roses
                                                                      around the edge, the barrel inscribed "Smith
349   A modern Swiss silver (stamped "800") "Kreuzband
                                                                      Royal Exchange London" (ILLUSTRATED)
      Mit Blatt" pattern uncased canteen of cutlery by
                                                                      £300 - 500
      Jezler, eight place setting (one dessert fork
      missing), plus a small collection of plated               360   A late Victorian silver mounted ivory page turner, the
      teaspoons, 64 oz weighable silver                               mount with scrolling foliate decoration and blank
      £200 - 300                                                      cartouche (Birmingham, 1898, maker's mark "WW"),
                                                                      together with an Indonesian mother of pearl page
350   An early 20th Century brown crocodile skin and
                                                                      turner, the handle depicting two birds
      leather travelling vanity case with fitted interior
                                                                      £80 - 120
      comprising various white metal mounted
      brushes and cut glass and white metal mounted             361   A Chinese smoky agate bowl of flower head
      dressing table bottles, the mounts depicting                    form, the ring handles with flower head thumb
      Indian scenes of huts, cattle and figures                       pieces raised on an associated carved wood
      harvesting (ILLUSTRATED)                                        stand, 7.7 cm wide (ILLUSTRATED)
      £200 - 300                                                      £150 - 250
351   A George V silver framed rectangular easel                362   A Chinese pale white agate and brown speckled
      mirror with shaped top and engine turned                        cup with plain handle and thumb piece raised on
      decoration (London, 1924, by Mappin & Webb),                    a circular foot and an associated wooden base,
      46 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)                                        5.2 cm diameter (ILLUSTRATED)
      £200 - 300                                                      £60 - 100
363   A Chinese pale green jade tea bowl of plain form        376   A George V 9 carat gold pocket watch by Waltham
      with flared rim raised on a circular foot, 6 cm               USA, the mechanism inscribed "American, Waltham.
      diameter (ILLUSTRATED)                                        USA. Tempus" and No'd 21772229 (Chester, 1920)
      £100 - 150                                                    £500 - 700
364   A Chinese pale green jade belt clip with dragon         377   A mid 20th Century 9 carat gold cased pocket
      mask decoration, 9 cm long                                    watch, the enamel dial set with Arabic numerals and
      £100 - 150                                                    markers inscribed "Vertex Revue", the back inside
                                                                    case engraved with initials and "26.9.63" and No'd.
365   A Chinese pale green jade bowl of plain form
                                                                    712600 (Birmingham, 1961)
      raised on a circular foot, 11 cm diameter
                                                                    £150 - 200
      £150 - 250                                              378   A 14 carat gold circa 1900 lady's pocket watch, the
                                                                    enamelled dial set with Roman numerals and
367   A Coptic Islamic Egyptian spice spoon with
                                                                    scrolling foliate decoration, the case No'd. 9392
      engraved black decoration to the handle
                                                                    £100 - 150
      together with a Roman glass elongated gourd
      shaped bottle (ILLUSTRATED)                             379   An 18 carat gold cased repeating pocket watch, No'd
      £120 - 180                                                    2288 to the inside, the white enamel dial set with
                                                                    Roman numerals
368   An Elliot Brothers of London brass cased pocket
                                                                    £500 - 700
      sextant inscribed "RFRK", together with a small
      white metal folding rule and an ivory rule              380   A George V 9 carat gold cased half hunter pocket
      £200 - 300                                                    watch, the white enamel dial set with Roman
                                                                    numerals, the case inscribed "Dennison Watch Case
369   A 19th Century child's skull, upper section only
                                                                    Company Limited Regular" and No'd. 363922, the
                                                                    mechanism inscribed "Rolex" to back and No'd 3922
      £50 - 80
                                                                    to rim (Birmingham, 1927, maker's mark Aaron
370   A mid 20th Century silver salver of square form               Lufkin Dennison)
      with canted corners raised on four scroll feet                £300 - 500
      (Birmingham, 1965, by Joseph Gloster), 19¼ oz
                                                              381   A George V 9 carat gold cased half hunter pocket
                                                                    watch, the white enamel dial set with Roman
      £200 - 300
                                                                    numerals inscribed "Elgin", the inside case No'd.
371   A mid 20th Century Canadian (or American) 800                 268682 and the mechanism inscribed "Elgin Natl
      silver shallow dish with raised scrollwork                    Watch Company USA" and No'd. 23987210
      decorated rim raised on three foliate pierced                 (Birmingham, 1923, by Aaron Lufkin Dennison)
      feet and inscribed "BSR February 1946 February                £150 - 200
      1956", 8¼ oz (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                              382   An 18 carat gold repeating half hunter pocket watch,
      £100 - 150
                                                                    the white enamel dial set with Roman numerals, the
372   A Portuguese silver salver with ornate pierced                inside of the case No'd. 180247 and engraved with
      floral decorated gallery above an engraved floral             initials and the date "1884", the mechanism
      decorated plate and raised on scallop shell feet,             inscribed "Braune Geneva"
      10 oz (ILLUSTRATED)                                           £150 - 200
      £200 - 300
                                                            383-402 NO LOTS
373   A 19th Century Oporto silver salver with pierced
                                                            CARPETS, RUGS & TEXTILES
      foliate and flower head decorated rim with
      scrolling foliate decorated centre field and            403   A 19th century naval woolwork panel worked in
      raised on three lion's paw and foliate feet                   colours depicting a central field surmounted by a
      (ILLUSTRATED)                                                 coronet flanked by various national flags and ships
      £400 - 600                                                    masts over a green scrolling banner contained within
                                                                    a birds eye maple frame, 46 x 66 cm (Provenance :
374   A 9 carat gold half hunter pocket watch, the engine
                                                                    Believed to have been given to Lord Mountbatten's
      turned silver dial set with Arabic numerals and the
                                                                    butler and passed down to current vendor)
      mechanism No'd. 45696
                                                                    £250 - 350
      £150 - 200
                                                              404   A French woven linen wall hanging painted in
375   A George V 9 carat gold cased repeater pocket
                                                                    the Neo-Classical taste, the brown ground
      watch, the enamel dial set with Roman numerals
                                                                    centred by a vase of fruit and flowers beneath a
      and No'd. 35414 inside case
                                                                    ribboned canopy with birds and foliate scrolls
      £150 - 200
                                                                    within a yellow, blue floral scroll ivy leaf and
                                                                    branch surround with mask head and trailing
                                                                    paterae, flanked to the sides with flower and
                                                                    petals, 145 x 264 cm (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                    £500 - 750
