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                                                                                                 side down, topsy-turvy. We are violating
                                                                                                 their rights by not making it safe for
                                                                                                 them to violate our laws!!!
In keeping with Instauration's policy of ano-      is no anti-Semite. A while back a Jewish                                          766
nymity, most communicants will be identified       bureaucrat was appointed his boss. Ac-
by the first three digits of their zip code.
                                                   cording to my pal, the new boss has re-       0 Mental exercise: First, sit down and
  Does i t ever occur to anyone that O.J.          placed everyone he could with often in-       read all you can about the dark days of
Simpson can vote and Mark Fuhrman                  competent fellow tribesmen. The finan-        Reconstruction. Then immerse vourself
can't?                                             cial press keeps mum. Disillusioned, my       in current events by plowing through to-
                                     330           friend is taking early retirement.            day's newspapers and newsmagazines
                                                                                       100       and see if you can tell the difference.
0 How about a 50-year rule? Everyone                                                                                                     344
takes a pill at 50, the age most of us be-         0 Israel and France are lately accused of
gin to take more from the world than we            being the most active in "industrial espi-    0 The teaching of Ebonics doesn't really
give. This would eliminate the physical            onage." Idon't imagine they ignore dh-        bother me. But if I had to drive over a
and spiritual suffering that comes with            er bits of information that fall i n their    bridge designed by graduates of the Ne-
declining years. Think of the billions             hands when they go a-snooping. Makes          gro Institute of Technology, then I'd
Medicare and Medicaid would save. I t              one nervous, doesn't it?                      think twice.
would put a q u i d end to overpopula-                                                   785                                         488
tion. Let's wise up and start putting intel-
ligence to work on a healthy and produc-           0 Hillary admits she has met many stu-        0 The last time I lf California was in
tive life span rather than waste so much           pid adults, but never a stupid child. How     1990. When I browsed and shopped
precious time worrying about the ail-              old do we have to be to become stupid?        there, I was surprised at the truly vast
ments that more often than not make the                                                   801    amount of yowling, howling and shriek-
last years of life a slow-burning torment.                                                       ing I was obliged to endure. I am refer-
                                        320        o I r s comforting t o know that wen the      ring to certain varieties of "black" music.
                                                   rich are only one flat tire away from real-   Now I live i n Brownsville (TX), just
0 The Umatilla Indians say there is no             ity. Welcome, Ennis Cosby, to the world       across the river from Matamoros, Mexi-
need for further study of the 8,400-year-          the rest of us live in.                       co. Would you believe I never hear any
old skeleton of a white man found in                                                      113    "American" or "Mexican" music? All I
their "ancestral homelands" i n Washing-                                                         hear is a vast' amount of black yowling,
ton state. Their oral traditiom suff~cefor         0 Inever met a redneck I didn't like. In      howling and shrieking!
their "history." Case closed.                      f a d I'm not quite sure I have ever met a
                                      942          redneck. But Icertainly have met a lot of
                                                   urban hicks from the vicinity of New          0 The Democrats' furor about the $6.5
0 Publ'kattm like the Wall St. Journal             York and California, all of them psycho-      million that Senator Thompson requested
and the Economist reflect the big-                 neurotic mutts.                               for the investigation of campaign financ-
business view that immigration is 100%                                                    pfc    ing gives me a laugh. Think of the much
benef~ial. They never mention any limit.                                                         larger amount that these same people
                                    701            0 We knew Madeleine Albright was a
                                                   Jewess. How come she didn't?                                  CONTENTS
0 A friend of mine has long been a key                                                    111      Abraham Lincoln's True Colors.          .4
official of an important international
body. From past conversations Iknow he                                                             Tips from a Trojan Horse. . . . . . . 8
                                                   0 I n a prison of say 500 inmates, there
                                                   will only be one or two guys at most who        The Anatomy of Tribute.       . . . . . . .ll
                                                   have the desire and ability to read In-          Rebels and Revisionists. . . . . . . .13
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       0 997 Howard Allen Enterprises, Inc.
        1                                          fantasy. Everything seems backward, up-

 PAGE 2-INSTAURATION-APRIL                1997
rush to approve for the daily handout to        by my mother who observed me playing           birthrate immediately--no excuses. The
the nation of Israel. Give me a break!          with a little colored girl. She told me to     white folks did so, but no one else did.
                                       301      "find a more suitable playmate."               Now with minority population growth,
                                                                                      507      immigration out of control and predic-
   Eastern European and Mongoloid Jews                                                         tions of a white minority nation around
may account for some odd shapes and             a When the topic turns to illegal immi-        the comer, we hear few ledures from
faces we see among the Chosen, such as          grants, one side trots out a well-             liberals about the importance of capping
the tall, thin, cadaverous types, the bar-      credentialed economist to point out            the nation's population.
racuda-like Menahem Begin, strange and          what a horrendous drag they are on the                                                 606
ugly mouths like that of Streisand and          system. The other side dusts off an equal-
the mannish faces the women acquire as          ly wellcredentialed economist (frequent-       0 A recent issue of the Economist had a
they age. A typical case is Lillian Hell-       ly Jewish) to point out what a boon they       long article on Africa's inexorable slide
man, who was a rather pretty girl when          are t o our economic well-being. He            back to the bush, posing the question,
young.                                          doesn't know how we ever got along             "Why Has Africa Faded? Not even a hint
                                      520       without 'em! That the economic argu-           of the true and simple explanation.
                                                ment is always foremost shows the utter                                             223
a The Jews in Russia are not the victims        bankruptcy bf such an approach. The
they pretend to be, but are in f a d a fa-      simple fact is they're not supposed to be      0 For what it's worth, everyone I've met
vored group.                                    here! They are lawbreakers a d therefore       from Arkansas the last few years has as-
                                      025       criminals. After all, if economic benefits     sured me that everything I've heard
                                                were the be-all and end-all of public poli-    about Bill Clinton is true.
a Hope may be killed and faith lost be-         cy, why do we put burglars i n jail?                                                729
cause of cold logic and hard facts. But         Doesn't their behavior stimulate con-
never say die. Life is not logical but illog-   sumption after people return home to           0 While being interviewed by Larry King
ical.                                           find their TVs, VCRs and stereos missing?      on CNN, racial cousin Walter Matthau
                                         420                                           800     admitted to Larry that one of the many
                                                                                               lies in his autobiography was that his fa-
   When Iwas in Guatemala Iread a sto-          a Hard to open a general interest maga-        ther was a Greek Orthodox priest. Lots
ry about a meeting of village leaders at-       zine without seeing the profile of some        of chuckles. King continued his question-
tended by "guerrillas" in black-face and        blissfully queer couple. How long before       ing as though viewers were expected to
camouflage, who shot them all dead. Ob-         threesomes (or more) will be the i n           believe the replies were any more truth-
viously they were military. At least            thing?                                         ful than the already admitted falsehoods!
70,000 natives were killed. Their de-                                               022                                              611
stroyers (the military) got their weapons
from Israel.                                    a Every culture is based on a moral con-       a For the media the only qualification a
                                      258       sensus. Unlike Koreans, we do not eat          refugee needs for citizenship is the abili-
                                                dogs, nor have we yet embraced the Eski-       ty to cry.
0 After listening to the Council for For-       mo practice of putting our eklerly out to                                            917
eign Relations crowd praise Pamela Dig-         freeze to death. When this consensus is
by Churchill Hayward Harriman, i t oc-          changed by subterfuge, without suffi-          0 My aunt who lives i n Los Angeles as-
curred to me that morality, like pa-            cient debate, discord results. For 200         sures me that Ethiopians are going to
triotism, is only for the lower classes.        years the thought that a baby could be         UCLA without having to pay any tuition.
                                         113    legally killed at birth or that queers         Seems i f one is a refugee, Uncle Sam
                                                could marry was as absurd and repug-           picks up the tab. Wonder how many Ma-
   American whites today seem to be             nant as cannibalism still is. Suddenly the     jority students scrambling for tuition
                                                                                               .    .
complete asses. Please tell me I am             judiciary discovers that these rights were     money are aware of this outrage!
wrong.                                          always there, hidden i n the crannies and                                         913
                                885                          of what had seemed well-
                                                understood law. Such judicial usurpation       a I hear there are 10,000      Mayan refu-
0 When I read 787's Safety Valve letter         will not have a peaceful end.                  gees i n South Florida. For the first time in
about being spanked for rudeness to the                                                662     memory their babies are being born with
local Negro postman, Ialmost fell off my                                                       birth defects. Guess who pays?They blame
chair. When Iwas about the same age, I          a Clinton will not be the first American       U.S. pollution. I f things are so bad, why
waltzed into our kitchen where the col-         dictator. The person who will be is the        don't they return home?
ored lady (yes, that's what we called           man who has learned firsthand from                                                      329
them back then) was doing some cooking          Clinton all about the astonishing gullibili-
and said i n a sassy, discourteous way,         ty of the American people.                     0 Carson McCullers wrote The Heart Is a
"Fix me a sandwich, I'm hungry." While                                                 449     Lonely Hunter. The white heart is loneli-
she went about obeying her six-year-old                                                        est of all, lonely for the we-feeling we
"mistress's" command, I heard my moth-             Does anyone remember 25-30 years            once had. "Listen to your heart," the gor-
er's voice beckon me. I was soundlv             ago when The Population Bomb was a             geous Swedish singer of Expose sings.
whacked on the bottom and told nev&             bestseller? Malthusian disaster was stalk-     Our collective white heart must keep on
to speak that way to another living per-        ing the nation and everyone was buzzing        beating faithfully until i t beats a path to
son, white or colored! Ialso remember a         about zero population growth. The US, ..       victory's door.
few days later being picked up at school        we were told, would have to curb its                                                   240

                                                                                                   INSTAURATION-APRIL       1997-PAGE     3
Abraham Lincoln reconsidered

                                Honest Abe's True Colors
           uch of Moriarty's recent essay Uan. 1997) is de-        rope. Although these revolutions were premature, it was
           voted to backpedaling from the man that Gener-          seven more decades before the forces of communism
           al George McLellan called "the Royal Ape."              were able to subvert a European state in their nihilistic re-
There seems to have arisen in Moriarty's psyche some dim           volt against civilization.
recognition that Lincoln wasn't such a good role model                 In an 1860 sermon delivered in the shadow of looming
for race-conscious whites after all. It is difficult to take se-   war, Southern theologian James H. Thornwell revealed
riously any racialist who favors the man that Nelson Man-          just how well the South understood not only the implica-
dela has identified as one of his most admired heroes              tions of the North's rising secular humanist pseudo-
along with Lenin, Stalin and Chairman Mao.                         religion and its ideological soul-mate, abolitionism, but
     Unfortunately, following Moriarty's change of heart,          also the relationship of both to the embryonic political
he expends much ink to convince readers that the South-            and ideological monstrosity whose evil, all-devouring na-
ern view of Lincoln is irrelevant. He still denies that Lin-       ture he could have only guessed at in 1860.
coln played a major role in initiating white dissolution. He              The parties in this conflict are not merely Abolitionists
wonders if a successful South would have become just an-             and slaveholders, they are Atheists, Socialists, Commu-
other Brazil. He assures us that "white racism" won't sell           nists, Red Republicans, Jacobins on the one side and the
anymore and that neither the Old South nor the pre-civil             friends of order and regulated freedom on the other. In
rights South can be resurrected. Finally he proclaims that           one word, the world is the battleground, Christianity and
while "the issue today is how to salvage the, or a white ,           Atheism the combatants, and the progress of humanity the
nation in America. .splitting the white population along             stake.
sectional lines seems counterproductive."                              This startling quote shows just how well Southerners
     At the end, there is a return to the earlier article (Nov.    understood who the principals .were in the impending
 1996) that puffs Lincoln as revealer of life's great profundi-    clash that New York Senator William Seward called "an
ties. Southerners who just don't "get it" receive some rath-       irrepressible conflict between opposing and enduring forc-
er condescending advice. Having lost a vicious war by be-          es." Americans should consider carefully the implications
 ing too chivalrous, they should gratefully abase them-            of the North's "Red" connection. Those who see Lincoln
 selves before their conqueror's all-seeing wisdom.                as anything other than an agent of white destruction place
     Certainly the South suffered, and its wounds are evident to   themselves in league with just about every enemy the
 this day. But suffering is more profitable if it brings knowl-    white race has. One hopes that this is done out of ignor-
 edge as well a experience. Lincoln taught the Confederates
                 s                                                 ance rather than by informed choice.
 the difference between a war and a duel. Lincoln can teach            Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels supported Lincoln's
 today's white Majority the difference between the United          war. During the war, Marx wrote a column for socialist
 States of America and the American Nation.                        Horace Greeley's New York Tribune. Award-winning his-
    This statement displays a callous disregard for the hun-       torian James McPherson made the connection between
dreds of thousands of courageous men in gray who fought            Lincoln and socialism in Abraham Lincoln and the Second
to preserve their race and their civilization in the conflict      American Revolution:
of 1861-1865 and who endured the infamous Reconstruc-                      Lincoln championed the leaden of the European rev-
tion that followed. It also displays a lamentable lack of un-         olutions of 1848; in turn, a man who knew something
derstanding of the causes of the war and the nature of the            about those revolutions, Karl Marx praised Lincoln in
forces arrayed against the Confederacy. Most distressingly            1865 as "the single-minded son of the working class" who
                                                                      led his "country through the matchless struggle for the res-
it reveals a myopic inability to discern that the Cause of
                                                                      cue of an enchained race and the reconstruction of a so-        I
the Confederacy in 1861 is also the cause of white racial-            cia1 world."
ists today.
                                                                        Russian revolutionaries favored the North. Alexander          1
Red Republican in the White House                                  Herzen called Jefferson Davis "the greatest political crimi-
    The South was not so ignorant as contemporary Ameri-           nal of our time." Michael Bakunin wrote of Lincoln's war,
cans of Lincoln's true colors, one of which turns out to be        "[lln the struggle between the Northern and Southern
Red. Southerners in 1860 were well aware of the destruc-                                          .
                                                                   United States. . .the North. .has all my sympathies." Bak-
tive force that first showed its face in 1848, when Karl           unin was even more pleased with Reconstruction and the
Marx published the Communist Manifesto, the year that              13th, 14th and 15th Amendments. Winning the war
saw the outbreak of socialist revolutions throughout Eu-           wasn't enough; for "popular self-government" to become

a reality, "another revolution. .far more profound" was          gest that he may have suffered from Marfan's Syndrome, a
required. Like the Bolsheviks who infiltrated America in         genetic disease that frequently leads to early death.
the 1920s and 1930s, these early Communist revolutionar-         Throughout life he was plagued by nightmares, delusions,
ies clearly saw the potential of using the Negro race as a       hallucinations and forebodings about his own death,
proletariat for subjugation of the West.                         which some writers believe he may have craved.
    In light of this, perhaps it is not coincidental that Lin-       His 1832 address to the Young Men's Lyceum in
coln's administration enacted into law three planks of the       Springfield supports that theory. George McDaniel writes:
Communist Manifesto. The first was a national banking                    In that bizarre speech, speaking almost wistfully, Lin-
act. The second was the Internal Revenue Service. The              coln rhapsodized about the founding fathers' havine         "
third, enacted by the Morrill Tariff Act, was public educa-        a~hieved'~lor~    in death. He went on 6 warn his young
tion at Land Grant Colleges.                                       audience cryptically about the possibility of a genius rising
    Lincoln benefited from the failed 1848 Communist rev-          up in America, who, in his quest for fame, might attempt
olutions in more material ways. Many veteran "forty-               to destroy the country. He counseled his bewildered audi-
                                                                   ence that they must help defeat this evil genius. Could Lin-
eighters" fled to the U.S. With the outbreak of the War for
                                                                   coln just possibly have been speaking of his own evil side
                                                                   and could the two faces exemplify his schizophrenic na-
                                                                   ture? Could Lincoln himself be the "house divided against
                                                                   itself" that he spoke of years later?
                                                                     Lincoln was almost certainly a sexual deviant. Rumors
                                                                 persist of dalliances between Lincoln and Marine guards
                                                                 in the White House. These charges are unproven but oth-
                                                                 ers are more certain. In his book, The Inner World o f
                                                                 Abraham Lincoln, historian Michael Burlingame describes
                                                                 Lincoln's homosexuality and the sadomasochistic marital
                                                                 relationship with his wife. In his 1926 book, Abraham Lin-
                                                                 coln: The Prairie Years, Carl Sandburg, hardly a light-
                                                                 weight source, described Lincoln and merchant Joshua
                                                                 Speed as having "a streak of lavender and spots soft as
                         Lincoln Memorial                        May violets."
                                                                     In The Story the Soldiers Wouldn't Tell: Sex i n the Civ-
Southern Independence, they joined Lincoln's invasion
army, forming an experienced cadre of military leaders
                                                                 i War, medical historian Thomas P. Lowry tells how Lin-
                                                                 coln slept in the same bed with Speed for four years.
who helped compensate for the fact that many of the
                                                                 When Speed announced his marriage, Lincoln became so
best U.S. officers cast their lot with the Confederacy. Fried-
                                                                 depressed he could not perform his duties as an Illinois
rich Engels later wrote of this bonanza of Communist
                                                                 legislator. His friends feared he might commit suicide. As
leadership that "had it not been for the experienced sol-
                                                                 quoted in Lincoln associate William Herndon's 1888 work,
diers who had entered America after the European revolu-
                                                                 Life o f Lincoln, Lincoln wrote to Speed:
tion (1848), especially from Germany, the organization of
the Union army would have taken still longer than it did."               Your [letter], announcing that Miss Fanny and you are
    The list of revolutionaries who served as Union gener-          "no more twain, but one flesh," reached me this morn-
al officers is revealing. It includes: Joseph Weydemeyer,           ing. . . .I feel somewhat jealous of both of you now. You
Carl Schurz, Franz Sigel, Thomas Meagher (commander of              will be so exclusively concerned for one another that I
                                                                    shall be forgotten entirely. . . .I shall be very lonesome
the Irish Brigade), Peter Osterhaus, August von Willich,            without you.
Friedrich Salomon, Alexander Schimmelfennig, E. S Solo-.
mon, Albin Schoepf, Julius Stahel, Max Weber and Fred-           Firebell in the Night
erick Hecker. The title of William L. Burton's 1988 book,
                                                                     While honorable men like Stephen Douglas and James
Melting Pot Soldiers, tells the story with a remarkable          Buchanan tried to salvage the Constitution and white civil-
economy of words.                                                ization, Lincoln's abolitionist allies, known at the time as
                                                                 "Black Republicans," fanned the flames of race war.
The Lavender Lincoln                                             Thomas Jefferson had long ago seen that the fervor
    There is hardly time or space to recount the many hor-
                                                                 aroused by the slavery question would lead to a national
ror stories of Lincoln's personal aberrations. There is some
                                                                 catastrophe. In a prescient letter to Massachusetts Con-
evidence that he was the bastard offspring of a North Car-
                                                                 gressman John Holmes following the Missouri Compro-
olina man who took Lincoln's mother into his home as an
                                                                 mise of 1820 which excluded slavery from territories
orphan child and molested her sexually. Lincoln publicly
                                                                 north of latitude 36O30' Jefferson wrote:
professed Christianity for the sake of politics, but as a
young man he wrote a book mocking Christianity and the                   [Tlhis momentous question, like a firebell in the
Bible. Recent medical studies of Lincoln's condition sug-           night, awakened and filled me with terror. I considered it
  at once as the knell of the Union.    . . .A geographical line,   America's racial hierarchy. The inexorable consequence
  coinciding with a marked principle, moral and political,          of Lincoln's revolution held at bay for a century by segre-
  once conceived and held up to the angry passions of men,          gation and Jim Crow was an inevitable and concomitant
  will never be obliterated. . . .I regret that I am now to die
                                                                    rise of race-mixing and the agent of our "self-inflicted gen-
  in the belief that the useless sacrifice of themselves by the
  generation of 1776, to acquire self-government and happi-         ocide."
  ness to their country, is to be thrown away by the unwise             This view is not mine alone. Perceptive Southerners
  and unworthy .. passions of their sons.                           said as much at the time. In his postwar book, In Defense
                                                                    of Virginia and the South, ~ o b e k. Dabney, chaplain to
      The War's cause has been distorted by both sides in
                                                                    Stonewall Jackson, described the deadly peril Lincoln's
the aftermath. The South's detractors claim that the war
                                                                    revolution created: "The black race is an alien one on our
was fought to free the slaves. Many Southerners, fearing
                                                                    soil; and nothing except his amalgamation with ours, or
the "racism" smear, counter that the war was fought over
                                                                    his subordination to ours, can prevent the rise of that in-
states rights and free trade. The reality is that slavery was
                                                                    stinctive antipathy of race, which, history shows, always
the central issue but in a way radically different than liber-
                                                                    arises between opposite races in proximity." He added:
als admit. Southerners were forced to fight for survival
against the "angry passions" that Jefferson&resaw.                                              n
                                                                            mhe offspring of a amalgamation must be a hybrid
      Have Americans forgotten why John Brown attacked                 race. . . .And this apparently is the destiny which our con-
Harpers Ferry? Throughout the decades before the war,                  querors have in view. If indeed they can mix the blood of
abolitionists agitated relentlessly for armed servile insur-           the heroes of Manassas with this vile stream from the fern
rection against the South. Intent on fulfilling this malevo-           of Africa, then they will never again have occasion to
                                                                       tremble before the righteous resistance of Virginia free-
lent fantasy, Brown planned to arm Virginia's slaves as a              men; but will have a race supple and vile enough to fill
prelude to massacre. For this monstrous act, the Northern              that position of political subjugation, which they desire to
press compared Brown favorably to Jesus Christ. With the               fix on the South.
examples of the bloody Nat Turner Rebellion, the genoci-
dal Haiti massacres and other lethal slave uprisings before         Advance to Barbarism
them, Southerners had little choice but to defend them-                 The assertion that the embattled South thought of the
selves against those who openly advocated their mass                War as some sort of romantic lark is so far divorced from
 murder.                                                            historical reality as to be deeply insulting. Outnumbered
      Outgoing President James Buchanan understood the              more than 440-1 in population, and 100-to-1 in industrial
 potential for disaster far better than Lincoln. In his final       capacity at the beginning of the War, the South fought be-
speech to Congress in December 1860, he said, "Self-                cause it had no choice. It was Lincoln who raised an army
 preservation is the first law of nature, and therefore any         to invade the South. It was the South which fought with
state of society in which the sword is all the time suspend-        grim desperation as long as it was able.
 ed over the heads of the people must at last become intol-             Men like Stonewall Jackson and Nathan Bedford For-
 erable." No one in a position of leadership incited pas-
 sions mere than Abraham Lincoln. To the South, Lincoln,
                                                                    rest were not squeamish when it came to the art of killing.       -
                                                                                                                  le looting and van-
 the great "house-divided-against-itself-cannot-stand" abo-                                                        dalism by Union
 litionist, was the point of the sword Buchanan so vividly                                                         troops in Frede-
 described. The election of 1860 was the beginning of its                                                          ricksburg on the
 descent. The South had no choice but to abandon a union                                                           eve of the Decem-
 that sanctioned murder of white women and children.                                                               ber 1862 battle,
      Given events since the war, is it true that Lincoln was                                                      Jackson replied:
 "the historical and political progenitor of today's largely                                                       "Kill them, sir. Kill
 self-inflicted white genocide?" Is this mere "heated opin-                                                        them every one."
 ion," as Moriarty contends?Significantly, he fails to quote
                                                                                                                   Forrest's ferocity is
 the remainder of my critical passage:
                                                                                                                   the stuff of legend.
        Beyond the murder of over 600,000 of his own coun-                                                          His philosophy
   trymen in a war of fratricidal vengeance marked by the de-                                                      was "war means
   liberate employment of "total war" by Lincoln's Union                                                           fighting, and fight-
   army commanders. . .Lincoln's war conferred moral sanc-
   tion. and indeed constitutional comwlsion. uDon the le-                                                          ing means killing."
                                               , ,
   thal delusion of racial egalitarianism.                            Nathan Bedford Forrest, a ferocious warrior   He was SO good at
                                                                                                                    it that William T.
    It is the ascendancy of the ideology of racial equality         Sherman once wrote, "Forrest should be hunted down and
that threatens our existence. Lincoln was not alone in              killed if it costs 10,000 lives and bankrupts the treasury."
creating our plight. It is certainly true that others have fol-         Grant asked Lincoln to suspend exchange of Union
lowed in his footsteps. But it was Lincoln who created the          and Confederate prisoners because he calculated that one
legal and social climate that legitimized the destruction of        Confederate was worth three of his "melting pot soldiers."

