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AB 1675
Introduced by AM Hagman (CACDA BOD no position) – passed and signed by Gov.
This bill would, with exemptions for employees and public officers, make it a
misdemeanor or infraction to enter an animal enclosure at a zoo without the consent of
the zoo's governing authority or representative. This bill has now been linked to AB 451
(about general trespass) and to AB 1829 (about military decoration fraud). AB 1675
would not go into effect unless AB 451 and AB 1829 became law also. AB 1675 has been
amended to include circuses, and travelling animal exhibits.

AB 1980 (CACDA BOD no position)- passed and signed by Gov.
Introduced by AM Hayashi
This bill would amend various sections of the Business and Professions code and the
Government Code to modify several aspects related to the Veterinary Medical Board
(VMB) and Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVT), including: Increasing the number
of members on the VMB from 7 to 8; adding an RVT to the VMB; eliminating the RVT
committee; require training for non-RVT assistance to perform radiographs; require any
vet to report injuries they treat if the injury occurred at a rodeo; exempt vets and RVTs
from liability for services rendered during an emergency.

AB 2243 (CACDA BOD no position) – passed and signed by Governor
Introduced by AM Smyth
This bill would amend Civil Code 54.25 to further prohibit discrimination against the
handler of a search and rescue dog, or peace officers or firefighters assigned to a canine
unit, as defined. The bill would also expand the circumstances to include when the peace
officer, firefighter, or handler is away from his or her home jurisdiction because of an
official mutual aid request or training.

AB 2689 (CACDA BOD no position) – passed and signed by Governor – effective
Introduced by AM Smyth
Allows licensing agencies the ability to verify rabies vaccinations using modern
communication and technology, including, but not limited to, computer systems,
facsimile, and e-mail.

ACR 118 (an Assembly resolution)
Introduced by AM Smyth
Declared February 23rd, 2010 to be Spay Day USA in California for 2010.

AB 2012 (CACDA BOD no position) – Vetoed by GOV
Introduced by AM Lieu
This bill would amend existing law PC 597 to revise the punishment by imprisonment in
a county jail for not more than one year, or in the state prison, or by a fine of not more
than $20,000.

AB 2743 (CACDA BOD no position) – Vetoed by GOV
Introduced by Nava
Add a section to the civil Code that would prohibit a landlord, that allows a tenant to have
an animal on the premises, from advertising or establishing rental policies in a manner
that requires a tenant or a potential tenant with an animal to have that animal declawed or
devocalized. Amended to allow for lawsuits by individuals, some non-profits, and

AB 2411 (CACDA BOD no position) – Vetoed by GOV
Introduced by AM Jones
Pet insurance companies insurer must make a series of disclosures regarding the listed
coverage exclusions; benefits; payments and how payment of claims are decided and the
state must post these companies and their services on the website.


AB 349 – From 2009 (CACDA BOD no position)– DID NOT PASS
Introduced by AM Silva
This bill would require the Director of Finance, on and after January 1, 2012, if the
budget submitted by the Governor to the Legislature proposes a suspended reimbursable
state mandate, as defined, to provide to the Legislature all proposed statutory changes
necessary to repeal the suspended reimbursable state mandate. This bill would also
require that a provision in the Budget Act that identifies a mandate for the fiscal year as
one for which reimbursement is not provided to identify specifically, to the extent
practicable, each affected law.

AB 2000 (CACDA BOD no position) – DID NOT PASS
Introduced by AM Hagman
This bill would exempt from the vaccination requirement the owner of a dog that a
licensed veterinarian determines, on an annual basis, may have a potentially lethal
reaction to the vaccination. Amendments include: clarification on what conditions
qualify for an exemption; the vet must request the exemption from the agency; the owner
must sign a statement of acknowledgment/assumption of risk; the dog must be confined
to the owners property or on a six foot leash when off the property; the dog may not have
contact with any unvaccinated dog or cat.

AB 2716 (CACDA BOD oppose) – DID NOT PASS
Introduced by Mendoza
This bill amends section F&A 30525, and would require that a licensing agency issue a
half price license (at least half of the unaltered fee) for any dog that is under 8 months of
age, provided that the age is certified in writing by a licensed veterinarian.

SB 1190 (CACDA BOD – Support, letter written) passed and signed by Governor
Introduced by Senator Cedillo
This bill would amend existing law PC 12002 to require animal control officers to
complete training approved by the Commission on Peace Officers Standards in the use of
a club or baton in order to carry a wooden club or baton. Amendment to include/combine
illegal dumping enforcement officers.

SB 1417 (CACDA BOD – Support, letter written) –passed and signed by GOV
Introduced by SM Cox
This bill would amend existing law Corp Code 10401-10406 and 14500-14503 and PC
11105 and PC 13300 to clarify processes, change various appointment/reappointment
procedures, institute waiting periods for new Humane Societies and SPCA’s that appoint
humane officers, and change notification requirements for Humane Officers. Does not
include notification to Animal Control agencies,

SJR 22 (CACDA BOD no position) passed and enrolled
Introduced by SM Florez
This measure would memorialize the Congress to support federal legislation to protect
American horses from slaughter for human consumption.

SB 1176 (CACDA BOD no position) – passed and signed be GOV
Introduced by SM Aanestad
This bill would amend existing law F&A 17003 to clarify that public animal control
agencies must notify the Secretary of F&A whenever they impound any bovine, horse,
mule or burro. It also permits the animal control agency to hold and dispose of any
horse, mule, burro, or other animal that is not a bovine in accordance with local
ordinances/regulations. The Secretary is required to take possession of any bovine and
dispose of it accordingly.


SB 250 (CACDA BOD support in 2009) DID NOT PASS
Introduced by SM Florez – reconsidered in 2010 legislative session. This bill would
require all unaltered dogs to be licensed and all unaltered cats to be confined or altered.
It would prohibit any unaltered cat over 6 months of age to remain outdoors. The owner
of an unaltered dog or cat that was impounded, or found running at large could be
required by the agency to spay or neuter the dog or cat. Uses concurrent citation process
for violations except impound. When selling, transferring, or adopting a dog or cat, the
license and any microchip information would be required to be transferred, in writing, to
the new owner.

SB 1185 (CACDA BOD no position) DID NOT PASS
Introduced by SM Maldonado
This bill would allow a tax deduction, up to $250, in the taxable year that an animal was
adopted from a shelter or rescue group. The deduction would be for expenses associated
with pet food and supplies spent for the animal adopted.

SB 1277 (CACDA BOD no position) – DID NOT PASS
Introduced by SM Florez
This bill would establish a pet abuser registry, much like the State registries used for sex
offenders and arsonists. The registry would be for any person convicted of felony animal
abuse for the following Penal Code violations – 487g, 597, 597b, 597.5, 598c, 598 d and
600. Funding for the registry would be provided through a tax (as yet undetermined
amount) on pet food. Any excess money from the tax would be designated for local s/n
programs. Amended to eliminate pet food tax and add a fine on convictions to fund.

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