405   A large tapestry rug worked in colours depicting       415   A Caucasian runner, the central panel with an all-
      floral sprays, foliage and scrolling branches on             over design of lozenges and shaped medallions
      a pale cream ground within broad panelled                    all on a blue ground within narrow and broad
      border with conforming decoration, 294 x 230                 panelled borders with shaped gulls and stylised
      cm (ILLUSTRATED)                                             motifs, 342 x 130 cm (ILLUSTRATED)
      £200 - 300                                                   £80 - 120
406   A Ushak runner, the red/orange ground with a row       416   A Persian carpet with central shaped circular
      of stylised motifs within narrow and broad panelled          medallion with floret design on a red ground with
      borders, 350 x 98 cm                                         stylised palmette decoration, floral scrolls,
      £250 - 350                                                   flower heads and shaped floral spandrels within
                                                                   a broad panelled border of palmette and
407   A Ushak runner, the central rectangular panel with
                                                                   anthemion motifs, 355 x 258 cm (ILLUSTRATED)
      five shaped medallions on a pale green ground
                                                                   £150 - 200
      within panelled borders, 342 x 90 cm
      £100 - 150                                             417   A Ushak rug, the central stepped star shaped
                                                                   medallion on a salmon pink ground within a broad
408   A fine Shirvan rug with four shaped gulls, each
                                                                   blue border with stylised roundels and motifs within
      centred with stylised flower heads and branches
                                                                   a further salmon pink border with flower heads, 147
      within narrow stripes, star heads, all on an indigo
                                                                   x 110 cm
      ground flanked by narrow and broad panelled
                                                                   £60 - 80
      borders, 162 x 117 cm
      £150 - 250                                             418   A Kazak rug, the iron red field with three shaped
                                                                   gulls centred by stylised motifs within geometric
409   An Afghan carpet, the rich red ground with three
                                                                   narrow and broad panelled borders, 255 x 156
      rows of shaped gulls amidst castellated stars within
                                                                   cm (ILLUSTRATED)
      chevron decorated panelled borders, 237 x 146 cm
                                                                   £400 - 600
      £60 - 100
                                                             419   A Bokhara Tekke rug, the iron red field with three
410   A Caucasian runner, the narrow rectangular central
                                                                   rows of shaped medallions within geometric narrow
      panel with three rows of stylised motifs headed by
                                                                   and panelled borders, 170 x 140 cm
      flower head bunches on a red ground within stylised
                                                                   £120 - 180
      broad panelled borders, 265 x 90 cm
      £40 - 60                                               420   A Persian rug with an all-over design of flower
                                                                   heads, branches, bunches of flowers, centred by an
411   A Turkish silk prayer rug, the blue ground
                                                                   eight pointed star shaped medallion within narrow
      Mihrab having two flamed pillars flanking a
                                                                   and broad panelled borders, 220 x 146 cm
      chandelier within stylised decorated panelled
                                                                   £80 - 120
      borders, 179 x 119 cm (ILLUSTRATED)
      £150 - 250                                             421   A Heriz rug, the central indigo ground with stylised
                                                                   lozenge medallion flanked by flower heads,
412   A Caucasian runner, the central rectangular panel
                                                                   branches and motifs within a red ground panelled
      decorated with three shaped gulls amidst stylised
                                                                   border, 135 x 109 cm
      motifs, all on a two tone blue ground within chevron
                                                                   £150 - 250
      decorated and narrow panelled borders, 290 x 110
      cm                                                     422   A Bokhara Tekke rug, with a central row of three
      £60 - 100                                                    shaped medallions on a red ground within geometric
                                                                   narrow and broad panelled borders, 120 x 102 cm
413   A fine Persian rug with all-over design of
                                                                   £60 - 90
      shaped medallion flower heads and stylised
      motifs, all on a maroon ground within narrow           423   A large Tabriz carpet with an all over design of
      and broad panelled floral borders, 240 x 142 cm              stylised florets on a blue ground within panelled
      (ILLUSTRATED)                                                borders with similar stylised decoration and
      £120 - 180                                                   ovals, 335 x 244 cm (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                   £300 - 400
414   A fine Shirvan runner, the indigo field with a
      repeating design of hooks, classical motifs, urns,     424   NO LOT
      vases, camels, animals and birds within butterfly
                                                             425   A large Chinese carpet with central design of
      and geometrically decorated panelled borders, 316
                                                                   blossoming flowers and branches centred by a
      x 139 cm
                                                                   floral spray within Greek key style blue borders,
      £350 - 450
                                                                   all on a golden brown ground, flanked by
                                                                   conforming panelled borders, 461 x 259 cm,
                                                                   together with a matching rug, 98 x 122 cm
                                                                   £150 - 250
 426   A Kirman carpet, the ruby red field bearing a           435   A circa 1900 mahogany desk in the Sheraton
       palmette filled pendant medallion surrounded by               revival taste, the top with tooled and gilded
       floral sprays and basket of flowers within a blue             leather insert writing surface and deep
       border decorated all over with stylised flowers and           serpentine front above a plain frieze, the central
       floral scrolls, 271 x 182 cm                                  cupboard door with fan marquetry inlaid
       £100 - 150                                                    spandrels opening to reveal a shelf flanked by
                                                                     two concave cupboard doors each with oval
 427   A Chinese blue ground carpet, the central panel
                                                                     rosewood and banded medallions opening to
       with a roundel depicting two mythical winged birds
                                                                     reveal three adjustable linen type drawers raised
       amidst floral sprays and lion mask head spandrel
                                                                     on a platform base to squat bun feet and castors,
       roundels within Greek key and floral decorated
                                                                     105 cm wide (ILLUSTRATED)
       panelled borders, 350 x 280 cm
                                                                     £300 - 500
       £100 - 150
                                                               436   A George III mahogany kneehole desk, the later top
 428   A large Persian pattern Wilton carpet, the pale
                                                                     with moulded edge above a single frieze drawer and
       cream ground with central shaped medallion amidst
                                                                     central kneehole with recessed cupboard door
       floral sprays and conforming corner spandrels within
                                                                     enclosing a shelf flanked by two banks of three