The Army of Northern Virginia under Robert E. Lee inflict-     Diffuse resistance everywhere translates to effectiveness
ed such devastating casualties on Grant's Army of the Po-      nowhere. Most Southerners still retain a sense of kinship
tomac that it very nearly cost Lincoln the election of 1864.   and loyalty to their Southern heritage. This self-
    It is true that the South refrained from the organized     consciousness exists in few other regions. It is not so pro-
butchery of Sherman, Phil Sheridan, Benjamin "Beast"           nounced even in the West, where antipathy to the federal
Butler and other Unionists who waged total war on de-          government is at least as strong as it is in the South.
fenseless civilians. The burning of Atlanta, the march to          If one "section" or even one state takes action, it may
the sea, the destruction of the Shenandoah Valley, the de-     be joined by others, just as Lincoln's call for the invasion
population of parts of Missouri and Georgia, the intern-       of the lower Southern states precipitated secession by Vir-
ment of civilians in concentration camps, the obscene          ginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Arkansas. Refusal by
treatment of Southern POWs in Northern camps, and un-          a governor to accept a particularly noxious federal diktat
counted other atrocities bear scathing testimony to Lin-       may, in fact, be the confrontational spark that one day ig-
coln's barbarism against the South. However, only a man        nites the birth of an ethnostate. This will work best in a re-
utterly devoid of civilizing instincts could construe such     gion where sectional loyalties command participation by
behavior as a virtue. As with the Allies' wars against Ger-    sister states. It could have happened when Eisenhower
many, self-righteous carnage against our own blood kin         sent troops to Little Rock.
has brought the white race perilously close to disaster.            Finally, no war i s won
    The second assertion that Lincoln teaches us, the "dif-    without a unifying cause and
ference between the United States of America and the           symbols of that cause. The
American Nation," says nothing positive about Lincoln.         Confederate flag is still a talis-
One presumes that "the United States of America" denotes       man of extraordinary power,
the federal government, and "the American Nation" de-          as anyone who has ever lofted
notes the people themselves, sans government. One fur-         it in defiance in the face of
ther presumes that a racialist must surely favor preserving    blacks can readily attest. The
the people ahead of their institutions. However, in the        elemental fear and dismay
conflict of 1861-1 865, it was Lincoln who fought to pre-      are palpable.                    .
serve the "Union," that all-powerful empire that was the
United States of America. Conversely the South fought to           What lessons, then, are we to learn from the man
preserve itself from racial amalgamation. It seems self-       whose war caused the deaths of more white Americans
evident that a racialist must embrace the South's position     that all other American wars combined, the man who
and condemn the megalomaniac who tried to destroy it.          ushered in political and social equality for a race whose
                                                               genes are destroying Western civilization, the man who
Salvaging an Ethnostate                                        advanced the universalist cause as no one in his era had
    Does Southern nationalism ("sectionalism") have no         done before or since? Perhaps there is a lesson for us, but
role in the political calculus of the 20th century?Who vot-    it is not the one cited in Moriarty's "Deep Politics." It is
ed for California's anti-immigration Proposition 187 and       this: failure to discern the true nature of any conflict abro-
anti-affirmative action Proposition 209? Far from abandon-     gates all hope of victory. In war one must identify enemies
ing racial awareness, we must fan its flames. As conditions    and allies. Those who are not allies are enemies, and must
worsen, the white population will polarize along racial        be treated as such.
lines.                                                              Lincoln overthrew a nation based on the sanctity and
    As for Southern nationalism, if "sectionalism" is not      preeminence of the white race in order to preserve an em-
the answer, what is? How, except by irredentism and geo-       pire that trumpeted such sanctimonious "principles" as
graphic concentration, can an ethnostate arise? Shall we       preservation of the Union, racial equality, commercial
all move to odd-numbered street addresses and call that        hegemony and on and on. This makes Lincoln the enemy.
our nation? The idea is preposterous. Any animal in the             What non-Southerners must recognize is that it was
wild knows instinctively that it must defend it's own terri-   the South that fought to save the white race. In Lincoln's
tory or die. One can already see sectionalism at work in       own words, Southerners fought against an "evil genius"
Quebec and in the Southwest, where Mexico is assiduous-        who tried to destroy the American Nation and its founding
ly colonizing land that was once American. Does anyone         people. Consequently the Southern Cause is the cause of
believe that Mexicans intent on establishing "Aztlan" will     whites everywhere and all whites must join that cause if
forego "sectionalism" in pursuit of their goal? Those who      we are to succeed. When the time comes to rectify the ra-
dismiss Southern nationalism and the strong racial con-        cial disaster that looms before us, the South will be in the
sciousness that underlies it should ask themselves what        forefront of that struggle. But it must not be alone. The "ir-
they would substitute in its place.                            repressible conflict" is more than just a Southern struggle.
    While no one wishes bloodshed, we must realize that        It is more than just an American struggle. It is a struggle
salvation may not come without disruption. A core group        for white survival.
identity and a locus of action are mandatory for success.                                                        GRAY FOX
A review of Special Tasks: The Memoirs of an Unwanted Witness
by Pavel Sudoplatov and others, Little Brown and Co. 1994

                                Tips from a Trojan Horse

          nyone interested in espionage will find this book        with surprise at his naivete. His underlying boyishness
          enthralling. It tells the inside story of Pavel Sudop-   comes out most clearly when he bitterly complains to fel-
          latov's involvement in Soviet                                                  low prisoner (and former deputy) Le-
spying from his 1920s recruitment                                                        onid Eitingon that what is being done
by the OGPU in Odessa to his arrest                                                      to them is illegal! Eitingon merely
a few months after Stalin's death in                                                     laughs, "Laws and power struggles
1953. His is one of the most remark-                                                     are incompatible." In a more civil-
able careers in the history of espion-                                                   ized regime, Sudoplatov might have
age. In later years, under the person-                                                   become a hero to the young. He did
al tutelage of the awesome Lavrenti                                                      in fact approach that status after his
Beria, he took on a staggering range                                                     eventual "rehabilitation," when he
of responsibilities. His first important                                                 taught tradecraft at the KGB Acade-
assignment, beginning in 1934, was                                                       my-
to penetrate the rebel Ukrainian Na-                                                         A similar respect i s due to Sudop-
tionalist organization in Europe.                                                        latovfs principal agents. Despite Rob-
Successfully completing the project,                                                     ert Conquest's verdict that they were
he then took on tasks as varied as                                                       all ultimately "the criminal agents of
coordinating partisan resistance in                                                      a criminal regime," Eitingon (nC Isak-
WWll and supervising atomic espi-                                                        ovich), Lev Vasilevsky and Gregori
onage. Stalin could not have had a                                                       Kheifetz were three smart miscreants.
more dedicated servant. This makes                                                       For sheer talent and resourcefulness,
his eventual downfall at the hands                                                       they would be hard to match.
of Khrushchev an act of supreme in-                                                      Though the major British traitors
gratitude and illustrates the essential                                                  were equally clever-and         globally
rottenness of the Soviet system.                                   perhaps more damaging-their personal range was less.
     Sudoplatov was apparently a "true believer" in the So-            Eitingon had worked with GRU agent Richard Sorge of
viet system right up to the time of his arrest. Only after         Tokyo fame, plotted with the Reds in the Spanish Civil
 most of his friends had abandoned him and he was serv-            War and arranged the murder of Trotsky in Mexico. In the
 ing a 15-year term in prison did he realize that commu-           NKVD, Eitingon was known for his great charm and hu-
 nism, or at least its Soviet version, was not a noble social      mor and for being a consummate ladies' man who adored
 experiment. The question is: How could a man of Sudop-            the children of his three separate families, while quoting
 latov's experience have been blind for so long to the real        Pushkin by the yard. He could have excelled in any walk
 nature of the system he served so faithfully? Could it be         of life. So could Zinovy Katznelson of the Ukrainian
 that he was at bottom a Satanic version of the quintessen-         NKVD (journalist, bond-trader in Paris, guerrilla com-
 tial Boy Scout? Loyal, upright, totally dedicated, raised in      mander in Spain). Abram Slutsky, Sudoplatov's first boss in
 bleak circumstances, already at 14 fighting for the Bolshe-       Moscow, not only stole the Swedish design for ball-
 viks against the Whites, Sudoplatov evidently came to see         bearings, but blackmailed match-king Kreuger for $300,000!
 the Party as his mother and Stalin his father. To this Happy          Such men cannot be dismissed as mere "thugs." Their
 Warrior, enemies of the Communist Party simply had to             "people skills" were equally impressive. Recruiting total
 be liquidated. Consequently he felt no qualms about mur-          strangers to work against their own country is not easy,
 dering (on Stalin's personal direction) Ukrainian National-       but it was a task in which Sudoplatov's deputies excelled.
 ist leader Konovalets in Rotterdam in 1938 with a booby-          Above all, they were loyal to one another as their Kremlin
 trapped box of chocolates. Nor was he fazed by any of the          bosses would never be to them. Even under torture, when
 other assassinations he helped to set up or cover up, in-                                          they
                                                                    "purged" in the late 1 9 4 0 ~ ~ refused to incriminate
 cluding four committed by the NKVDfs chief poisoner,              others. Nor were they the only ones to exhibit a surprising
 Nathan Maironovsky.                                                amount of virtue in an evil environment. Veteran NKVD-er
      If a Nazi official with a similar rCsumC were to plead        Pyotr Zubov refused to sign a false confession even when
 that he had sincerely believed in the justice of his regime,      the infamous interrogator, B.V. Rodos, smashed his knees
 would we be inclined to exonerate him? Curiously one              with a hammer. Another of Beria's victims, the ruthless
 cannot help feeling some respect for Sudoplatov, along            Viktor Abakumov, former head of SMERSH, died without

