The First Shanghai East Jewels Expo World Expo Exposition

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					  The First 2010 Shanghai East Jewels Expo
—Buddhist Culture          Jewellery Culture         Dragon-drawn Money Culture
                             Calligraphy Culture—
    Global Chinese Businessmen’s Association of Jewellery,
    International Jade Culture Festival and Summit Forum Organizing Committee,
    Shanghai Expo Art Creation Exhibition Sub-exhibition Hall Organizing Committee,
    Global Chinese Businessmen’s Association of Jewellery and Buddhist Professional
    China Association for Preservation of Ethnic Minorities' Relics,
    China Yunnan International Culture Exchange Center,
    Nationality Culture Palace Museum of China,
    World Peace Charitable Foundation,
    Cathay Expo International Art Museum of China,
    Shanghai New Anhui Merchants Chamber,
    Beijing 2010 International Art Gallery,
    Yunnan Jewelry Chamber.
    Century National Treasure (Beijing) Artworks Culture Exchange Center,
    Shanghai Bohai Exhibition & Display Co.,Ltd
Exhibition Time: December 21, 2010 to 26      Official Website:
Exhibition Location:                                           
    Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center (No.88 Caobao Road)
Ⅰ、 【Activities Subjects】:
    Carrying forward World Culture, Demonstrating Glamour China, Mutual Creating Future
Science and Technology, Cooperation, Interaction and Win-Win, Promoting Harmonious World
Ⅱ、 【Activities Highlights】:
    Favorable Climatic Conditions: Centurial Expo, Brilliant Oriental. In 2010, the
wonderful opening of shanghai Expo creates one world miracle after another, while Expo
economy is just a new commence for China. During Christmas of China’s Expo Annual, it
is to ceremoniously hold an unprecedented world multiculturalism celebration in Shanghai
Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center.(1) Buddhist Culture Exhibition, (2)
International Jewellery Culture Exhibition, (3) Chinese Dragon Treasure Culture
Exhibition, (4) Chinese Known Calligraphy Culture Exhibition has four large subjects for
culture joint exhibition in all—Oriental Four Treasures Fair, which gathers Chinese
national traditional cultural soul, and contains world national cultural classics. This
“ 2010 China Shanghai International Buddhist Cultural Fair will upgrade 2010 China
(Shanghai) International Buddhist Cultural Festival & Buddhist Items Fair” and will treat
“Buddhist Culture Exhibition” as the important part of the fair. This is the strongest
and the most international significant exposition highlights in 2010 shanghai Expo-year.
    Topographical advantages: Participating Expo, Enjoying Celebration. China shanghai
—a brilliant modern international financial metropolis, an important showing window for
exchanging culture with the outside world, and an oriental pearl attracting the attention
of the world. Since the beginning, shanghai is a coordinate of world economic development