       green, blue and red narrow and broad panelled
                                                                     drawers on bracket feet, 81 cm wide
       borders, 360 x 272 cm
                                                                     £300 - 400
       £40 - 60
                                                               437   An early 19th Century mahogany and barber pole
 429   A Chinese carpet, the buff ground with central
                                                                     strung Pembroke table, the rectangular top with two
       roundel of flowering branches and scrolls amidst
                                                                     drop leaves and moulded edge above a single end
       floral sprays and geometric decorated spandrels
                                                                     drawer with pressed brass handles raised on square
       flanked by blue panelled borders, 358 x 275 cm
                                                                     tapered legs to brass caps and brass and leather
       £200 - 300
                                                                     castors, 76 x 99 cm
ANTIQUE & DESIGNER FURNITURE                                         £100 - 150
 430   A 19th Century Moroccan exotic wood bone and            438   A late Victorian oak hall stand in the manner of C
       pewter inlaid throne chair with all-over                      and R Light, the centre stand with crop hook
       medallion decoration on a double X frame base                 stamped "White's Patent" flanked by two pairs of
       (ILLUSTRATED)                                                 shaped arms each with two turned coat hooks
       £400 - 600                                                    over an open stick stand with curved sides on
                                                                     rope-twist tapered pedestal supports united by
 431   A late Victorian mahogany dwarf hall stand, the
                                                                     the metal lined base with serpentine front, 90 cm
       back with various hooks over a three section
                                                                     wide x 106 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
       stick stand, bears ivorine plaque verso
                                                                     £300 - 500
       inscribed "From Maple & Co. Limited London &
       Paris", 58 x 127.5 cm (ILLUSTRATED)                     439   A late Regency mahogany carver chair, the bar back
       £350 - 450                                                    above a foliate scrollwork carved rail and open scroll
                                                                     arms, the upholstered seat with plain rails raised on
 432   An 18th Century Dutch walnut and marquetry inlaid
                                                                     turned and reeded tapering front legs together with
       hall chair with shaped top rail and back splat over a
                                                                     another similar with drop-in seat on petal carved
       drop-in seat with shaped frieze on square tapered
                                                                     baluster front legs to peg feet
       cabriole legs                                                 £200 - 300
       £100 - 150
                                                               440   A pair of 19th Century mahogany five tier folding
 433   A set of eight Victorian scroll back Windsor
                                                                     library steps with cast iron hinge support
       chairs by Stephen Hazell of Oxford (FL 1846-92),
       the bar backs above a turned and flattened back
                                                                     £60 - 90
       rail, the shaped seat on turned and ringed legs
       united by H stretchers, each stamped to back of         441   A Victorian upholstered club chair in the manner of
       seat "S Hazell Oxford" (6 plus 2 carvers)                     Howard of London raised on turned and ringed front
       (ILLUSTRATED)                                                 legs, the rear legs stamped "3726"
       £500 - 800                                                    £200 - 300
 434   A late Victorian occasional table, the circular black   442   An early Victorian rosewood centre table, the
       and Sienna marble games top inset within a                    rounded rectangular top above a plain frieze with
       moulded frame raised on four turned and barley-               beaded edge raised on rectangular tapered end
       twist carved supports united by a shaped undertier            pillar supports united by a serpentine centre
       to cast metal foliate and scrollwork decorated feet,          stretcher to platform bases, scroll feet and brass
       bears ivorine label to underside inscribed                    castors, 137.5 cm x 59.4 cm (ILLUSTRATED)
       "Chamberlin, Sons & Co. House Furnishers                      £200 - 300
       Norwich", 58 cm diameter
       £350 - 450
443   A Victorian upholstered club chair with black and      451   A Victorian carved giltwood and gesso framed
      white striped upholstery raised on turned and ringed         overmantel mirror, the shallow domed top with
      front legs to brass caps and china castors stamped           scrolling acanthus and flower head finial over a
      "Hampton & Sons Pall Mall"                                   plain plate flanked by scrolling acanthus and
      £450 - 650                                                   flower head sides, 152 x 170.5 cm
444   A circa 1970 Danish rosewood sideboard by
                                                                   £300 - 500
      Bernhard Pedersen & Son of Falster,
      Eskildstrup, the plain top above four central          452   A circa 1900 Continental carved walnut buffet,
      drawers, the top drawer bearing label inscribed              the moulded cornice above a chinoiserie style
      "B P S M Made in Denmark", flanked by two                    urn and scrolling acanthus decorated frieze and
      pairs of cupboard doors, the left hand side                  two panelled cupboard doors decorated with
      enclosing two adjustable shelves and four lined              stylised dolphins, scrolling acanthus, gryphons
      cutlery drawers, the right hand pair enclosing               and hanging portrait studies of a woman with
      adjustable shelving, raised on plain square                  flowing hair and bearded man, interspersed by
      supports, 233 cm wide (ILLUSTRATED)                          guilloche pilasters raised on turned and carved
      £300 - 500                                                   Doric capped columns, opening to reveal two
                                                                   lined cutlery drawers, the base with gadrooned
445   A Victorian buttoned upholstered armchair, the
                                                                   edge above a carved frieze and two further
      scroll back above scroll arms and plain seat on
                                                                   carved panelled doors decorated with gryphons
      turned, ringed and fluted tapering legs to brass
                                                                   and urns of flowers and flaming torch, opening
      Cope's patent caps and castors (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                   to reveal two lined cutlery drawers above a
      £100 - 150
                                                                   bombé base with foliate carved decoration and
446   A Victorian mahogany dwarf side cabinet, the                 gadrooned rim to squat turned and reeded bun
      superstructure with two shelves on fretwork                  feet, 82 cm wide x 175 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
      carved supports above a panelled door                        £300 - 500
      enclosing two plain shelves, raised on bun feet,
                                                             453   A late Regency mahogany sideboard, the plain
      57.5 cm wide x 125 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                   top with reeded edge above a central drawer with
      £300 - 500
                                                                   lion mask brass ring handles over a recessed
447   A late George III upholstered wing back scroll               cutlery drawer with reeded decoration and
      arm chair on square tapered legs united by                   arched front flanked by a bowed cupboard door
      stretchers to the out-splayed rear legs                      and cellerette drawer, each with lion mask ring
      (ILLUSTRATED)                                                handles, interspersed by turned rope-twist
      £300 - 500                                                   ringed and reeded tapering legs to heavy lion's
                                                                   paw feet, 188 cm wide (ILLUSTRATED)
448   A satinwood veneered miniature bureau de                     £3000 - 5000