revealing a single secret. Despite being kept in a refrigerat-   was he who first told Moscow of
ed cell between bouts of the most fiendish torture, he re-       Albert Einstein's secret letter to
fused to incriminate his Jewishagents.                           Roosevelr urging the develop-
    Special Tasks is a book that turns a floodlight on the       ment of nuclear weapons. He
tragic complexity of Jewish relations with Slavic power,         learned of Bombfather's bloody
relations that go back before Russia even existed, to the        epistle from Oppenheimer, who
Kingdom of the Khazars in Central Asia, which for politi-        filled him in on the decision to
cal reasons converted to Judaism in A.D. 740. Some histo-        move the huge research project
rians believe the bulk of Western Jewry, the Ashkenazim,         to supposedly top-secret Los Ala-
are descended from the Khazars. Because most of the pop-         mos. Kheifetz's long established
ulation acquired a bronze complexion from intermarriage          network of immigrant moles now
with Mongolian tribesmen, Khazaria became known to               came to life, especially in the Southwest. To back him up,
medieval Europe as the legendary "Kingdom of the Red             Stalin sent to Washington as NKVD rezident a second star
Jews." That name might almost be applied to the early So-        performer, Vassili Zarubin, whose main asset seems to
viet Union. The popular uprising of 1917 was virtually hi-       have been his wife, Elizabeth. This formidable lady had
jacked by the Bolsheviks, who proceeded to take revenge          betrayed her first husband to Stalin's executioners for
for their long subjection under the Czars by imposing a re-      helping Trotsky. Now an NKVD captain in her own right,
gime which was certainly not what non-                                    she was already running a network of Polish-
Jewish Russian rebels had in mind. Nei-                                   Jewish "illegals." Elizabeth had no trouble getting
ther did it turn out to be what influential                               close to Oppenheimer through his wife, Katherine,
Rabbi Stephen Wise had in mind when he                                    and to Leo Szilard, whose secretary she recruited.
said of the Revolution, "Some call it                                     She also signed up George Camow by threatening
Marxism; I call it Judaism."                                              harm to his relatives in Russia.
    The only faith Lenin's atheists allowed                                   Important as these physicists were, Moscow
was faith in the Party. That the Soviet Un-                               wanted the best. The real giants were Enrico Fer-
ion never fully became a latter-day king-                                 mi, who married a Jew, and Niels Bohr, a half-
dom of Red Jews is due solely to one                                      Jew. Fermi had first )                            1
man, Stalin. Incredibly cunning and far-                                  been approached in
sighted, he destroyed every challenge to                                  the 1930s by the Ital-
his power, which eventually became ab-                                    ian-Jewish physicist,
solute. His first knockout blow against the                               Bruno Pontecorvo, act-
Chosen was his purge of "Old Bolsheviks" in the late             ing for Kheifetz. He now be-
 1930s. Sudoplatov tells us that in 1933, when he was            came the special charge of a
transferred to Moscow, yews held top positions in every          third star performer, Lev Vas-
major ministry." Despite further purges, they continued          ilevsky, traveling as a Soviet
playing vital roles into the 1950s.                              diplomat named "Tarasov."
    Sudoplatov's book bristles with names of Jewish              Men like Oppenheimer, Szil-
agents, so many that it leaves the impression the Soviet         ard and Fermi were never (                Enrico Ferrni
Union could scarcely have functioned without them.               treated as mere agents, but as renowned scientists wh!
Their success in the U.S. was especially astounding. Point-      happened to share the idealism of their Soviet "friends."
ing out that America's strength as a "melting pot" of immi-      They were easily convinced that the postwar world would
grant communities was also its weakness, Sudoplatov              be safer if atomic secrets were shared with the "Workers'
says, "Within these communities we were able to enlist           Paradise."
thousands of agents ready to destroy you in case war                  And share they did. They facilitated a massive transfer
broke out between us." American readers might well               of information from the Manhattan Project with the help
shudder at the thoroughness of Soviet preparation-               of such professional spies as Klaus Fuchs in Los Alamos
"moles" throughout the country, explosives stockpiled            and miscegenators like Fermi in
near army and navy bases, guerrilla cadres ready to come         Chicago, where Fermi had con-
north through Mexico disguised as "wetbacks," ready to           structed the first working "pile."
move into command centers all set up to receive them.            Hundreds of secret American
                                                                 research reports were funneled
The Race for the Bomb                                            through NKVD agents in New
    As soon as Stalin learned of British and American ef-        York to Russian physicist Kur-
forts to develop the Atom Bomb, he designated this as the        chatov, who eventually produc-
Soviet Union's #1 project. His mastermind in the U.S. was        ed Stalin's own bomb. A de-
the charming and cultured Kheifetz, long based in San            tailed description of the Hiro-
Francisco as an organizer of the U.S. Communist Party. It        shima device was delivered to
New York in a Kleenex box by courier Lona Cohen. (She           for a quarter-century, the Georgian Machiavelli both fear-
and her husband were eventually jailed by the British in        ed and despised the people of whom he said, 'We need
the "Lonsdale" case.) MIT physics graduate Semyon Sem-          their minds." The Jews, in short, could never win with Sta-
yonov now got to "runw Fuch's collaborator, Harry Gold,         lin. The more his Jews recruited others from abroad, the
and the Rosenbergs.                                             more he distrusted them. We can see why. Even had he
     Soviet penetration did not depend only on covert ac-       not been anti-Semitic and increasingly paranoid, it must
tion. Propaganda played a big part in softening up the na-      surely have occurred to him that the tables might easily be
tive anti-Communists. Not only the Jewish community in          turned. Foreign Jews might recruit Soviet ones to over-
the US, but millions of people worldwide had been sym-
       ..                                                       throw him. Consequently there was at least some sub-
pathetic to the Bolshevik Revolution, becoming more so          stance to his later propaganda campaign classifying Jews
as the Great Depression shook their faith in free enter-        as "rootless cosmopolitans" whose loyalty to any country
prise. Soviet propaganda fully exploited this sympathy,         could never be relied upon. That suspicion was naturally
which was given a considerable boost by Hitler's invasion       strongest in the case of Zionists and was reinforced by the
of Russia.                                                      emergence of Israel. Nor did it die with Stalin. The F B   S,
     Niels Bohr had been contacted by Austrian physicist        successor to the KGB, still wants to suppress the nuclear
Lisa Meitner, whose own research in nuclear fission had         espionage saga, now 50 years old. The reason is that the
                     been crucial. Bohr's major contribution    most influential Soviet participants had all later been
                     came when the Soviet's first reactor       purged because they were Jewish. The FSB doesn't want
                     failed to work Vasilevsky was sent to      to make heroes out of Jews.
                     ask his help. Shown a plan of the reac-         Reading the later chapters of Special Tasks is like peek-
                     tor, the giant of Copenhagen at once       ing into Dante's Inferno. The reader is overwhelmed by
                     put his finger on the problem. Bohr        the sheer depravity of a system whose most loyal servants
                     also joined the other physicists in act-   could be treated as traitors-imprisoned, tortured, falsely
                     ing as spokesman for the global disar-                         accused of whatever the bosses cooked
                     mament propaganda campaign launch-                              up to protect themselves. Sudoplatov
                     ed by Beria in 1946 to counter the U.S.                        was arrested on Khrushchev's orders,
 nuclear advantage. The campaign was abruptly muted                                  after the fall of Beria, simply because
when the Soviets exploded their own bomb in 1949.                                    he had been "Beria's man" and knew
     Should these physicists be considered traitors to the                           too much. When Sudoplatov told the
West or as idealists misled about the real nature of the So-                        judges at his trial that one action he
 viet Union? Some had been concerned that 'fiitler might                             was accused of had actually been or-
get the bomb first because Washington was acting too                                 dered by Khrushchev himself, they
 slowly. As Sudoplatov put it, committed pacifists would                             turned pale and hastily changed the
 naturally favor an atomic balance of power, "a crucial fac-    subject. Khrushchev, Molotov, Bulgarin, lgnatiev and Ma-
 tor in establishing a new world order after the War, and        lenkov-with Voroshilov and Kaganovich now largely
 we took advantage of this." But could the physicists have      eclipsed-were the real monsters, circling each other like
 been right after all? Just as it may have been only Ameri-     wolves in the struggle to succeed Stalin.
 ca's monopoly of the bomb which prevented Stalin from               Standing far above the rest in vision and intelligence,
 overrunning Western Europe in the late 1 9 4 0 ~ ~ it may       Beria also belonged to the ruling clique. Initially the most
 have been Stalin's possession of it that kept American im-      powerful man in the U.S.S.R. after Stalin's death, he show-
 perialism within bounds that the rest of the world could        ed an impulse towards reform by banning torture and
 tolerate. For all the doubts that many had at the time,         launching a massive release of Gulag prisoners. But re-
 MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) may indeed have                form did not suit his rivals, who soon banded together to
 been the only saving grace. By restraining the wild men         bring him down. A titan who handled global espionage
 on both sides, the West enjoyed many years of relative          and economic restructuring with equal brilliance, a mon-
 peace between the Great Powers. Despite Korea, Angola,          ster of cruelty and repression who did more than anyone
 Cuba and Vietnam, the Cold War stayed "cold." On the            other than Stalin to transform Russian from a backward
 other hand, if the worst had happened, and Soviet nukes         agrarian hinterland into a nuclear superpower, Lavrenti
 rained down on the US, would the survivors have felt            Beria presents a psychological profile so complex that
 any better knowing that Oppie et al. had betrayed their        judgment stands baffled before it. How could the man
 country's secrets for noble motives? Would they have            who proposed the Katyn Forest massacre of thousands of
 thought charitably of the many immigrants who had assist-       Polish officers and the murder of Raoul Wallenberg have
 ed in that betrayal?                                            been a reformer?
                                                                     The more we learn of the Soviet Union, the more it
Stalin's Mistrustfulness                                         seems impossible to grasp the whole. It's too big a canvas,
    The great irony is that Stalin never really trusted his      too full of contradictions. Even the most apparently com-
own Jews. Despite having surrounded himself with them            prehensive account may have puzzling gaps. Sudoplatov's

story is no exception and suffers from four major omis-               in a country that boasted the largest slave-camp system in histo-
sions:                                                                ry, Pave1 could hardly have been unaware of the Gulags that
                                                                      dotted the landscape. But he chose not to say anything about
    (1) No mention of the Ukrainian Holocaust, the greatest sin-      them. However great his sympathy for Soviet Jews, many of
gle crime of our century. This was Stalin's systematic murder-by-     whom wound up in the Gulag, Sudoplatov surely must have
starvation of some 7 million rebellious Ukrainians in the Terror      known that it was 'also run by Jews. Arkady Vaksberg, co-
Famine of 1932-33. Sudoplatovfs silence here is all the more          founder of the Russian branch of PEN, tells us in Stalin Against
mysterious because he was himself a Ukrainian and was work-           the Jews that of 12 major complexes in the Gulag, eleven were
ing in Kharkov when the famine began. Second, his OCPU boss           run by Jewish commissars, "monsters. . . .rightly hated and de-
was V.A. Balitsky, who reported to Voroshilov in the spring of        spised by their millions of slaves."
1933 that the regional death toll had exceeded 9 million. Sudo-            (4) The fourth major gap concerns the outcome of the Hitler-
platov knew Politburo member Mendel M. Khatayevich, who               Stalin Non-Aggression Pact of 1939. What Sudoplatov fails to
played an important role in enforcing the Famine. It was Khatay-      tell us here i s that for the first 20 months of WWll the Third
evich who looked around the corpse-littered countryside and           Reich and the Soviet Union were on the same side.
said, "It took a famine to show them who's master here." Sudo-             Short of actually fighting, Stalin gave Hitler every assistance
                                platov says not a word about the      he could. By shipping through Poland vast quantities of coal,
                                deliberately engineered food short-   iron ore, grain, oil and strategic materials such as rubber, he ena-
                                age, thus contributing to the con-    bled Hitler to bypass the British naval blockade. Stalin even al-
                                spiracy of silence which has sur-     lowed U-Boats the use of a Russian base. And all the while the
                                rounded the Ukrainian Holo-           Soviet propaganda machine was lauding Nazi military successes.
                                caust ever since.                          Apparently believing that a Nazi victory would leave him
                                    (2) Neither does Sudoplatov       and Hitler free to divide the Western world between them, Stalin
                                allude to the great power wield-      was pleased by German advances in Europe and would have
                                ed for many years by fellow           been happy to see the fall of Britain. His COMINTERN (overseas
                                Ukrainian, Lazar M. Kaganovich.       arm of the Party) did its best to whip up anti-British sentiment.
                                This man was second only to Sta-       French Communist leaders even rejoiced in the fail of Paris. Brit-
      Solzhenitsyn chronicled
     the horrors of the Culae  Ilin on the Soviet totem pole in
                                the years 1932-34 and the only
                                                                       ish Reds, like trade-unionist Konnie Zilliacus, did all they could
                                                                      to impede Britain's war effort by fomenting strikes-a policy
Jew in the hierarchy to survive him. His bloody record in the         abruptly reversed when Hitler invaded Russia, whereupon Brit-
Ukraine cannot have escaped Sudoplatov's attention. Though             ish workers were exhorted to make every effort "for Uncle Joe!"
Sudoplatov's own duties were largely restricted to foreign affairs,   All told, this Nazi-Bolshevik alliance was of such value to Hitler
he surely must have known this NKVD general who built the             that i t ma& "Barbarossa" seem even more ill-advised. Special
Moscow Metro and whose first act on taking over the ailing              Tasks gives no hint that such an alliance ever existed.
Transport Ministry was to execute its entire management. Kagan-          Were these four omissions due to Sudoplatov's reluc-
ovich's own nephew imputed some 20 million deaths to his un-
                                                                      tance to embarrass his many Jewish friend; or simply his
cle! (According to Solzhenitsyn, Kaganovich was one of the six
Jewish commissars in charge of building the White Sea Canal, a        feeling that they were not particularly relevant t o his own
project that cost over 200,000 lives.)                                career? Let the readers of his book decide.
    (3) To most Westerners any reference to the "evil empire"
calls up memories of Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago. Living                                                        PETER J.LORDEN

                                          The Anatomy of Tribute
  One of the oldest forms of financial          ute on the regions they conquered, often       leaders extracted money from businesses
transactions i s tribute. When the larger       killing all those who resisted their de-      in exchange for labor peace. "Sweetheart
Og told the smaller Ug that Og would eat        mands. In the early 19th century the Bar-     deals" that promised no strikes. Chinese
first or else Ug would find himself the         bary nations of North Africa preyed on        and Vietnam gangs demand tribute from
main course, that was a very direct and         American shipping. In 1815 Stephen Dec-       their people who have established busi-
basic type of tribute.                          atur led an American expedition to the re-    nesses in this country
    Tribute goes back for many millennia        gion and ended the perennial shakedown.            One modern form of tribute that
and comes in many shapes and sizes. It i s           Modern tribute takes a multitude of      could affect all U.S. taxpayers is especial-
based on the premise that if the victim         forms, many of them personal in nature.       ly noxious. This concerns the future of
doesn't pay the equivalent of money, the        The school bully who takes lunch money        welfare recipients. N w laws decree that
extortionist will do him great personal or      from his smaller classmates by threaten-      after two years on the dole a person on
financial harm.                                 ing to beat them exacts a direct form of      welfare must find work because his wel-
     History tells us that governments or       tribute. American gangsters in this centu-    fare payments will cease. President Clin-
countries have extracted tribute from           ry "shook down" merchants and business        ton, aware of the public mood, signed the
neighboring peoples on a massive scale.         people for "proteaion money." ("If you        welfare reform bill at the direction of his
The Mongol conquerors levied heavy trib-        don't pay, we'll bum your store.") Labor      sleazy political advisor, Dick Morris. This
action assured Clinton's reelection, ac-       living. Robberies, burglaries and deadly        extortionists always demanding bigger
cording to many pundits.                       muggings will become a way of life for a        payments. Two, as far as I'm concerned,
    Clinton's liberal supporters screamed      huge segment of the present population.         to succumb to paying tribute is both phys-
"traitor" when the amoral, self-serving        And here is the kicker. The answer to the       ical and moral cowardice on the part of
 President put his signature on the legisla-   problem, say the liberals, is for the pro-      the victim. At the time it may be easier
tion. The main criticism of the leftist        ductive people to continue to pay these         and more convenient to pay, but it is still
crowd was that many, if not a majority, of     underclass citizens so they will not attack     wrong.
welfare recipients are illiterate with no      the people who work for a living. That,             My prediction is that our political
job skills. Many have never worked a day       my friends, is pure, direct tribute.            leaders will give in to the left, and make
in their lives. They are not only uneduca-         Some say that is the hidden threat          some special provisions for the welfare
ble, but have no concept of the discipline     lurking behind our welfare policies of the      people who claim they are unable to find
and sense of responsibility needed to se-      past 5 0 years. I've had friends tell me that   work after two yean on the dole. All of
cu e and hold a job.                           we have to keep paying these people so          which will simply defer the coming Ar-
    Therefore, warn critics, those erst-       they will leave us alone.                       mageddon between the producers and
while welfarites will turn to crime as the          I have two problems with paying trib-      the nonproducers.
easiest and perhaps only way to make a         ute. One, it is a bottomless pit with the                                              323

              Timely Quotations From Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America (1835-1840)
        *[T]he human heart also nourishes a debased taste for equality, which leads the
      weak to want to drag the strong down to their level and which induces men to prefer
      equality in s e ~ t u d to inequality in freedom.

        *There is no country where the law can foresee everything or where institutions
      should take the place of reason and mores.

       *I lalow of no country in which, speaking generally, there is less independence of
      mind and true freedom of discussion than in America.

         *Among the immense thrusting crowd of political aspirants I saw very few men who
       showed that virile candor and manly independence of thought which often marked
       the Americans of an earlier generation and which, wherever found, is the most sali-
       ent feature in men of great character.

          *There is hardly a political question in the United States which does not sooner or
       later turn into a judicial one.

        mThe lowest classes in these vast cities [Philadelphia and New York] are a rabble
       more dangerous even than that of European towns.

          *Nowhere else do the citizens seem smaller than in a democratic nation.

          *Society is endangered not by the great profligacy of a few but by the laxity of all.

The second of a two-part essay

                                    Rebels and Revisionists
          y previous article (March 1997) remarked that               the Democratic Party. This collaboration, lambasted by its

M         conscious Majority Americans divide into two
          not necessarily compatible camps, the Rebels
and the Revisionists. I further observed that both these
                                                                      opponents as the union of "Rum, Romanism, and Rebel-
                                                                      lion" and excoriated in those eye-catching Harper's car-
                                                                      toons by Thomas Nast that depicted gaunt, hyper-Nordic
groups have been estranged from an overall national ide-              Confederates and feral, prognathous, Fenian leprechauns
ology for many decades: the Rebels since 1865; the Revi-              teaming up to torment helpless Negroes, lasted for years
sionists since the outcome of the Second World War final-             after the end of Reconstruction.
ized that of the First. Nonetheless, I promised not merely                The Chinese exclusion movement of the 1870s and
solace but hope for the Majoritarians of these two groups             1880s was largely spearheaded by Irish and German work-
in their quest to preserve their heritages and to wrest a fu-         ing men and women, and supported by Southern ex-
ture for our race in America.                                         Confederates. While differences in national origin and re-
    Well, hope there is! For Rebels and Revisionists spring           ligion proved decisive (and divisive) in orienting Southern
from large and en-                                                                                          WASPs and Northern
during constituen-                                                                                          ethnics during the
cies: the Anglo-                                                                                            years of WWI and the
Saxon and Celtic-                                                                                           1920s, the leaders of
derived Protestants                                                                                         the popular anti-New
of the South, the de-                                                                                       Deal movement of the
scendants of non-                                                                                           1930s were a Catholic
WASP Europe in the                                                                                          priest, Charles Cough-
North and Midwest.                                                                                          lin, and Huey Long of
Among strong minori-                                                                                        Louisiana. From those
ties of both these                                                                                          years throughout the
groups, our individual                                                                                       1960s, Southern WASPs
patrimonies-the Co-                                                                                         and Northern Catho-
lonial and Confeder-                                                                                         lics formed the back-
ate heritage of the                                                                                         bone of the anti-
Southerners, the sep-                                                                                       communist crusade.
arate European deri-                                                                                             The 1960s saw
vations of the eth-                                                                                         Southern whites and
nics-have remained               An 1872 Thomas Nast cartoon in which a Negro is urged to "clasp hands"      Northern ethnics, their
vivid and enduring.               with a Klansman and a Tammany Hall instigator of Civil War draft riots.    ranks now swelled by
Compared to our                                                                                              Italians and Eastern
erstwhile American Majority rivals, the Yankees, who in                Europeans, move even closer together on the race ques-
their triumph have largely evanesced into colorless, cor-             tion. Here George Wallace was the catalyst, but it was
porate, mass-media-mediated America, Rebels and Revi-                  Richard Nixon and his aides who forged formerly Demo-
sionists have living roots that reach back to the creation of         cratic white Southerners and Northern blue-collar ethnics
America, back to the challenges and glories of European                into a valid Republican (presidential) voting bloc, the fa-
civilization, and ultimately back to our myth-enshrouded               mous, but somewhat misnamed, "Southern strategy." To
Aryan beginnings.                                                      be sure Nixon, to use an old lefty term, "co-opted" his
    Though the descendants of the South and the heirs of               new white voters by fobbing them off with empty symbols
 non-WASP Europe are and have been divided in impor-                  and rhetoric, while he busily carried on and enlarged the
tant ways, no serious student of American history can fail             Great Society's agenda. Reagan did the same with his
to note the persistence with which, from even before the              similar constituency, the "Reagan Democrats."
Civil War, Southern WASPs and Northern immigrants                          Though we may (and should) deplore this exploitation
formed alliances against the dominant political ethos. In             from above and complaisance from below, the persistence
the North, lrish distaste for blacks, which led to more than          and potential of this bloc proffers strong evidence that the
one affray with Yankee abolitionists (and culminated in               "affinities" Rebel and Revisionist arise, not from dated ec-
the 1863 draft riots in New York City) inspired a post-Civil          centricities but from a yet vigorous and potentially com-
War coalition with Southerners, within the framework of                manding popular base.
     Today and for some time to come, thanks to institu-              New England roots and indeed all of our silent or somno-
tionalized practices of preferment in favor of inferior ap-           lent Majority brethren-all of us are rednecks, all of us are
plicants from other races and to the swelling competition             now honkies.
from nonwhite immigrants and sweatshop workers                            This humbling fact having been recognized and
abroad, our larger white constituencies have material rea-            avowed, what else can be said about the welcome finding
sons for opposing the ensconced government/business/                  that conscious and prideful members of the Majority of the
cultural octopus.                                                     mightiest white nation on earth may yet amount to some-
     The present or future majorities from whom the Rebels            thing more than a scattering of ineffectual cranks?
and Revisionists will issue are not yet beyond the sway of                Since this is the conclusion of an essay, not a blueprint
call and soil (or, in the case of the work-ethic ethnics,             or a strategy, it seems apposite to note with some brevity:
blood and toil). In an America that simultaneously trum-
                                                                           1. Yes, the suggestion of an alliance that allows for
pets nonwhite "diversity" and trashes white history, Rebels
                                                                      centrifugal tendencies rather than the prescription of a fed-
and Revisionists are the America that New York and Holly-
                                                                      eration is quite deliberate. To anticipate the American fu-
wood hate and target. It is not coincidental that one day
                                                                      ture in Robertsonian terms, the Majority may well Re-
after February 22, the notoriously unnoticed birthday of
                                                                      possess America through separate ethnostates.
that old cracker, George Washington, national television
                                                                           2. The political reconquista of all these United States
networks featured the anti-Southern Roots and the anti-
                                                                      is not ruled out.
German Schindlefs List, to accompanying media hosan-
                                                                           3. Nor is the complete acculturation of assimilated
nahs. These are just the latest slaps in the ongoing, world-
                                                                      Majority members ruled out, either now or down the road.
wide campaign to revile our heritages and to remove their
symbols, be <hey as innocuous as a nunnery at Auschwitz                   As for the business about being losers. Yes, our fore-
or as time-hallowed as the Confederate battle flag. Note              fathers lost a few-but none who stood against Lee and
well that seldom if ever is it a down-East Yankee or a Park           Jackson, Rommel or Ludendorff, just to name a few of the
Avenue patrician who merits the treatment. It's the straight-         most eminent generals of the leading military nations of
laced Irish Catholic "Red-baiter" who dogs the innocent               our little coalition, will ever forget it. We've won a few,
"leftist," the Bible-thumping radio preacher who is the               too-and it's the final battle that counts.
 lecher and crook, the East European-accented good neigh-                 Those wars were won by heroism, to be s u r e b u t they
bor who is the secret "war criminal," the rampaging Klans-            were won by work as well. How to work to advance our
man who slays the Negro, and the "ordinary" German                    cause among our kind will occupy this writer in his next
who gases the Jew.                                                    essays.
     Today, in the above sense, all of us, including the
 many conscious Majorityites proud of their Protestant

