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									 B T E C B ul l et i n                 News from the Business Transformation Executive Committee

                                                  December 2003 - Issue 17

            Membership             USAID Receives Clean Audit                           Collaboration Plans
 Frederick W. Schieck, DA/AID
                                   Opinion for the First Time                           Presented to State/USAID
 Barbara Turner, Actg AA/PPC          For the first time ever, USAID has achieved       Joint Management Council
LL   John Marshall, AA/M           an unqualified or “clean” audit opinion on its          At the State/USAID Joint Management Council
          Vice Chairs
                                   financial statements.                                (JMC) meeting on December 1, 2003, the seven
     Carol A. Peasley, Counselor      In accordance with the requirements of the        JMC working groups presented implementation
                  ~                                                                     plans for their respective areas of collaboration.
         Bureau Members:
                                   Government Management Reform Act of 1994,
                                   the Office of Inspector General (OIG) has            These plans were presented in terms of benefits,
1.       Gordon West, ANE
                                   conducted an annual audit of the Agency's            obstacles and recommended actions.
      Steve Wisecarver, AFR
         Gloria Steele, E&E        consolidated year-end financial statements since       The Human Resources Working Group’s
         Donald Boyd, LAC          FY1996. The OIG’s results for FY2003 - a clean       plans addressed issues such as employee training,
      Leonard Rogers, DCHA         audit opinion on all five of USAID’s principal       cross assignments, diplomatic and development
          Linda Morse, GH
        James Smith, EGAT          financial statements.                                readiness initiative, overseas employment, HR IT
          Jon Breslar, PPC            The clean opinion indicates that USAID’s          systems,      and     performance    management.
           Joel Starr, LPA         financial statements have fairly presented the       Collaboration plans include: ensure USAID
         Jim Painter, PPC/B                                                             language testing needs are met at the Department
        Tim Beans, M/OAA           Agency’s financial activities in conformity with
       John Streufert, M/IRM       generally accepted accounting principles.            of State (DoS) Foreign Service Institute; jointly
      Rose Marie Depp, M/HR           USAID CFO Lisa Fiely said that this is a          design new senior policy seminars; exchange five
         Lisa Fiely, M/ CFO        “significant milestone that puts the Agency in the   domestic mid-level positions for joint assignment;
      Roberto Miranda, M/AS                                                             and exchange information on public members for
                                   forefront of the U.S. Government in terms of the
      Ex-Officio Members:          timeliness, accuracy, and accountability of our      Foreign Service Selection Boards.
         James Ebbitt, IG          financial management systems.”                          E-Gov Working Group co-chair Mark
         Drew Luten, GC               The clean audit opinion is especially             Kneidinger, DAA/M, said that the working
     Jessalyn Pendarvis, EOP                                                            group’s implementation plans focused on the
       Mike Flannery, SEC          noteworthy because the Agency also reported
     Marilyn Marton, OSDBU         results ahead of schedule in its FY 2003             following areas: enterprise architecture (EA);
     Mark Kneidinger, DAA/M        Performance and Accountability Report (PAR)          capital planning and investment control (CPIC);
      Michael Magan, A/AID         issued in mid-November. This deadline was met        and knowledge management (KM). KM goals
       Susan Wallace, PPC                                                               include use of a common collaboration tool; EA
                                   (Continued on Page 2)
                                                                                        goals include development of a common EA; and
                                                                                        CPIC goals include cross-membership on each
                                   INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                    agency’s respective CPIC mechanism, i.e., the
                                                                                        DoS E-Gov Program Board and USAID’s CPIC
                                   1                                                    Subcommittee.
                                         USAID Receives Clean Audit Opinion for
                                                                                          Mark Kneidinger, co-Chair of the Management
                                         the First Time                                 Processes Working Group reported on joint
                                                                                        initiatives in the following areas: competitive
                                   1     Collaboration Plans Presented to               sourcing,      small      business   procurement,
       USAID Business                    USAID/State JMC                                acquisitions and assistance, ICASS, and financial
     Transformation Plan:                                                               systems.      USAID and DoS have signed a
                                   2     Business Model Review to Study                 Memorandum of Understanding pertaining to
• Human Capital
                                                                                        ICASS services that calls for a joint review of
• BSM                                    Delivery of Overseas Programs                  overseas administrative support operations. This
• Knowledge for Develop.
                                   2                                                    review will commence in early 2004. Likely
• Strategic Budgeting                    Did You Know That…                             (Continued on Page 2)