      dame in the Georgian taste, the dome topped
      mirror with fretwork finial above a cross-banded       454   A 19th Century coopered mahogany and brass
      sloping fall enclosing four serpentine drawers               bound bucket of oval form with brass swing
      above a shaped single drawer of triple concave               handle and liner (ILLUSTRATED)
      form, flanked by two lopers and two side candle              £200 - 300
      stands raised on square chamfered and
                                                             455   A set of four early Victorian rosewood framed dining
      moulded supports, 47 cm wide x 156 cm high
                                                                   chairs, the shaped backs with moulded decoration,
                                                                   upholstered in Regency stripe over an upholstered
      £250 - 350
                                                                   seat with serpentine front rail to moulded cabriole
449   An early 19th Century mahogany inverted                      front legs and castors
      breakfront sideboard, the single piece flame top             £300 - 500
      with moulded edge above a recessed drawer
                                                             456   An early 19th Century mahogany breakfast table,
      with applied mouldings and brass ring handles
                                                                   the slender oval snap top with wide cross-
      above a shaped frieze flanked by two fall front
                                                                   banding, raised on a turned and ringed centre
      cupboards raised on six turned and ringed
                                                                   pedestal to elegant splayed square tapered
      tapering legs, 179.5 cm wide (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                   quadruped base, brass caps and castors
      £600 - 900
                                                                   (possibly Irish), 153 x 92 cm (ILLUSTRATED)
450   A Victorian mahogany open bookcase of breakfront             £1000 - 1500
      form, the plain top above a beaded and moulded
                                                             457   A Victorian mahogany Sutherland table, the rounded
      frieze and two open shelves within a beaded frame
                                                                   rectangular drop-leaf top on turned and ringed
      and flanked by lotus leaf capped turned tapering
                                                                   supports to hipped cabriole legs, scroll feet and
      columns on turned bases to a plain platform
                                                                   castors, 92 x 101.5 cm
      support, 132 cm wide x 109 cm high
                                                                   £150 - 200
      £200 - 300
458   An early Victorian rosewood sewing table, the          466   A giltwood and gesso framed girandole in the early
      rectangular top with canted corners and edging               18th Century taste, the shell and scrolling foliate
      opening to reveal a fitted interior above a carved           surmount above a domed plate and similarly
      frieze and tapered main body on an elongated                 decorated base (sconces missing), 28.5 cm wide x
      octagonal stepped pedestal to quatrefoil                     79.2 cm high
      platform base and scroll feet, 46 cm wide                    £100 - 150
                                                             467   A 19th Century giltwood and gesso framed wall
      £300 - 500
                                                                   mirror in the Louis XVI taste, the scrolling foliate
459   A Victorian carved walnut footstool, the                     surmount with medallion finial over an egg and dart
      needlework upholstered top on a base with                    decorated frieze and oval plate within a wreath
      guilloche carved frieze held aloft by three putti            surround, flanked by beadwork and floral drapes, the
      upon scrolling acanthus bases to brass castors               base with ivy and berry decorated spandrels over a
      (ILLUSTRATED)                                                scrolling foliate decorated pediment, 92.5 cm wide x
      £300 - 400                                                   137 cm high
                                                                   £200 - 300
460   A Victorian carved oak cellerette of
      sarcophagus form, the top with lunette flower          468   A Regency mahogany cellerette of sarcophagus
      head carved medallion frieze opening to reveal               form, the lid with ebony base opening to reveal a
      an unfitted interior over canted sides with                  zinc lined fitted interior over panelled sides with
      applied blind fretwork carved corners to scroll              brass ring handles and reeded canted corners
      feet, 48 x 42 cm (ILLUSTRATED)                               raised on heavy lion's paw feet, 67 x 47 cm
      £200 - 300                                                   (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                   £600 - 1000
461   An early Victorian rosewood sewing table, the
      elongated rectangular top with moulded edge            469   A set of six Victorian mahogany kidney back dining
      opening to reveal a fitted interior over a velvet            chairs with scrolling foliate decorated back rails
      covered tapered basket to turned carved and                  above a drop-in seat on turned and ringed tapering
      moulded pedestal to flower head platform base                front legs
      and four heavy lion's paw feet, 49 cm wide                   £350 - 450
                                                             470   An early Victorian mahogany rounded
      £200 - 300
                                                                   rectangular dining table, the top with moulded
462   An early 20th Century burr walnut and cross-                 edge and three extra leaves with Nettlefold's
      banded desk by Maple & Co. of London, the top                patent clip mechanism, raised on four turned
      inset with three tooled and gilded leather writing           and reeded tapering supports to brass caps and
      surfaces within a moulded edge above a central               castors with four further support legs towards
      shaped drawer with quartered interior and brass              the centre, 136 wide x 302 cm max
      swan neck handles flanked by two banks of four               (ILLUSTRATED)
      drawers raised on scrollwork decorated cabriole              £3000 - 5000
      legs to pad feet, the locks stamped "Maple &
                                                             471   A set of six Regency rosewood bar back dining
      Co.", 166.5 wide x 99 cm deep (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                   chairs with scroll carved top rail and reeded back rail
      £800 - 1200
                                                                   on similarly decorated supports to the upholstered
463   A circa 1900 figured mahogany urn stand in the               seat, raised on turned and ringed tapering legs to
      George III taste, the square top with galleried edge         peg feet
      above a small slide raised on four splayed square            £350 - 450
      tapered legs, 26 cm²
      £100 - 150
464   A Victorian mahogany three tier whatnot, the upper
      tier with three quarter gallery raised on turned and
      ringed baluster supports, the lower tier with single
      drawer raised on turned legs to brass caps and
      castors, 59 cm wide x 106 cm high
      £200 - 300
465   A Victorian faux ivory (painted wood) adjustable
      stool with carved decoration, the top rail
      decorated with fish, script, crown, vase and
      sunburst faces on turned and ringed supports
      to the buttoned green velvet adjustable seat
      with carved rail on similarly decorated simulated
      tusk supports united by turned stretchers and
      centre medallion (ILLUSTRATED)
      £300 - 400
472   A 19th Century mahogany secrétaire bookcase,           478   A late Victorian rosewood and inlaid cabinet, the top
      the upper section with plain cornice over a                  with broken arch pediment over a multi-panelled
      figured frieze and two reeded lozenge glazed                 door with fan and pen work decorated inlay in the
      panelled doors, enclosing two banks of                       Aesthetic taste, opening to reveal three shelves
      adjustable shelving, on a base with secrétaire               raised on square tapered legs to brass caps and
      drawer and fitted interior with satinwood and                china castors, 56 cm wide
      rosewood inlaid central cupboard door with                   £100 - 150
      secret opening mechanism, flanked by various
                                                             479   A set of six Victorian mahogany framed dining
      drawers and pigeon holes, the drawer lock
                                                                   chairs, the scroll backs with upholstered panel over
      stamped "V R beneath a crown - Barron's
