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Sunday, December 19, 2010

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Re: Solution to a Health Care Crisis

Dear Congressman <your congressman>, is a website which represents the view point of Baltimore’s Business
    owners and business managers. Most of the businesses represented here are considered to
    be small businesses with less than 50 employees.

In brief, we are against a government run health care system. However, we are seeking a remedy
to our Health Care Crises that needs to include the following changes:

    1. A tort reform that will eliminate mal-practice premiums for all providers of “out patient
       services” and a commission to better police the medical industry.
    2. A rollback of the definition of covered medical services to eliminate the use of insurance on
       routine office visits, couple with expanded use of HSA’s. Insurance was originally
       established to guard against risk of financial devastation resulting from debilitating disease
       such as cancer. Office visits are not a risk they are a certainty. To fund office visits thru
       insurance premiums is simply a more expensive way to pay for the office visit.
    3. Personal Responsibility of the individual to exercise reasonable care in maintaining their
       health. That person failing to exercise this personal responsibility should bear an additional
       financial responsibility in the form of a higher premium or a premium tax. Currently
       Individuals who smoke cigarettes pay higher rates for life Insurance. Hence Individuals who
       smoke or are significantly overweight should be subject to a premium tax.
    4. Small business health Insurance premiums are significantly higher than premiums for big
       business, (in many cases more than double). Small Business needs a mechanism which will
       level this playing field. If points, (as listed above): 1, 2 and 3 are adopted, then this program
       should decrease all group premiums by 40%. Assuming that large corporations are
       enjoying a 40% reduction in premiums, I would recommend implementation of a state health
       premium tax of 3% which would be exclusively used to reduce health insurance cost of small
       business (less than 50 employees) bringing the cost of benefits in line with that of large

Health care is not going to become less expensive simply because someone has found a new
source of revenue to tax. Health insurance will only become less expensive when we place the
individual in a position of bottom line responsibility.

It is our opinion that any solution to a health care crisis that fails to include these four points is a
waste of all taxpayers’ time and money. For more detailed information please consult our website at


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