                                                  The Military Zoo
     From the onset, the Armed Forces           es) has taken on a new meaning. Al-           dumbing down of military manuals to
have been used as the controlled testing        though a few young female recruits ap-        make them comprehensible to functional-
grounds for government integration ex-          parently were thrilled to be the "love        ly illiterate recruits. Integrating young
periments. After hearing about the various      toys" of domineering drill masters, it must   women into racially mixed army and
military academy scandals (rape, murder,        be assumed that most submitted under          navy barracks, and putting them under
cheating, drugs, car thefts) by carefully se-   threats, coercion, fear and peer pressure.    the direct control of young commissioned
lected cadets destined to become gentle-        The sexual brutality of some black drill      and non-commissioned officers, while at
men and lady officers, the high brass           sergeants wearing the once-honored uni-       the same time expecting them to behave
braced themselves for reports from the en-      form of the American soldier, has become a    like perfect ladies and gentlemen is al-
listed ranks. They were even worse than         national and an international disgrace.       most criminally naive. The breakdown of
expected.                                           The integration of African Americans      military discipline, the general display of
     Routine rapes of female recruits by        in the military has been hailed by the es-    immorality, the destruction of unit pride
their drill sergeants and officers, some-                            s
                                                tablishment press a a great success, de-      and the disgrace of the American uniform
times accompanied by threats of murder,         spite some 600 fragging that took place       by these human guinea pigs in what
as well as widespread consensual sex            in Vietnam, despite the disproportionate      amounts to federally dictated social pro-
among military personnel (some with             numbers of crimes committed by minority       grams cause an emetic reaction in most
wives or husbands at home) have now             servicemen overseas, despite the lower-       veterans of past wars.
been reported. RHlP (rank has its privileg-     ing of rnilitary standards and despite the                                           200

Don't gripe about Zionism

                               lsrael Should Remain As I s
                                                                        One other point: innate Arab hostility to non-Muslim

       here are three main positions that white separatists
       take to explain why they hate Israel. The first is their    whites. When Arabs and other Muslims poured into the
       sympathy for the Arabs in lsrael and the bordering          Iberian Peninsula and stayed for all those centuries, they
countries. This has led some of our people in the racial           didn't do it out of kindness. The truth is, Arab (Semitic) ex-
struggle to praise Palestinians and consider them our allies.      pansion is older than Islam. North Africa and most of the
The second is that it is wrong for Jewsto occupy someone           Middle East were once all white. Central Asia, including
else's territory, so they should leave. The third is that lsrael   areas of western China, was white living space not so terri-
is run by Jews who are parasites and have caused great             bly long ago. Even the original inhabitants of Japan may
damage to non-Jews throughout the ages. Consequently               have been Caucasian or proto-Caucasoids who got left
they should not be allowed to have a homeland.                     there. All these cases have something to do with the old
     I would like to take this occasion to explain the hypoc-      saying that property is theft. So what? We territorial ani-
risy and error of these three positions.                           mals require land, as do all other hominids.
     Whites can never form permanent alliances with non-                The Jews who currently possess what was once Pales-
whites. Virtually all short-term alliances throughout histo-       tine are not encroaching on the white race as a whole.
ry have ended up favoring one side over the other. The Ar-         They are a constant source of friction to the Arabs. Being
abs in lsrael are just as much a problem for us as are Jews.       the paranoids they are, Jewswill do what they can to keep
To say that it is wrong for the Israelis to torture Arabs or to    the Arabs weak, in order to ensure their own safety. This
take their land implies that we care for the well-being of          in somewhat similar to the U.S. economic and political
Arabs. This is a gross error. Our sociopolitical stance in re-      hegemony over Latin America. From a Majority perspec-
gard to Arabs should never be more than complete indif-            tive I can't think of a better place to put the Jews than
ference; our geopolitical stance should be cautious and            where they are. They hardly live in paradise, but they do
distrustful.                                                       feel a strong bond to the land. I sure as hell could care less
     The second position, where white people pretend to            about that piece of real estate. The fact that they keep the
support the moral "rights" of Arabs to their lost lands is         Arabs in check is a great boon to Europe.
plain stupid. The day the Muslim Turks decide to leave                  In regard to attracting and keeping Jews in Israel, Ben-
 Europe and Anatolia because they suddenly feel bad                jamin Netanyahu, the new Prime Minister, is much more
about taking territory away from its original inhabitants is        effective than the last two clowns. The anti-Jewishstruggle
as likely as a pig flying. It isn't going to happen. Do the         suffered a setback when the Ukraine outlawed some open-
"champions" of the Palestinians plan on leaving the U.S.,           ly racist, anti-Semitic political parties. No one com-
Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chili, etc.? I           plained. Now that Netanyahu plans to build more homes
certainly hope not. We should avoid this blatant form of            in the West Bank for Jews leaving Russia and Ukraine,
 hypocrisy.                                                         some Majority racists complain. This is idiotic. Please, Mr.
     The last reason makes the most sense for hating the            Netanyahu, build a million condos in the West Bank and
state of Israel. If you dislike Jews, then disliking the only       peace talks be damned. If you run out of Jews immigrating
Jewish country is as normal as getting rid of an ant's nest         from Russia, there's a whole slew of them here. We won't
to get rid of ants. But ants can't understand that they are         mind a bit if you lure them away.
violating someone else's space. That 5 million Jews who                  If-worst luck-Jews suddenly decide to give back
 live in lsrael should not be of any great concern to Ameri-        what they call their homeland to the Arabs, where does
 cans. The 1.25 billion Chinese living in China should be           the anti-Israel crowd think that the 5 million Jews will go?
 of great concern. Jews are not nearly a powerful as they
                                            s                       Be assured that Pakistan or Tanzania won't take them.
 sometimes appear to be and as they sometimes think they                Our only objective in regard to Jews is to rid our own
 are. They are masters of lies and deception. But Jews who          country of them. As far as Arabs are concerned, we should
 live in the Middle East are not our next-door neighbors.           not involve ourselves in their affairs. They are just as much
 This doesn't imply that we should like them. Only that             our enemies as Jews. There are hundreds of million more
 they must be viewed from a broader perspective.                    Arabs and about 1 billion more Muslims than Jews. We
     Many people love to cry about the annual $3 billion            should work to end economic aid and across-the-board-
 that lsrael gets from U.S. foreign aid. America's foreign aid      political subservience to Israel. But we should also hope
 bill is $1 5 billion. Do Americans care about the other $12        that as long as there are Jews, that they coagulate in Israel.
 billion that goes mostly to nonwhites? Foreign aid must be          Let lsrael stay the course.
 cut completely, not just to Israel.                                                                                  SHAUN W.
                                       Best of a Sorry Crew

A        s Republicans ponder strategy for the next four
         years some truths should become apparent, even
         to the G.O.P.'s vacuous visionaries. Their party
cannot hope to win another presidential election with a
                                                                      Don't think that I don't appreciate Pat's straightforward
                                                                 integrity and guts. I didn't sport his bumper sticker through
                                                                 two primaries to impress the ladies. His anti-NAFTA
                                                                 stance would benefit some portions of the country. Never-
coalition of entrepreneurs, Babbitts and intransigent relig-     theless he is just plain unelectable. We can no longer go
ionists. Beltway strategists have become as out of touch         to war with countries who wish to comoete with us in
with what is really going on in this coun-                                          Western Hemisphere markets. If we do
try as their media mentors. Sooner or lat-                                           impose long overdue tariffs, they should
er Republicans must come to grips with                                               be aimed at the more industrially inclin-
the concept of racial politics.                                                     ed Asians.
     White activists hoping to maneuver                                                  I am also under no illusions about
inside the G.O.P. are likewise going to                                             Wilson's lnstaurationist approval rating.
have to realize the limits of their present                                          He has been known in the past to en-
potential. We cannot hope to tap into the                                            dorse Israel's occupation of Lebanon. He
present generation of disaffected voters                                             enjoys support from Asians who, like
with the outdated dogmas of inane super-                                             whites, are hurt by affirmative action pro-
patriots. If the Constitution is to be used                                          grams in the universities. Anything but
as a vehicle for political expression, let it                                        the most covert white activism would not
be known how in its present form it is                                               be appreciated by his camp.
being used as a weapon against the Go,,. pete ~ i l ~ , . ,          some feathers       Mediacrats are already showing signs
American Majority.                                                                   of overt hostility towards Pete for his ef-
     Pat Buchanan is, in my opinion, a no-go for the year        forts on the Majority's behalf. The more subtle conformists
2000, not because of the animosity that he draws from the        will take every opportunity to show that he switched to
media, but because of his political alliance with paleo-         the anti-immigration, anti-affirmative action side of the po-
religionists and his futile attempt to hijack the pro-life       litical spectrum only recently. But he was the pol most re-
movement from Zionist toadies. His insistence on champi-         sponsible for mainstreaming these issues with his risk-
oning their cause helped to pave the way for Kemp's              taking endorsements of Propositions 187 and 209.
stealth intrusion into the vice presidential candidacy. Hav-          If Wilson makes some headway in a future presidential
ing seen these anti-abortion imbeciles in their Alan Keyes       campaign, the media's shrill abuse would be seen for a
T-shirts, I in no way consider this rabble to be useful to       manifestation of minority racist power. Pete is not stupid
our cause. To neutralize them, large numbers of white ac-        enough to stick his foot in his mouth with any statement
tivists will have to become party foot soldiers. Pete Wil-       that could be construed as racist.
son's clzrion call to inundate the caucuses with pro-                 By hanging on to the coattails of some of the more ac-
choice activists during last summer's convention indicated       tivist Republicans, we have an opportunity to expand our
that the anti-abortion crowd will be taking a backseat in        base of power and transform the G.O.P. into the 21st-
the next presidential election. It is true that abortion as a    century party of sound instincts, racial vitality and evolu-
form of birth control is a sign of cultural decadence, but       tionary destiny. Neoconservatives would eventually tire of
let's not confuse cause and effect. As a political realist, my   the infighting, ally themselves with the Paul Tsongas and
objective is to attract women into the party, not repel          Colin Powell types and create a Rationalist Third Party
them with domineering religious chauvinism. If we can            which they alone have the wherewithal to accomplish.
demonstrate that most ethnocentric whites are not crude               We, on the other hand, have no allies at this point in
militia caricatures, it will help to discredit media propa-      time among the lords of money and have no Third Party
gandists who will be working overtime to deracinate the          options with any chance of success. A Wilson candidacy
Party-                                                           barren of support leaves us with a sure losing hand. No ef-
     Another mistake that Buchanan makes is to act like a        fective politician would take a chance with apathetic
buffoon when he begins to taste a little victory, as he did      whites until it is too late to be effective.
in the Arizona primary when his campaign took on the ap-              This is how 1 see the stakes: Either we learn the art of
pearance of a World Wrestling Federation promotion. Po-          political compromise or we are headed for an abysmal fu-
litico Pete Wilson is more subtle and has a wider appeal         ture as second-class citizens.
to women and the middle class.                                                                                              990

       Some Neighborhoods Change But Stay White
        welve years ago I bought a house in what is now         is good and the streets are relatively quiet. The houses are

T       considered part of Dallas's inner city. Since I was
        house-hunting at a time of rapidly escalating prices,
it was difficult to find a neighborhood that was affordable
                                                                as old if not older than mine. Albeit fixing up old houses is
                                                                certainly a favorite homo pastime, this was not sufficient
                                                                to explain the metamorphosis. It finally dawned on me
yet' decent. Narrowing my search to one such neighbor-          that even though the neighborhood had changed little ra-
hood, I drove around for weeks in search of houses for          cially, race was the decisive factor in the homo incursion.
sale, all the while keeping an eye out for the locals to        It was good old-fashioned white flight-a         heterosexual
make sure they were, shall we say, compatible, Not once         phenomenon--that was turning Dallas into a pansy haven.
in the entire time I was looking did I see other than a              In Dallas only 9% of the students in the public school
white face. As the seniors passed away or moved to nurs-        system are, white. Blacks and Mexicans, the two biggest
ing homes, the danger was that reasonably priced houses         ethnic blocs, are constantly at loggerheads. Leaving a
would be sold to those of a darker hue. Facing the ghastly      white child in the public school, if one can afford to do
specter of a changing neighborhood (a tragic drama I had        otherwise, is tantamount to child abuse, which is not a
seen played out in Philadelphia during my youth) was a          concern for the legions of career-minded singles who in-
risk I was willing to take. After all, one has to live some-    habit the city. Neither is it a problem for the well-heeled
where and one should live within one's means.                   families, which Dallas still has plenty of within the city
    Twelve years later, I don't feel I made a mistake. A few    limits. An array of private schools is standing by and at the
Mexicans have moved in, but they more or less have              ready. The married-with-childrencrowd of modest means,
maintained their properties. Aside from a couple of Negro       however, has conceded defeat and moved to the suburbs.
renters, black faces have been rare. Still the neighborhood     Homesteading homos are also free to move to the burbs,
has changed in a way I couldn't have anticipated back in        but why bother? The racial composition of the local
1984.                                                           school system is irrelevant to them (contrary to what the
    While chewing the fat with a neighbor who has lived         papers say, very few homos want to adopt children). S        o
on my street all his life and knows everybody, the subject      the homofication of the modern American city-well pub-
of homosexuals came up. Though it may come as a sur-            licized in the case of San Francisco, less so in Dallas and
prise, a "conservative" city like Dallas is loaded with         other cities-proceeds apace. Anywhere the minority head-
them. The Oak Lawn area is synonymous with gayness,             count is above average, chances are the number of homos
but that was the other side of town, geographically, and        is disproportionately high.
the other side of the world, metaphorically. I only knew of          Who would have thought that the noxious effects of
a few queers in my neighborhood. Although they hoisted           immigration, integration, busing and civil rights would in-
a Rainbow Coalition banner, they took such good care of         clude an incursion of homo homeowners into America's
their places that no one bothered them. Then there were         cities? Nervous urbanites worried about the integrity of
Lumpy and Frumpy, the two females around the corner.            their neighborhoods never dreamed that would happen!
(Lately I've come to realize that there is a whole genre of      Doubtless it was not intended by the social engineers of
lesbians who look like Roger Ebert.) But apparently I           the Great Society, who I'm sure would interpret it as an
didn't know the half of it. Astounded, I listened as my         unintentional benefit rather than a drawback.
neighbor told me about this couple and that couple and               For my part, I guess I'll stay put, though I'd hate for it
the two high school teachers in that brick bungalow four        to get to the point that the mere mention of my neighbor-
doors down and the two dyke activists who like to make           hood would evoke an image of same-sex sexuality, such
out on the front porch. Pretty soon my neighbor had rat-        as West Hollywood does in L.A. or the East Village in New
tled off enough addresses to convince me that my neigh-         York.
borhood was not only above the 2% mark (the alleged                  Are homos preferable to hordes of dark-skinned fami-
percentage of homosexuals in the population), but well           lies with three and four children stashed in each bedroom?
above the 10% mark (the exaggerated figure that homo-            Reluctantly I would have to say yes. I would prefer to be
sexuals love to quote). Yes the neighborhood was still          surrounded by white families, but moving to the suburbs
overwhelmingly white-but it had certainly changed!              would mean added expense and inconvenience.
     I've done a lot of cogitating about this sea change             Small wonder that big cities all but roll out the red car-
among the boyz (and girlz) in my hood. Like me, the ho-          pet for homos. They have jobs and pay property taxes yet
mos were doubtless attracted by the reasonable prices and        unlike "breeders" they place no undue stress on the public
the sylvan (for an urban area) surroundings. Public transit     school system--the exact opposite performance of low-

                                                                                          INSTAURATION-APRIL    1997-PACE   17
income minorityites who contribute little but reproduce           have succeeded in portraying themselves as victims and
voluminously. (Admittedly a significant number of HIV-            underdogs, more sinned against then sinning.
positive homos getting treatment at public hospitals could            Nevertheless the proliferation of homo neighborhoods
present a problem.)                                               is one more reason to feel despair about the future of the
    Despite endless whining, members of the Third Sex             American city. Could anything be more antisocial than so-
have little to complain about. Having worked with some            cial policies that drive middle-class heteros out of cities?
over the years, I've noticed that they always seem to live        The irony is that with fewer and fewer white children be-
pretty well and the inverted version of the old boy net-          ing born, fewer and fewer white homosexuals will blos-
work makes it easy for them to find employment. Without           som. In the long run, Ozzie and Harry may be just as en-
the pressures of children (in-laws too, come to think of it),     dangered as Ozzie and Harriet in the dark, decaying
they have much more free time and disposable income               municipalities of 21st-century America.
than married couples with children. Like the Jews, homos
                                                                                                       JUDSON HAMMOND

                           JUDSON HAMMOND'S BESTSELLER LIST (Con't.)

    The Man-Chewingest Ca.ndidate-Politica1comedy about a         Porn Free-Jewish pornocrat attempts to introduce African
    San Francisco Lesbian activist who runs for mayor on the      animals into his bestiality films.
    Q.T. (Queer Ticket).
                                                                  Days o Wne and Rosenj e w i s h wine steward pastes expen-
    Mr. Schwcntx.Goes to Washingtdure, he can schmooze            sive labels on cheap wines, pockets the difference in this
    with Jews, but can that young AIPAC lobbyist learn to milk    rib-tickling comedy of manners.
    the goy taxpayers?
                                                                  ZOG Is M Cc-Pilot--Exciting chronicle of Carl Icahn's at-
    Turban Cowboy--ImmigrantPakistani works as a Houston          tempts to take over TWA.
    cab driver by day, cruises the country and western bars in
    search of white women by night.                               The Cincinnati Yidj e w i s h boy works his way through the
                                                                  city's famed Hebrew Union College by becoming a river-
    Apollo Theater 13-Three Negroes from Harlem enter the         boat gambler.
    space program under diversity guidelines and proceed to
    moon the earthlings.                                          Kvetch-22-Wartime comedy about Jewish draftees forced
                                                                  to leave "dem bums," their beloved Brooklyn Dodgers, dur-
    Mexodus-44oisesJudio leads his people to the promised         ing the 1942 pennant race.
    land of Southern California after wandering in the deserts
    of Northern Mexico.                                           A Jm Grows in Brooklyn4medy about tall, gangly Hebrew
                                                                  lad who starts out as a basketball player, ends up owning
    Dr. EhrEich's Magic Pullet--Political comedy about Jewish     the Knicks.
    quack seeking FDA approval to market his cure-all chick-
    en soup.                                                      Man o a Thousand Fem-The long-awaited Howard Stern
                                                                  movie details the famed demijew's life, loves, and applied
    The 7 Percent Final Solution-Gentile Ivy League University    scatology.
    president offers a controversial, albeit retro, solution to
    the Jewish problem of over-representation.                     Curse of the Katz People-Ancient Hebrew curse falls
                                                                   upon an unwitting Gentile girl after she moves to New York
    h'  Geste--Three black brothers, all suspects in the r o b                                                                I

    bery of a 7-Eleven,join U.S. Army to avoid going to jail.     Torah! Torah! Torah!-The    son of a Honolulu pawnbroker
                                                                  is bar mitzvahed two days before the attack on Pearl Har-
    W o Framed Roger Rabinouritz?Stereotyped
      h                                        Jewish cartoon     bor, then helps his father become a multi-millionaire as ser-
    character vows revenge on the Gentile artists and writers     vicemen dump their worldly goods before heading over-
    who created him                                               seas.