                                                                   an upholstered seat with serpentine front rail raised
      Patent" and with turned ivory and ebony
                                                                   on foliate carved and turned tapering legs to brass
      handles, flanked by brass inlaid motifs depicting
                                                                   caps and castors
      a twin headed spreadeagle with sceptre and orb
                                                                   £300 - 500
      over two panelled cupboard doors enclosing
      three linen style shelves flanked by brass inlaid      480   A William IV mahogany library table, the plain
      motifs depicting poleaxe and arrows above a                  top with reeded edge above two plain frieze
      beaded frieze on turned and reeded feet, 121 cm              drawers with turned knob handles opposite two
      wide x 239 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)                             further frieze drawers raised on turned ringed
      £4000 - 6000                                                 and reeded tapering legs to brass petal
                                                                   decorated caps and castors, 127.3 x 105.6 cm
473   A late 19th Century giltwood and gesso framed wall
      mirror in the Georgian taste, the plain rectangular
                                                                   £1000 - 1500
      plate within a scrolling foliate decorated swept
      frame, 92 x 104 cm                                     481   A 19th Century occasional table, the yew wood
      £100 - 150                                                   flower head design dished top on a turned rosewood
                                                                   pedestal to splayed tripod base, 41.3 cm diameter
474   A late George III mahogany serpentine fronted
                                                                   £200 - 300
      sideboard, the plain top with satinwood and
      ebony strung edge above a central drawer               482   A pair of Regency mahogany framed carver
      flanked by two small drawers and deep                        chairs, the bar backs with gadrooned and
      cellerette drawer as two drawers, each with                  scrollwork carved top rail above a reeded back
      pressed brass drop handles interspersed by                   rail, flanked by Doric cap and lotus leaf capped
      satinwood and herringbone banded pilasters                   reeded scroll arms and upholstered seat within a
      raised on square tapered legs, 139 cm wide                   moulded frame raised on turned and reeded
      (ILLUSTRATED)                                                tapering legs to peg feet (ILLUSTRATED)
      £600 - 800                                                   £300 - 500
475   A Victorian teak bookcase cabinet, the upper           483   A pair of walnut cylinder pot cupboards in the
      section with moulded cornice above two adjustable            Victorian taste, the circular tops with moulded
      shelves on a base with three drawers above two               edge above a plain door enclosing a shaped
      cupboard doors to plinth support, 136 cm wide x              shelf, raised on a plinth base, 43.5 cm diameter x
      177 cm high                                                  71.5 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
      £250 - 350                                                   £800 - 1200
476   A circa 1900 mahogany and inlaid bow fronted           484   A circa 1900 mahogany quartetto nest of tables,
      corner cabinet in the Sheraton Revival taste, the            the plain top with moulded edge raised on turned
      upper section with moulded cornice over an                   and ringed supports to splayed feet, 53.5 x 35.7
      inlaid frieze and two glazed cabinet doors, the              cm - 35.9 x 34.4 cm (ILLUSTRATED)
      base with moulded edge above a ribbon and                    £300 - 400
      swag decorated frieze and urn inlaid cupboard
      door flanked by two panels decorated with              485   A Regency mahogany cellerette of sarcophagus
                                                                   form, the figured top cross-banded and ebony
      musical instruments and flaming torch over a
                                                                   strung opening to reveal a metal lined interior
      central drawer flanked by two dummy drawers
                                                                   over similarly decorated canted sides to splayed
      with ribbon and swag decoration raised on
                                                                   bracket feet, 60.5 x 39.5 cm (ILLUSTRATED)
      square splayed supports, approx 79 cm wide x
      181.6 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)                                  £300 - 400
      £300 - 500                                            485A   A late 19th Century French rosewood and king
                                                                   wood marquetry inlaid occasional table, the
477   An early Victorian mahogany dwarf cabinet, the
                                                                   quartered top with foliate decorated medallion,
      plain top above two panelled cupboard doors
                                                                   cross-banded and with two shaped leaves and
      enclosing three shelves on a plinth base to squat
                                                                   moulded edge over a serpentine fronted single
      bun feet, 80.5 cm wide x 93 cm high
      £150 - 250                                                   drawer raised on square tapering legs to brass
                                                                   scrollwork sabots, 104 cm wide x 53.3 cm deep
                                                                   £800 - 1200
486   An Edwardian mahogany writing table in the          493   An Italian white and Sienna marble bust of a
      Regency taste, the top with insert writing                Roman Emperor in toga raised upon a pedestal
      surface and reeded edge above two satinwood               in the Classical taste with square platform and
      strung drawers with brass pear drop handles               scrollwork corners above lotus leaf decorated
      flanked by acanthus carved pilasters raised on            frieze on a fluted column to turned base and
      slender turned and reeded legs to brass caps              square foot, 158.5 cm high overall
      and castors, 94 cm wide (ILLUSTRATED)                     (ILLUSTRATED)
      £200 - 300                                                £500 - 700
487   A late Victorian oak occasional table in the        494   A Sienna / Rosso marble table in the
      manner of E W Godwin, the square top with                 Renaissance style, the later rectangular glass
      chamfered edge raised on turned and ringed                top raised upon two pedestals, each decorated
      supports united by an undertier with galleried            with lion masks above a winged bearded head
      decoration to turned feet, 39 cm²                         over a vase and fruit swag within dragon tail
      (ILLUSTRATED) £100 - 150                                  scrolls, raised on a stepped rectangular base,
                                                                152.5 x 68.6 cm (ILLUSTRATED)
488   An unusual 19th Century Anglo-Indian
                                                                £500 - 800
      rosewood campaign table of Pembroke table
      form, the plain rectangular top with drop leaves    495   A Regency painted wooden daybed in the
      over a hidden side drawer, the top lifting off to         Egypto-Classical manner, the caned seat flanked
      reveal a multi-sectioned interior flanked by two          by curved and scalloped ends raised on gryphon
      dummy drawers with brass handles raised on                paw feet in the manner of Thomas Hope, 210 cm
      square moulded tapering legs united by an X               long x 65.7 cm wide (ILLUSTRATED)
      stretcher to brass caps and castors, 83 x 104 cm          £8000 - 12000
                                                          496   An early 20th Century painted bedroom suite in
      £300 - 500
                                                                green and gilt lining with floral spray decoration
489   A pair of early 19th Century mahogany hall                comprising wardrobe compactum with central
      chairs, the scrollwork decorated backs with               theatrical style curtain and floral basket
      centre painted medallion depicting a                      decorated central door enclosing five linen
      spreadeagle surmounted by a ribbon inscribed              shelves above two plain drawers flanked by two
      "Spero" within an oval, over a single piece               cupboards enclosing hanging spaces, the right
      panelled seat raised on turned and ringed                 hand cupboard with boot drawer, a bow fronted
      tapering legs to peg feet (ILLUSTRATED)                   pot cupboard with single door on turned