                                                          BTEC Bulletin 17 1
(Clean Audit Opinion Continued from Page 1)                        (JMC Collaboration Plans from Page 1)
one year in advance of the OMB requirement to                      missions that will be included in the joint review are Cairo,
accelerate issuance o f combined PARs to 45 days following         Jakarta, Phnom Penh and Dar-es-Salaam. These are missions
the end of the fiscal year beginning with the FY 2004 reporting    where ICASS and USAID both provide similar services.
cycle USAID is one of only eight federal agencies to meet this        Information & Communications Technology Working
accelerated deadline.                                              Group reported that joint activities included: piloting the
   Monitoring costs down to the level of the Agency’s              DoS Post Administrative Software Suite (PASS) in four
missions should become easier with overseas deployment of          USAID missions (India, Botswana, Columbia and Serbia);
the Agency’s Web-based Phoenix core accounting system,             adding USAID as a non-voting member to State’s SMART
which is to begin on a pilot basis in 2004 in missions in Ghana,   governing board (responsible for replacing the current cable
Peru and Egypt, and extend to all missions through FY 2006.        system with a modern messaging system); signing of a
   A clean audit opinion is key to agencies receiving a Green      Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) by State and
status score for Financial Management (FM) on the President's      USAID to interconnect the two agencies intranets in
Management Agenda. To date only three federal agencies             Washington DC (already in place); and reviewing e-Room
have received a green status score for FM. USAID has               as a possible collaboration tool for both agencies.
received green progress scores for Financial Management on           Facilities Working Group co-Chair, Steve Callahan,
the past several PMA scorecards.                                   M/AS/OMS, reported on the following joint focus areas:
                                                                   long-range overseas buildings plans; capital security cost-
Business Model Review to Study                                     sharing (CSCS); and overseas housing. This working group
Delivery of Overseas Programs                                      has completed development of jointly agreed upon program
                                                                   principles for CSCS and overseas housing; plans to survey
    At its November meeting, the BTEC was briefed on an
   Continuing - know… Business Model
upcoming Agency study Articles across
                                                                   managers in the field regarding perceived problems; and will
                    Did you the Overseas                           disseminate joint policy guidance. Funding, staffing and
Review. “Business Model" refers to the means and the
                                                                   security issues are challenges in the area of long range
organizational structure through which assistance programs are
                                                                   overseas buildings plans.
   Type implemented and monitored.
planned,your sub-heading here
                                                                      Jon Breslar, DAA/PPC, co-Chair of the Resources
     DAA/PPC Jon Breslar explained that the purpose of this
                                                                   Management Working Group, said that joint initiatives
review is to assess existing and possible business models for
   Your By-line                                                    under review included: synchronized planning/budgeting
   Your Company processed 56,774 vouchers in overseas. The
      …that USAID
delivering FM Name development programs FY 01?
                                                                   schedules (beginning December 2003 with full integration
specific tasks of the review are to develop a compendium of
                                                                   targeted for May 2004); combining annual performance
   This document was created using linked text and assess
overseas development and service delivery modesboxes,
                                                                   plans; and establishing administrative cost charges for
their                                     evaluate  development
           allow articles to flow continuously across              USAID-managed programs (develop an agreement on the
             delivery systems article continues on page
assistance For example, this in other organizations; compare
   pages.                                                          appropriate overhead rate(s) for jointly-managed programs).
cost implications of alternative modes; identify issues that
                                                                      Security Working Group co-Chair, Mike Flannery, SEC,
   two, while the one to the right continues on the
drive decisions on delivery modes; and analyzepageroles of
                                                                   reported on the following focus areas: Leverage Contract
   three. Service National employees, to a contractors
Foreign When you add lines of words U.S. text box, theand
                                                                   Support; Enhance Worldwide Operations; Improve
NGOs. in the following text box flows forward. When
                                                                   Protection of Soft targets; and Enhance Security
     Field assessments words from a text January 2004.
   you delete lines of will be conducted inbox, the words The      Infrastructure.    Plans include reviewing and updating a
final report is targeted for completion at the end of February
   in the next text box moves backward. You can link               MOU signed with DoS in 1987 regarding overseas security
and will be presented to the BTEC in March. The Business
                                                                   services; improving security training; and creating a USAID
   several text is the in an article, and you can have
Model Review boxesthird phase of the Agency’s restructuring
                                                                   security liaison position in State’s Office of Diplomatic
   multiple reorganization of USAID’s Headquarters structures
effort. The articles in a document. The links do not have
   to the in a forward of an overseas staffing template
and occurdevelopment direction.
                                                                     The JMC working groups’ implementation plans will be
              Your 1 & 2 respectively. Rightsizing
comprised phases comments and suggestions are is the fourth
           welcomed. Please contact your bureau's                  consolidated into a State-USAID Management Business
   Inserting Linked Text Boxes
and final phase. Following the Business Model Review and a
                                                                   Plan that will serve as an overall roadmap for inter-agency
               BTEC appropriate model(s), efforts
determination of an member or the Transitional will begin to
               Project Manager, Sandra Malone- click Text          collaboration. This document will be circulated to the JMC
   To insert linked text boxes of USAID employees required
determine the optimal number in a document,
                             Gilmer.                               in January 2004 for comment and implementation. The next
     meet the Insert menu. Click and drag in relates to the
to Box onthe Agency’s goals. This initiative your
                                                                   JMC quarterly meeting is scheduled for April 2004.
Agency goals and the PMA goals for Strategic Management of
   document where you want to insert the first text box,
Human Capital.                                                                                ******
   and insert additional text boxes where you want the              Minutes of the BTEC meetings can be found on the BTEC
   text Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.
        to flow.                                                   website at
         Please contact your bureau's BTEC member or
 You may also contact
   To select the first text box, move the pointer over the
         us online at
   the Reference type drop-down list, and Page Number
                                                                                         Did you know…
                                                                     ..…that GAO has issued a guide, "Key Principles for Effective
   from the Insert Reference To. Select the name of the              Strategic Workforce Planning," based on interviews with federal
                                                                     managers and officials at the Office of Personnel Management. The
   follow-up heading from the For Which Heading list                 guide also culls information from academic studies and experts at
        The next BTEC meeting is scheduled for
   box and then click Insert.                                        think tanks. This activity relates to the PMA goal for Strategic
                     January 14th.                                   Management of Human Capital…….

                                                      BTEC Bulletin 17 2

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