orientation, an economical place for world eminent men and merchants occupied. In addition
to watch and enjoy Expo, participating Expo will be a glory to each enterprise and everyone.
Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center is an important sub-exposition for main
body activities as Expo official designated. Almost more than 40,000 square meters world
cultural feast of Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center is certainly the
greatest hot point and supermarket of Expo Annual. The classic cultural showing gathering
“oriental four treasures”joint exhibition is also the best opportunity for participating,
sharing and commemorating Expo.
     Support of people: commemorating Expo, mutual creating future.2010 shanghai Expo,
China Expo–year period, according to official evaluation, people-time visiting Pudong
main stadium will break new high of all previous session Expo, while people-time visiting
Puxi sub-exhibition hall for joining, evaluating, selling, auction, visiting and
purchasing, consuming will break a hundred million, its “post-world Expo” benefits will
far surpass the multiple of Olympics, and create all previous session Expo economic
benefits’ peak.
Ⅲ、 【Exhibition Scope】:
     (1) Buddhist Culture: all past ages, modern, contemporary arts taking Buddhist Culture
as the subject, etc. (including Buddhist necessities products, tributes, ornaments,
articles for use, gifts, collections);
    ►Buddha statue and sacrificial items: wood carve, stone carve, chinaware,
copper/bronze statue, resin statue, gold-plating, jade carve, crystal, raw lacquer,
Buddhist painting, shrine, beads, wooden fish, bronze rock, wax holder, incense burner,
amulet, vase, altar table, fruit plate, glass to hold water, prayer mat, Buddha machine,
Dagoba, incense tube, earthen bowl, music instrument, electronic sutra, gold or
copper/bronze bowl, gold barrel, wealth barrel, household Buddhist prayer room, etc;
    ►Incense, candle and paper goods: incense stick, standing incense, little-smoke
incense, smoke-free incense, craft incense, Indian incense, material incense, joss incense,
amber incense, scented candle, incense cone, Tibetan incense, craft candle, smoke-free
candle, lotus candle, door candle, ghee candle, yak-butter candle, ordinary candle, golden
paper, shoe-shaped ingot, yellow paper, paper material, honeycomb paper, etc;
    ►Temple light: bell and drum, Buddhist temple decoration, palace lights, Buddhist
light, lotus light, candle lamp, oil lamp, lamp oil, electronic incense, etc;
    ►Buddhist costume and silk products: Buddhist costume and shoes, silk product, flag,
mascot, prayer room pendant, Buddha statue, Buddhist books, day pearl, Green Tara, White
Tara, pendant, gold card, hanging ornament, Esoteric Buddhist craftworks, prayer wheel,
    ►Raw material and equipment: incense making machine and raw ingredients, papermaking
machine and raw ingredients, Buddha statue carving equipment, other relevant machines and
raw ingredients, etc.
    ►Vegetarian culture: kinds of natural and organic vegetarian foods, tea and green
tea, barley tea, other teas and tea sets, etc;
    ►Buddhist temple building maintenance, preservation and comprehensive construction:
temple decoration, castle preservation, disaster prevention, protection, sect, special
pavilion, school and education-related temple specialty, Buddhist funeral culture, etc;
    ►Tourist attractions: Buddhist temple cultural relics recommendation; places of
interest recommendation; famous mountains, ancient Buddhist temples, scenic area,
catering, accommodation, amusement recommendation; specialty and industrial products

introduction, etc;
    ► Minority Culture: minority dress, minority folk crafts, ethnic minorities ’
fabrication new technology, new process and new equipment, ethnic minorities’ regional
non-material culture modal display and propaganda, ethnic minorities’ cultural relic,
painting and calligraphy, craftworks, ceramics, photography, etc;
    ►Painting, calligraphy and videos: Buddha statue, landscape painting, Dharma books,
Confucian classics, sutra videos, year book etc;
    (2)Jewellery Culture: all kinds of jewelry, jade, gold and silver art costumes,
products, tributes, ornaments, articles for use, gifts, collections, etc. (including
diamonds, rubies, sapphires, semiprecious stones, artificial stones);
    (3)Dragon-drawn Money Culture: all past ages, modern, contemporary craftworks taking
Dragon-drawn Money Culture as the subject and contemporary leading man in the artistic
field, etc. (including products, tributes, ornaments, articles for use, gifts,
    (4)Calligraphy Culture: all past ages, modern, contemporary Chinese poetry
calligraphy, painting of celebrities as calligraphy and painting, etc. (including all
poetry calligraphy, painting art works of domestic and international people of Chinese
origin and oversea Chinese and the four treasures in study: brush, ink stick, paper,
    (5) Other Culture: the four treasures of Yunnan (tea, flower, drug, stone) and all
kinds of jewellery, jade, gold and silver, wood and lacquer art machining equipment
instruments, identification devices, tool, software, casket display items and packaging
materials, national characteristics artworks, recreational joyous articles, tour
souvenirs, folk antiques collections, mascot, ethnic dress and costume and artworks, etc.
Ⅳ、 【Activities Invitation, Promotion & Publicity】:
    ►Develop domestic and overseas invitation work via cooperation from hundreds of
Buddhist associations and societies such as World Fellowship of Buddhists, Buddha’s Light
International Association World Headquarters, Chinese Young Buddhist Association of
Taiwan, Buddhist Association of Hong Kong, Macao Buddhist Center Association, Singapore
Buddhist Federation, All Japan Buddhist Federation, Korea Buddhist Federation, Malaysian
Buddhist Association, culture institution, enterprise, Buddhist association of each
province or city of China;
    ►Facilitate the overseas co-organizers to exert their strengths in advertisement
publicity and customer organization and focus on inviting top-level collectors, operators,
purchasers and temple groups from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and other
areas for purchasing;
    ► Take part in domestic and international large Buddhist events and relevant
fairs/expos, and greatly publicize and promote the 2010 China (Shanghai) International
Buddhist Cultural Festival & Buddhist Items Fair so as to attract purchasers to purchase;
    ►Send Letters of Invitation to domestic and international professional purchasers
and retailers by mail, fax, email or in other modes;
    ► Publicize and introduce 2010 China (Shanghai) International Buddhist Cultural
Festival & Buddhist Items Fair on the international official website of the organizing
committee ( or ) and the unique designated cooperative
commercial websites, which will timely report the news dynamics, enlarge the online
publicity and enhance its impacts both at home and abroad;
    ►Print 50 thousand copies of tickets and ten thousand copies of Letters of Invitation