      £500 - 800                                                tapering legs to peg feet, a caned bar back chair,
                                                                demi-lune side cabinet with raised back over a
490   An exhibition quality Victorian walnut cheval
                                                                single cupboard door decorated with basket of
      mirror, the shaped plate with Satyric mask and
                                                                flowers and enclosing a single shelf raised on
      scrolling foliate decoration with bearded figure
                                                                turned and fluted legs to peg feet and a
      and mermaid flanks, the base with fine barley-
                                                                serpentine fronted dressing table, the floral
      twist turned gallery rail on foliate decorated
                                                                banded top above two long drawers and central
      mask and scrollwork supports over two bow
                                                                cupboard door flanked by two banks of three
      fronted drawers, each with ribbon and scrolling
                                                                drawers raised on turned and fluted tapering
      foliate carved decoration, raised on twin pierced
                                                                legs to peg feet and a mirror to match, the oval
      pillar supports united by foliate and floral
                                                                plate with lotus leaf and egg finial on a lyre
      carved centre stretcher with central Satyric
                                                                shaped carved acanthus decorated frame, raised
      mask carved figurehead to carved and moulded
                                                                on an acanthus decorated swept platform base
      cabriole supports, scroll feet and brass castors,
      130 cm wide x 170 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                £1000 - 1500
      £1000 - 1500
                                                          497   An early 19th Century set of mahogany bed steps of
491   A turned oxide red veined buff marble column in
                                                                three tiers, each tier with later tooled and gilded
      the antique manner, the circular top on a plain
                                                                leather insert, the upper tier with lidded
      shaft to turned stepped base, 29.2 cm diameter
                                                                compartment, the centre tier with pull-out commode
      x 110.2 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                and ceramic liner, raised on turned and ringed legs,
      £100 - 150
                                                                70.5 cm long x 74.4 cm high
492   An Italian white and Sienna marble bust of a              £350 - 450
      Roman Emperor in light armour raised upon a
                                                          498   A late Victorian mahogany half tester bedstead, the
      pedestal in the Classical taste with square
                                                                footboard with serpentine top rail over a demi-lune
      platform and scrollwork corners above lotus leaf
                                                                segmented figured panel flanked by turned and
      decorated frieze on a fluted column to turned
                                                                fluted baluster supports raised on turned feet, the
      base and square foot, 157 cm high overall
                                                                canopy of plain form with mahogany rings, 149.5 cm
                                                                wide x 223 cm long
      £500 - 700
                                                                £300 - 500
499   A Victorian mahogany miniature half tester           506   A late 17th Century oak coffer, the four panelled
      bedstead of typical form, the headboard with pitch         top with moulded stiles and edging on iron ring
      pine and oak canopy and curtain rails with floral          hinges opening to reveal a candle box over a
      embroidered silk hangings, the footboard with              lunette carved frieze and three flower head and
      applied moulded decoration flanked by turned side          foliate carved panels interspersed by carved
      pilasters all raised on turned feet, together with         stiles, 138 cm wide (ILLUSTRATED)
      needlework and silk bedding                                £250 - 350
      £120 - 180
                                                           507   A mid to late 19th Century Thames Valley wheel and
500   A late George III mahogany and rosewood cross-             stick back Windsor elbow chair with open arms
      banded chest, the plain top above four long                above a shaped seat on turned and ringed legs
      graduated drawers with turned knob handles raised          united by an H stretcher
      on bracket feet, 95.2 cm wide                              £50 - 80
      £200 - 300
                                                           508   A mid 19th Century Nottinghamshire yew wood
501   An 18th Century oak writing slope/ Bible box,              low splat back Windsor armchair with pierced
      the folding slope top with moulded edge falling            centre splat, the arms on baluster turned and
      on to lopers and revealing a fitted interior with          ringed supports to the shaped elm seat, raised
      two drawers and four pigeon holes raised on a              on turned and ringed legs united by a crinoline
      moulded plinth base, 62.5 cm wide x 44.6 cm                stretcher (attributed to Worksop circa 1840-70)
      deep (ILLUSTRATED)                                         (ILLUSTRATED)
      £150 - 200                                                 £350 - 450
502   An oak refectory table in the 17th Century           509   A pair of 19th Century fruitwood forms or
      manner, the three plank top with cleated ends              benches, the single plank top on splayed A
      above a moulded frieze raised on turned cup                supports, 150 cm long (ILLUSTRATED)
      and cover supports to moulded block feet                   £200 - 300
      united by a centre stretcher, 258.5 cm long x 90
                                                           510   A circa 1700 oak chest, the single piece top with
      cm wide (by John Nethercott of Hereford)
                                                                 double row of elongated nulling and punches within
                                                                 a notch carved edge, opening to reveal a candle
      £800 - 1200
                                                                 box, the front panel similarly decorated and slightly
503   A set of ten oak dining chairs in the 17th                 canted, raised on bobbin turned and ringed front
      Century manner, the backs with scrollwork                  supports united to the rear stiles by stretchers, 86
      cresting rail over a rectangular upholstered               cm wide x 72 cm high
      panel flanked by turned and ringed supports                £500 - 700
      above the upholstered seat raised on turned and
                                                           511   A late 18th Century painted ash and elm hoop
      block supports united by stretchers (8 plus 2
                                                                 back Windsor chair, the plain hoop above turned
      carvers) (by John Nethercott of Hereford)
                                                                 spindles and arms on turned and block end
                                                                 supports with C scroll applied decoration to the
      £700 - 1000
                                                                 shaped seat, raised on turned and ringed front
504   A circa 1700 oak coffer of small proportions, the          legs united to the turned out-splayed rear legs
      top with zigzag and punch decorated banding,               by an H stretcher (attributed to the West Country
      notched side edges and moulded front edge                  circa 1780) (ILLUSTRATED)
      over a plank front with matching decoration and            £200 - 300
      notched corners, raised on V cut plank end
                                                           512   NO LOT
      supports, 92 cm wide x 35.5 cm high
      (ILLUSTRATED)                                        513   A late 17th Century oak side table, the two plank
      £300 - 400                                                 top above a plain frieze with single side drawer
                                                                 with iron ring handle raised on baluster turned
505   A mid 19th Century Thames Valley high hoop
                                                                 and ringed supports to blocks united by
      back Windsor armchair in beech, ash and elm,
                                                                 stretchers, raised on turned feet, 88.5 cm wide