               Unions and Unioneering
    Union members have their virtues. White ones tend to          Democrats still throw an occasional bone to the poor
be patriotic and fed up with liberal crud, They have legiti-      white slob. Fellow Instaurationists, please don't drone on
mate complaints: NAFTA, flooding the nation with aliens,          about Republicans and their virtues. I was brought up a
dismantling of many of the country's prime industries. Un-        Democrat, but 1/11 be the first to admit that the minorities
fortunately unionism is also a form of extortion. The basic       have now amassed great power in the erstwhile white-
purpose of all labor unions is to get higher than market          ruled donkey party. Though I am no longer a Demo, I
wages by means of coercion. It is no accident that heavily        could never be a Republican. I could vote, however, for
unionized industries have the highest unemployment rate.          someone on the order of trust-buster Teddy Roosevelt, al-
Unions have never raised living standards. Wage levels            beit there's little chance we will ever get another president
have risen as fast or faster in eras of declining union activi-   like him.  .
ty as they have in times of increasing unionization. Restor-                                                               850
ing unions won't save the country. Nevertheless unions
are a good place to find political recruits and allies.                                Not Too White
                                                          472         The "Anglo American" John Philip Sousa gushed about
                                                                  in the JanuarySatcom Sam column was part-Portuguese.
                Don't Give Up the Ship                                                                               652
   All your correspondents who are given to despair
should remember things must get a lot worse before they              Britain and U.S.-Parallels         and Differences
can get better. Right now there are some glad tidings of              N.B. Forrest's article (Jan. 1997) drawing parallels be-
change. When enough truths finally get out, despair will          tween the end of the British Empire and the end of the
become ruthless revenge.                                          American Empire was very interesting and contained a
                                                    250           good deal of truth. With regard to his description of the
                                                                  feelings of "thinking Americans," as they watched the
                 Proper Nomenclature                              shrinkage of Britain from imperial power to offshore is-
    In a recent lnstauration there was a discussion as to         land, he might well imagine how this has been viewed by
how we should refer to ourselves. "White people" or "Eu-          "thinking people" in this country!
ropean Americans" wins my vote. Nordic is too exclusive.              It is necessary to point out that along with the parallels
Nordish sounds too nerdish. Negro is a word I would like          between Britain and the U.S. there are certain fundamen-
to see the magazine replace with black or African Ameri-          tal differences. To America, empire has never been more
can. Negro is outdated. It's possible you use Negro to irri-      than an unnecessary appendage. The U.S. is a huge and
tate the opposition, but I believe it turns off the very same     abundantly resourced country. Spheres of influence out-
people lnstauration is trying to convert. To the indoctrinat-     side the U.S. proper, outside the 48 contiguous states, are
ed minds of many Majority members Negro sounds insult-            in no way essential to the maintenance of America's eco-
ing and detracts from the magazine's persuasiveness.              nomic wealth, national security and great power status.
                                                          484     The acquisition of such spheres of influence serves only
                                                                  the interests of the U.S. globalist elite, not those of the
              New Pens and New Faces                              American Nation.
   Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I am told. While I           The British Empire was a much more complex organ-
thought the January 1997 issue of lnstauration was one of         ism. On the one hand, there was a vast and widely dis-
the best, a fellow lnstaurationist felt it was one of the         persed network of colonies, dependencies and military
worst. I wish other new talents besides the inimitable N.B.       and naval bases populated predominantly by nonwhite
Forrest were given some space in the mag. I can subscribe         races. While some of these possessions were of concrete
to American Spectator or National Review if I want the            economic or strategic value to Britain, in sum total they
same stable of authors over and over again.                       constituted a balance in which liability greatly exceeded
                                                       787        profit. The rational policy would have been to dispense
                                                                  with those whose upkeep was not justified economically
                  No White Elephants                              and then valiantly hold on to the rest.
    This is in response to an article in lnstauration (Dec.           The other part of the Empire-more latterly referred to
1996) that suggested Republicans are or should be the par-        as the "Dominionsw-consisted of mature, developed and
ty for whites. Both parties sell out whites on a daily basis.     by the 1930s fully self-governing states peopled mainly by
Okay, maybe Republicans help the rich white guy, but the          whites, of whom the majority outside Canada's Quebec
Province were of British descent. The retention of the asso-     planted in the noggin, confidence becomes an everyday
ciation between Britain and these states did not depend on       state of mind, even in a world overbrimming with the lib-
the use of force, but upon a voluntary and mutually advan-       eral mythos.
tageous partnership whose main basis was ethnic. Essen-               Regrettably the great majority of whites do not enjoy
tially this association did not constitute an "empire," as it    the mental and moral benefits of Instauration. Just imagine
is usually understood in modern terms, but rather a con-         the impact on society if every edition of the Washington
federation of kindred peoples with none subordinate to           Post would have tucked in its innards the slim, heartening
any other.                                                       explosion of intellect which arrives from Howard Allen En-
     By contrast with the relationship of the U.S. to its "im-   terprises each month. The iron ring of liberal-minority doc-
perial" network, Britain's retention of this association was     trine would be broken and the nation at large would be
essential to her future as an economically viable nation         impelled to view matters from a refreshingly different per-
and great power. The Dominions, taken together, consti-          spective. Mindful of this, I am convinced that Instaura-
tuted about a hundred times the territory of the United          tion's essential message is best delivered when its every-
Kingdom and contained most of the natural resources es-          day readership is given more opportunity to convey its
sential to her economy. In today's figures those same for-       thoughts, when the racialist "common man" is afforded
mer Dominions possess a total population of approximate-         the opportunity of reaching out. Though they might be less
ly 50 million by comparison with the United Kingdom's            than professionally drafted, individual observations of
58 million. The vast majority of that 50 million are white.      anonymous subscribers have an impact that cannot be
About 65% are of British descent.                                matched by the sometimes repetitive viewpoints of the
     I am glad that N.B. Forrest spoke of "thinking Ameri-       regulars. In the same vein, it is essential that Instauration's
cans" when he referred to U.S. reactions to Britain's impe-      pages remain a repository of provocative ideas, not battle-
rial demise. It never ceases to amaze me how many in             fields of intellect where bombast runs rampant.
your country (which I like and for which I have nothing               lnstauration must not be out of place on the coffee ta-
but goodwill) deprecate the British Empire out of a lamen-       ble in the front parlor.
table lack of understanding of the differences in Britain's                                                         IVAN HlLD
and America's respective positions. It is all very well for
the inhabitants of a land, which with Alaska and Hawaii                          From a Fearful Canadian
comprises an area more than 40 times the size of the Unit-            I can no longer continue subscribing to your magazine.
ed Kingdom, to pontificate against a country which could         It is simply too risky in Canada. The mere possession of In-
fit into Kansas. The U.K. is vitally interested in possessing    stauration may soon be a criminal offense, for which I
spheres of influence and additional economic resources           could easily get a two-year stint in jail. Free speech, need-
 overseas, as well as close fraternal relations with people      less to say, died many years ago in Canada.
 linked to it by racial kinship.
                                       BRITISH SUBSCRIBER
                                                                         There seems to            nd to the Chosenaven ex-
                The Joyof lnstauration                               pansion of Disney             s. We may soon expect re-
    Over the many years I've been reading and enjoying               makes of all the 0  1          favorites along more sensa-
                                                                     tionalistic lines:
Instauration, I have spent quite a bit of time considering
                                                                         Jungle Buck: Shabbach "Buck" Washington, unac-
why its arrival at my doorstep each month is the occasion            knowledged mulatto son of a semi-anonymous black
for pleasurable anticipation combined with undisguised               hooker and a Southern politician, visits Africa to find
celebration. One explanation for the magazine's impact               his roots, but all he returns with is the Ebola virus.
might lie in its special character a a forum, for shared                Buonocchio: An old, ex-Nazi German woodcarver
thoughts by like-minded racialists who live as far apart as          hiding out in an Italian-speaking enclave in Libya is ex-
the four corners of the globe. It is the openly shared               posed, flown out of the country and subjected to a dra-
thoughts of Instauration's readership that provide the "spir-        matic show and tell trial in Israel.
it of community" so essential to preserving its subscribers'            Bamberg: An escaped reindeer wreaks havoc in a rit-
precious psychological sense of legitimacy and identity. It          zy department store. Rangers, called in to shoot it, are
is one thing to observe the ebb and flow of racially orient-         driven away by a horde of animal rights protesters. Live- '
ed events in isolation. It is quite another to believe some          ly romp for ages 12 and under.
thoughtful people share your thoughts.                                  Aristokatz: Schmuel Katz is knighted by Elizabeth I1
    Though the magazine has gone through numerous per-               in her last official act as British monarch. Buckiigham
sonality transformations over the years, it has retained that        Place is turned into a Holocaust Museum.
enduring element of "community" which keeps its mes-                     101 Salvations: A group of cloistered nuns read fem-
sage vital and its readership inspirited. I for one used to                         lose faith drop out and become Las Ve-
suffer from a sense of isolation in my daily doings until                                       shots of women over 60. Pa-
lnstauration proved to me that some good people every-
where have a similar outlook on life. With that notion im-

                                                                                             take potshots at any Majorityites they
                                                                                             happened to run into.
                                                                                                *A Time to Kill, based on a book bv .
                                                                                             super-Truckler john Grisharn, glorified
           Pat in Leather                    body repeatedly punctured with a screw-         black murderer.
Pat Boone is to be commended for sup-        driver. After the black primates were fin-           Ghosts of Mississippi, directed by the
porting the Boy Scouts in their legal bat-   ished with her, they dumped her corpse          Jewish "meathead" of A l l in the Family,
tles with the ACLU, which wants to force     in a junkyard. The mind reels at the ago-       Rob Reiner, throws more salt on the legal
the organization to admit homos, not just    nies Karen suffered in the hours before         wounds of the trial that finally convicted
as members but also as leaders. Con-         her death. What a hideous way to go.            Byron de la Beckwith of slaying Medgar
versely, Pat is most definitely not to be    What kind of government, what kind of a         Evers, a Negro icon. It took 30 years and
cohmended for dressing up in a black         god, would permit this ultimate act of in-      three separate trials to reach the verdict.
leather pants outfit complete with a stud-   humanity?                                                       1
                                                                                                .Screwed, A Goldstein's documentary
ded dog collar, sunglasses, even an ear-                                                     on bondage and other elevated topics,
ring, to promote his new album. For his             Sporadic Diversifier                     featured the 300-lb. sleazebag who acted
apostasy, Pat was fired from his weekly      When Mark Abramson of Toledo (OH) re-           in and produced it. Goldstein, by the
TV show by the Trinity Broadcasting Net-     ceived a brochure in the mail that disbe-       way, condescendingly draws the line at
work.                                        lieved the Holocaust, he rushed to the lo-      kiddie porn and bestiality.
                                             cal ADL, which informed Abramson, a                @MissEvers' Boys accuses the govern-
          Minority Haters                    lawyer with a degree in history, that he        ment of fouling up a research project to
   *Two years ago the director of a Jew-     was on the mailing list of the American         treat blacks infected with syphillis.
ish nursery school in Dobbs Ferry (NY)       Historical Association. The Ohio shyster,
complained to police he was getting hate     who earlier had been commended by the                Mexicans Honor George
calls from someone who spiced his con-       ADL for his busy-body minorityism,               February marks my annual chagrin at hav-
versation with such anti-Semitic gibes as,   leaned on the AHA to promise it would           ing Washington's Birthday glossed over,
"I will kill you all." A few weeks ago po-   never again rent or sell its mailing list to    while Black History Month drones on for
lice announced they had their man-           any "questionable" group. Abramson is                                          four weeks.
Robert Brum, a Jew.                          all for diversity-unless it is the kind that                                   Well. fellow
   *Two 14-year-old boys have been ar-       strays from the Holocaust party line.                                          Instauration-
rested and charged with painting swasti-                                                                                    ists, I can tell
kas in Freehold Township (NJ). Compli-                   Greatest Jews                                                      you there is
cating the case is that the prime suspects   The Jewish 100: A Ranking of the Most                                          an oasis, a
are Jewish.                                  InfluentialJews of A l l Time (Carroll Publi-                                  place where
   *An army panel has recommended            cations Group, N.Y., 1994) starts with                                         you can go
that another swastika "artist," Sgt Robert   Moses, Jesus, Einstein, Freud and Abra-                                        to celebrate
L. Washington, this time a black, be given   ham. Maw comes in 7th, Mary 9th, Trot-                                         the birthday
a general discharge. Washington claims       sky 35th, Gertrude Stein 41st, Golda Meir                                      of our found-
he has been set up because he charged        Nth, Louis B. Mayer 54th, Betty Friedan                                        ing father.
some of his white buddies with racial dis-   60th, Queen Ester 79th, Groucho Marx                                           This highly
crimination.                                 95th, Steven Spielberg 99th. Judas, Meyer                                      unlikely and
   *Still another swastika dauber is Esye-   Lansky, the Rosenbergs, Jonathan Pollard,                                      surprising lo-
dedeea Aesfyza, 46, who was sentenced        Michael Milken and Ivan Boesky are con-         cation is Laredo, Texas! Yes iir, eiery
to six months behind bars for splattering    spicuous by their absence.                      year since 1898 Laredo and Nuevo Lare-
at least 100 Hakenkreuzen in and around                                                      do, the sister city across the border, team
Washington (DC) in the last three years.          Hollywood's Latest Slop                     up to celebrate the birth of George Wash-
Not a Nazi, he wears a long, voluminous      In recent months the minority film blitz        ington-not just for one day but for ten!
white robe with a green sash. There is no    on the Majority and its institutions has be-     Events include fireworks, parades, danc-
end to his love for the crooked cross,       come almost insupportable, if not upchuck-      es, carnivals, a coronation ceremony, golf
which he asserts puts a hex on circumci-     Ing.                                            tournament, mariachis and a jalapeiio
sion.                                             Perhaps the worst film, The People vs.     (pepper) festival. Granted the music and
   @The   bomb planted in a synagogue in     Larry Flynt, metamorphosed the sewer-           food are decidedly Mexo-centric. Never-
Jacksonville (FL) just had to be the work    brained, semi-human Hustler editor into a       theless, if the beaners are willing to throw
of some horrible anti-Semitic skinhead or    decent, witty, almost charming fellow.          GW a shindig of this magnitude, I'm will-
bloodthirsty Islamic terrorist. Who else          Rosewoodwas a hyped and distorted          ing to cut them a little multicultural slack.
could have done such a devilish deed?        film rendition of what happened to a Ne-        Before we get carried away, however, we
Harry Shapiro, that's who, a 31-year-old     gro town in Florida after a white woman         should note the non-Eurocentric tilt of
rabbinical student and ex-kosher butcher.    alleged she had been raped by a Negro.          this celebration, since it is held to honor
                                             The producer, director and actors cared         "the first Western Hemisphere leader to
     Ghastly Torture Killing                 not a whit whether or not the rape really       free a New World country from the do-
Karen King, a pretty young college fresh-    took place. Their interest was confined to      minion of European rule." Whether Mexi-
man, was grabbed by three Negroes in a       adding some more antiwhite elements to          co is a better place now than it would
Saginaw (MI) supermarket parking lot dur-    the country's frothing racial pot. The mo-      have been had it remained a Spanish pos-
ing her Christmas vacation and driven off    vie made whites so antipathetic it's a          session is a question worth pondering.
to be beaten, raped, strangled and her       wonder it didn't inspire Negro viewers to                                                 J.H.
                                                                                                 Judge Ito should have recused himself be-
                                                                                                 cause his wife (then a lieutenant in the
                                                                                                 Los Anwles Police Dept.) had had argu-
                                                                                                 ments 6ith Fuhrman aliout race and g&-
           Gingrich Melts                      German Oktoberfest. With the State Dept.          der matters. L.A.P.D. detectives, utterly
In an effort to get in the good graces of      so thoroughly under the Jewish thumb,             careless in handling the evidence, ne-
Jews, Newt Gingrich has appointed Arne         with the Defense Dept. controlled by half-        glected to pursue certain important leads.
Christensen his chief of staff. Christensen,   Chosenite William Cohen, America's off-           Race was not a burning issue until the
despite his name, used to be legislative       shore viewpoint will be more warped than          "dream team" and Judge Ito made it so.
director of AIPAC. To assuage Negroes,         ever.                                             Simpson only became a flesh-and-blood
the Speaker positioned Mrs. Gingrich              One note of protest against the over-                    s
                                                                                                 Negro a the trial progressed. His whole
next to Jesse Jackson during Clinton's         whelming Jewish presence in the State             previous life, except for his childhood,
State of the Union Address.                    Dept. came from some senior Foggy Bot-            had been modeled on that of wealthy and
                                               tom officials who asserted that the depart-       privileged whites.
       Eugenics and Cloning                    ment now had too many "white Jewish                   In the civil trial the plaintiffs had more
Science has a funny way of playing tricks      males." The moment Congressman Benja-             astute and sharper lawyers, who present-
on man. It demoted him from the center         min Gilman (R-NY) heard about it, he              ed new and more incriminating evidence.
of the universe to a denizen of a remote       dashed of a note to Clinton telling him to
                                                        f                                        The judge (also a lap) kept the trial cen-
planet in a so-so galaxy. It may have a        come out strongly against this "religiousn        tered on the question of Simpson's inno-
similar revolutionary effect on eugenics,      discrimination. Gilman, a raging Zionist,         cence or guilt, not on race. Finally Simp-
which has become almost a swear word.          ended with this not so subtle admonition:         son himself proved to be ineffective in his
If it's possible to clone humans and the       "We will be watching your administra-             own defense.
process is not criminalized, we are hope-      tion's personnel decisions closely on this            P.S. That Simpson owes $33.5 million
ful that those who do the cloning will use     matter."                                          to Ron Goldman's and Nicole Brown's
it to improve the human condition. We             How easily they switch from race to re-        parents doesn't seem to have cramped his
pray that no one will ever attempt to clone    ligion whenever it suits their purpose.           lifestyle. Rumor has it he recently pur-
Clinton, who, sucking up to the know-                                                            chased a $2.2 million oceanfront proper-
nothings, has banned the use of federal             Clintons Go A-Partying                       ty on Florida's east coast. The seller was
funds for any cloning experiments.             Two air force planes and dozens of police         somebody named Earl Katz.
   It will be almost impossible to keep the    escort vehicles were mobilized to move
race factor out of any cloning program.        the Clintons to Zoo City to celebrate the                Black-JewishVeteran
Doubtlessly the more advanced races will       First Daughter's 17th birthday. One of the        Instead of being raised, the Confederate
indulge in more human duplication than         first items on the family's agenda was to         Battle Flag should have been lowered af-
the less advanced. Cloning takes time,         attend a performance of Rent, the pro-            ter the Sons of Confederate Veterans in-
money and brains. The process is not           homo Broadway musical that sentimen-              ducted its first black member. But he
likely to become too popular with people       talizes sickenly over AIDS.                       wasn't all black. Anthony Cohen claimed
who have a poor opinion of themselves.                                                           to be the descendant of both black and
                                                                                                 white Confederate soldiers.
          She Didn't Know
The ultimate laugh-and-a-half for this po-                                                                 Bring in the DNA
litical year has to be the incredible propo-                                                     Bill Cosby has admitted to having a long-
sition advanced in the Washington Post                                                           ago rendezvous with a woman not his wife,
that the Clinton administration knew ab-                                                         but denies her child is his. He could, of
solutely nothing of the Jewish background                                                        course, demand a DNA test to get to the
of the new Secretary of State. Madeleine                                                         truth of the matter. So far he hasn't.
Albright, the headlines declared, is in re-
ality a daughter of The Book. Her forebears,                                                              Long Distance War
it was affirmed, were unknown even to                        Chelsea i s sweet 1 7               How does a weak, persecuted, virtually
the lady in question. The Israeli govern-        The Clintons claim they paid for their          unarmed people fight a superpower somk
ment knew about it, of course, but thought     theater tickets ($75 per) and their stay in a     6,000 miles away? It sends suicide bomb-
it circumspect to conceal it. The Palestin-    luxury suite at the Waldorf Astoria.              ers into the cities of the superpower's
ians would certainly use Albright's origins                                                      Middle Eastern ally. It snipes at enemy
as one more piece of evidence that the              Simpson Trials Revisited                     soldiers stationed in the ally's occupied
peace process was loaded against them.         After reading Detective Mark Fuhrman's            territory. Once in a while it managg to
    In any event, U.S. foreign policy now      new book, Murder in Brentwood, I'm be-            carry the war to the superpower's own
rests in the hands of a woman whose very       ginning to believe that in the first 0.). trial   turf. Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan assassinat-
facial expression indicates hatred for Ger-    the dusky jury did have at least one small        ed Israel Firster Robert Kennedy. A pro-
mans, Poles, Russians, Arabs and any oth-      shred of reason to acquit--not because            Palestinian group tried to blow up New
er population group that has posed, does       the defendant was innocent, not because           York City's World Trade Center. More re-
pose or could pose a danger to the Tribe.      Fuhrman used some "insensitive" words             cently a Palestinian shot seven people,
Don't look for any cuts in the annual trib-    that had no relevance whatsoever to the           one fatally, at the observation tower of
ute to Israel. Don't bet on any warming        trial and not because the jurors couldn't         the Empire State Building. After Abu Ka-
relations with Palestinians. Don't expect      understand the evidence. The fact was             ma1 had finished his bloody work, he shot
the front lawn of the State Dept. to host a    that the prosecution was hopelessly inept.        himself. A note was found in his pocket