and send them to the targeted groups via the host, website and relevant media;
    ►Make overall reports through national and local professional media and mass media
and enlarge the influence of the event from all around;
    ►Elaborate Pro-Fair Preview, mainly introducing the participating enterprises and
products and send to targeted purchasers;
Ⅴ、 【Participation Expense】:
    ►The facilities for the standard booth include: 2.5m high three-side partition board,
full carpet, two 100w spotlights, two foldable chairs, one information desk, 220V/10A power
sockets and signboard (participants may sign their Chinese and English names on it);
    ►Standard booth (3mx3m=9m2) (20% surcharge for open side booths);
    ►Raw space ( at least 36m2 for rent ). The additional carpet, utilities and special
decorationmanagement cost shall be charged;
 Pavilion                        Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
 Standard/Raw Space           Standard Exhibition Booth          Raw Space/m2
 International Company        USD3800                            USD380
 Joint Venture                RMB13000                           RMB1300
 Domestic Company             RMB8800                            RMB900
Ⅵ、【Sponsorship & Advertisement】(The Organizer will provide full-course advertisement
services for any sponsorship advertisement. Any company intends to be sponsor may request
for relevant data):
                  Special                           At least RMB 3 Subject              to
                                    Sole or joint
                  Sponsorship                       million         negotiations
                  Diamond                           At least RMB 2 Subject              to
                                    Sole or joint
 Enterprise or Sponsorship                          million         negotiations
 Entity           Gold                              At least RMB 1 Full-course
                                    Sole or joint
 Advertisement Sponsorship                          million         advertisement return
 Sponsorship      Sliver                            At least RMB Include            stage
                                    Sole or joint
                  Sponsorship                       500 thousand background plate
                  Bronze     Medal                  At least RMB Include            theme
                                    Sole or joint
                  Sponsorship                       300 thousand background plate
 Publication    Cover/Back RMB30000/20000      Painting      (at RMB 3 hundred/m /event
 Cover Page of Show                            least 50m )

 Inside Front Page of Show/   RMB15000/12000        Banner (10m)    RMB 40 hundred/event
 Inside Back Cover of Show
 Ticket(Certificate)          10thousandcopie       Balloon (10m)   RMB 60 hundred/event
 Invitation Card              s/RMB15 housand
 Color Spread Page/First      RMB12000/8000         Color   Flag(at RMB 4 hundred/event
Page                                                least 20)
 Color/Black-white Inside     RMB 6000/3000         Guide Plate     RMB40hundred/piece/eve
 Page                                                               nt
 Company Profile              RMB1000               Flower Basket   RMB6
Archway Door             RMB25thousand/e            Advertisement   RMB 20000/3000 piece
                         vent                       Handbag
Ⅶ、【Expense & Hotel Booking Charge】:

    ►Expense (conference services expense): RMB 800 per person per event (free water,
lunch and gift).
    ► See the Participants’ Manual for hotel booking charge details.
    ►The expense and hotel booking charge shall be remitted to the designated account
by the Organizer.
Ⅷ、 【Exhibition Services & Participation Procedures】:
    ► Accept enterprisers ’ consultation and opinions and assist enterprises in
selecting booths;
    ►Offering Participants’ Manual, detailing the participation matters;
    ►Publish company profiles and main items on the fair publications without charging
      any extra fees;
    ►Provide fair invitation card, ticket and data;
    ►Assist participants in handling special booth design, decoration, extra furniture
      lease, electric power equipment, and other matters regarding employing temporary
      workers, translators/interpreters, Miss Etiquette, etc.;
    ►Assist participants handling the procedures in freight forwarding, accommodation,
      visa, advertisement publication and so on;
    ►Request for data>>>select booth>>>conclude contract>>>pay earnest>>>request for
      Participants’ Manual>>>participate in the fair.
Ⅸ、 【Exhibition Consultation】:
    China·Shanghai Recruiting Exhibition Consultation
    Shanghai Bohai Exhibition Co., Ltd
    Tel:021-54158951 61999486
    Contact:Li Jian (Mr.)


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