      the pierced centre splat with roundel motif
      flanked by turned spindle, the arms on swept
      supports to the shaped seat raised on turned               £500 - 700
      and ringed legs united by an H stretcher             514   A 17th Century oak coffer, the rising lid with three
      (attributed to Buckinghamshire circa 1830-1870)            plain panels interspersed by moulded stiles on ring
      (ILLUSTRATED)                                              hinges opening to reveal a candle box above a
      £100 - 150                                                 guilloche carved frieze inscribed "E B 1648" over
                                                                 three front panels carved with flower head and
                                                                 lozenge medallions interspersed by guilloche carved
                                                                 stiles on stile supports, 141.5 cm wide
                                                                 £300 - 500
515   A pair of circa 1900 Arts and Crafts oak forms,          523   An oak and walnut toilet mirror in the 18th
      the single plank tops with lead love heart inlaid              Century manner, the walnut plate with fretwork
      motifs on rectangular chamfered supports with                  pediment within a cushion frame raised on
      shaped spandrels and united by a centre                        square tapered supports to the stepped multi-
      stretcher to the end plinth supports, 152 cm                   drawer base raised on bracket feet, 44 cm wide x
      wide x 69 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)                                83 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
      £200 - 300                                                     £300 - 500
516   A 19th Century Thames Valley high hoop wheel             524   A 19th Century teak and brass bound military chest,
      and stick back Windsor armchair in beech, ash                  the plain top above three long drawers with flush
      and elm, the arms on swept supports to the                     brass handles flanked by two heavy brass carrying
      shaped seat raised on turned and ringed legs                   handles to a plinth base raised on a later stand, 91
      united by an H stretchers (attributed to                       cm wide
      Buckinghamshire circa 1830-1870)                               £100 - 150
                                                               525   A late Victorian ash, marquetry and parquetry
      £100 - 150
                                                                     inlaid wardrobe in the Aesthetic taste, the
517   An early 19th Century Thames valley high hoop                  moulded pediment with dentil decoration above
      back Windsor armchair in beech, ash and elm,                   a frieze with floral medallion and simulated stud
      the centre splat with star fretted motif with                  work inlay, the central mirrored door and left
      central turned roundel, the arms on swept                      hand cupboard door similarly decorated and
      supports to the shaped seat on turned and                      opening to reveal four linen shelves above two
      ringed legs united by an H stretcher (attributed               short and two long drawers, the right hand
      to Buckinghamshire circa 1820-40)                              drawer opening to reveal a hanging space and
      (ILLUSTRATED)                                                  single shelf, raised on a bracket foot base, 171
      £100 - 150                                                     cm wide x 211 cm high (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                     £300 - 400
518   An 18th Century oak lidded box, the single piece top
      with moulded front and back edge opening to reveal       526   A circa 1800 oak tea table, the circular snap top on a
      a paper lined interior with hand-written inscriptions          vase shaped turned and ringed pedestal to cabriole
      over plain sides, 58 cm wide                                   tripod base and pad feet, 81 cm diameter
      £100 - 150                                                     £150 - 250
519   A 17th Century walnut side table, the two plank          527   A Victorian iron bound oak silver chest with wrought
      top on block supports united by upper                          iron carrying handles, 96 cm wide x 57 cm high
      stretchers with faint moulded stringing raised                 £100 - 150
      on baluster turned/cup and cover and turned
                                                               528   A set of eight late Victorian oak dining chairs in
      column supports to block feet united by outer
                                                                     the Arts and Crafts taste, the backs with slightly
      stretchers, 122 x 65 cm (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                     curved back rail and with central monogram "C
      £1000 - 1500
                                                                     & N", flanked by ebony studded and notched
520   A 19th Century Caribbean dug out wooden slave                  decoration over similarly notched spandrels on
      chair with wrought iron eyes either side for                   square chamfered supports to the upholstered
      attachment of chains, 76 cm high                               seat, raised on similarly decorated chamfered
      (ILLUSTRATED)                                                  legs to castors, each stamped to rear leg "Smith
      £300 - 500                                                     & Co. Bristol" (ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                     £700 - 1000
521   A carved oak fire surround in the Jacobean
      taste, the plain top above a carved frieze on            529   A 19th Century French farmhouse kitchen table,
      turned multiple cup and cover supports to                      the three plank top in pine over a plain frieze
      lozenge carved panelled plinth bases, the back                 with single drawer raised on square tapered elm
      with panelled decoration and lion mask carved                  legs, 198 x 84.5 cm (ILLUSTRATED)
      motifs over a scrolling foliate and flower head                £500 - 800
      decorated panel, 178 cm wide x 167.5 cm high
                                                               530   A pair of oak hall chairs by Robert Thompson
                                                                     "The Mouseman" of Kilburn, the back rail of
      £300 - 500
                                                                     architectural form, carved with a mouse over a
522   A 19th Century elm bench with central commode                  plain panel and panel seat on square chamfered
      hole, the single piece top stamped to one end "S Z             and block supports united to the square back
      J" raised on four splayed legs, 88 x 31 cm                     legs by stretchers (ILLUSTRATED)
      £100 - 150                                                     £250 - 350

                                                              END OF SALE
     TERMS & CONDITIONS OF SALE                                                         15. The Contract of Sale is made with the Auctioneers, as Agents for the
                                                                                            Vendors and payment shall be made only to them. Notwithstanding the
1.   Every Sale and these Conditions of Sale shall be governed by and                       foregoing, the Auctioneers shall retain a lien on all goods which shall not
     construed in accordance with English Law and shall be subject to the                   pass to the Purchaser until full payment has been received.
     jurisdiction of English Courts.
                                                                                        16. Unless prior arrangements have been made with the Auctioneers,
2.   The Company acts as Agents only in respect of goods delivered for the                  cheques in excess of recognised limits will not be accepted from the
     purposes of sale and herein shall be known as the ‘Auctioneers’. Persons               Purchasers unknown to them who have not supplied a Bank or other
     instructing the Firm to sell goods are herein known as ‘Vendors’. Persons              suitable reference. In all cases, cheques must be supported with the
     who have acquired lots offered for sale by the Auctioneers are herein                  production of a valid Bank card. Non compliance with this condition may
     known as the ‘Purchasers’.                                                             delay the release of lots, pending the clearance of cheques.
3.   All persons attending a Sale under the conduct of the Auctioneers –                17. At the fall of the hammer, all lots shall be and remain, in every respect, at
     whether at their Salerooms or elsewhere – shall be deemed to be on the                 the absolute risk of the Purchaser, including those of fire, burglary, etc,
     land and premises at their own risk and shall have no claim against the                and damage occasioned to lots by the removal of other goods.