                                                                                                  being 16. Overall, Graham's venture,
                                                                                                  with one or two exceptions, has been a
                                                                                                  great success.
                                                                                                     In the course of his pioneering efforts
claiming-half-correctly-that   the U.S. was       young female trainees are happy with            Graham took a lot of heat. He fought back
using Israel as "an instrument" against           their mostly black drill sergeants. Before      with his book, The Future of Man, which
Palestinians; half-correctly because Israel       the news about McKinney emerged, Sec-           sold by the tens of thousands.
has also been using the U.S. as "an instru-       retary of the Army Togo West, another              Graham died in Spokane in February at
ment" against the Palestinians.                   black, made him a member of the review          the ripe old age of 90. He was attending
                                                  panel investigating complaints of sexual        the annual meeting of the American Asso-
          Hospitality Bill                        harassment. One more case of the fox            ciation for the Advancement of Science,
NO^ that he has turned the White House            guarding the hen house.                            Graham was one of us. He is gone, but
into a high-priced flop house ($50,000               Eleven of the 12 drill instructors char-     he has left behind a wife, three daughters,
and up per night), what will Clinton do           ged with sexual abuse at the Aberdeen           four sons, 13 grandchildren and four great-
next to further vulgarize and demean his          Proving Grounds were black. At Fort Leo-        grandchildren.
administration and himself? Odds are he           nard Wood, nine of the accused were                 A similar sperm bank, the Foundation
will continue to do nothing to staunch the        white, 12 were black. Some Hispanics            for the Continuity of Man, is operating in
immigration flood, legal and otherwise,           were ~robablv
                                                                   included in the white ros-     Spokane. The address is 1209 W. First St.
that is turning the U.S. into a New World         ter, white often being the racial classifica-
Third World. In Africa the natives stalk          tion allocated to Hispanics.                           Destructive Tenant
animals. In the U.S. their African brothers                                                       The landlady of a Baltimore row house,
stalk humans (many of them belonging to                      Saddened Sack                        whose minority tenant did $9,000 worth
the white species).                               The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum has          of damage--fallen ceilings, ruined hard-
   Clinton, as tasteless as he is, is certainly   refused to allow Chosenite writer john          wood floors, smashed windows, broken
not dumb. He can read statistics and pop-         Sack, author of An Eye for an Eye, to           water heater, screwed-up plumbing-must
ulation projections. He knows quite well          speak on the topic of Jewish vengeance          pay for the wreckage herself. What's more,
what America will be like half-way                against Germans in the p o s t - W l l peri-    she cannot evict the culprit. Such are the
through the next century. He seems to             od. Sack contends that 60,000 to 80,000         rules of the federal Moving to Opportunity
care less. He even accelerates the junglifi-      Germans died of disease or were mur-            Program, which forcibly transplants sup-
cation.                                           dered from 1945 to 1948 in concentra-           posedly screened ghettoites to orderly
   Witness his attempt to rewrite the im-         tion camps set up by the Polish Commu-          middle-class neighborhoods.
migration laws to please his minority vot-        nist government's Office of State Security,
ing blocs. He wants to increase the disa-         whose officials included many Jews. Sack                 Nice Jewish Lady
bility benefits for legal immigrants and          writes: "God knows the Jews were pro-           Rita Gluzman, a Jewish immigrant from
 restore medical benefits and food stamps         voked, but in 1945 they killed a great          Russia, pleaded guilty to killing her hus-
to those who go on welfare the minute             number of Germansnot Nazis, not Hit-            band, Yakov, another Jewish immigrant
they reach these shores.                          lerts triggermen, but German civilians,         from Russia, in order to keep him from
   The future for Clinton is today. Tomor-        German men, women, children, babies."           getting a divorce and marrying the girl of
row is beyond his ken.                            Sack is referring only to the handful of        his dreams, Raisa Korenblit, an Israeli
                                                  camps with which he was familiar.               Jewess. With the help of Vladimir Zele-
      In and Out of the Army                          According to James Bacque, a Canadi-        nen,*a Jewish immigrant from Kyrgyzstan
The black-on-white rapes of army female           an historian, more Germans were killed          (wherever that is), Mrs. Gluzman mur-
recruits are not so bad as they first sound-      by starvation, torture and execution after      dered her husband with an ax, then
ed. Some 40% of the couplings had been            the warts end than lost their lives during      hacked the corpse into 60 pieces. It was
consensual and not forced at all. S stat-
                                      o           the war.                                        hardly an excuse for murder, but Mrs.
ed a survey of the female recruits in the                                                         Gluzman stated that her late husband's
U.S. Ordinance Center in Maryland. It's             Robert Graham, God Speed                      sexual prowess "had diminished." Before
bad enough to think that black drill ser-         Eugenics has become a dirty word be-            offing her better half, Mrs. Gluzman had
geants go on raping sprees. It's worse to         cause of the verbal horsepower of the           considered spiking his girlfriend's drink
think that a large percentage of the fe-          dysgenics crowd. As a result, very few          with the AIDS virus.
male trainees were willing to engage in           professionals are willing to stick their
sex, some of which had to be multiracial.         necks out and join the struggle to better                  Ingratitude Plus
It is, however, heartening to know that           the human breed. One such braveheart            Wiley Berggren, manager of a 7-Eleven
the highest-ranking female in the non-            was Robert Klark Graham, who in his lat-        store in Odessa (TX), grabbed one of three
commissioned ranks, Sgt. Major Brenda             ter days turned from his speciality, the in-    thieves who were absconding with some
Hoster (now retired), a white, refused to         vention and development of shatter-proof        merchandise. For this unusually courageous
cave in to the barnyard demands of the            eyeglasses, to his Repository for Germinal      act, the company gave him an award. But
army's highest-ranking NCO, horny black           Choice, otherwise known as the Nobelist         when the news reached the high brass of
Sgt. Major Gene McKinney.                         sperm bank. From his facility in Escondi-       the Southland Corp., which licenses some
   A hotline for complaints about sexual          do (CA), Graham collected and stored se-        16,000 7-Eleven stores, Berggren, who had
molestation of army female personnel got          men from the most intelligent men he            worked for the company for eight years,
some 7,000 calls, of which 1,074 were             could find, offering it to high-lQ women        was fired. He had violated 7-Eleven regu-
referred for further investigation. The           married to infertile husbands. The process      lations that forbid employees from lifting
number demonstrates that at least not all         produced 212 offspring, the oldest now          a finger to stop a robbery.

                                                                                                       INSTAURATION-APRIL     1997-PACE    23
                                                                                               thieving law professor won the North Car-
                                                                                               olina American Civil Liberties Union's
                                                                                               award for dedication to social justice.
  Although Harold Liebowitz was voted           comes as no surprise to learn that Reed           James Mitchell was the black driver of
out of his job as president of the National     has not offered a single penny for rebuild-    the stolen car that dragged a Pittsburgh
Academy of Engineering last year, he            ing the white churches burned to the           policeman for several blocks until the cop
wouldn't leave until he managed to fina-                by many Negro firebugs.                managed to get loose by shooting Mitch-
gle $687,500 in the form of severance                                #                         ell and two Negro passengers. The latter
pay. Liebowitz is one of those stereotypi-         Fat Herbie Blitzstein, a mobster who        two died. Mitchell survived and has now
cal Jewswho burrow their way into an or-        ruled Las Vegas from 1971 to 1986 with         been accused of committing an unrelated
ganization and then cause so much trou-         the help of Tony "the Ant" Spilotro, was       murder in April of last year.
ble that to get rid of them and avoid           recently found dead in bed with a bullet                           #
expensive litigation, they have to be           in his head. Since the American public            Porn king Hugh Hefner is moving out
bribed to leave.                                has been constantly informed that gang-        of his orgiastic Playboy manor in L.A. to a
                     #                          sters were driven out of the gambling cap-     more sedate abode. He says he wants to
  One would think that Betty Friedan,           ital years ago, Blitzstein's demise couldn't   provide "a normal atmosphere" for his two
the ugliest feminist of them all, would         have been a mob hit. Or could it?              young children.
take the side of Paula Jones, who had the                            #                                              #
dubious honor of being treated to a close-         For raping and cutting off the forearms        Whoopi Goldberg got the celebrity
up of then Arkansas Governor Clinton's          of a 15-year-old female hitchhiker, Law-       treatment in her trip from New York to
genitals. One would think that, but one         rence singleton was handed a 14-year           Washington to attend Clinton's second In-
would be wrong. Ms. Friedan is all for the      jail sentence, of which he served only         augural. A siren-blasting police escort
President and shrugs off Paula as a "mon-       eight. There was a public outcry when he       cleared the way for her and her retinue
ey seeker." Feminism apparently stops at        was released on February 10, Shortly af-       through Delaware and Maryland. Only
the White House door.                           terward he was caught red-handed mur-          New Jersey refused to go along with the
                     #                          dering a black prostitute in his Tampa (FL)    royal progress. A spokesman for Govern-
   Let us never forget, in this never forget-   digs. His first victim miraculously surviv-    or Whitman said, 'We didn't think it was
ting age, that foot fetishist Dick Morris,      e d His second did not.                        appropriate."
once the chief political whisperer in Clin-                          #                                              #
ton's ear, also worked for Trent Lott, the         Famous for his discovery of "slow vi-          Two 18-year-old erstwhile university
Senate Majority Leader. The character of        ruses," Nobel Prize winner (for medicine)      freshmen, Brian Peterson and his part-
a boss can often be revealed by his             Daniel Gajdusek, 73, who may well have         ti me cohabitant, Jewish Amy Gr-berg,
choice of hired gurus.                          the longest entry in Who's Who, helped         are out on $300,000 bail while awaiting
                     #                          bring 56 children, mostly boys, from re-       trial for killing their newborn son and
   Rather than undergo a trial for cocaine      mote Pacific Islands to live with him in       flinging his body in a trash bin. The catch
peddling, Kevin Lee Robertson, a Negro,         his Maryland home. In February Dr. Gaj-         is that they have to wear electronic ankle
employed a few goons to bomb Califor-           dusek pleaded guilty to child abuse and         bracelets.
nia's Solano County Courthouse, blasting        and got nine months in the hoosegow.                                #
a crater in the side of the building and de-                         #                            When H. DeWayne Whittingdon's con-
stroying three automatic teller machines.         A half-breed 16-year-old student has         tract as school superintendent-of Crisfield
s he' trial was only delayed a few days.        been jailed for shooting and killing an        County (MD) was not renewed in 1992,
Three of Robertson's criminal sidekicks         Hispanic student and the Nordic princi-        the black educator screamed "discrirnina-
were quickly rounded up.                        pal of a Bethel (AK) school. The double        tion." As a result he got his job back
                      #                         murderer, Evan Rarnsey, had let i t be         along with $920,000 to allay his hurt feel-
  One of the phoniest Jewish scholars, al-      known days in advance that he was going        ings. To sweeten the pot, the Crisfield Pri-
most in the league of Freud and anthro-         to kill his victims. None of his classmates    mary School has now been renamed H.
pologist Franz Boas, was Bruno Bettel-          or teachers took him seriously.                DeWayne Whittingdon Primary School.
heim, a Holocaust survivor once hailed                                #                                             #
as a sociological genius. When the truth                  '
                                                  ~ h eran away from her middle-class            Holier-than-thou Colin Powell is not as
about him finally emerged after his sui-        Jewish parents in Texas and married a          holy as we have been led to believe. He
cide in 1990, he turned out to be a pla-        Gentile when she was only 15. By 20 she        deviously orchestrated a $43-million bail-
giarist, a round-the-clock humbug and a         had three kids. Today Gloria Feldt, a den-     out of a defense contractor accused of
child abuser.                                   izen of Zoo City, is President of the Plan-    one of the most massive acts of pollution
                      #                         ned Parenthood Federation of America.          in U.S. history. Governor George Allen of
   Did Yehuda Oretz, a 29-year-old rab-                              #                         Virginia has demanded that the federal
binical student in Jackson (NJ)expose hirn-        One of the liberal "greats" of the Uni-     government pay all cleanup costs, which
self to two girls, one eight and the other      versity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,      will probably amount to $100 million.
nine?That's what the local police aver.         Professor Barry Nakell, was caught steal-      Thanks to high connections, Powell may
                      #                         ing deli food from a specialty store last      be able to foist $57 million of the cost on
   Goody-goody, baby-faced Ralph Reed,          year. Some years earlier he had also en-       the taxpayer. Powell's Republican politics
Executive Director of the Christian Coali-      gaged in a little shoplifting when he          have been only superficially inherited by
tion (1.7 million members) and Majority         filched a book. Rabbi John Friedman de-        his son, Michael, 33, who works for Jew-
Renegade par excellence, boasts that his        fended his co-religionist by praising Na-      ish Democrat Joel Klein, Acting Chief of
organization has given $750,000 to re-          kell's help in promoting understanding         the Anti-Trust Division in Clinton's Justice
build burned-down black churches. It            between blacks and Jews. In 1989 the           Dept.

                Numbers           1   1
                                                                                               In fiscal 1992-1995 the U.S. spent $6.6
                                                                                               billion on UN peacekeeping efforts. $4.8
                                                                                               billion of this sum was in addition to the
                                                                                               31% annual assessment the U.S. is sup-          ,

