How to Eat Soup

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					  How to Eat Soup
  Many meals begin with a soup course. Unless you have already started munching on the bread, this is your
  first opportunity to demonstrate your table manners, to impress or not impress, your dining companions.

  Choose the right spoon for your needs. If the table has been preset, your soup spoon will be the large round
  or oval one to the far right of your place setting. If there is no soup spoon you may use a teaspoon.

  Spoon the soup away from you towards the opposite side of the bowl, with your soup spoon in hand

  Sip your soup quietly from the side of the spoon

  Lift a spoonful of soup slightly level with the bowl and hold it for a few seconds while it cools off, rather
  than blowing on the spoon to attempt to cool the spoonful of soup.

  Tip the bowl away from you to spoon the last bit, to consume the last spoonful or two of soup in the

  Put oyster crackers in your bowl at your discretion, as the oyster crackers may come with some
  appetizers such as soups or chowders. However, larger crackers are to be eaten with your fingers and
  never crumbled into the soup.

  Rest the spoon in the bowl between mouthfuls. When you have finished, place it on the under plate on the
  right hand side.

  Place your spoon on the under plate and use the same hand that held your spoon for the bread, if you
  desire to have a slice of bread with your soup.


          Do not dip your bread into the soup if you are in public.
          It is acceptable to crush large crackers and put them in the soup if you are at home.
          When consuming soup lean slightly towards the table. This will make it less likely that you will spill the
          soup on your clothing.
          If the soup is really hot, try putting a few icecube in it.


          Do not put soup in your mouth until you have decided if it is not too hot. If it is don't blow on it, just wait
          a few minutes and try again.
          Do not slurp your soup. This can be considered inappropriate to some guests and people who are
          around you.
          Never eat your meal two-fisted.

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