     Auctioneers or their principals in respect of the cancellation/
     postponement of a Sale or any loss, accident or injury however occasioned,         18. Purchasers shall pay for and remove lots at their own risk and expense
     save in so far as the same is proven to be caused by the direct negligence of          immediately following the Sale; after 7 days from the sale date
     an employee(s) of the Firm.                                                            uncollected lots shall be subject to a charge of between £2 and £10 per
                                                                                            day to cover storage, unless prior arrangements have been made with the
4.   The Auctioneers make every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of                 Saleroom Manager. The Auctioneers reserve the right to resell
     advertisements, catalogue descriptions and other publicity but except                  uncollected lots by auction or private treaty or alternatively, warehouse
     where specifically instructed so to certify by a Vendor, declare that all              goods at a Purchaser’s expense. In all cases, the Auctioneers may act
     statements, oral or in writing, are those of opinion only, made without                without notice and any incidental expenses incurred will become a
     responsibility and shall not give rise to any action in law for damages,               liability to the defaulter.
     compensation or rescission of a sale by a Purchaser, against any Vendor,
     the Auctioneers or their employees.                                                19. Notwithstanding any other terms in these Conditions of Sale, if within
                                                                                            seven days of a Sale, a Purchaser gives notice in writing to the
5.   Many lots are of an age or nature which preclude their being in pristine               Auctioneers, that in his/her opinion a particular lot (this shall not apply
     condition. Some catalogue descriptions may make reference to damage                    to books or similar printed matter) is a deliberate forgery, as defined
     and/or restoration; however, omission of such a reference does not imply a             below and within fourteen days after such written notice, returns lots to
     lot is free from defects nor does any reference to a particular defect imply           the Auctioneers in the same condition as it was at the time of Sale – and
     the absence of others.                                                                 by producing evidence, the burden of proof to be upon the Purchaser -
                                                                                            satisfies the Auctioneers that the lot is a deliberate forgery, then the
6.   Purchasers should, therefore, satisfy themselves by physical inspection of
                                                                                            Auctioneers are authorised to do so and will rescind the transaction and
     lots, before bidding, as to the origin, authenticity, quality, age, weight, size
                                                                                            refund the purchase price received by them. This benefit is not
     and general description – as lots are sold in their actual state with all
     faults, imperfections or errors of description. If physical inspection is not
     possible, condition reports must be reviewed by purchasers in full before                      In the context of this guarantee, a ‘deliberate forgery’ means a lot
     bids can be accepted.                                                                          made with an intention to deceive, when considered in the light of
                                                                                                    the catalogue entry and at the date of the Sale had a value
7.   Electrical/ mechanical goods are sold on the strict understanding that
                                                                                                    substantially less than it would have had, had it been in accordance
     these are untested, without warranties or any other guarantees as to
                                                                                                    with the description. However, there will be no right where the
     serviceability or working order.
                                                                                                    description in the catalogue at the time of the Sale was in
8.   Persons handling lots do so at their own risk and shall make good all loss                     accordance with the general opinion of experts or fairly indicated
     or damage howsoever sustained; each estimate of cost to be assessed by the                     there to be a conflict of opinion. The Auctioneers reserve the right
     Auctioneers whose decision shall be final.                                                     in forming their opinion to consult and rely upon any expert or
                                                                                                    authority considered by them to by reliable.
9.   In making a bid, Purchasers acknowledge their attention has been drawn
     to these Conditions of Sale and that they are satisfied as to the description      20. The Auctioneers are prepared to accept commission bids on behalf of
     and condition of lots.                                                                 intending Purchasers unable to attend at the time of Sale, provided they
                                                                                            are completed on the correct bidding form and received by the
10. Lots are sold subject to any announcement, declaration, alteration of                   Auctioneers by 8.00 pm on View Day. The Auctioneers regret that any
    description or other matters, made by the Auctioneers prior to the                      bids left after this time are not guaranteed to be processed/executed.
    invitation of bids.                                                                     Telephone bids must be organised by contacting the Auctioneers directly.
                                                                                            As a matter of policy all bids must be backed by credit/debit card details,
11. At the fall of the hammer, the highest bidder, acceptable to the                        unless the prospective purchaser has received in writing from the
    Auctioneers, shall be the Purchaser and any dispute shall be settled by the             Auctioneers "Approved" or "Regular" buyer status, in which case the
    Auctioneers, whose decision shall be absolute and final. No lots shall be               relevant code will be required. If submitting bids by e-mail please
    transferred.                                                                            confirm credit/debit cards with the Auctioneers by telephone. The
                                                                                            Auctioneers regret that any bids left without the backing of credit/debit
12. The Auctioneers may divide, combine, add or withdraw lots and make any
                                                                                            card details, or an "Approved" or "Regular" buyer code, will not be
    catalogue alterations without notice or reason; they shall regulate the
                                                                                            processed/executed. The Auctioneers cannot be held responsible for, nor
    advance of bidding, accept or reject (at their absolute discretion and
                                                                                            are they connected with, commission bids given to Porters.
    without justification) and bid on behalf of the Vendor, where there is a
    reserve price or at their authorised discretion.                                    21. A Buyers Premium of 15% is payable by all Purchasers and is subject to
                                                                                            VAT at the prevailing rate.
13. Prospective purchasers must register their name, full address and credit or
    debit card details with the Auctioneers before bidding. They will then be           22. The Auctioneers reserve the right to ask for evidence of identity before
    issued with a number card which must be shown every time they make a                    clients complete transactions.
    successful bid. Upon failure to do so, the Auctioneers may re-offer the lot
    at their sole discretion.                                                           23. Moore Allen & Innocent is a Limited Liability Partnership registered in
                                                                                            England and Wales, No 0C311820. Registered Office 33 Castle Street,
14. As Agents only, the Auctioneers shall not be responsible for default on the             Glos. GL7 1QD. A list of members is available at the registered
    part of Vendors or Purchasers. Any resultant deficiency, together with                  office.You will be contracting directly with Moore Allen & Innocent,
    interest, costs and expenses, shall be made good by the defaulter,                      Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), and not with any individual
    recoverable as and for liquidated damages. This condition is, however,                  Member or employee personally. No Member of the LLP or any fee
    without prejudice to the right of the Auctioneer, in appropriate                        earner can accept personal liability for your work. The legal liability will
    circumstances, to enforce the Sale Contract if they see fit.                            be the liability of the LLP. Regulated by R.I.C.S.

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