  Governor Pete Wilson sued the US.             memorial to the black soldiers of the Rev-     posed to pay the UN for such activities.
government for the $2.4 billion he says         olutionary War, even though many Ne-                                #
Californians have spent on the care and         groes fought for the British Empire in that      Time Warner has signed a publishing
feeding of the state's 1.7 million illegal      conflict.                                      deal that may bring the family of the late
immigrants. His suit was thrown out by a                             #                         Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. $30 to $50
Federal Appeals Court.                            The birthrate per 1,000 females aged         million in the next 5 years. The King lega-
                    #                           15-19 in 1994: Mississippi 83 (the high-       cy has become a multimillion-dollar busi-
   In the "Bronzeville" section of Chicago,     est); New Hampshire 30 (the lowest). Mis-      ness.
70% of black males were working in 1950;        sissippi is probably the blackest state,                            #
only 37% in 1996. Chicago's North Lawn          New Hampshire one of the whitest.                58% of the Jewish voters in California
section--population 60,000 in 1980-had                               #                         opposed the anti-affirmative action Prop-
one bank, one supermarket and 99 bars             As of October 1, 1996 the U.S. black         osition 209, which passed 54% to 46%,
and liquor stores. In the Chicago ghetto        population reached 33.7 million. In the        but whose enactment is still being de-
only 19% of black families with children        year 2050 the black tally is expected to       layed by judicial sabotage.
were headed by a married couple. 80%            be 61 million.                                                      #
of Hispanic families were headed by live-                            #                           There are 31 more Catholic Democrats
in fathers and mothers.                           AIDS is now the leading cause of death       in Congress than Catholic Republicans.
                    #                           for Americans of all races and sexual                               #
   350,000 illegal immigrants now reside        predilections aged 25-44.                        The number of people who perished in
in Florida; 5 million in the country at                              #                         the Soviet Union's Gulag is estimated at
large. 2.7 million are Mexicans. Half of          An estimated 1.46 million blacks can-        86 million, a number widely accepted in
all Mexican immigrants return to Mexico         not vote because they are either in jail or    Russia and endorsed by Solzhenitsyn.
within 5 years; more than 70% within 10         are convicted felons.                          Nevertheless, Daniel Goldhagen's best-
years.                                                               #                         seller, Hitler's Willing Executioners, ca lIs
                    #                             Juries have been acquitting 22% of           the Holocaust (700,000 to 6 million esti-
   54% of murders in the U.S. in 1991-94        blacks prosecuted for murder; 0% whites.       mated dead) "the most shocking event of
were committed by black males aged 14           83% of blacks prosecuted for rape have         the 20th century."
and up. In 1994, 14- to 17-year-old black       also been acquitted, compared to 24% of                             #
males committed murder at the rate of           whites. (Center for Equal Opportunity)            In the year 2020, 25 million more
139.611 00,000 inhabitants. White males                              #                         Americans will be receiving Social Secur-
of the same age and in the same time pe-           Less than 25% of children of mixed          ity than are receiving it today. The extra
riod committed murder at the rate of            marriages are raised as Jews and 90% of        tab will amount to $232 billion a year. If
15.811 00,000. (In such statistics Hispan-      them will marry out . . .625,000 Ameri-        some substantial cuts are not made in the
ics are often counted as white.)                cans who were born Jewish now practice         meantime, the annual deficit of Social Se-
                    #                           another religion and 60% of Jews below         curity and Medicaid will rise to $1.7 tril-
   A new book, The Wealthy 700; From            40 years of age live in households identi-     lion in 2030.
Benjamin Franklin to Bill Gates, ranks          fied as non-Jewish." Don Feder, Con-                                #
rich Americans according to the ratio of        servative Chronicle, Dec. 18, 1996, p. 22.        Only 30% of Americans save for the fu-
their net worth at death to the GNP. This                            #                         ture. Even worse, their average nest egg is
method of calculation makes John D.                In 1993 the average amount of default-      only $1,000. Half of all adults in their late
Rockefeller the richest American of all         ed student loans was $464,209 per black        50s have less than $10,000 tucked away.
time. Another way of putting it is that         college or university. That's nearly 3 times                        #
Rockefeller in his era controlled 6.5 times     higher than the default average of student        The average brain size of U.S. Army
more of the economy than Bill Gates con-        loans in non-black universities and col-       enlisted personnel i s 1,375 cc; officers
trols today. All in all, John D. had a for-     leges.                                         1,393 cc. Normal brains in all human
tune that amounted to 1165th of the U.S.                             #                         populations range in size from 1,000 cc
economy. #2 wealthiest was Cornelius               Some 5,000 members of a family de-          to 1,700 cc, a difference of some 4.2 bil-
Vanderbilt, whose net worth equaled 1/87th      scended from 7 brothers born in Ramal-         lion brain cells.
of the economy. Based on these figures          lah, Palestine, in the 16th century are ex-                         #
Gates, currently the top Midas, comes in as     pected to gather in Dearborn (MI) this            At least 18 state legislatures will grap-
the 31st most affluent American.                summer in a family reunion. Altogether         ple with the issue of samesex marriage
                     #                          the extended family has 30,000 living rel-     this year. In one state, Hawaii, such es-
  Between 1982 and 1992 the number of           atives in the U.S.                             pousals may well be legalized. On the
U.S. farmers declined by 14%; the num-                               #                         other hand, 16 states already have laws
ber of Negro farmers by 43%.                      Federal Court of Appeals judges get          forbidding them to recognize out-of-state
                    #                           $141,700 a year, plus benefits. Associate      same-sex marriages.
  The U.S. gets 10% of its oil from the         Supreme Court Justices get $164,100 a                                #
Middle East, the source of 30% of West-         year .                                            Immigrants, legal and illegal are taking
em Europe's oil and 50% of Japan's.                                  #                         jobs away from black teenagers. In Har-
                    #                             The 10 countries that voted most often        lem fast-food eateries have accepted 38%
  General Motors has given $400,000 to          against the U.S. in the UN in fiscal 1995      of Hispanic and Asian applicants; only
the Black Patriots Foundation to build a        received $313 million in U.S. foreign aid.     13.6% of Negro applicants.
         Schindler's List on TV: As always in regard to any-
    thing connected to or based on the Holocaust, the
    film was presented under special conditions and with
    special perquisites. NBC boasted there would be no
    commercials which, considering the Sunday night 2'12-
    hour time spot, would have cost the network $15
    million. Ten million was picked up by Ford Motor
    Co., which did flash its name during the intermis-
    sions. (Is Ford still trying to make amends for founder
    Henry's anti-Semitism?)
         As a piece of cinematography, despite Steven
    Spielberg's stilted prologue and epilogue, the film
    wasn't all that different from current movie fare.
    There was a spate of bed wrestling with a topless
    woman, the customary outbursts of violence and sad-
    ism, and the dribbling use of the F-word. Equally rou-
    tine was the deification of Jews, the diabolization of
    Germans and by extension the degradation of goy-            about Herr Schindler that appeared in the Brazilian
    dom everywhere. (Spielberg topped his Hollywood             newspaper Ilustrada. Mrs. Schindler has no great re-
    rivals in frontal nudity. Apparently he undressed the       spect for her husband, who deserted her in Argentina
    men and women of an entire Polish village.)                 in 1957 and returned to Germany. She calls him
         Schindler's List has to be the greatest hate film of   "half crazy" and "stupid." As for Thomas Keneally's
    all time. How many of the alleged 55 to 65 million          novel, Schindler's Ark, on which the film was based,
    viewers bought the message, we will never know. Let         she said a lot of it was a pack of lies. It is interesting
    us hope that the "filthyn-there is no other word for        to note that before her husband died in the 1970s he
    it--injections of random killing and other barbaric         asked to be buried in Israel, which makes him a
    acts by German camp officials persuaded at least a          Righteous Gentile, though not much of a German.
    few members of the viewing audience to enter the            His wish was granted. The grave site of the wife-
    forbidden realm of disbelief.                               deserter has become a minor tourist attraction.
         It would be nice if on a subsequent Sunday NBC             Just as the Holocaust cannot be debated, Schin-
    aired a 2'/~-hour show about the atrocities Israelis        dler's List cannot be criticized. Any reviewer who
    committed on the Palestinians, both before and after        turned thumbs-down, put his job at risk. One con-
    the Holocaust. But this won't happen. Hate is a one-        gressman, Tom Coburn (R-OK), who complained
    sided commodity these days, a Jewish monopoly.              about its nudity, violence and profanity was immedi-
    Tear-jerking films and documentaries preaching anti-        ately howled down and forced to apologize.
    anti-Semitism have become a dime a dozen. No one
    dares object or dares call for balance. In America the          Despite PBS's enthusiasm for minorities, its twin,
    punishment for such heresy is pariah-hood. In many          National Public Radio, has been the target of several
    European countries it is jail.                              lawsuits charging racial discrimination: one from its
         The Holocaust is the one gripping event in mod-        Cairo bureau chief, Sunni Khalid, a black Muslim, for
    ern history, perhaps in all history, that is not open to    $2 million; another from a black woman for $4 mil-
    public debate. How odd that in these days, when free        lion, which was settled out of court. Three other
    speech is touted as humanity's great desideratum,           complaints (shakedowns) by blacks are in the hop-
    that on a vital issue like Jewish racism there is no        per. Some 460 people work for NPR; 28.3% of them
    speech at all.                                              are minorityites, including the President and CEO,
         Will it ever be so? Will the day ever come when        Delano Lewis. When an NPR commentator called
    some reputable non-Jewish historians finally say            the Christian doctrine of Rapture "crap," the. radio
    enough is enough, say that the time has finally come        network was deluged with 40,000 letters of protest.
    when the Jewish cultural blitz on modern society de-
    mands the most intense scrutiny.                                Richard Carlson, present chairman of the Corpo-
         Mrs. Emilie Schindler, Oskar's wife, now in her        ration for Public Broadcasting, the sugar daddy of
    80s, was shown briefly at the end of Schindler's List.      PBS, will quit his post before June 1 and take with
    But Spielberg didn't see fit to quote her remarks           him a tidy little $250,000 severance package. The

present chairman of the Board of Directors of the          German anti-aircraft gun surrounded by smiling SS
CPB will stay on. He is Alan Sagner, a Jewishreal es-      officers, I doubt she would've gotten off as easily as
tate developer who has a sizable investment in The         did Comrade Jane.) Finally, Turner sold out last year
Nation, a wxky, thoroughly Semitized semi-tabloid.         to Semitic leviathan Time Warner.
A prominent Board member is Heidi Schulman, wife                Daniel Schorr once let it be known that his former
of ex-Commerce Secretary Mickey Kantor.                    boss had a personal dislike for Jews. After downing
                                                           too many Southern Comforts, Turner apparently let
   Overheard during the David Letterman mono-              slip some anti-Semitic remarks. Whether the Rhett
logue before the re-release of Star Wars: "My favorite     Butler admirer who started out in the billboard busi-
character in the movie was Obi Wan Kenobi . .or  .         ness hates Jews, loves Jews, privately curses 'em or
was that the name of the cab driver I had this morning?"   publicly praises 'em, or both, his surrender to the
                                                           archenemy speaks louder than any drunken or sober
     Laurence Jarvik, even though he grew up as a lib-     words he might utter.
eral Democrat, got so fed up with the leftist-minority-
tilt of PBS, he wrote a book about it, P S Behind the          I watched some of Showtime's Full Frontal Come-
Screen, detailing chapter and verse the Public Broad-      dy last December. One comedian, whose name I
casting System's swing to the sinister side of the         didn't catch, was of special interest. He said he didn't
broadcast spectrum. He refers to a Media Research          have a problem with multiculturalism, but didn't like
Study that surveyed 73 PBS programs from 1993 to           "Ethnic Day" at his kid's school. "I'm half-German
1996, only two of which could be classified as hav-        and half-Irish," he said. 'What do I do, send my kid
ing a conservative bent. One of the latest PBS offer-      to school dressed as Hitler, half-drunk?" The comic
ings, The West, presented whites in such a bad light       chimed in, "I make fun of all ethnic groups, except
that the Indians turned out to be the heroes. Strictly                     .
                                                           Jewish people. . .I wanna stay in show business. I
left-wing minority epics ranged from Hillary's Class       know which side my bread is buttered on." Then he
at Wellesley College to a cloying Pilgrimage of Jesse      hummed a Jewish tune and danced a bit.
Jackson. Liberal propaganda even creeps into Sesame            Every once in a while I'll see on TV similar joking
Street. PBS hit bottom with Tongues Untied, which          references to the power of American Jews. I wonder
featured homosexuals doing their thing.                    what the average white American viewer thinks
                                                           about these jokes. Since Jews are considered to be
   From Zip 179. 1 ran across this Freudian slip by        such wonderful people, most non-Jewssee no prob-
gasbag John McLaughlin discussing education on his         lem with a small minority of aliens wielding such in-
show: "Most Africans are not ready for college." He        credible clout. Some would say it's free enterprise,
meant to say "Americans."                                  that the Jews broke no laws getting where they're at.
                                                           Do you think the one-out-of-a-thousand who may be
    From Zip 420. A CNN Presents promo claims the          a bit disturbed by the implications of such humor will
National Rifle Association may be the most powerful        do anything about it? Maybe one-out-of-a-thousand
lobby on Capitol Hill. Saying the NRA may pack             of the one-out-of-a-thousand will,
more firepower than AlPAC is like saying my ole                If there is any God or Gods or Creative Intelli-
trusty-rusty single-shot 20 gauge may be a deadlier        gence up there, why did he or they or it bring Jews
weapon than an M-16. Though I've been within ear-          into existence? To invade our homelands time after
shot of that anti-gun shibboleth many times, I've nev-     time after time, then rule us into ruin?That would put
er gotten used to it.                                      God on the side of mendacity, parasitism, antirace,
    The promo having emanated from Peachtown, it           antilife and evil. God would have to be Satan to do that.
reminded me how the big fix for news junkies took a            It might just be that the Jews are an evolutionary
Turner for the worst a while back. I was naive             challenge for our breed. "If Jews do not kill us, they
enough in 1980, when CNN was born, to fantasize            will make us stronger," to paraphrase Nietzsche.
that "Cap'n Courageous" Turner, after a few years'             We or our ideological heirs will never topple the
grace period, would wield the sword of truth across        Jews from power. We don't have to. The Jews are
the airwaves and make the Chosen rage.                     everyone's enemy, even their own. The gross mis-
    Soon, however, the Southern yachtsman floated          management of this System of theirs will finally bring
to (Daniel) Schorr an offer to oversee news cabled         about the Great Collapse, 50 or 75 or possibly 100
across America. Later, of course, Ted became Mr.           years away. America has a long free-fall before she
Hanoi Jane. (Had Bette Davis in 1943 posed atop a          hits bottom with a Crash heard 'round the galaxy.
            Notes from the Sceptred Isle-john                                                       NO~UII
     I have been taken to task in the pages of lnstauration      cess in Germany, partly because he knew that regions
by a British nationalist who asserted that Sir Oswald Mos-       must combine, if only for their own defence, and partly
ley did indeed speak and write in favour of "Europe a Na-        because he realised that the curse of mass immigration
tion" after WWII. But at that time Germany was down for          could still be kept under control if regions were given real
the count and France was an unwilling captive                                powers.
of the U.S. In both Germany and France the                                        I need hardly add that Mosley was a mem-
classe dirigeante had either been discredited, ju-                           ber of the upper classes. He admired the Euro-
dicially murdered or marginalised, whereas in                                pean tradition, which began in Greece and cul-
Britain that was not the case.                                               minated in Dante, Shakespeare, Cervantes,
     After the British Army had been defeated in                             Goethe, etc., etc., etc. His own philosophy, ad-
1940, the British Navy remained a formidable                                 umbrated at the end of his autobiography, was
force. The Royal Air Force, while it did not                                 a really noble and uplifting one.
shoot down as many planes as the BBC claimed,                                     Too many nationalists in English-speaking
nevertheless won the Battle of Britain with the                              countries spring from the lower-middle-class
help of a ruse of Churchill's. He ordered the                                tradition of bible Protestantism, which is anti-
bombing of civilians in Berlin knowing that Hit-                             aesthetic and looks back to the Old Testament.
ler and Goering would be forced to retaliate by                              That is why Bible Protestants have been to the
bombing British cities and thereby reduce at-                                fore in handing over their countries to the Peo-
tacks on British airfields. It worked.                                       ple of the Book. Fortunately the Catholic
     The British pilots had nearly all been to pub-                          Church is now quite as rotten as its Protestant
 lic (viz. private) schools or selective gram-                               equivalents, so successful Christian revisionism
mar schools, so their standard of education was                              is not in the cards.
higher than that of their opponents. What is                                      At this point, allow me to praise Dr. E. R.
more, when British pilots were shot down, they                               Fields, who not only sells recordings of Mos-
were soon sent up again, sometimes as many as                                ley's speeches at a very low price, but also took
eight times. When German pilots were shot                                    the trouble to visit Mosley's remaining followers
down, they remained as prisoners in England.                                  in London. I was moved to see his photos of old
     A recent study by the German education au-                              men who were virtually alone in opposing the
thorities showed that while the standards of gov-                             rise of Jewish power in Britain. Mosley's own
 ernment-run schools were much lower in Brit-                                eldest son, Nicholas, called them "sewer rats." I
 ain than in Germany, the standard of British                                am very proud of a friend of mine who wrote to
 independent schools was definitely higher than                               him about this defamation and got an apology
that of the German Gymnasien. That was also                                  out of him.
true during WWII.                                                                 Mosley never wavered in his plan to repatri-
     Mosley's idea was that the more educated                                 ate low-grade immigrants to their lands of ori-
 British should set the standard of leadership ip                            gin. Most West Indians in particular, as he often
 Europe and especially lead in the development of Africa.        pointed out, would have been happy to return to their sun-
That is why his speeches in London were wildly cheered           ny islands, if the government had only been willing to pay
 by whites in Africa. At the time, his plan was criticized as    a few pounds towards their resettlement. For a long time,
 a new way of exploiting black Africans, who were far            Mosley's followers were the only people who dared to
 more exploited by their own rulers.                             demonstrate in favour of expatriating the coloured popula-
     I never heard Mosley argue in favour of rule by the         tion, for which they were viciously attacked by Jews.
 Brussels bureaucracy, which, in effect, is what the Europe-         Just one small reminder. The British upper classes, who
 an Commission now represents. He wanted individual              created the Empire in Asia, Africa and even South Ameri-
 governments (i.e., "nations") to a d together for their own     ca, called themselves "Europeans" and were officially de-
 good. He favoured the Common Market, because he real-           scribed as such.
 ised it would mean increased prosperity in Europe. To-              What Mosley wanted was to transform Europe into a
 wards the end of his lik, under the influence of his friends,   nation, but a federal nation, such as the U.S. once was
 he began to think more and more in terms of a Europe of         and still is to some extent. More on the vexed question of
 regions, partly because regionalism had been such a suc-        nationalism next time.

                            Report from the Darkening Tip
    Omitted from earlier reports:                                       Congress. The National Party (composed largely of Afrikaners)
     *There is a rapidly growing realization among Afrikaners and       has declared that this year it will come to a final decision regard-
other whites and nonwhite groups who associate with them that           ing its future role in politics.
they must strive to create a confederation of states to maintain            Jan. 5 A group calling itself the Boer Attack Troops has
their freedom and national interests vis-a-vis the socialist military   claimed responsibility for the bomb blasts on Christmas Eve.
state that is the aim of Mandela and his associates.                        Jan. 6 Mangosotho Buthelezi, Zulu leader in Natal and head
      *The government dispatched an emergency task team to bol-         of the lnkhatha Freedom Party, has warned that many of the
ster the Eastern Cape's administration which is in danger of col-       hopes ushered in by the first all-race election in 1994 are disap-
lapse a a result of corruption, bad government and fraud on a           pearing under the magnitude of the country's unresolved prob-
massive scale.                                                          lems.
    *More than 200,000 aliens from neighboring African states               Jan. 8 T.he police are worried about the existence of far-right
have sought and obtained permanent resi-                                      "cells" consisting of two or three persons each. Such minus-
dence in South Africa.                                                                     cule groups could commit acts of terror all over
    *Dr. Ferdie Hartzenberg, leader of
the Conservative Party, announced that                                                       Jan. 10: Pagad, the Western Cape organiza-
an independent group, the People's                                                        tion of Muslims violently opposed to gangster-
Republic Working Committee, has                                                                                      Pan-Africanist Con-
been founded to research ways in
which an Afrikaner People's Re-
public could be established.
    *Altogether 123,000 prisoners
are being held in South African jails. It                                                               break with past policies that fa-
is the highest number of inmates in                                                                     voured Israel over the Arab states.
South African history.                                                                                    Jan. 13: Afrikaners are leaving
    *The Citizen, a conservative E                                                                                nd surrounding areas to
per in the Transvaal, carried a lead                                                                               rn Cape. One white
country needs to know now who is going to take over
from Mandela.
    *On the day it was revealed almost 16,000 mur-                                                             r-all   of them newcomers
ders were reported in the first eight months of the
year, Safety and Security Minister Sydney Mufamadi
said serious crime in the country was on the decline.
    *The government announced that more police-
men had been arrested in the past 36 months than i                                                                     Iry, personal squab-
the 40 years South Africa was under National Party rule.
    *Since 1960 when the Belgian                                                                               uth African Students Con-
the white population in Zaire
18,000 today. In Zimbabwe the w
d u d from 170,000 in 1960 to 100,000 today. South Africa's             factor of language "to make it difficult for black students to be
white population of about 5 million has remained reasonably             enrolled at [your] universities."
stable, though emigration has been on the increase in the past              Jan. 1 : South Africa now has the world's worst rape rate.
year.                                                                   Statistics show that in 1994 one rape was reported for every
    *According to Beeld, the largest circulation Afrikaans daily,       1,000 people. Interpol has ascertained that there are now more
the problem is not the African National Congress, which is too          cases of rape in South Africa than in any other part of the world.
domineering, or the poor who may launch an uprising against                 Jan. 19: Cabinet minutes make it very clear that South Afri-
the government. The problem is the ANC's lack of leadership             ca's plans to sell %billion rands worth of tank firing control sys-
and its incapacity to govern.                                           tems to Syria are far more advanced than the government has
    *Not all street na-     and statues associated with the days of     claimed.
white rule have been removed. The bust of former Prime Minis-               Jan. 21: In Johannesburg the residents are blocking off roads
ter J.G. Strydom and the statue of former President Paul Kruger         at entrances to suburbs in an attempt to keep out crime.
have so far been untouched.                                                 Jan. 27: Buthelezi has stated that Mandela's African National
    *Vice President Thabo Mbreki asserted that South Africa was         Congress is ineffective and unable to provide principled and mo-
not prepared to send troops to fight in a war in Zaire.                 ral leadership. At the same time the chance of talks between the
    *It has been determined that about 5 00 of children of              African National Congress and the tnkhatha Freedom Party have
school-going age are in need of special education.                      diminished.
                                                                            Jan. 31: Regular visitors to the well-known Kruger National
   Jan. 4 The Democratic Party (liberal and white) has decided           Park reported that the situation in the park is deteriorating and
to cooperate with President Mandela and the African National            Third World standards predominate.
                                                                                               "purer" Jews. tiad it not been for Paul (n6
                                                                                               Saul), Wilson further asserts, Christianity
                                                                                               would never have gotten off the ground.

   European Union. The highly overpaid             Britain. A group of British legislators       Twenty-year-old Reuben Singh, owner
officials of the European Union are being       led by Gerald Kaufman protested when a         of a string of fashion shops and driver of a
pressured by Jewishgroups to have all the       leading German newspaper referred to           yellow Ferrari and a red Rolls, is a pound
member states obey the same rules that          Britain's Foreign Secretary as "the Jew Rif-   millionaire. Could it be his first name ex-
have been formulated in Germany, where          kind." Herr Nonnenmacher, publisher of         plains his precocious financial success?
questioning the Holocaust has been crim-        the offending Frankfurter Allgemeine Zei-      He started out when he was 14 by clinch-
inalized, along with assertions about the       tung, said it was ridiculous to regard the     ing an $800,000 deal during a school
inequality of races.                            word as anti-Semitic. Rifkind himself had      lunch break. Richest Asian mogul in Brit-
                                                no comment.                                    ain is Lakshmi Mittal, a steel tycoon whose
   Canada. A leading spokesman for the                                                         fortune is estimated at $2.42 billion.
rights of English speakers in Quebec i s           The Story of Little Black Sambo is sell-
asking American Jews for aid in the fight       ing like hotcakes in England-the uncut            France. The results of a local election
against Quebec's separatist movement,           version of the first edition, not the bowd-    for mayor of Vitrolles, a town of 30,000
which he says reeks of anti-Semitism. A         lerized, "deracinated" American rewrite,       near Marseilles, shivered the timbers of
former member of the Jewish Defense             Sam and the Tigers. The Anti-Racist Alli-      the French establishment. The Front Na-
League, Howard Galganov, founder and            ance has demanded that the book be             tional candidate, Catherine Mkgret, wife
president of the Quebec Political Action        shredded.                                      of Bruno Mgret, the FN's #2 man, tri-
Committee, went to New York City last                                                          umphed over the Front R+ublicain, an
year to share his fears about separatism           A jury tossed out Britain's first war       ad hoc coalition of all the political par-
with affluent Jews. A reporter for La Presse,   crimes trial almost before it started. The     ties, whose sole purpose was to defeat the
Canada's venerable French-language dai-         defendant was an 86-year-old Eastern Eu-       FN candidate by having Communists, left-
ly, wrote a story detailing Galganov's in-      ropean, Szymon Serafinowicz, a retired         ists, liberals, conservatives, even Greens,
volvement with the JDL during the 60s,          carpenter who is afflicted with dementia       vote for the anti-FN candidate, a member
when he grabbed his 15 minutes of fame          and has lost many of his marbles. He was       of the Socialist Party and the incumbent
by chaining himself to the Russian Consu-       deemed unfit to endure the rigors of a         mayor.
late in Montreal to publicize the "fate" of     long courtroom battle. Also he had suf-           In the second round of the election in
 his racial cousins in the former Soviet Un-    fered enough. For eleven years Jewish or-      which the two winners of the first round
 ion.                                           ganizations had been making his life and       went head to head, Mme. M6gret re-
                                                that of family members a holy hell. S far
                                                                                      o        ceived 52% of the vote, enough to put
   Imagine a large retinue of Jews riding       British taxpayers have spent at least $21      her over the top. Her victory bodes ill for
around on Harleys with gigantic Hebrew          million on anti-Nazi witch-hunts.              the mainstream parties in the legislative
letters inscribed on the backs of their                                                        elections coming up next year. If a Front
leather windbreakers. Post-apocalypse Is-          British justice is beginning to be a un-
                                                                                       s        National candidate can take on all the
raelis?Southern Californians?Sorry, they're     just as America's. After five whites were      parties at once and beat them, it's going
Ontarians. YOW (Yidden on Wheels) is a          acquitted of killing a black, the Daily        to be difficult to stop Jean-Marie Le Pen
Jewish motorcycle club, created, a its s        Mail came out with a blatant front-page        from becoming a bigger and ever more
founder sniffs, "so that Jewishriders could     banner headline accusing them of mur-           commanding player in French and Euro-
escape the anti-Semitism that exists in         der, displaying their photos and giving         pean politics.
other motorcycle clubs." Bob Brodie, lead-       their names.
er of the 70-strong pack, rides his Harley                                                       Christophe Auguin, who broke the solo
to synagogue.                                      Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the Daily        round-the-world sailing record is-no sur-
                                                Telegraph i s a no-holds-barred critic who     p r i s a Norman and has been hailed by
   In response to the British Columbia          takes a very bleak view of the U.S.            the French public as a latter-day Lind-
provincial government's regulation that                                                        bergh. Auguin's circumnavigational feat
bicyclists wear safety helmets, Sikhs groan-          ,I would hesitate to describe America    lasted 105 days, during which he sailed
                                                   as a nation at all in 1997. because it is   26,500 miles.
ed, "Not so fast. We will wear nothing on
                                                   becoming something very different; a
our heads but our sacred turbans." They            ~olvethnic   federation administered by a
                                                                                                  Switzerland. Jews can easily knock over
were quickly exempted from the rule.               0   ,

                                                   single ruling class. . .[T]he accumulat-
                                                                                               any individual who dares to criticize their
                                                   ed rot i n America has now reached a
   The Vancouver City Council tried to pass        point where the pillars of society itself   political and economic networking. Only
a law to stop newly arrived Hong Kongers           are failing.                                recently, however, has it become evident
from cutting down old trees in their                                                           that they can also bring a whole country
neighborhoods, conservation not being a            St. Paul, not Jesus, invented Christiani-   to its knees. Actually the uproar about
big item on the Chinese wish list. Almost       ty, writes the lapsed Anglican novelist,       Swiss Banks stealing deposits made by
instantly Chinamen were up in arms              A.N. Wilson. It was Paul who, after he         rich Jews fleeing the Nazis was started by
screaming "Racism!" and threatening to          saw that strange apparition in the sky                             s
                                                                                               a massive bluff, a Jewish agency head
form a political action group to oust the       while hiking to Damascus, came up with         Avraham Burg boastfully admitted. Last
council at the next election. Predictably       the sizzling idea that Jesus was divine, a     November, without any evidence whatev-
and obediently council members passed           proposition not shared by Jesus's family.      er, he cranked out a press release saying
a wishy-washy law that allows homeown-          All Jesus wanted, according to Wilson,         that huge amounts of Jewish assets were
ers to cut down one tree a year.                was to make his followers better and           being held in the coffers of Swiss banks.

                                                                                                Russia. A bill currently being consid-
                                                                                              ered by the Moscow Municipal Duma
                                                                                              would ban the display or political use of
                                                                                              Nazi symbols on the grounds they disrupt
     All of a sudden the global Jewishprop-      s
                                                a it did in the case of the Atomic Bomb,      the general order, stir up violence in a
aganda machine picked up on this un-            attached little importance to the inven-      multinational society and foster political
proven claim and moved into high gear.          tion. Two versions of Zuse's computer         extremism. Along with the wearing of
The media were duly informed that Swiss         were destroyed in WWll air raids.             Nazi uniforms and paraphernalia, the Ro-
banks were hiding $7 billion in deposits.                                                     man and Hitler salutes would also be for-
At first the banks grudgingly agreed to            The Berlin studios that made a particu-    bidden.
cough up $34 million, then upped it to          larly grubby and slanted film, From Hell
$64 million. Finally a it continued to be
                         s                      to Hell, of a 1946 mini-pogrom in Kielce,        The Russian State Duma has recently
battered, the Swiss government promised         Poland, were half-burned to the ground.       passed a bill dealing with requirements
to set up a $5-billion fund to compensate       The film company is headed by a Polish        for sewing on the Russian Security Coun-
both Jews and non-Jews. At this point the       Jew, Arthur Brauner, a Holocaust suwi-        cil. Prime prerequisite will be Russian cit-
Chosen toned down their clamor a few            vor. Both Brauner and the Simon Wiesen-       izenship. Henceforth no stateless person,
decibels, but did not cease their yammer-       thal Center made haste to state there was     no citizen of a foreign country, no former
ing. They didn't want to share one Swiss        no connection between the arson and the       citizen of a foreign country will be eligi-
franc of the loot with non-Jews.                film's anti-Polish content decri6d by         ble to serve on the Council. Before the
    A few intrepid Swiss dared to object to     hordes of protesters. Brauner, who arrived    law was enacted Boris Berezovsky, a Yelt-
the shakedown. Outgoing President Jean-         in Berlin in 1946, has produced 200 com-      sin and Lebed backer, a member of the
Pascal Delamuraz called Jewish demands          mercial films, diverting some of the prof-                       s        s
                                                                                              Security Council a well a a banker and
"blackmail and extortion," but then quick-      its to making money-losing hate films         commodities speculator, had his Israeli
 ly backtracked and apologized. In a con-       with Holocaust themes.                        citizenship annulled.
fidential memorandum to his govern-
 ment, the Swiss Ambassador to the U.S.,           Thies Christopherson, an SS officer sta-      Russia's wealthiest mogul, even more
Carlo Jagmetti, called for the Swiss to         tioned at Auschwitz, expired in February      loaded than Berezovsky, is Vladimir Gu-
fight a war against their maligners "on         at the age of 79. To his dying breath he      sinsky, who came to Washington in the
 two fronts, foreign and domestic." When        denied there had been any gassings. For       entourage of Prime Minister Viktor Cher-
 the memo leaked, Jagmetti temporized by        publishing a book and some articles on        nomyrin. Worth anywhere from $50 mil-
 saying his statement had been taken out        the perilous subject, he was a marked         lion to $500 million, Gusinsky owns one
 of context. He then resigned, bringing an      man and had to flee to Denmark to avoid       of the three national TV networks and is
 inglorious end to an honorable 35-year         being flung into jail. When finally arrest-   considered to be the power behind the
 career in the Swiss diplomatic sewice.         ed on his return to Germany, a judge let      throne of Mostbank, the country's most
     One newspaper, Blick, Switzerland's        him off because he was suffering from ad-     influential financial institution. That a
  largest daily, refused to knuckle under for   vanced kidney cancer.                         sleazebag like Gusinsky, who has been
  its bold headline, "DfAmato That's                                                          involved in financial scam after financial
  Enough," referring to the New York sena-          Hungary. Fmm a subscriber. in the mid-    scam, moves in the highest circles of the
 tor who is leading the anti-Swiss crusade,     70s I visited Hungary. A fascinating coun-     Russian government says little for the
 threatening boycotts and sanctions, and        try! I wish I could have spent a few years     health of the Russian economy. During
  in the process racking up a lot of Brownie    there instead of a month! It was a great       his visit to Washington, Gusinsky paid his
  points fmm Jewishvoters in Zoo City and       experience to visit a land where the peo-      respects to Al Gore, who, if we know Al,
 elsewhere. Christoph Blocher, a leading        ple live almost like a family. Walking         hit him for a large contribution to the
  Swiss industrialist, praised the way Swit-    through Budapest with my guide one day,        Democratic Party. A few months ago Gu-
  zerland had handled its neutrality in         I passed a street vendor pushing a cart.      sinsky was elected President of the Rus-
  WWII: "I want to send the message that        Though he had no wares I hadn't seen be-      sian-JewishCongress.
  reparations or apologies are not in the       fore--American and British cigarettes,
  question." Amid the fuss and bluster a        chewing gum, various small items--the            In the introduction to The Myth of the
  Swiss poll found 44% of the respondents       vendor being a likable fellow, not a Gyp-     Holocaust by Swiss revisionist Jiirgen
  disagreed with Jewish demands, 30%            sy type, I decided to give his business a     Graf in the Russian newspaper, Russky
  agreed, 26% unsure.                           small boost.                                  Vestnik (No. 32-34, 1996), Russian histo-
     All in all, the worldwide Jewish web           I handed him a bill in local currency     rian Oleg Platonov made these interesting
  had a field day turning the Swiss into        and pointed to the pack of gum. The ven-      comments:
   Nazistic pariahs, ignoring that the small    dor gave me the change but no gum. I
  country, surrounded by huge military          again pointed to the gum. "Take it," ad-              T e myth of the Holocaust is a in-
                                                                                                       h                              n
                                                vised my guide. I shrugged and pulled the         sult to mankind because i t portrays the
  forces in WWII, had little choice but to
                                                                                                  Jewsas the main victims of World War
  play along with the Axis nations, while at    gum out from behind a sliding glass pane.
                                                                                                  II. . . .Some 55 million human beings
  the same time doing what it could to ap-       "He is blind," my guide let it be known.         died i n the war, including about
  pease the Allies.                              "How can he go through the day without           500,000 Jews, not the mythical six mil-
                                                 being robbed?" I asked. "No problem,"            lion. Of course, even that number is
  Germany. Buried by the hype about              said my guide. "Budapest has very few                                e
                                                                                                  considerable and w sympathize. How-
Silicon Valley, few earthlings know that         thieves." "How can he count coins?" I in-        ever, is it really possible to talk about
the first fully-operational computer was         quired. "By feel," he answered "How              any special victimization of the Jews,
the brainchild of Konrad Zuse, a German          about paper bills?" "People would not try        when the Russian people, including of
                                                 to deceive him!"                                 course Ukrainians and Byelorussians,
who died in 1995. The Hitler government,
                                                                                                   the U.S. Embassy took umbrage, Zeevi
                                                                                                   was rebuked by Israel's Cabinet Secre-
                                                                                                   tary, Danny Naveh, who chairs the Gov-
                                                                                                   ernment's Forum to Combat Anti-
       lost more than 27 million men, women,       gling, Sharansky and many of his Russian-       Semitism in Israel.
       children, and old folks. . . .The myth of   Jewish cornpadres were able to cast off
       the Holocaust is an insult to the memory    their chains of bondage and exodused to            Back in 1982 Era Rapaport, a nice Jew-
       of millions of Russians who fell victim     the Promised Land.                              ish boy from Flatbush, indefatigable so-
       to the new world order.                        Recently Sharansky visited Russia in his     cial worker and civil rights marcher, plant-
                                                   official capacity as Israel's Minister of       ed a bomb which blew off the legs of the
       Ukraine. Occupying a considerable           Trade and Industry. He was seen leading         Arab mayor of Nablus. Instead of spend-
    length of the Black Sea coastline, Ukraine     Israeli "businessmen" through the familiar      ing the rest of his life in jail for this
    has always been a gate to the "Southern        streets of Moscow and meeting with Jew-         bloody act of double amputation, Rapa-
    Seas," a corridor from the Varangians to       ish teachers "from a thousand different         port, author of a new book, is now sitting
    the Greeks, as it was known to traders         (local)Jewish schools."                                 s
                                                                                                   pretty a the mayor of a Jewish settlement
    even in ancient times. It's possible to go         Even when you "let them go," they           in the Biblical site of Shiloh.
    from the Baltic to the Black Sea on slow-      never seem to go away.
    flowing rivers with only relatively short                                                         Three Jewish girls at a religious high
    portages. Ukraine probably has the world's                                                     school have formed a fan club for Yigal
                                                      Menahem Begin, in his autobiography,
    largest amount of "black soil," so rich i t                                                    Amir, the assassin of Prime Minister Ra-
                                                   White Niqhts, reports a conversation he
    requires practically no fertilizers, so rich                                                   bin. The girls probably have equally
                                                   had with a lewish physician when they
    that in WWI Germans transported it to                                                          warm feelings for the late Baruch Gold-
                                                   were both incarcerated in the Pechor-Lag
    Germany in railroad cars!                                                                      stein, the American Jew who gunned
                                                   Soviet labor camp. The doctor, having pre-
        Through the centuries many nations                                                         down 29 Palestinians praying in a
                                                   viously been interned at Dachau during
    have tried to carve out a piece of Ukraine                                                     mosque. Goldstein's grave in Israel has
                                                   the Hitler regime, entertained Begin by
    for themselves. The most powerful ene-                                                         now become a shrine and a popular tour-
                                                   comparing the Nazi and Soviet concen-
    mies of the country's independence were                                                        ist attraction.
                                                   tration camps. At Dachau he said:
    Russia and Poland. Fearful of losing their
    independence to the Poles, ~ k r i i n i a n            W worked at road building. The
                                                              e                                       Mexico. Dual nationality is the coming
    leaders chose the lesser evil of a union          work was hard, but we only worked            fad in Mexican-American relations. Mil-
    with Russia in the 17th century. The con-         eight hours a day. . . .I had a bed. I had   lions of Mexicans living outside their pa-
    quest of Poland or Russia by Ukraine was          soap to wash with, a toothbrush, clean       tria now have the right to vote in Mexican
    never a possibility, as Ukrainian Cossacks        underwear, warm clothes for winter. All      elections. This will bind the beaners on
                                                      the time I was confined I had contact        both sides of the border more closely to-
    were always preoccupied defending their           with my family. I was sent letters and
    country from more immediate enemies,              parcels. I was not hungry. I do not have     gether, giving them more political clout
    primarily Turks and Tartars.                      to tell you how much I hate the ac-          and speeding up their dream of "recon-
       Ukrainian jews cooperated and con-             cursed Nazis. But when I lie here [Pe-       quering" Texas, California, Arizona and
    spired with the Russians, Ukraine's even-         chor-Lag] in the muck and stink, when I      New Mexico.
    tual masters. Jewish groups perpetrated a         scratch my body, when I long for an ex-
    whole litany of betrayals over the centu-         tra piece of bread, a terrible thought
    ries against the Ukrainian nation. Jews           sometimes comes into my head. I admit
    backed the Russian Empire despite the             i t i s a terrible thought, but I will not
                                                      conceal it from you. At times I think that
    Czafs ukase forbidding them to settle in
                                                      if I had to choose between Pechor-Lag
     Russia proper.                                   and Dachau, I would choose Dachau.
                                                       [p. 2041
       Georgia. Noah, an independent news-
    paper published in Tbilisi, carried an arti-     In his book, The Holocaust Kingdom: A
    cle by the paper's publisher calling Jews      Memoir, Alexander Donat, a Jewish survi-
    "vampires" who have been "pumping              vor of nine Nazi camps, writes about
    money, gqld, nerves, thoughts" out of his      Maidanek where Jewish inmates were
    country. Georgia President Shevardnad-         acting as a ruling caste:
    ze, onetime Soviet Foreign Minister, con-
    demned the piece: "If the free press con-             Roll calls that lasted all night in a
    tinues to publish such articles, we would         winter so cold that in the morning the
                                                      ground was littered with frozen bodies;        In a recent hot-tempered speech in
    have to reconsider our attitude [towards
                                                      of the ruthless slaughter of the sick and
    these publications]."                             weak, of endless beatings for the slight-    Mexico City, Fidel Castro added his two
                                                      est infraction, of unremitting hunger. The   pesos to the irredentist issue by saying
       Israel. Natan Sharansky practically liv-       Jews remembered that "their torturers        that the U.S. should surrender its ill-
    ed in the headlines of U.S. newspapers in         had been Polish jews." [p. 1931              gotten Southwest.
    the Reagan years because of his activism
    on behalf of fellow Russian Jews who              An Israeli legislator, Rehavam Zeevi,          Australia. Why do women talk more than
    wanted to emigrate to Israel. A pale imita-    leader of the nationalist Moledet Party, re-    men? An Australian research team has
    tion of Moses, Sharansky and his Ameri-        ferred to Martin Indyk, America's first         discovered that the regions of the brain
,   can claque told the Kremlin to "let my         Jewish Ambassador to Israel, as a yehu-         that control language are 20% larger in
    people go!" After much diplomatic wran-        don, meaning "Jew boy" or "yid." When           females than in males.